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XANAX – More Addictive Than Heroin

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Cat Lady écrit: The first one a) snorts oxys, and b) washes them down with hard liquor–that's what was in her drink container. She's exactly like a friend of mine who unfortunately doesn't realize she's the town crazy. Soon as she started talking I could hear the oxy-snorting in her nasal-ness. It will give way to a voice I can only describe as "snorting heroin and drinking hard liquor makes you sound like a chainsaw you sound like janis joplin" that I told my friend when the nasal-ness receeded and the chainsaw started. The only difference is this one has a partner to score for her. He's definitely acquiring the drugs for her. She's a semi-invalid who can't hustle like she used to and I doubt any doctor would prescribe her narcotics.Ryan Conaway écrit: It's no where near as addictive as Heroin. That doctor knows jackshit. They've obviously never hit the needle. So in all reality, how the hell do they know??Spk Spk écrit: They are only showing 1 side of the story with one doctors opinion. Obviously many doctors disagree with this guy and it's for a reason. I had panic attacks since I was a teenager and one day I hyperventilated and ended up in the ER. Doctor prescribed me xanax over 10 years ago. I take it every day. I dont mix alcohol with it like these dead celebrities did and therefore I wont OD on it. Xanax has been a miracle for me and I haven't had a single panic attack since I started nor anything close to hyperventilation. Xanax gave me my life back.One kilobyte of ram écrit: I was in hospital for 2 months with complications from covid 19 and they were giving me xanax 6 times a day to keep me from having panic attacks, when I was released from hospital I was extremely sick at home from the withdrawals. It’s nasty shit mate.Jon Mayer écrit: Very extreme misleading video, I was treated with Xanax for almost 10 years (2mg daily) and I finally took myself off over 7 years ago without any real issues at all other then some very minor side effects so either somebody is taking a whole lot more then recommended or taking additional meds or other drugs in combination. Just be informed and use it for only a short duration and don't wait until your doctor takes you off because like my previous docs failed to do or they will just keep prescribing but I do feel is is a safe and helpful drug for short durations, any drug if abused or prescribed for long periods will always have a bad outcome.Serenityn Peace écrit: This drug IS LETHAL! The worst drug ever!Divine Intervention écrit: There is no way she is only on Xanax!! I mean come on..She has to be smashing other drugs as wellnavneet chouksey écrit: What an ugly looking addict bitch that first woman was��youcanttunafish écrit: I love Xanax. It has saved me through funerals, 9/11 and other very stressful events. And of course, if you abuse it, you pay the price. It is NOT, by the way, more addictive than heroin! lol That's just silly.GCT10/31/1990 écrit: It's not addictive it's hell to get off so people stay on it dumbassesKurt Schaan écrit: Wtf is extroriraryDaniel Nour écrit: 100 us dollars for 1 pill? Are you high are somethingShalexia Davis écrit: Weed (if done in excessive) and other street drugs can be very dangerous. Wake up America.Jon Hamblin écrit: LOL! That lady has taken a lot more than prescribed doses of Xanax!Kodii Ayyeee écrit: "Doctors wanna give it so easy" No THEY FUCKING DON'T lmao… Atleast not in Texas. Hard af to get a scriptEpicHeavyStuff écrit: He said so his self Xanax takes 8 weeks to be dependent heroin only takes one week speaking from experienceEpicHeavyStuff écrit: Xanax withdraw may be worse than heroin but Xanax is not as addicting as heroin heroin feels like God is wrapping you up in a warm blanketLOVE LIGHT écrit: ppl with xanax and here I am with my propofol =))))H Newman écrit: I think it was Lorazepam in MJ's system not Xanax. Same thing though i guess. All deadly benzos.Chuck Pestacchi écrit: I got off Xanax 4 years now, I'm glad I no longer use it, it's a very dangerous medicine.Shah Murad écrit: I used to drink alcohol along with xanax for 6 months, I decided to quit ..8 days I could not sleep and finally boom .. I am no longer addicted to this shit along with alcohol..Tamer Time écrit: Xanax is like a bandaid that when ripped off you find the wound is only growing bigger and bigger. And rather than heal the wound, people are reaching for more bandaids. It’s tragic.Danny Owens écrit: Ok, Nicole ruined her own life! It even says on the fucking bottle that you should not drive or operate machinery while on the drug. If she took too many Xanax tablets, then she should not of been driving, it’s that simple. It’s her fault! Not Xanax’s fault. Also, this report is so exaggerated. I took Xanax for 5 years and when I came off of it, I didn’t have any problems.Keith Byers écrit: I am not sure it has a dependency liability on the level of opiates. Most likely it is about as addictive as alcohol, seeing how it involves GABA b receptors. However, benzo withdrawal is hard as hell and the longest of any addictive substance. Xanax withdrawal is horrible. I know from experience. I was never bedridden, but the depersonalization/derealization and paranoia were my worst symptoms. It took about three months cold turkey to feel normal, and I was only at my worst maybe a milligram a day. Dr. Peter Breggin knows what he's talking about and is one of the most humanistic psychiatrists in practice.Larry Tate écrit: Def wasn’t more addictive than heroin in my opinion.Abe Kelly écrit: Anyone caught selling Xanax should be immediately executed.
If your doctor tries to prescribe Xanax for you, then run. Run fast. That doctor is trying to kill you.Colin Milliken écrit: Tell me something I don't know fsChristina Spasaro écrit: Oh come on ppl. All opiods and benzo's are the most horrific shit to kick. No need to compare. Its all hard and life thteatening to get off alone. Truth b told.Neek Joo écrit: If you find the best pharmaceutical company in the USA so we provide online affordable medicines service. Feel free to contact us on +1-850-424-1335

