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zapain prospect

Codeine: What You Need To Know

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Codeine is an opioid found naturally in Papaver somniferum, the opium poppy. It’s somewhat misleading to call it an opioid since codeine primarily functions as a prodrug, offering little of its own activity. Morphine seems to be its primary active metabolite.\n\nThe drug is typically a controlled substance, yet it may also be available over-the-counter (OTC) in certain combinations.\n\nIts name comes from the Greek word \ »kodeia,\ » which means \ »poppy head.\ »\n\nMedically, codeine is used as an analgesic, antitussive, and antidiarrheal. It’s also taken recreationally, often at higher doses.\n\nTDC overview page (with references):\n\nReddit discussion:\n\nCodeine = Methylmorphine; 3-methylmorphine\n————\n\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Laura Cornwell,, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Star Ape, michael hoogwater, Beau Jaco, Alexander Pavlenko, Lars Nilsson, Billy, Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, Sam A., Reece hosford, Felix Wisniewski, Jarrod o’connell, Daniel X Moore, Robert Jarman, Dahmon Bicheno, Christoffer Finstad, Zachary Thomas Binkley, Sami Parsegov, Dane Overman, Squadra Dumay, Dragonhax, Case van der Burg, Alexander Norsk, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\nEmail –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

Fixa Troll écrit: A doctor once
told me that codiene is metabolized as morphine by the liver. In some meds mixed with Tylenol will damage your liver severely. You need to extract the codiene from the Tylenol or not exceed prescription directions. Can be so much damage to the liver that completely fails in short order. Many people waiting for liver transplants due to over use of Tylenol.
Morphine is what you are ending up with. That is what you become addicted too.
Just Avoid doing drugs at all. If you can. I have cancer pain and can get pretty much anything I want for my pain but I have stayed away from developing any addiction problems. Addiction problems sound worse than the original malady they were intended to alleviate!!! Study all drugs thoroughly befoe using them. There is no free lunch.Konniiix écrit: How do u get codeineRyan Johnson écrit: I had codeine after hand surgery last night. I went from screaming to laughing over and over. It wasn’t a good time I’m not gonna finish my prescription. I’m gonna deal with the painLogan Spargo écrit: Who else laughed when he said "purple drank" in his serious tonefrack hark écrit: We have Cheap legit ,real and sealed Products here Text us at (719) 623-5256

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Thanks .NoahT_527 écrit: I love codeineDiana Levin écrit: This is BS Codeine saves my life when I get bronchitis!Jimmy Underwood écrit: Codeine… My only, known, life threatening allergy. Gives me 105 degree temperature within 30 minutes, while also swelling my throat. (though I recently found out I have a smooth muscle syndrome)Teddy écrit: Codeine has been a blessing for my chronic back pain every time I have a flare-up. I just take the necessary dose a day to keep my pain levels tolerable. Just 60 mg or 2 tablets of 30 mg per day can be enough although I might need a bit more but rarely.
