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Amlodipine or Norvasc treats high blood pressure. This inexpensive, generically available calcium blocker relaxes smooth muscle cells lining arteries and reduces the force against which the heart must pump. Additionally the drug helps protect against chest pain or angina. It ranks among the World Health Organization List of Essential Medicines.

Aj c écrit: It works greatEsteban Harrison écrit: I'm Esteban HarrisonArshed Chughtai écrit: I got tinnitus and unbalancing situation vertigo after using this medicine

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https://hearinglosshelp.com/blog/can-amlodipine-cause-tinnitus/HVAC101 écrit: doctor does valsartan increase your kidney creatine level?ever started valsartan my creatine level is increased is it safe to continue on it.in your opinion are low carb diets healthy?Jeffrey Reardon écrit: My blood pressure runs all over the place. I am on 5mg of Amlodipine. It is generally higher during the day. In the morning it can be as low as 110/60 and later in the day it can be 130-140/80-70. When I go to see my internist, it generally runs higher 180+/80. I believe because of white coat syndrome. I am not overweight. (5'9")163lbs. I have always battled with anxiety. I don't believe I have an issue. IS this normal? Should I be on these meds? I also got off Losartan because of the pandemic. I take the hydrochlorizide 20mg as well now.Anita Konicka écrit: Thanks for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Genubrey Mispriced Infiltration (just google it)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for learning the simple trick to reduce your blood pressure without the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my close friend Aubrey after a lifetime of fighting got amazing results with it.Nabil Salim écrit: Thanks for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about – Genubrey Mispriced Infiltration (google it)? It is a good one off guide for learning the simple trick to reduce your blood pressure without the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my buddy after many years got great success with it.Henrik Holmen écrit: blood pressure medicine can worse the hypertension and some people has diffcult to get of the medicine, with serious with drawal symptomes for months…
doctors dont tell you that!Eqbal Esmaeel écrit: استعمل علاج املادوبين منذ سنوات.. واشعر بالضيق والتحسس.. ض
يق التنفس.. ثم السكري.. وكل اعراض الجانبيه.. ماذا افعل.. دكتورEqbal Esmaeel écrit: نريد ترجمه بالعربي.. بليزD best écrit: Thanks Doc!!!��roblaa écrit: My blood pressure was 238/110 crazySheila Bush écrit: Thanks Doctor I do take that drug.
I have stag 4 kidney failure from poly cystic kidney and liver disease ulcerative colitis and of course I had breast cancer too.
Yes I’m very happy to be alive still lol.
Thanks for the info.Helen Ndow écrit: My high blood pressure is only caused by stressMs. Coleman écrit: What would be the reasons for blood pressure to go up while sleep? I have been awakened with an extreme headache and eye pain only to check my blood pressure and find it to be 167/105. I am not a large person nor do I drink or smoke anything.Truthsabre7 écrit: Thank you.Victor Corbitt écrit: This is how I take it. I take it one hour before I go outside. Drink HOT WATER WITH IT. IF YOU TAKE IT AND LIE DOWN, DIZZINESS WENT YOU GET UP. WHEN YOU GO OUT IN THE SUN, FLUSHING. IF I FORGET TO TAKE IT IN THE MORNING, I WAIT TILL THE SUN GOES DOWN THEN TAKE IT. IT DON'T MIXED WITH THE SUN AND DON'T LIE DOWN AFTER TAKING IT.Aj c écrit: Im 150/100 it is the only thing that helpsmargareth ralph écrit: Dr. I had the meds banned 2019. I ended up in a wheelchair and endless muscle problems. Stop talking on amlodopine it is banned in most countries and I've now succeeded in having it banned in s. A. Take a break Dr. You don't know what hell amlodopine puts people thru.Alex Holub écrit: The VA put me on hydrochlorothyazide even though I showed them through a month of meticulous BP readings I did not have high blood pressure. That didn't matter. Within 2 weeks I had tachycardia. I went to the ER at the VA and they didn't take me off it. So, about 2 weeks later I had tachycardia again. This time I was put on Metropolol and all that did was to make the condition worse. They refused to take me off hydrochlorothyazide for about 5 years. All during that time I contracted Afib that felt like my heart was going to explode through my chest. When they finally took me of the hydrochlorothyazide they put me on Amlodipine. That didn't do much for the BP because it still remained around 150/80 (at the VA but not at home). Taking me off the diuretic didn't stop the Afib exploding in my chest. So, it was the Metropolol that was doing that. I read of Dr. Stephen Sinatra's protocol for Afib and began using d-ribose instead of Metropolol and the bouts of Afib became much calmer. I am convinced that that 5 years of still on the diuretic and Metropolol is what caused the Afib and installed it permanently in my heart. It wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the medical incompetence of the VA. The VA finally gave me a doctor instead of the nurse practitioner and when I told him this he said I should have been immediately been taken off the hydrochlorothyazide immediately. BTW, I lost over 30 pounds and the BP dropped accordingly.

