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A review of the medication Zopiclone for the treatment of insomnia from my own personal experience.\nI am not a medical professional and this is not medical advice, but merely my views having taken it.\nIf you have any queries please talk them over with your doctor!\nThanks, feel free to like and subscribe!

J. Landeta écrit: This woman is abnoxiousDaniel Reid écrit: The fuck is everyone talking about a taste for I literally collected mine from the doctors today, I have never experienced an odd taste while on zopiclonesPablo Myers écrit: Bad tasteSmatt écrit: Dont touch benzos or z drugs. They are pure evil.FROY écrit: I always start the stopwatch right after I take it����������aka Snuffles écrit: I’ve been taking them the Highest dose I can every night for 2 years it’s so addictiveLou Lockhart écrit: You’re so lovely I would be ur friend !!Richard Carr écrit: I get 14 every two months. I'm so looking forward to my sleep tonight ☺️
When I wake up I'm in a much better place, but by night, my head is back to the way it is
For me, it really is night and day, peace with them nightmare without
I don't want to get dependant on them hence I will hopefully stick to every 4-5 days but when I just want to sleep, I try to cut corners, Which doesn't help.
Last few weeks have been hell. It's because living with hell I'm used to, but zoplicone allows me to notice the difference, Which is good and bad.
Anyway, thanks for your videoMr White écrit: 1 x 3.75 made me hallucinate!
I fell asleep on my back in bed, woke up and thought there was some sort of creature at the bottom of my bed ontop of my duvet…
Put the light on phone and it was only my feetJ-C-K B écrit: I used to take this stuff, I can see why they call it addictive.
If you stay awake on this stuff it's probably one of the best highs you can have in my experience and is great for using properly to actually sleep.
Had to stop taking this as when I was trying to sleep it was almost impossible as I was so used to how tired this drug made youDean Robinson écrit: They give you amnesia, I took 14, and a mixture of 60 codeine and dihydrocodeine over a 24hr period. I slept for 2 days. I've had chronic insomnia for over 30 years. Zopiclone do nothing now. So now I take cocodamol 30mgs, dihydrocodeine, diphenhydramine and promethazine, its the only combination that helps me get some sleep. A medical professional told me it's very risky, and if I get the right combination one night, I will not wake up. I am prepared to take the risk, chronic insomnia is hell on earth.CYNICAL HITMAN écrit: Loved thisMatthew Turnbull écrit: I use to go to sleep if I’ve been at a party… take 2 and I’m offRuby Victoria écrit: Im hoping you're still about and thinking of uploading med reviews or anything to do with your life experience as I love the honesty and real life not scripted. With the zopiclone, can I ask how long you stayed in it, and did you have to take something else for sleep once you stopped.
I've been on Temazepam for several years and trying the zopiclone now, which works great for sleep, but issues with disassociation, so unsure if will keep it going.

Hoping your well.British Beef écrit: Good way you managed to explain this I would have struggled. Totally agree with the you build up a resilience bit, I started on 1 a night but quickly moved onto 2 (15Mg) a night, this 100% gave me 8 hours with the taking 2. Then once back into some sort of solid pattern, stop taking and see how you get on, read, have some white noise on in the background when your trying to sleep. Whatever works for you. Dont wanna be taking these Zopi's on a regular basis!bobfredwhatever écrit: Yee clearly love the sessionPeters Zeug écrit: Benzos never made me groggy when I'm not already sleep deprived or have used other sedatives with it. They make me black out but I remain highly active. Don't try this shit if other things work for you, they can only be a last resort if booze or weed don't do the trick.Bradley Green écrit: Everyone’s is different. And everyone has different effects.FpsLiam420 écrit: Used to take a few on ecstasy comedowns, trippy shit �� They make me down beers then cook random stuff early hours in the morningcartoonhead écrit: good video by the way I use it to get high tbhIvor whitlock écrit: took them for 2 years along with booze and weed even though the doctor tried to take me off them every 3 months but i persisted. slept lovely every night (usually 6 or 7 hours) despite what the medical people say i did not find them addictive when i stopped taking them, no withdraw whatsoever.Richard Hayes écrit: It’s not a benzo. As you say, you’re not a doctor. Clearly.1B Subs No Uploads écrit: Zopi not a benso aye, some similar effects but not the sameS W écrit: The potential for abuse is also present for Zopiclone, it has addictive properties, and has rebound effects from stopping usage which worsens insomnia. It can be harmful to stop using it if you are treating multiple issues with it, such as depression which could be exasperated from rebound insomnia. Consult your medical health professional before taking this drug, it is a benzodiazepine hypnotic drug, understand the dangers. I am an insomniac, and I am currently on the lowest dosage of the medication for the past few weeks. I treat depression alongside this issue with Wellbutrin, using these drugs can have appetite-suppressing effects.Richard Hayes écrit: It is not a benzo. Huge. Massive difference.TheRealM00 The Original écrit: good luck when the nhs is sold, will cost £500 just for an ambulance#D C écrit: Your voice make my jelly jam!,quit being so beautiful please. 