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Ambien and the Other « Z »Drugs

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Hi Sleepers!\n\nIn the video, I go over the common sleep medications known as the Z drugs – that is, ambien, lunesta, and\n sonata \n\nThanks for watching! Please subscribe to the channel and like the video\n\nAnd here is the link to my book:\nhttps://www.amazon.com/Lets-Talk-about-Sleep-Understanding/dp/1538103982

kj br écrit: zipiclone does help with anxietyTrump 2020 WJB écrit: Trazondone is trashRichard Smith écrit: Trazadone gives you a hang over. 2 coffees at least every morning. Pain keeps me up…TakeTheRide LiveTheLife écrit: I've been taking Ambien for 20 years NF zero problems with it, 5mg to 10mg a night, have taken 15mg. I still have to concentrate to go to sleep, no matter the dose. If a patient doesn't have a problem with the drug & it works for them, why does the next Doctor I get (they keep moving away), say I shouldn't take it anymore & they won't prescribe it? Ridiculous! When you find something that works for a person, that person is responsible, articulate & 62 years old, why should you argue with them & take something away that is working for them. Now I'm on high blood pressure medicine from arguing with my doc & never getting enough sleep. Ambien takes the edge off my intense thought process, to help me be able to go to sleep. Guided meditation, flotation tanks, 30 other drugs they've asked me to try… now Lunesta & Belsomra "together" ? Nope, doesn't work either. Ridiculous. You take it every night for a year and tell me what YOUR problem is with Ambien, because I don't have one. Not after 20 years. It still works with no side effect & I can sleep for 4 hours, get up, go to work & work a 12-hour day if I have to. It just relaxes my mind so that I can get to sleep. I still get up and go to the bathroom throughout the night, I still hear if my dog or my cat whimpers & it doesn't increase by dream-state, which I'm an avid dreamer from the time I go to sleep untill the time I wake up. Other drugs increased by dream-state which makes me even more tired the next day. Please do not knock a drug that actually works for some people. Stop putting negative information out about this drug when it does not work negatively for all people. Thank you. Please excuse any typos I'm using Google voice.Allie’s World écrit: It’s made my depression so much worse and I just want to be doneAllie’s World écrit: You have to be fucking kidding me. I have been through hell with benzos my doctor said that there would be absolutely no withdrawals. I’ve been on 3mg of lunesta for months I’m going to loose my mind if I go through withdrawalsLuana V écrit: i’ve been taking zolpidem for 3~4 months. Am I addicted?stevo7220 écrit: Is Mirtazapine also better choice than z drugsGlobal Traveller 7.7 écrit: Information easily digested _ thanks!

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