As far as side effects, I think that the reason I still have Afib is because of the Amlodipine side effect of palpitations. Another side effect I noticed is ED. I figure that Cialis could take care of both the ED and BP.

Seems to me that my BP has actually gone up because of the treatments. I have much lower BP at home than at the VA or a doctor's office (white coat). I'd like to have ambulatory testing done but the VA and most doctors don't do it. It is more accurate.Michael Ashcraft écrit: Easy, ain't it???phyllis brady écrit: Does that Dr have any drug he agrees with. Very negativeSteve Williams écrit: I'm sixty-seven years old. I'm also asthmatic. I also have high blood pressure. I took Lisinopril for high blood pressure from sometime in 1987 to the spring of 2015. In the spring of 2015, Lisinopril finally started shutting down my airways. I couldn't breathe and had bronchitis like symptoms. Okay, so my health care provider with the V.A. switched me to amlodipine. Before I started taking amlodipine….I had a wolf back then. I was walking Sara five miles a night, every night. Within a month after taking amlodipine, I couldn't walk around the block. It caused me intense joint pain making my arthritis infinitely worse. I suffered incredible joint pain while taking amlodipine. It kept my blood pressure in check, but I suffered from intense joint pain while taking it. When I would stop taking amlodipine, the pain went away, but my blood pressure went up. It may help some people, but for me, I'd rather die than take amlodipine again.elsie calingasan écrit: is amlodipine has many bad side effect ?Kathy Sharpe écrit: Yes sir. Can bp meds cause damage to colon. Mine did and now I'm sensitive to other bp medsDebra Meyers écrit: I take 40 my of quinipril and 5mg amlodipine. is that ok?keith crawford écrit: I can just barely hear you at all. Many videos I hear very well. I would like to hear you much betterJade Paz écrit: How about losartan. Its good or bad.R Alonzo écrit: Tnx very much❤Jamie Leigh Brooks écrit: Please do NortriptalineJake McClintock écrit: One of several antihypertensive drugs I tried instead of lisinopril, which I didn't like because of the side effects (like impotence). This drug, amlodipine, I discontinued in short order. I had been using medical marijuana for an unrelated complaint and found that it reduced my blood pressure considerably, as well, thus a problem arose with my bp going down too much and suddenly, which could and did make me pass out several times. I'd had to reduce my lisinopril uptake to 2.5 mg. once per day to avoid an interaction that would make me pass out. The lisinopril also made me feel as if I were dying, repressing my entire body function and not just my blood pressure. I tried taking it by itself, leaving out the mj, and I still passed out. After that I ceased taking any pharmaceuticals for my elevated blood pressure. But before that decision, Amlodipine was one of the other antihypertensive drugs I tried instead of lisinopril. In conjunction with the mj, it made me feel psychotic, so I discontinued it immediately. As usual, my doctor at the time would always try some new drug on me on a Friday, then disappear for the weekend, the doctor left on call in his behalf (supposedly) merely ignoring my calls, like he did the first time I mixed mj with a battery of drugs, including lisinopril and metoprolol, which made my bp drop to a very low level. After that, he removed metoprolol from the mix and upped the lisinopril, but the problems persisted, the lisinopril being the primary culprit in my humble opinion as the guy taking the damn drugs and seeing how they affected me from a very personal standpoint, Mr. here today gone tomorrow "MD" not knowing what the hell he was doing or talking about. The point is, don't take this drug, amlodipine, willy nilly. If it can make me feel psychotic with a little mj, it can make others feel the same way and might lead to a serious incident. Typical of doctors like this man above, they ignore side effects and individual differences. Currently, after dropping the meds, my blood pressure is under much better control. If it goes up and stays there for a day or two when I take it first thing in the morning, I will use the mj to bring it down, but only for a day, because if you use the mj every day, it's positive effect diminishes and you may develop breathing issues like shortness of breath.wfdix1 écrit: He has a microscope at his desk?Tall Inthesaddle écrit: Get educated people. 