😉loin heart écrit: hello bab,are you from the uk, ive been much the sameoscar eze écrit: Point of correction, Zopiclone is not a benzodiazepineontariobuds écrit: Zopiclone is not in the same family as benzodiazepines, they just work on the same receptors. They are a non-benzodiazepine but they are the Cyclopyrrolone family.ell arr ess écrit: Took 30 10 mg yesterday didn't really feel muchMichael Morgan écrit: i like taking 80mg at a time and just blacking out to see what happens.Tracey Rahman écrit: I take zopiclone. The only thing it does for me is a metallic taste in the mouth. It does not help me sleep. Has anyone else experienced this .wozzlepop écrit: zopiclone works for insomnia and anxiety.��GazB écrit: The metallic taste I only get when taking the tablet, never the next day, thankfully.callum Lawrence écrit: I was on Zopiclone for about 8 months then which over to ambien/ zolpidem, Jesus Christ ambien is so much stronger, I wanna go back to zopis much safer, no sleepwalking and doing all types of strange things I do on the ambien like playing guitar full blast at 3pm waking up the family and having no recollection of doing it��������Jack écrit: Them zopies are lifesaver speciality if you have to finish your party but last the last think you want is going to bed ������
Just hade one lolrannontalks écrit: Hello, I hope everyone is doing great in their health!
I uploaded this video 2 years ago now and am well aware there is an error as it isn't a benzodiazepine, I misspoke as it has similar properties, but has slight chemical differences so is classed as a non benzodiazepine or a hypnotic.
I am not a doctor, or a medical professional as I say a lot and purely someone sharing an experience to let knew users have an idea or side effects and benefits I personally found.
Please consult your doctor with any issues you may be experiencing with this medication.
All our bodies are different and it's always important to check in!S C écrit: Proof why one should find a friend who is a doctor and not base info off youtube: Zopiclone is not in the Benzo family. Thanks for confidently misinforming people.Newcastle Utd 1892 écrit: I inherited ten boxes of these , are they any good? Just about to rattle 4 to see wat thr likeAS écrit: Its not a benzodiazepine. Get your facts right. It affects the gaba in the brain like a benzo.exe GODMODE écrit: I think you are taking other drugs besides zopiclones. Judging this from personal experience. I advise you to stop taking these pills as well as anything else you do because by the time you realize you are using them too often and too much its too late. Just smoke weed to go to sleep and restrain yourself from all the other shit (in case I`m right about it).
and I know this goes against what I already said but I know people will take these just to get F-ed up soo….instead of going to sleep as soon as you feel the effect – like the advice in this video (which is what you are ACTUALLY supposed to do) just stay awake. You`ll get a nice warm, fuzzy feeling have audiotory and visual hallucinations (very mild though very pleasent) as well as feeling of euphoria and kinda trippy feeling in general. All of this ofc is personal experience and as with all drugs this varies a lot from person to person.
I want to stress again – DON`T do these as well as any other drug. I`m giving this feedback only for those people who have already decided to try these for a recriational experience already and are not changing their mind. Better to be informed than not. I`d advise only smoking weed although its best to pass on that as well. If you have problem with any drug remember that you can ALWAYS talk to your family about it. Even if you are scared of how they`ll react you can be 100% sure that they will help you out.Liam Parnell écrit: I just started these to help short term sleep and just wanna say thanks for clearing up some questions as I left it a few days, was a bit scared to take one, have anxiety so I started worrying what if I don’t wake up ������‍♂️michael swords écrit: Been on zopiclone since 1999, i was trying to get valium of my doctor, she said i can give you a mild sleeping table, 7.5ml a night, its great, i love it man, even take it in the daytime sometimes, i even love the metallic taste lets me know the buzz is on the way.coltsigma écrit: I've