Hils’s Pills – Zopiclone – Useful Information

la description:
Some useful information if you have been prescribed zopiclone by your doctor.

F Document écrit: I was on these tablets for 1 week but they seemed to cause some psychological issues which took some months to correct, they did not agree with meAS écrit: Drs. have pretty much killed me with this drug. This is a dangerous drug. It causes heart issues, especially in women. They've given this to me for year, with no informed consent, nor precautions. Ive had respiratory depression several times and the drs pretended not to know what was happening.

Where are you, US or Canada?Isabel Olsson écrit: Thanks so very much ❤️����❤️❤️❤️��Sandy Wasy écrit: THIS DRUG HAS SERIOUSLY HARMED ME. The drs have had me on this for over 35 years. I am trying to wean off and it is severely affecting my respiratory system and its giving me terrifying central sleep apnea. I do NOT have any serious underlying health issues. This drug has seriously HARMED me. I was never on a high dose. Long term use is dangerous. This drug made me sleep walk, sleep eat, and other parasomnias.Marcus Bird-Smith écrit: "don't drink alcohol, you'll get more sleepy" Well that's like telling us to take with alcohol if we're already sleep deprived in the first place!mcp écrit: Zimovane

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