120/80 mm/hg is only 2.3/1.5 pounds per square inch. 130/85 mm/hg is only 2.5/1.6 PSi and 140/90 mm/hg is only 2.7/1.7 PSI. Doesn't sound too scary when you know the PSi numbers does it? Hey doc, how about this; Instead of prescription drugs with their multiple side effects, why don't you recommend Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Garlic and L-Arginine, or has your boss, the AMA warned you not to recommend vitamins or minerals?Arnold Stollar écrit: Amidlopine.Richard Saxon écrit: Hhorselover écrit: I take Norvasc and Atenolol. Norvasc is what really keeps my blood pressure under control. Wish I could stop Atenolol, but when my PCP lowered my milligrams, my heart started fluttering. Seeing a cardiologist in the present, hope I have a few more years!!!Jim Porter écrit: It have taken Amlodipine successfully for nearly 20 years. Every physician I have ever had since I was diagnosed has been careful to tell me the benefits of good of this medication. By the way, I ignore all of the comments in the comments section below. Virtually all of them are nonsense.GreenSmoothieParty écrit: just say no to drugsBarbara Parry écrit: Did you mean sodium rather than calcium?Bruce Wilson écrit: great video , I've been taking Amlodipine/Norvasc for over 20 years . Works great . Also he mentioned chlorthalidone , I used to have chronic kidney stones , since taking this I have had zero stones in 15 years . Hope this helps someoneChris McCartney écrit: I have taken for 8 years only one side effect I make me feel dour depressed down about 2 hours after taking but feeling only last about hour or two…Free Guitar Lessons Channel By Mike écrit: Discounting child mortality, our life span is same a men 200 years ago. Dr Marlene Merritt has a blood pressure cure, get much mag, then cal 150% in food, then 100% pottassium, I beat it in 3 months, stress has me back on meds. MOntmorency cherries keeps gout at bay, AC Carbmide cures after a while but $$$. AMA is great trauma, but ND curesEverett Calhoun écrit: No one ever talks about increasing potassium intake instead of lowering sodium intake. Was on amlodipine for several years to control HBP and extremely low sodium intake and developed electrical issues with my heart including afib and atrial flutter. In retrospect amlodipine is not what I would have started with, I would rather have started with diltiazem as a calcium channel blocker and increased my potassium intake.Daniel Kleinmeier écrit: Is he chewin gum as he’s talknSouthern Man écrit: It has been working for me at 5 mg dosage dailyGlock19 écrit: You talk about reducing salt…reducing sugar intake is just as important if not more important…your body needs salt more than it does sugar.Bee Kind écrit: Hmmm…then I'm on the wrong dosage bcuz my bp is mostly 3 high digits over three digits….S Roy écrit: Dear Doctor, What about the side effect of swelling in ankles? Do you think Nifedipine as an alternative?margareth ralph écrit: Doctor why don't doctors know that Amlodopine is banned in most countries and now in the past 2 months in South Africa too. I ended up in a wheel chair because of Amlodopine. Do you know how many thousands are on this drug and it is banned. Do you think anyone is going to tell everyone about the hellish withdrawals.margareth ralph écrit: Dear Doctor try taking the drug like I did and ending up in a wheelchair like I did. Dear
doctor you studied for so many years and I did not so I beg your pardon but I had your Amlodipine for so many years to help me with my heart and blood pressure but surely you know that 14 Million people are prescribed it and it has serious side affects like I ended up in a wheel chair as the drug attacks the skeletal muscles. No don't worry doctor I made sure it is banned in South Africa too. Amlodopine is banned in most countries. In South Africa most State hospital patients are on this drug because the doctors prescribe it but don't know what hell the patient has to go through when withdrawals threaten to take ones life. If only doctor's would check out the side effects before putting the poor patients onto drugs that are going to do them more harm than good. Amlodopinine is now banned in South Africa too. Do your homework before you make Youtube ads please.X-Man écrit: I'm in that moderate high BP group. I got significant edema from Amlodipine along with leg and foot cramps. So glad I'm not taking it anymore. Taking Diltiazen ER now along with Losartin, feeling much better.Chael Cruz écrit: Taking this meds is giving me a deep sleep at night and feel rested in the morning for about 5 hours. After that i go pee almost hourly,Pat Pat écrit: Finaly someone talking bout the bloodpressure pill iv ben taking for twenty years or more lotrell thanks dr very enteresting i want more from you i signed up for your show on utwo i pressed all the buttons and reminders for your show thanks bout my lotrell very very enteresting cant wait for moreRodolfo Virtucio écrit: Super information
