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6 Facts That Prove Ambien Is More Dangerous Than You Think

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Insomnia Specialist Dr. Gregg Jacobs discusses the dangers of taking Ambien.

Graham Murphy écrit: Ambien fucking sucks compared to xanax.Drippy the Hippy écrit: I used to trip off it lmao ��Los Angeles écrit: I love ambien! I tried everything, that’s the only medicine works for me. I never ever experienced any side effects.Lava Lamp écrit: It's a wonder drug for me. I work odd hours and have no circadian rhythm. Ambien helps me fall asleep when I'm finally home.P. Steel écrit: I ve been taking zolpidem 10mg once a day before sleep since 2017. It helps me sleep and is not addictive as xanax. Xanax makes you crave for sleep you enjoy sleep it s narcotic and next day you finally wake up you somehow a bit feel addiction. On the other hand zolpidem does not do something like that it puts you to sleep mode. Problem is if it happens to run out of pills you cant get sleep..
But what worries me the most is that sometimes at night minutes after taking zolpidem I find myself texting and next day I cant remember what I wrote or if it was appropriate what I wrote and hence affects my relations with people I wrote to.vineet nagavi écrit: It helped me a lot , but now I have exams , and I think I am unable to study well and remember things , and also take too much time to study . Is this because of drug?? And is it reversible??Andrea Espericueta écrit: I take 10 mg of Ambien at night. My insomnia is so bad. This medication does not help me at all.Jovert II écrit: BSsama écrit: i have been taking zolpidem since i was 17 (dont know why my parents let me do that, theyre CRAZY) and i am, in fact, depending on it every night. its the worst thing and the best thing. i took high doses some times and got hallucinations (nothing to scary) and woke up SAD.DeathlordUSA écrit: Ambien made me trip balls. I was sitting in the dark in my room and ghosts started appearing all around me. I was terrified.Jimmytbane écrit: Terrible reasons lol but I expected this from a therapist talking about medicine like its his fieldAmbien Junkie écrit: Ive created this channel to document my experiences with ambien.Fresh Beginnings écrit: Sorry, but this is stupid as hell. You are talking about a very small %. Be more professional.bryonyravenhall96 écrit: I get weird feelings on ambien like I’m being pulled double vision shaking I’m on it now and feel so strangepeterlhs18 hansen écrit: Kills I m going to hurt someone before I kill myselfpeterlhs18 hansen écrit: I know it's all too late. I suffered a stroke and loss of vision. Anyway its all too late to meMelancholic Storm écrit: Works great for me.jay M. écrit: I take 12.5 mg and sleep like a baby. Don't know about these dam boogie man side affectssupermelodia écrit: That's a gambling to your health for sure. Why inescrupulous doctor prescribe this bomb. Why does not prescribes niacin, why not camolila tea, why not natural approach. I know, it's all about money.Rend écrit: I did a poo and put it in the freezersupermelodia écrit: it's such a crime a doctor prescribes this poison.supermelodia écrit: I won't touch this crap. I am not ginneapig.supermelodia écrit: Now I wonder if this criminal guy took this 3 ambiens at once on purpose just to kill the person and then get away with the murder.Spectator écrit: Ambien is the bestLuke Davis écrit: This is a stupid video and has point blank fear mongering. I have been using Ambien for 2 years now and it works great for me. I never had any problems with it.

However due to ridiculous fear mongering like this I now have to get the medicine through prior authorization every 3 months and right now it has been thirty days. I can't get a refill because of videos like this. People can just buy heroin/lad/pcp so easily from a drug dealer or on dark web but I have to jump through hoops and other ridiculous crap to get my medicine?

Screw you.RFI-Crypto Lab écrit: I take 5-10mg most nights and never experienced any oddities.
It's the only med that works for me.Gordon The Destroyer 000 écrit: Gov't wants majority of us dead. Dose that sound paranoid? I used to think view points like that where paranoid too until I realized that when it comes to scientists making "mistakes" that cost lives but reel in big prophets, the idea that there was ever a mistake at all is the real outrageous claim. They'll never ban this shit!Max Carter écrit: I sleptwalked to my friends somehow…Wilhelm Music écrit: 1st time I took Ambien I became delirious and had a conversation with my cushions while the rest of the room danced around me.

