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Zopiclone Facts – – A User’s Guide (Lunesta)

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Zopiclone Facts — User’s Guide (Lunesta)

Paul Griggs écrit: I took 5 7.5mg wandering way will happenTheAlexisaac1000ify écrit: All the same z drugs just different halflifes and side effect profilesThe jerryrigger écrit: Take a break on those things man you’re going to ODHaemi Joe écrit: 2:10 when ur so fked up, u gotta close one eye to focus ur high ass blurry vision lol

-__●Platypus écrit: guys he record this from his dream some how connected to the internet and signed into you tubesupergeten2 écrit: What is the point of this video?Samuel Herrett écrit: he is now sectioned told me to kill myself cos he tried to say oxy was stronger than methadone no mate but i forgive yaAnony Mous écrit: BellendCloud Final écrit: Zimoframe ������younmean zimovane pal ��Kian The God écrit: They ain’t similar to benzos at all. That’s what someone who doesn’t know much about the drug says. Chemical compounds being similar doesn’t mean anything. At all. I took these to get to sleep, didn’t work. Take these when ur really not tired and oh lord it’s disgusting you feel like shit.Mikel Jitbahadoer écrit: listening to you helps me go to sleep, so i dont need zopiclone. thanks! lolPuddin 666 écrit: Ben im gonna be honest here… U look fucked up get some helpNyny Hv écrit: You look really unwell. And you also look like your bored and high on zopiclone and randomly decided to make a video on it. Youre taking too much of it daily clearly. Get a lifeAdrian Eyre écrit: zimmerframe hahahahaMonkey Casino écrit: Zimmaframe ��Роман 555 écrit: на русском базарь про зопиклонGaggy Mott écrit: Zimmer-frame??!! pmsl….You mean 'Zimovane' lololAUDE SAPERE écrit: I know ppl will call BS on this but i take 20 zims per day. I know they will call BS on this too but i dont take them to sleep, i take them to get threw my day. I was addicted to heroin and these helped me get a better " high ", and when i kicked the heroin in May, 2015, i was left with the addiction to these. Here i Ireland, the tub of 100 costs 50 euro, not much a difference on the dollar. I find it so hard mentally to cut down, although i have come down 5 in the past couple of months and i will continue to cut dwn slowly. Theres help for all sort of addiction as a Catholic Country there is never a shortage of somewhere to detox, and nice clean places, but for the z's they are weary about detoxing ppl quicklyBen Rogers écrit: Just about to take my Zopiclone and try to sleep. Had forgotten I had made this video – read it from my PC I did, from a PDF document I found online and thought it'd be interesting to make a video on it. Now have to have an xray on my wrist (I know) from falling asleep in a computer chair sitting on it twisted! Well painful. OxyContin and Diazepam do not take the pain away.TAMMY ZHU écrit: Hi ben from benzo im taper from zopiclone now for 22days i cut the pills into 3 i only take small halfdenzel washington Having a Vietnam flashback écrit: 8:55…… invisibility! were can i get this shiz from 😀Matt Stevens écrit: you have taken a thew ain't ya lolRalph Howton écrit: Hi mate, I've got some of these to try and get some sleep whilst I go thou hep c treatment, as far as I understand these are like 'diet' Valium is not as strong? Is this right, I'm scared of getting addicted to bentos!bdm87 music4life écrit: been on zopis over 4 years on a standerd day 4 7.5s a day some days up to 8 ..highly addictive messed my head up n memory wish i could stop these fucking things wish i never got these of my g.p avoid if you can!!!dankhead72 écrit: ….you have tolerance to sleep drugs this will give you a high that is hard to beat and hard to stop if you have a way to get a lot of itdankhead72 écrit: everyone is giving this guy a hard time about making
the video high as if they expected this to be a government issued information video essay about zopiclone. its an incredibly powerful and addictive drug, just keep away from it. its very much like benzos ifWretchX écrit: Sitting here 5 zoppies in.  Trying to cold turkey citalopram. Helps.A Porter écrit: nice vid pal fuck thr rest i cant see them trying =)saulyb écrit: Interesting video to say the least………lol
I took half a 7.5 an hour ago didn't do much just taken other half…how many hours sleep do you normally get from it? ThanksGATS 42k écrit: Love this guyJohn Wilson écrit: Your clearly addicted to zopiclone ben. I gather your still taking it? there is help availablejoschi jogi écrit: Come down from the shit, it destroys you look at you.Babidi écrit: dude if ur gonna rock blues (i've been using zopiclone for over a decade starting at 14, and since they are bright blue i always called it getting all blued out when id rock it) the worst time to do it is when your trying to explain the drug to people, as u should know it causes temporary memory loss.by the way it certainly doesn't make you invisible time mark 8:55.

after a while the blues started having the opposite effect, id wake up, drop 4-6 tabs of 7.5mg and enjoy the pattern hallucinations, it also made me much more aggressive, not physically as that's just not how i fight, but id really tear people down, like personal cut you the core kinda insults. It makes you quite cocky, and u tell the truth in times that you shouldn't, but its a skewered sort of truth since your ability to reason is impacted. u can't overdose on it though, you can only absorb so much before ur fully cooked than the rest is just pissed out.

This one time a friend of mine decided to try some, we had it all sorted out, had a ride arranged for him so he could get home later but it didn't go well at all. after sitting around talking for a while he said he was going to take a piss, but instead went outside alone with a six pack and just sat on the porch drinking, (although not before stealing my grandfathers gold pocket watch from my book shelf) until his brother came and picked him up.

 That's when everything went to shit and he called up his girlfriend babbling in coherently and decided he was gonna drive to see her. so while still arguing with his girl on the  houses portable phone he steals his moms car and makes it about 30 meters down the road before he drives into a ditch, gets stuck and sits there for a while before a cop drives up at which point he apparently asked him to help him pull his car out for him. so he had to get his mom to walk down to deal with it and he's to zombie'd out arguing with the cop that sure someone could of been killed, but they weren't so whatever. best part is he wakes up the next morning, goes into the living room too see his mom looking all pissed, he feels his face and says to her "morning mom, think i got in a fight last night or something." after that he had to do AA and they put one of those breathalyzers in his car for a long time. 

i found this all out after tearing my room apart looking for that watch until finally on my way to my night shift i decided to call and see if there was any chance he had it (ive known him since we were 6 and was literally my best friend so even asking him that was not something i preferred to do). when asked his response was "oh that's yours, was wondering where the hell i got a gold pocket watch. 

Ive read of lots of other instances driver amnesia so be warned, if you say pop ur ambien right before bed after having a glass of wine or something to relax, u might just end up drinking even more and head out to paint the town red.Robin Lindgren écrit: "My name is Ben. I'm just gonna make this video about Zopiclone."
No, Ben. You're making it ON Zopiclone, and maybe thats why the video is 15 mins long. I'd love to try it though.delta7 écrit: Why do sleeping tablets starting with the letter 'zzzzzzzz '

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