Doc God bless youKenneth Ebolum écrit: Very informative. Thanks doc for your unique presentation.Chona Cruz écrit: Well saidBambi Able écrit: It is nice to have the Drug Information Sheet read to me. The PDR is hard to read while on the Internet ?FerP écrit: Toxic garbage, this is a cheap ad.joanne roberts écrit: great info thanks lotsAnthony écrit: Outstanding information.Donald Boyle écrit: this one actually raised my BP. was on it for two weeks and then taken offPauly écrit: …also it makes you feel like crap after prolonged useJoe Hanick écrit: anyone know how much 5mg of this increases blood sugar?orangedrone écrit: That intro musiced low écrit: Took it before. I'd rather be dead.Mark Cartwright écrit: Never had abnormal testosterone levels. Started this drug, writhing a week libido tanked! No desire. Blood test revealed abnormal testosterone levels!Chris S écrit: Hi Dr. Landow,

MS3 here – you're a good speaker, thanks for marking these entertaining. For reducing risk of dementia and improving CBF-small vessel incidences, do you see nifedipine as a better choice than amlodipine?randy écrit: This pill should be Outlaw. let your doctor take it. pill about drive me crazy,pain and blood pressure went up.Gary Simone écrit: Guy is good wish he answere to the questionsK Arias écrit: Love your videos, Very interesting and Informative. Thank you ��jojo DaCosta écrit: Stuff is really bad for you. Causes Heart attacks and blindness.Anthony Xyy écrit: Pill pushercaldonia lewis écrit: I take 100mg of Losartan and 2.5 of amlodipine for my blood pressure. I also have vascular disease I've had surgery on my leg and my leg stay swollen and painful. I also have heart disease my heart is checked once a year my heart is doing fine. With all this said, I have never liked medicine. What can I do to get off of the 2 blood pressure pills? I not a meat eater I love fruits vegetables and whole grains and drink a plenty of water. I need help! Thanks in advance for your support. God bless you and your family.Vigilante Jake écrit: Doctors who prescribed this drug (should show this video to their patients instead prescribe ,collect and advice to come back. Cow milker !sixpackbinky écrit: The problems I have with Amlodipine is it caused my arms to go numb for 3-days when I first woke up. And I have numbness if I have my hands up behind my head while in a reclining position. Other then that at this point it works well with Lisonipril 40 mg, had to stop the Spironolactone 25 and 12.5 because in the evening my diastolic and systolic get too low. Going to talk to my Cardiologist about this on the 31 st of this month. Also noticed a little chest pain when I do strenuous work sometimes, not sure what to do about that.lisa richards écrit: I take nifedipine for Raynaud’s, but the splitting headaches are terrible.
After this June, I am going to make visit, if I can get in.Joel J écrit: 2.5 mg of amlodipine causes my feet and ankles to swell. The drug dropped my systolic from 140 to 130 to meet new standard. I eat your recommended diet. I'd rather not take the pill.Lisa Jensen écrit: Didn't work at all for me. Clonidine and metropolol tartrate work fantastic for me.Free to be me écrit: It causes feet and ankles to swell. Is there relief.Groundhog écrit: I had headaches for decades, ever since I was a child. Doctor put me on Amlodipine, which lowered my blood pressure. As a bonus, my headaches all but went away. When I do get a headache, they are very mild. When I told my doctor this, he told me that my headaches must have been "vascular headaches". Boom, boom, I am a big fan of Norvasc.Jacob Hanson écrit: I’m on this medication for hypertension. Very informative.rozlin abd karim écrit: The doctor prescribed me 10mg because my bp is 140 .. but my bp always above 140 when I goes to the clinic but my bp 128 to 135 without taking any pills at home .. i don't know if I really have high blood pressure.. or I do need to take the pills ..Cal Brown écrit: CHF and chronic pancreatitis ….azor10/40 mg to 40mg olmesartan and 10 amlodipineVin D écrit: Best explanation of how a CCB works in the body.William Paganucci écrit: What's better, Amlodipine or Losartan?John Stanton écrit: AmplodapineGary Kessinger écrit: Thanks Doc. Very informative.jason royale écrit: i'm on 2 50 mg. of ptu for graves. raised my bp and now i'm also on 10mg of norvesc. how do I get out from under this? i'm already on a strict graves fighting diet.M P écrit: Thank you Sir.