been on 7.5 mg for over two years i feel I'm addicted but I'm afraid to say to my doctor as she may take me off them do you have any advice oh and by the way your lovelySubtraX écrit: Im about to take this after 10 hours of sleep in 4 days. I cannot tell you how excited i am.Man Utd 3rd place trophy winners banter club écrit: Dublin is city centre is crawling with kids selling them n Tranax and zimmos, I just went went do no,tranax so I’m lying in bed after necking 3 zops, but ye does leave a poxy taste in mouth next dayDimakaisdude écrit: where from the uk are u from?TecnoNaas écrit: I'm addicted to zopiclone and Xanax. I'm actually on the bus now to try buy more. They have me broke and in debt. I take 4 1mg of Xanax and 4 zopiclone when I wake up. (I no longer use them to sleep I use to cope with life) and once I've taken the 4 of each I top up throughout the day usually taking about 8mg of Xanax and 10 zopiclone. That's the average. Where can I get help to get off these because my life revolves around them.GMAIL ACCOUNT écrit: i like the stuff half a pill does the jobMike Barker écrit: It is not in the benzodiazepine family of drugs..kind of an important thing to get rightJ M écrit: Am I the only one here who loves the metallic taste? Makes me feel proper hardcoreAdam Smith écrit: I like eggs ��Kev R écrit: Thank you for confirming the Metallic taste! Just started taking 7.5mg Zopiclone. Only had 1 last night. Fantastic results but that Metallic taste has been there all throughout today.Apox onthee écrit: ThanksSkaamie39 écrit: It actually keeps me awake. I dislike it and i'm thinking of leaving itTruth,Fact,Mystery,Fiction,Fantasy écrit: Zopiclone does the opposite for me. When I take it I do feel relaxed and calmed down but alert, focused and not drowsy one bit. The reason people get relaxed, tired and drowsy is because GABA slows down signals from firing in the brain enough to relax you and Zopiclone works by increasing the activity of a neurotransmitter called GABA in the brain. Similar to how benzodiazepines like valium work but Zopiclone is not a benzo in itself. Benzodiazepines are used for seizures because with seizures there is a surge in brain activity with too many signals firing off all at once and GABA helps block many of those signals from firing and reduces the seizure and zopiclone could also do the same thing. Although Zopiclone is a cyclopyrrolone and works in the same way as benzos, it is chemically unrelated to benzodiazepines, they both function via the benzodiazepine receptor of neurotransmitter GABA but are chemically different . Alcohol does something similar, when you drink the brain believes that alcohol is GABA and it floods the brain with GABA and relaxes you. Some people get tired and drowsy when they drink but others feel fully calm and relaxed yet feel totally awake feel alert and stimulated. There is no explanation as to why some people feel tired and drowsy on zopiclone or alcohol yet others feel totally awake, stimulated, alert and calm at the same time.wormwood écrit: Oh my word. Just smoke weed. Wtf!wormwood écrit: A ridiculous drug. Everyone I have been with on this medication has them bouncing off the walls for 4 hrs before they sleep!GMAIL ACCOUNT écrit: half a pill works for me but takes 40 minutes instead of 20. i don't take them every night, i got noise in ear (tinitus) that has degrees of badness, on bad nights this stuff helps.Fuck You écrit: nervous about taking Zopiclone, but my melatonin stopped working and I just don't fall asleep.Shaheed Petersen écrit: zopiclone or zopimed used for insomnia. but its the worst f##n tablet I ever took. I am paraplegic post 20 years and have been on almost every medication. . this Zopimed should be outlawed. its like swolling benzine or xzylene and the tast last for days. and I took one tablet. I will rather live with insomnia than taking this f#!@n shit. The f!$#n chemist says they have that side effect. even the equivalent!!Nich E écrit: Some one on you tube , without verbal explanations typed a bit that this particular med was used by certain agencies nefariously.I do not want it or need it .I was put on adavan briefly which was at the time was passed out (by so called docs) like candy.Any thoughts on this .Just curious.And more importantly, How Are You feeling now as this post was 1 year back? Take Care��patrickg420 écrit: i get that metel thing! i can sleep all day!
u could fall asleep in a chair or on a cloths line!patrickg420 écrit: have u ever taken 4 at 1 time?Gaz écrit: Nitrazepam is the real deal for insomnia. If Zopiclone doesn't work for some people I believe GPs will try them on Nitrazepam. It's about 3 or 4x stronger than Zopiclone.JACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: Been on zopiclone 7.5 for 7 years because I really struggle to sleep!Gordon Campbell écrit: Taking 2 per night shifts you in to a parallel realityallyouneedtoknow anonymous écrit: it doesn't friggin work.
i still lie there and can't sleep on it.
