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Zopiclone withdrawal (lunesta)

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Zopiclone withdrawal (lunesta)

dasfvada écrit: I was taking 3 x 7.5mg sometimes to get high, but i stopped because off the nasty after taste in the morning. I experienced light withdrawal symptoms. But now I’m hooked on xanax and coming off that shit is hell.Mr C écrit: Keep ya head up bro.2472 écrit: Lunesta is not zopiclone… lunesta is eszopicloneMain Thresh écrit: Hey, I've never suffered from insomnia or any sleep problem before, but due the quarantine, doing nothing led me to sleep at 7am sometimes. I've been trying a muscle relaxant, which does work but I managed to get zopiclone today. Is it worth trying? how addictive is it? Thank you in advanceCherry Belle écrit: Also mate I'm on methadone like. U 60ml and three 150 Ortega Lin I abuse in too with my zopiyand pregabs tho,especially zops I am so physically addicted been on off for 10yearaCherry Belle écrit: Did u weigh 17srone. Of the tablets??im around this size us still b 12stine ,I can't stop zopiclone ��������Amanda O’Brien écrit: Just saw your video my friend how are you now? Sending hope ����������������������Lexine Bate écrit: Is it just me or does Zopiclone make you have the appetite of a pig??嬴政 écrit: how are you now?
been on 3.75×3 zopiclone for 2 months i planning withdrawal ….taggy193 écrit: I been taking zopiclone for 8 years , I was taking 2 7.5mg every night , even tho I was only supposed to take one . Cut long story short , the doctor is making me wait the full month to get a top up. I ran out 2 weeks into my months course , I’ve now been 8 days without , and I’ve never felt so shit in all my life. I’ve gone cold turkey from diazepam in the past , and personally , it was walk in the park compared to zopiclone . These 8 day’s have been hell , and I’ve been shaking to the point of thinking I am gonna have a seizure . I suppose I brought it on myself, but mental health is a bitch, and taking 2 was the only thing to stabilise me in any kind of way.AloneTimeIsPeaceMind écrit: After one day ?AloneTimeIsPeaceMind écrit: I want to switchChicken time écrit: I get prescribed 7.5mg zopiclone each week but I take all those babys in one night. Each week.
Yes I'm abusing them but I will never get addicted to them this way. Dont take these everyday.
Thanks for the video mate.smashyland écrit: How long were u having zopies when you quit? Daily for how many days?Tom 240uksmoker écrit: Wasn't you withdrawing like 4 years ago can remember watching you talk about schizophrenia mate about to get fucked on 2 7.5mg haha yessiRachel Brown écrit: What's the worst withdrawal symptom?JACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: Been on 7.5mg zopiclone for 12 years and its never done me any harm. Great for sleep!

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