I am 53, retired Army combat Veteran, male, & my doctor noticed my slightly elevated BP @ 145 and started me on this medicine @ 2.5 mg daily. I was always hesitant due to any possible medication side effects, but have none with this medication @ low dosage.
Going to try lifestyle changes as well- I am way way more active in warmer months hardcore mtn biking and riding motorcycles on & off road., but in winter months I am more inside & lots of outside time chopping wood, carrying wood, walking. I do eat a lot of fruit, & love smoothies I make at home, I eat lots of hot peppers too, even in smoothies.
Trying now to stay active in the winter trying now to still go out mtn biking even when it is very cold outside .
I do believe I can lower/maintain my BP levels thru diet, exercise and hydrating. I also drink lots of Yerba mate tea everyday and believe it helps with energy levels and some hydration plus other benefits against cancers.
We will see in a few months if & or how well this medication helps lower BP level with my being proactive & being more active year round.
I appreciate your straight forward information, thank you Sir.Leaders Of The Old School écrit: also I'd like to see where you get your statistics.Leaders Of The Old School écrit: Yea more benefits because you have more issues.And even with diet a geographical change would also be beneficialWayne Wallace écrit: There is nothing wrong with high blood pressure. We need it as we age. It's very common. To provide more oxygen to the brain requires higher blood pressure without medications. It's also needed to eliminate more waste and toxins faster. There are other things that require higher blood pressure, so it's a good thing, not a bad thing. By treating high blood pressure with medications to get the numbers down into the acceptable guidelines that do change over the years, you're not treating or preventing anything, only making the problem worse. For instance, if you don't have enough blood pressure during a certain time when your body is self regulating and require high blood pressure to increase more oxygen to your brain and you're way below that, then you can get dizzy upon standing, increase risk of falls and dementia and this appear to be more common in the elderly population regardless of other health conditions they may have. So it's better to leave high blood pressure alone and forget about it. Just focus on increasing antioxidants, raise glutathione level and decrease homocysteine levels and decrease inflammation in your body. That's all that matters.Ravishing Beast écrit: I had the WORST reaction to this drug: palpitations, feelings of blockage, all around electrical haywire. I was on 10mg per day and it landed me in the hospital. Even at 5mg per day it was pure hell. I've since transitioned to Losartan and a water pill. Thank God. If you are experiencing these side effects, get off amlodipine immediately and on to something else.Larry Barry écrit: low carb diet and limit the sugar !!! bye bye to high blood pressure!!Rich Pipia écrit: All pills are BAD.they will kill you FIRST. Be for you changed your diet.C Walker écrit: "IF YOU ARE A CIGARETTE SMOKER… YOU ARE NUTS" "REDUCE… NAH STOP THE HABIT! " I love this man he is telling us like it is not what we want to here. Now if a doctors say you have to be a nut to smoke damn humans… take heed. lol lolrob1958bc écrit: I was tested and my blood pressure was 190/104. I've been on amlodipine 5mg for 3 weeks. 2nd week I was 156/82. This week I'm 136/76. Why? Who knows.Brucifer Mephistopheles écrit: Taking this along with Clonidine, My blood pressure is still high?Rich Pipia écrit: I was on Xarelto for a year will that affect anything by being on his drug. Does Xarelto put calcium into your arteries??Samantha Smithwick écrit: I take Exforge 320/5 (after coughing myself exhausted from Lisinopril, Cozaar & Diovan) and Bystolic 10mg since 2008 until recently. I retired 4.8 yrs ago, walk 2 miles every day, don't eat as much calories or get as much protein as I should and have put on a few pounds due to a slow metabolism (tested positive for it) …..started taking a protein supplement 2x a day along with Moringa….little to no sugar or salt & increased my water intake. Lost 5.2 lbs so far. This was hard but I started using myfitnesspal.com to enter everything I put in my mouth. Was so surprised over the amount of salt when we don't even use table salt. My GP reduced my Bystolic to 5mg 2 weeks ago but offered no information after they found out that Exforge was still available via my tricare, they didn't even continue the discussion of changing my prescription. I was really hoping to get off of Bystolic cause it is so expensive. I think I may need to get a referral to a cardiologist.

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