All in all it has always been my rescue analgesic to get me out of acute pain. Regardless of everything you said, which I can't dispute, codeine does work for me.Randomfully Wonderful écrit: I bet this guy nibbles on those poppy plants all day long.Who dares Rodders écrit: Not advisable at all but I can take 10 -30mg tablets and I’m fuzzed but nothing like 8-50mg tramadol the next day I feel wonderful and I don’t understand it..always accasionaly though as not in a position to get all the time luckily or unluckily!imreallydead. écrit: It gets me buzzed so I don’t care lolMichelle Mari Espiritu écrit: Doctor prescribed me 60mg plus 1g of paracetamol every 6hrs because of my sciatica (hurts like hell). The side effects are bad (vomiting/ nausea/ itching) and at first I don’t understand why people get addicted. But after a few days (the pain goes away), I experience the state of IDGAF. It helps me calm my nerves (anxiety), gives me a good sleep that even zopiclone cant deliver, and yeah dreaminess. I hope the pain in my sciatica goes away soon as I am afraid I might get addicted to this feeling!!! ������david jones écrit: Hydrocodone or oxycodone or fentanyl or opana or methadone or I can go on an iPhone is better than coding but codeine is better than nothingTeds Lead Hat emporium écrit: Itchiness is the worst part of any opioid, when I was addicted to Vicodin I would ALWAYS itch my nose till it was raw and sore, I would say it is the worst side effect of taking opioids recreationally.Johnathan Molella écrit: although i didnt feel a high, i definitely felt very tired and relaxedventurabae écrit: I m Codeine crazeeeeeeemark p écrit: Because codeine is just fun damn It its just something fun for doctors to give. Or the way it should be open pharmacy no sceduling at ALL. Let what will be will be.mark p écrit: It has one use, to be loved.DryPaste écrit: I just do a cold water extract and remove the paracetamol from the pills. I usually drink 160mg – 20% because you lose some from extracting. It's 3€ a dose!J J écrit: lots of info but why is this guy so unbelievably deadpan.KOLLUSION Transistor Funk écrit: Opiate not Opiod. – Natural not syntheticBig Sketti écrit: I love this channel, it shows the madical and recreational information of any substance it coversdonskii 0151. écrit: Who can explain to me how to separate codiene from paracetamol using c.w.e? Please reply asapHamzawski écrit: hit Like if you're here when u knew it was Juice World's overdose drug with Oxycodone Drug . SADLY RIP .Simon Eden écrit: I love your YouTube channel, great stuff, Cheers ���� from Australia ✌️Nasir pyro écrit: Okay so I’ve seen on one of those Chinese sites you can buy raw dimethylmorphine but what is it’s usage apart from intermediatorBob Bobek écrit: Thanks it helpedNoemi Jandrasics écrit: I am 10 weeks pregnant and my Dr indicated 30 TBL Teva – Codeine 30 mg for my headache put I am worried to use !!Alyssa écrit: what is snp for the metoboliser gene? 62d6?Fredy Rosales écrit: U36 pills how come it wasn't shown in the videoMargaret Farrell écrit: RIP DJ SCREW AND PIMPC HOUSTON SIPPIN LOVERS<3Akchith Baskaran écrit: I'm 16 years old and I got prescribed 60mg codeine took one pill and I felt nothing. nothing happenedEvening Yay écrit: So it's okay if my friend takes 95mg? I'm afraid of her because somewhere I've seen that 100mg is deathAmanda Archer écrit: My dream is a soda fountain the dispenses codeine cherry cola.diggythedog écrit: HeroineMuhammad Is Dead écrit: Codeine sucksAtour écrit: opioids are great.0Jakob Fox-Kennedy écrit: I’m allergic to morphine but not codeinTeflonBilly écrit: I watched this video whilst waiting for my first use (medical dose prescribed by doctor) to take effect.420Bake dankshit écrit: You should do Ativan! (Lorazepam)Jamel Moussa écrit: Hey everyone I have a question !!! Can someone tell me if codeine phosphate is the same as normal codeine ?Simon Eden écrit: Codeine helps me through the pain of my lonely life, i only take low doses at a time, 2 tablets = 60mg in Australia, i used to get drunk to ease my loneliness, but i reckon alcohol is worse & of course for your liver, Cheers, from Australia ��bibanu28 dumitru écrit: codeine is structurally similar to tramadol only because tramadol is a synthetic opioidChris Lemaster écrit: Codeine is useless.autumn claver écrit: wait you cant get codeine otc in the USTheDispather écrit: Codeine sucks. I must use minimum 300mg to feel any opiate effects. For pain he also sucks.JIM DID IT écrit: Told my dad once I was having trouble sleeping and feel like I have not had any deep sleep, he gave me a pill and said take it befor you go sleep turns out it was some prescribed opioid type pill it basically took me to dream land for like 14 hrs And I had never felt more recharge before, he was taking them for chronic back pain, im glad he only would allow me to have one Id be popping them like mad lolKGMetalOne96 écrit: Well what am I supposed to do? It's The Only thing that Relieves Stress and Emotional Pain!