����������d clunie écrit: Maybe I could text you Rannon.d clunie écrit: I was prescribed these for sleep. It definately puts me to sleep without waking. But that point before i fall asleep im in some drug like haze. In the morning Ive found out ive made random texts to people all over the world with no memory of it. I cant sleep without them and my cell phone bill is too high.Gaz O’Brien écrit: I have taken Zopiclone & Zolpidem and like them both. In my experience the difference between them is Zolpidem works quicker – I can usually feel the effects 15 mins after taking it where as Zopiclone takes half an hour to kick in. But on Zolpidem if I stay awake I get visual hallucinations like curtains rippling, walls breathing but strangely I feel calm when this chaos is happening. I have never had these hallucinations on Zopiclone.Dan Bayes écrit: Good drug till you need 6 to sleep.John Wayne écrit: Side effects aren't bad… it just turns your hair blue and makes you talk in a British accent, lol.tarkineWild écrit: Major side effect is its ability to stop you from cleaning your roomJerry Setlerr écrit: Dont drink alcohol with it that's were the ODs are coming from the toxicology report probably has alcohol involved , I had a pharmacist tell me it's to early for your renewal and I said why? Becuase it a hypnotic and its watched by the government , that may be true but it is not a scheduled narcotic not in canada , he said there has been quit a few z drug related ODs lately and, I said to him how much you wanna bet you all of them had enough alcohol and other drugs in there system to help with thier deaths alcohol mixed with psyche meds not a good idea you see I dont touch alcohol like it warns you on the write up of all drugs I am on , so dont go looking me down the nose , hes like you have taken such and such a number of them and you have been going to different pharmacies on his record he looked up , and I said ya I have a doctor that perscrides them obviously I suffer insomnia and deppression and I'm in many different towns I work in construction none of which he could understand ,Anyway I went to my main pharmacist and told him what the other pharmacist said to me and he just shook his head and filled my script . I dont drink or do any extra curricular drugs and if I wanted to get high it wouldnt be on zopiclone I just want sleep. Needless to say I dont go to pharmacist that snoop into my private life over fckn Zopiclone ,he should be watching for the real shit valium and xnanx and oxycontin .محمد جبر الهيرو écrit: Zopiclon kills it is to dangerous you should quite up with doctor if you took it. Belive me it is really killsDaZugZug écrit: Can also be plugged. Been on it for years. I would say it loses most of its effectiveness quit fats on long term use. It also acts as a mild hypnotic, it’s also not physical addicting and probably the safest prescribed sleep aid,,but I would recommend something stronger as fast as posable if they are not working for you.sTRAIT jACKET écrit: I wake up soaked if I don't take one.Jake Purds écrit: hi love taking these and staying awake…bit floaty and wonky=funny times…Sandy Wasy écrit: Its not in the benzodiazipine family.Konrad von Marburg écrit: I take it once a week to get a really restful sleep. Only on Wednesdays. 7.5mg. The 5mg tabs don't do shit. I can even cut the 7.5mg in half and that does more than the shitty 5mg pills.Erssie Major écrit: When I took this I went to bed to sleep, woke up in another room under a table. I'd been talking with another patient for hours, sleep walking and sleep talking with no memory. You think you've slept, but often haven't. It's dangerous. And can make you easily suggestible too.Alex Griffiths écrit: Just got a new prescription, first time it’s never worked. ConfusedChapin Demetrius écrit: How many you got a take I ate a handful I cant sleepkenzie421 écrit: I've used Ativan, Diphenhydramine, and Doxylamine. Ativan doesn't work the best for some reason for me. And DPH and Doxylamine get to sleep, but I wake up feeling like absolute shit.Nyco Plus écrit: This is my 13th week on imovane and ive yet to get the metalic taste that everyone is reporting.William Davids écrit: Forget the tablets and get the spring cleaning done it has been a yearPaul Johnstone écrit: I tend to walk into things������Mosyn écrit: Don't take these!!! Ive had the absolute worst experriance with these, from hallucinations amneisa, memory loss and not to mention no coordination. I don't know what happen to me when I take these ill start doing crazy shit and the next morning I don't remember like last night I took them and I messaged my ex high school mate I told her I had a crush on her and everything I can't believe it and that's not even the worst thing that's happend never taking these again.aks écrit: Hope deez side effects is light on nrrhhaks écrit: I am curretntly onn it and in hallucinatiiaion okwggtgggggggaks écrit: Hallucination is amazing but scaryaks écrit: Its fun����when u walk aroundotahu Rice écrit: 5 years.. straight! Two and I don't fall asleep well anymore. Mixing it with Seroqual XR 150 some booze and Still not sleeping.. UGG..Kea Michelle écrit: I have literally just flushed mine down the toilet. On the strength of your and two other videos. Instead I am going to take magnesium,,, full spectrum of B vitamins….. green juices…. mega exercise…. sunlight…. yoga…. chanting…. melatonin (1mg) and if I still can't sleep then fuck it! 🙂Josh Roberts écrit: I took 2 7.5mg bcos two hadn't worked. This my first time on any sleeping medicationEve Green écrit: Started it last Friday due to mental health was bad cant sleep. Milk taste horrible but iron bru helps . I get palpitations more pins and needles but don't want to come of it in on 7.5mgMrLetmein2011 écrit: I was prescribed this drug in 1999 and was very happy on it but a new GP has decided I will come off it "because its addictive" , ridiculous !!
They are scarred that you will fall while on them and sue them, they don't give a fuck if you cant sleep .ALPHA IC1 écrit: Well that cleared that up

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