Never again!Paiiin In The Butt écrit: I’ve taken it for 10 years. Gives me the mean munchiesDrew werd écrit: Ive been on ambien several years with mixed results….over sedation…little to no sedation…sleepwalking /cooking….and driving….it can be very dangerous . It really depends on the state of mind one is in prior to administration of the drug. The effects are usually swift <10 min…and seemingly un-noticeableSkank_Hunt 3 écrit: I fucking love ambien
And my life is in order
Be responsible yoAshley écrit: huff post is such bullshit. you are scaring responsible patients that need treatment from getting help because some people overdosed on the drugs and did bad things. like ANY drug too much swings you to the other extreme often times leading to these effects you fearmonger on. meth, alcohol, zoloft, lexapro.. the list goes on. not just ambien. its not the problem. too much and bad money hungry journalism is the problem.Skank_Hunt 3 écrit: I love ambien . But it’s very unpredictable.
Be safe please .. don’t put your kids lives in danger or anyone else’sfreethinker424 écrit: I was prescribed ambien and the first night I went to sleep I had a dream that a man jumped off of a high ledge and hit pavement. There was blood everywhere when he hit. The second night I had a dream that I looked in a mirror and all of my teeth fell out and my mouth was bleeding.psychotronik13 écrit: Don't take Ambien if you are prone to racism. Ambien turns racists into psycho-racists. Smoke weed instead.Nirajan Pradhan écrit: Never takePaul Masgalajian écrit: I wish it would work for me. It has virtually no effect on me, though I was prescribed it for insomnia. I can eat it like jelly beans . . . and nothing ! I feel like Rasputin eating one cyanide muffin after another with no effect.Luke Harding écrit: I dunno man, gets me high just finelucertolo167New écrit: My girlfriend told me that once she caught me dancing with my hands in the ass while asking her to clean it and also act like a chicken. I remember nothing and I exaggerated with the doseAmy Xoxo écrit: I just started it a few weeks ago. Nothing bad has happened.Adlih Lucid écrit: I know that….I've been using it almost 15yrs I have insomia bcoz of a nightshift as a nursing aide in the nursing home….when I take it I eat all the food without knowing it and go outside with my pajamas and riding a bike without knowing it…then I stop fir a year and I only sleep 2 hrs a day for one yr.then im super depressed and sad…Krysta Rives écrit: Probably should have watched all of these BEFORE I took the ambien. Nope! took it and 10 minutes later decided to see if I could find any stories… hmm, definitely noticing some double vision each time I look away from the screen.Empereur Justinien écrit: Ambien is fucked up lol420globmeister écrit: i took 14 5 mg zolpidem and woke up restrained in the hospital with an assault charge on a police officer and a paramedic who were trying to help meBrandon Doesn’t Live in Ireland écrit: Would you rather people like me continue to struggle to get a lucky 4 hours of sleep per night?
Have us on zopiclone or any other hypnotic, some of which with effects potentially as damaging as zolpidem (most notably zopiclone) or benzodiazepines? Despite many patients praising the efficacy of zolpidem over all other sleep aides?
In cases where all natural and lifestyle methods have been exerted, do people just quit?
No, this propoganda is absolutely ridiculous, the war on drugs being taken to the pharmaceutical level is fair, there are abusable medications most definitely. But to start attacking the substance as if it has absolutely no benefit for legitimate insomniacs is plain stupid. The level of ignorance here is beyond a joke.Justin Trompower écrit: I'm here because my dad has been ruining my life with this shit. Last night at 3 am he came downstairs with his eyes closed, asked me if I knew where my moms flip flops were (we don't live with her)? Ate an entire box of Swiss rolls, Attempted to get in his car and start it with the garage door closed until I stopped him, then walked down the road to dollar general, which is closed. So everyone that's saying this doesn't happen, you're dead wrong, and it's really starting to ruin my lifeGrey Peterson écrit: This is garbage, toxicologically speaking ambien is perfectly safe and even is being used to repair and rehabilitate brain damaged patients.Sue Barker écrit: I was on Ambien 10mg for 7 years I thought I could not live without it, I was told I would do crazy things in my sleep I laughed it off, and put up a cam at night.. I have been off of Ambien now for 2yrs I have never slept better. P.S. I was sleepwalking, Talking to small children and people who were not there, living as if I was in a living dream world, "BUT I WAS A SLEEP" So happy to be Ambien free. If you are taking Ambien please STOP!Godsmasterpiece1993 écrit: It got me paranoid! I was hearing voices! That medication is Extreme! Man! Also they gave me 10mg as a woman and decided to give another 10mg. Woah! I remembered all of it. It was a crazy.lins écrit: This make me feel bad because I have to take it. I've been using zolpidem for 4 months now. I have to take that and another sleeping pill because I really can't sleep and if I try to sleep without zolpidem, I have terrible nightmares. Zolpidem does make me loose my memory of the night before, but only like half an hour after I took it.
