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New report reveals dangerous side effects of Ambien

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A government report reveals dangerous side effects of the popular sleeping pill Ambien, and its generic versions. Dr. Holly Phillips explains.

J S écrit: I've been told by my doctor not to take more than two 10 mg tablets a day. I take 10 a day (100 mg). OFC, I split the dose into two or three smaller ones. This drug does miracles when you're suffering from an anxiety disorder and its symptoms are unbearable. But I'v mixed it with a beer or two and had no hallucinations or agitation. BTW. I also use lorazepam, but I always stick with the dosage, 2 x 1 mg tablet a day.Norman Spurgeon écrit: This is a lot of blabbing- why not be articulate, and talk about the damage to the liver and heart? Very superficial journalism- uninformative.The Watcher écrit: Veteran with PTSD and chronic insomnia I've been taking it for about 6 years now never really had any problems except for a couple of sleep eating my wife said I ate a whole box of cereal one time ��but other than that I have to have it to get a decent nights sleep. Long term effect? ��Jovert II écrit: Do phsicians receive points from the pharmaceutical company for each prescription they write?Kai Alexandria écrit: I've taken this once & never again
I blacked out but slept well
But didnt like how it made me feelSharla Seidel écrit: As this video points out, women and the elderly are particularly impacted by Ambien and other sleep medications, especially if they are already taking other medications. To understand more about the potential side effect of sleep medications, and other approaches to help induce a restful night for seniors, I found the tips in this blog helpful: https://www.midnightsuncare.com/blog/dangers-of-sleeping-drugs-for-older-adults/Nellie Rutten écrit: Americans and their crazy intake of all sorts of medications, last ten years I took two ibuprofen and eight aspirin that was it.ZODIAC écrit: i took ambien for the first time i had a severe spasm in my throat i felt like i was being chocked to death i could not breath i will never take it againBig E écrit: Wait, I thought women and men were the same. How then does a drug effect us differently? Get your story straight!Gaz O’Brien écrit: It's when people mix it with alcohol is when they sleep walk/drive. Some people are totally irresponsible with this drug and spoil it for those of us who use it as prescribed.Bo Rerun écrit: I take other medications but people are drinking alcohol or illegal drugs with it… Not coolBoardshortandT écrit: Ambien makes you racistTerry Sproat écrit: Follow the dang directions and GO TO BED after taking the ambien and most of the issues can be avoided. I've taken it for years and i've experienced the side effects when you dont go right to bed.kid ringo écrit: They ask whos at fault but dont offer as a possible suspect the company itself……thank you doctor for finger wasting my time. CNN IS THE FINEST PURVEYOR OF FAKE NEWS.psychotronik13 écrit: Don't take Ambien if you are prone to racism. Ambien turns racists into psycho-racists. Smoke weed instead.Stacey écrit: Stay away from this. You will end up sleeping and driving a car.Jay Pasquarille écrit: NEED SOME Ambien WITH MOONSHINE NOW AWESOMEG. García écrit: she has no idea what she is talking about, It is commonly and safely mixed with clonazepam which is a drug for anxiety, so it CAN be mixed.Matt Rogers écrit: https://www.youcaring.com/terryrogaczewski-1169767reallyAZ nokidding écrit: I've been on 10mg Zolpidem (Ambien's generic) for 14 years.
Works best if I eat well before bed.鬱鬱 écrit: Ambien causes sleepwalking and hallucinations which are worse than those with LSDCrackerlacking Productions écrit: I've tried them all and Ambien is the one that works.sanil kumar k s écrit: Today onwards i am going to having these medicineADHSMAMA écrit: funny , brain damage patient are waking up trougth this medication !!scottso241 écrit: i use to raid the refrig almost every night i told my doctor i was sleep walking to my kitchen and i woundnt even remember it i was taking it for a few years . my doctor said there where no cases of what am talking about after awhile i change to Melatonin (not sure of the right spelling) anyways it was a lot better after awhile i stop taking it all togtherKylo Ren écrit: took ambien before bed one night, i woke up 40 km away in another town.. i had driven myself there and purchased cigarettes all while sleeping.. never againBri G. écrit: My room mate uses it, never seen any problems except sleep walking, sometimes will do things and then forget later that she did it. but never seen any real problems.Mac Milly écrit: I would be so embarrassed if she ever had to do a physical on me. I would not be able to control my boner.Kevin Klein écrit: I don't know about all this shit, I mean everyone's different! I have been coming off an opiate dependence and everyone who knows about this knows that sleep is very  elusive! I am also on benzos, so instead of having to take 100mg of diazepam and perhaps more to get some sleep I simply take 12.5mg of Ambien Cr and I get 8-10 hrs. of great sleep! I have only started to use it recently and it has worked wonders, it's a little expensive but worth it, I will look around for the generic. I have read about the tolerance building up and all of that so I will be very careful with my use, skipping days and so forth, I have also read from reliable sources that it's much safer than benzos. I want to get off of everything! Be clean and serene. When I take it, it's all about sleep, it's worked wonders for me!Connor Behunin écrit: this is awesomeX Y écrit: Ye visits to the emergency room , u r ow what the reasons for those visits are called? Getting high and tripping balls ��Ian Stockwell écrit: throw dirt on everything, that's the news.Lori écrit: That fda cut for women is stupid! I was on 10mg for 2 years not one problem slept great then because of all of this shit my doctor had to drop me to 5mg still not one problem other than not sleeping worth a shit so I decided to double up and take 2 5mgs and then I run completely out by the middle of the month. I know tons of people who take ambien and none of them have problems on it either also some need less some need more so it should the patients and doctors deciding what a patient needs. If I've done fine on 10mgs for 2 years then keep me on 10 if the next person didn't do well on 10 drop them to 5 and so on Bronco Surveillance écrit: Ok why in the hell do I get ugly Doctors and not her. Really I go to the Doctor and I wonder sometimes if only Trolls go to Med School. Not to mention she is smart.Daniel Farias écrit: THIS IS FUCKING RETARDED!!!! a new stUDY FUCKING REVEALS THAT OH MY GOD! IT HAS THE SAME SIDE EFFECTS WE KJNOWN ABOUT FOR THE LONGEST FUCKING TIME -.-riffgod écrit: Not even serious stuffSilver Meadow Wolf écrit: to bad. got to get my Blaze on!

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