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Sleeping Pill Addiction

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FOX 25 Boston News – http://www.myfoxboston.com – Its 3 a.m., and you have three hours left until your alarm goes off. Your mind is wandering and you cant fall asleep. Whatever the reason for insomnia, whether its work, family or your unpaid bills, more and more people are now turning to a pill to help them get some zs. The statistics are staggering, the most recent research showing 56 million sleeping pill prescriptions were filled in 2008, up 54% in just four years. Not surprising when you consider the number of Americans who sleep less than six hours a night jumped from 13% to 20% according to the National Sleep Foundation.\n\nFull Story:\nhttp://www.myfoxboston.com/dpp/news/special_reports/sleeping-pill-addiction

jarrod gavenlock écrit: Went from having 1 to 2 hours of sleep a night to 10 il stay on pills thankspablo escabar écrit: Am gona give the best advice any insomnia person seeking, never ever be employed during drugs withdrawal. The reason is you might almost fall a sleep after 6 hours on bed trying, but you have to wake up for work or anything. If your free 24hrs, you will get sleep at the end for sure. Even if you tried 6 or 12 hours on bed.Aung Ko écrit: I’m worry about my mom, she takes sleeping pills ��.Robert K écrit: For many years I have this sleep problems already where I get up four AM early in the early morning most often. Several months back, I began to get merely 2 to 4 hrs sleep every night, making me in a worse situation of insomnia. This plan has aided me a lot in improving my getting to sleep problem. This is aside from knowing the principles of sleeping. I researched Google and found this guidebook on a website.. It calls Zoey Sυnodoz
take careJudi Gilmore écrit: Its cause these humans dont work for a living they make There living off others or sit around … do some real work youll sleeplori maple tree écrit: Y'all are fucking stupid and don't understand how important hearing vocals is. This is a big deal. You just made a compilation. Good job.i sad écrit: This lady was taking 2 a night and that was a problem? I'm on 5 or 6 a night. Ruh roh.sarah Louise écrit: Been taking sleeping pills for 9 years .. I’m on holiday from school so I took the change to I stop the pills 3 days ago cold turkey because they are not effective at all anymore and my stomach had enough .. I’ve been vomiting bile constantly and getting very bad headaches .. I can sleep eventually but only in the morning and I wake up at 7 pm every day .. I don’t see the day I have no power to go out or do anything I didn’t shower I can barely brush my teeth can’t even do laundry or dishes .. I can’t eat even water makes me throw up so I’ve been sticking to nuts that I eventually throw up anyway and drinking cold water because I feel it soothes my throat and my stomach .. Even when I think of giving up and taking pills my stomach won’t allow it .. I live alone and it’s hard to do this on my own I’m getting very depressed and don’t know what to do .. the vomiting is very tiring and the headaches are violentT Streeter écrit: The amount of pils i take is ridiculous, I should have died a long tine ago. Unisom has made me stupid (i wasnt the brightest b4 the driugs)T Streeter écrit: I take 8 (im lying I really mean 13) Unisom sleep gels pils night.A.A.A écrit: i take 24 pill of panadol night , every single night.
I'm so embarrassed and i don't know how i get to this situation. its hardTechnicolor Transformation écrit: Sleeping pills have horrifying long-term side effects: poor memory, risk of dementia, ADD, lower libido, depression, shortened life expectancy, etc. To get off them: Taper Rx SLOWLY. 1mg melatonin, 5HTP, calcium, magnesium, zinc before bed. Phosphatidylcholine at 3am. Cut usual sleep time by 1 hour. Up with the sun and take vitamin D3 & chew herbal sage. High intensity interval training 5 hours before bed. Be patient while your brain re-calibrates – it WILL happen.Mish S écrit: I can help you quit them, I am an expert on Benzos, I'm not a counsellor, I will tell you how to stop them scientifically, not tell you to abstain because that doesn't work,  I will help any one who asks, I will help you quit before its too late, Benzo addiction is harder to quit than heroin, I'm not talking like the losers who say smoking is harder, that is a lie, but Z drugs/Benzos are harder to quit. Anyone with a problem, email me lordfinese85 at gmail.comvicky leao écrit: its bad.. I'm 21 and have been on 18 different sleeping pills for over 5 years, i don't think i will ever survive without </3Peter North écrit: Everytime i take zopliclone pills they make me horny and high, and make me cumshot more nicer and happierMiss Baby Bambi écrit: I started at 15 I'm now 24 and i won't sleep with out 6 and half a night and half bottle of whiskey. as i type this I'm "high" and a little pissed. PLEASE DONT START SLEEPING PILLSMichael Caprino écrit: not sleeping is better than becoming addicted to sleeping pills, exercise, diet and other things rather than taking toxic drugs …once your enslaved it's a downward spiralTodd Lavigne écrit: Weed is better than pills,
if you can find quality weed…withdrawals are as bad a heroin…you need to tapper off graduallyontariobuds écrit: I don't think that increasing your dosage means addiction necessarily, it just means you are tolerant.  If you drink a beer every day eventually you won't get the same effect, does that mean you are addicted because your body needs more alcohol?  I my books no. Phil John écrit: I've been on zopiclone for 14,15 years .I'm in the UK. they are very addictive i was prescribed for 4 weeks, but i'm still on them, if i run out i buy them of the internet.therapy doesn't help.beware peopledave123c1 écrit: that should be we lol dave123c1 écrit: i dont get it,i was on zopiclone for a year and just stopped with no side effects at all. Scott H écrit: I've been one sleeping pills for 20 years now. they really stop working after a while.Jane Doe écrit: for me, it's either sleeping pills or alcohol :/ I chose the pills.. Anakin8th écrit: It's 3 a.m. in the morning, put my key in the door
Bodies laying all over the floor and
I don't remember how they got there
But I guess I musta killed 'em, killed 'emamethyst birth écrit: When my body is killed i am killed tooSarah Leighton écrit: yeah i took 1 a hour ago didn't do anything iv been as high as 4 pills in one night this week ,11 years every night at least one pill. Im ready to get help and guidance. 2Fast écrit: is there anything for turning of the brain?Raj Sihota écrit: "Just like every drug – can be abused"?? That line was false! You can't abuse every pharmicutile. WTF? Dumb report. Take pillz4thrillz yo! But keep it legal folks. paft écrit: True. I don't believe the doc said "they're not addictive ect"….she wouldn't be hinding her face otherwise. Chatting shit.ontariobuds écrit: "couldn't stay in bed, couldn't get out of bed"

LMAOJamie Salas écrit: Like if your watching this at 3 A.M.
farfuckinout écrit: my left ear enjoyed some music while my right ear got well informedscottttt24 écrit: i went to the doctors twice and they refused to give me anything – im glad nowHammoudi écrit: lack of sleep causes increased risk of: *heart attack. *diabetes. *weight gain and even death.

OH FUCK!CommJay écrit: This reporter is sooo annoying..MrImagayguy écrit: I wish I saw this earlier -__- I've been noticing the same thing in me…Brandon écrit: @tionlover That seems like solid advice right there. tionlover écrit: Pop a couple vicodins. Take a few shots, drink a fee brews. Smoke a few blunts. (some Cali weed). Do a couple lines of coke, and crush up some shrooms in your tea. U'll be fine.MusicGoldCrown écrit: avoid from these pills as much as you can

from My experienceJohanna écrit: I sometimes feel like the 2 women when she's talking about her dogs.GREEN Scissors écrit: hahahhh…ArtofHobo écrit: I too am addicted to sleeping pills….the habit is soooo hard to break….

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