With the right instruction and supervision, you'll learn to use it without it to be dangerous. One of the most important thing you must remember, is to take it when you are in your bed and after you take it, you can't leave the bed unless is something very important, like go to the bathroom and very carefully.
Zolpidem is not an antidepressant either a pill to treat anxiety, bipolar and other psychological disorders, so it won't fix anything without the right treatment, meds and therapy. If you don't feel safe with yourself or don't feel like overcoming it, ask for help. Things get better.Chris Runde écrit: My mother has been addicted to Ambien for about 6 years now. She has been arrested several times trying to get more and now has more health issues than you can count after years and years of overtaking. All of her doctors are amazed that she's still alive and yet it still has a place above her own child and always will for the rest of her life. However long she has left anyway, be careful with this drug and take it right before you're about to sleep. If you accidently take more after sleepwalking its that easy to get hooked and form a dependency.Dream V6 écrit: To bad I just took a ambien hahahahahshshshah I'm fucking trippingБэмби Канди écrit: You gotta talk about Benzos like Clonazepam before hitting way lesser dangerous and easier to withdrawal drugs like Ambien! What else are we gonna get?! A Documentary on how dangerous Aspirin is really than we think?!?!H Mohr écrit: I'm watching this on zolpidem. Not fun. Will search elsewhere.Queenmel Cna, Licensed Esthetician, lmt écrit: I take the 10 because my insomnia is so badFRANKIE HARRIS écrit: Ambien is also a good excuse for psychopaths to claim they weren't "aware" of what they were doing… I've taken 3 and 4 doses at once before, but not once have I gone on a killing spree… You have to have something wrong in your head to do that. It's not the meds that did it – it's you.Ulises Barrera écrit: I peed in my wife's stockings drawerLarry N écrit: This is all bullshit.OxyCo Foxy écrit: wish i could trade my ambien for cannabisMargo Sparkle écrit: I have been taking ambien for years and love that I can go to sleep easily and wake up refreshed. My doctor and the FDA recommend to get older people off of this medicine. I want so much to stay on it. I take one-half of a 5 mg tablet. Sometimes I take another piece, still not the full 5 mg. In trying other sleep meds, I oversleep and when I get up I have to lay down for a while and stay groggy all day; these are the effects they want avoided when they give me ambien. I am concerned about hurting my brain. Taking no sleep pill I stay awake all night until about 9 a.m. the next day, sleep about 5 hours and can't do anything; it becomes a wasted day. I cannot be certain to keep appointments. Same with taking substitutes like Rozerem. Too deep a sleep and grogginess the next day that makes it not safe for me. But the doctor would rather have me take a pill that induces the symptoms he wants me safe from. Since I don't have a job, I can deal with the oversleep and remaining home until I feel like I can handle it. And I don't take showers until I feel steady. I am in a quandary.Georgia écrit: i take 4pills of ambien each night along with other sleep meds and it doesn't do anything bad. ambien causes mania if you stay awake on it.Lori écrit: I've been on ambien for 4 years and I'm currently on it right now. I've never had any weird behaviors. I don't wake up in a fog, I don't loose memory of the night before. Ambien works very well for me.Cobra Commander écrit: When I was young I had a friend that took some. He was a zombie. Even after he woke up it was like talking to a car crash victim. He never had full thoughts always confused on where or what was going on. It was a bigger change in him than hard drugs. At least on drugs you might be really high but you still knew what was real. Its like he was a mindless machine on dream mode.

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