Fucking Hate when Pharmacists Refuse to Sell You The Meds, when You can't Help Your Urge to get them!android game player écrit: But I like the feeling of drowsiness:_anthony K écrit: It absolutely helps coughdavid Ash écrit: Are really bad headaches a side effect of stopping use. I’m been clean 3 weeks no issue I was ready to walk away and I feel amazing but are headaches a side effect like bad headachesTheo Jed écrit: The mist dangerous shit is that people only look at left me dose of codien forget they also contain as much parasetamol as panadol so lots of people on paracetamolSouterrain Audio écrit: Once again much misinformation….Codeine as stated a pro drug-ie it need liver enzymes to convert it into active metabolites such as morphine glucuronides etc…Morphine was originally an antitussive and that’s why the cough thing is right…hence codeine linctus ie codeine metabolised to morphine derivatives combined with pain killing properties can hugely help people with cough…especially painful ones…everything is symptomatic…codeine is a popular choice with medical professionals as in it needs liver enzymes to function which everybody doesn’t possess…as it needs enzymatic conversion it is also very safe as long as NOT combined with other respiratory depressants such as alcohol and ALSO antihistamines such as promethazine….the itchiness is due to Histamine release as is the associated constipation in terms of reduced peristalsis…There is a huge difference between recreational use and medical efficacy….also 300 mg is a standard dose for recreation….when you say 400mg ( considered an overdose ) is rubbish …As it a prodrug as you stated the diversity ie phenotype and genotype is hugely important…every drug has an LD50 as it law…however 500mg would kill some whilst others take 2000mg a day….However as you said, placebo effect is real important…That’s the most important thing you have stated…What’s unpleasant for you isn’t to others…like you sad “Taste” … also no it’s not inactive…it is inate and simply needs a pathway…Medical professionals recognise this and that why it is a popular choice…give an addict codeine … they probably be ok �� …give them Morphine or even Dihydro or fentanyl and they die quick….it’s that simple …be safe and peacebibanu28 dumitru écrit: The treatment between tramadol is stronger, at least direct release, or prolonged release is he and 200 mg?????RiversCuomo_ écrit: Probably what you’re looking for:
Dose- 9:15Pop Da Smoke écrit: They give pro football player scripts without asking then get mad when he gets his own to get by till he can see the team doctorPop Da Smoke écrit: If it’s good for well being and being happy they should use something like this to help people’s mood and happiness in this shit world where u work till u die anyways might as well feel a bit less pain and be a bit happier fuck Zoloft and all the drugs that they will even tell u kills u in the long run so why does it matter if we self medicate we know our bodies feelings better than a doctorPop Da Smoke écrit: The syrup is a easy way to take medicine with a severe cough it Basically good cough syrup with something for pain some old lady’s can’t take pillsThijs de Boer écrit: Can you make lean with just Codeïne (without the promethazine)BJJ Fiend écrit: So is Hemihydrate phosphate technically Codeine?bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Codeine is an opioid plate only at high doses of over 80 mg, which has a euphoric state followed by drowsiness and the time of action is very short 2, up to 3 hours … are less harsh than tramadol but, tramadol is a longer action, my opinionLouis Barningham écrit: CODEINE CRAZY����Mario Andreano écrit: Ive taken over 1200 mg before. Amazing very arousing sexually , l could pick up Women that were seemingly out of my league. Thats because l had a heroin addiction and could not find Heroin so Codeine worked.Mario Andreano écrit: The main reason all these preparations hurt most of us is the ASA or Tylenol .Sam écrit: Shit goes good with a sesh with the boiz tho ��timefilm écrit: I swear by Codeine for migraine and flu.Totoro 420 écrit: I got codeine prescribed for my cough. It really helped me.Oh yeah yeah écrit: My brother has some spare codeine should I pop one?Josh Beeler écrit: Got Tylonol #4 with codeine prescribed for my toothache. It's better as the Norcos make me sick and I dont like percacets as they make me incoherent.Nic B écrit: Codeïne doesn't do anything for me, just makes me feel weird and not in a good way.MollyTTree écrit: NSAIDS can burn the stomach lining.  That's loads of fun.MollyTTree écrit: Totally disagree.  Codeine  reduces cough, relaxes my breathing so that I may finally sleep.  No other medication that does not have opiates works this well.  No placebo would have a chance with my hacking coughs.Paul C Lalchungnunga écrit: Very informative indeed , keep on posting !Paul C Lalchungnunga écrit: Very informative indeed , keep it up guys !Blue lives Matter écrit: Bro I got them cramps this shit hurts how do I get them to go awayTravis Reich écrit: Codeine makes me itch so fucking bad that it’s not even worth taking it…. I had to take 5 Benadryl to make the itching stop and it didn’t even stop all the way just made me not want to rip all my skin off to make it stop….that was so horribleCassuttus Tshirt écrit: Sometimes codeine is easily tolerated and is 'less addictive' than other opioids in that you don't crave more and more or need more and more to control pain in long term pain management. It's that way for me, at least. Every opiate may turn into morphine in the brain, actual morphine isn't widely used, I don't think. You either get codeine or some type of super-potent semi-synthetic opioid like oxycodone. Some people need long term pain treatment with opioids and it's getting harder to get that without doctors thinking you are just seeking a 'high', especially when you are a younger guy like myself who 'looks healthy' (But has severe Crohn's Disease). A combination of THC and CBD (smoked or vaped marijuana) works just as well, but that's even more illegal in my state.Only Anonymous écrit: Actually it does help for coughSloth écrit: Imma try itnormal störd écrit: make video on prometazinhydrokloridHayotowin écrit: I will take codeine ONLY for cough, b/c something in other cough meds makes me feel sick, dizzy, & nauseated, but it does neither jack nor shit for pain.Yo Man écrit: SubYo Man écrit: T3 doesn't do much for a toothache so why do dentist give.B G écrit: Pills with 12.8mg of codeine in combination with paracetamol or ibuprofen are otc here in Ireland good for colds and flu and the likes!A.C. Jelly écrit: I was given this recently after I had a sporting accident.
I never want to take it again, id rather feel slightly uncomfortable then feel like one of the walking dead.Rick Cleek écrit: Codeine is the Devil! The DEVIL!!Miss Dog Lover écrit: The first motion after taking it is like shitting a brick. AVOID!.Tyler james écrit: I’m just here coz I wanna get high afmawell ! écrit: i love lean but is it normal to have really dissociative effects from it?pagan poet prophet écrit: it stops my cough dead in the tracksLaikee écrit: So my doctor proscribed me Tylenol/codeine and now I see why people do drugs100 subs only four songs out écrit: who else watching this while sippinRoary L Boii écrit: Im on codeine right now and im relaxed af5 -iwnl- écrit: Bruh youtube shouldn’t take down these videos because what if someone wants to try something for the first time and ends up hurting themselves or not understanding dosages etc.TENEBRIX écrit: "Nausea and vomiting"? This shit fucked me up so darn hard they had to pump it out of my system after it caused an infection in my body. I was throwing up for 4 hours until the ambulance came in to save me. DO. YOUR. RESEARCH.bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Codeine constipation… not opioid. It s opiate, receptor mu'hypnocil10 écrit: codeine is weak as a panadol , its a a jokeJR écrit: So you're telling me codeine and oxy will enhance each others effects?cole gandy écrit: Codeine is only still legal, because its an easy way for pharmaceutical companies to make money. Licence it for a common ailment, such as a cough, and everyone gets an easy, legal prescription to an opioid to catch a buzz.

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