Email- sales@genericmedzonline.comNina Lee écrit: People that abuse drugs make it difficult for those that are responsible and benefit from benzodiazepines to be able to get them. They spred misinformation blaming the drug for their own inability to take medication as prescribed. I took alprazolam for 10 years and went off cold turkey when I lost my insurance. I didn't experience any withdrawal; I just began to have the panic attacks and PTSD symptoms for which I was being treated.Charles Manson écrit: felony pillsJoel Decoster écrit: so , you get hooked on ice, to get up, then tou tale xanax to come down, and you cant ger off of xanax, or you have overwhelming stress because you have a cancer diagnosis and eviction fro m home and kids all running a muck, well you go through cancer treatment and then you have to withdrawl from xanax and opiates and then at a detox centre and you end up flipping out and end up in a psyche ward and made to take anti psychosis, and you are totally fucked and your brain is fried,MoneyTeam Andrew écrit: That’s sad man I take Xanax everyday I understand itChris Miller écrit: 100$ a bar is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. 3 for 10$ is still what I hear they are going for, they are addictive for sure though.Dars Lars écrit: It's attack on western civilisation mainly European societies it's war to kill or switch off people from real purpose of life making people numb and controlleddaweller écrit: I stay far away from benzos… they are fine at first, but then they make you anxious beyond words. I dunno, maybe just my experience, but never again.
Exactly what this guy is saying at 4:55Neal Palmer écrit: 30000 a bottle maybe if the bottle has thousands in it and if its taken as prescribed and prescribed by a doctor that has any sense than this medicine helps many people its people that abuse it that f it up for everyone else just like they did for pain pills which now people are resorting to things they would never do like herion for pain relief or since there hooked and just cut off cold turkey butttt most herion is mostly if not completely fentanyl killing people left and rightCade Van Stone écrit: $100 a pill? Makes me question any statistics or info in this documentary if that doesn’t get fact checked especially when 2 minutes later they explain $3-$5. I get if they Have an exaggerated street price like $15 or something but $100 is crazy. $30,000 for a bottle!!!!! How did no one even google it really fast when they heard that crazy numbergoduskychris Chris Godusky écrit: Yikes this is scaryDynamic Solution • 18 years ago edited écrit: It's not more addictive then heroine…people just say shit for attention not even a little bit true.Jessica Stern écrit: $100/pill???? Never. 1mg of xanax is worth $5 maxanonymous écrit: Most potent of it's kind my ass try rohypnolS K écrit: he tried to get buddy to buy one for 50 .. hah @13:00WMSTONE50 Stone écrit: Thank God I never liked Xanax! Unfortunately I liked too many other drugs! But at last I've been totally clean for 6 years now! I don't wish addiction on anyone!hypnocil10 écrit: worse then heroin , no fucking way

maybe worse withdrawals, but not addictive as heroinMotiejus Juozapavicius écrit: Well it's not only benzos, every psychiatric drug make you dependent no mater olanzapine serequel or xanax. They all are working by shuting of your's brain's.Plubus Domis écrit: Alcohol is destroying way more lives than xans… Considering you can get it at almost any store without a prescription…Danky Furryian écrit: Drinking and taking full bars of Xanax as a party drug in highschool SMH gave me severe depression memory loss and shakes when talking and a bipolar disorder. Been off for years now and a lot better with the help of ProzacGothicKingDee JFS écrit: I love how hydrocodone is a class 2 now and impossible to get but xanax that can literally kill u from the withdrawal is still a class 4 is so easy to get……Mr Dkizle écrit: This is the worst i took klonopin for about 3 months . OHHH BOY WAS IT BAD WHEN I DECIDED TO STOP. FEELING NERVOUS FOR NO REASON THE GITTERS STUCK AT HOME IT WAs so bad i wanted to commit suicide to end it all. Thanks god now a couple months later i feel better.Joe mc glue écrit: this is full of lies there is a lot more to this than sh has said what strength is the bars people must be using heavy drugs & saying xanax is the culpritJoe mc glue écrit: this is not xanax this is effects of something stronger & more letal i was on xanax for 5 months & iwas taking 3 tabs a day buii shitJoe mc glue écrit: this is not xanax this is effects of something stronger & more letal i was on xanax for 5 months & iwas taking 3 tabs a day buii shitKingsCountyLightHaus écrit: xanax is not worth this much on the street. You;re not doing the addicts any favors by lying about it.Apollo écrit: She reminds me of Ozzy. LolChris Graves écrit: All my felonies where due to xanax. Totally blacked out and got two strikes.Steve Young écrit: Now that these pills are getting banned ,what new horror pills will come out next.David Dawson écrit: It helps my niece, my mother, and I have it in my system currently and THC. Never use it every day. We simply must take control of our lives and responsibilities for our actionsAutumn Trulson écrit: From all the substances that I have gotten clean from and how hard it was for those I THANK my stars that I never developed a dependency to benzos. I just barely glided past that point but thank fucking god that I did.thespACEchannel écrit: I love the comment section, so many "experts" here!BudG 90 écrit: I was on xanax did nothing like that for me put me in that comdortable spot thats it i was very sharp mentally still this is not accurate at allGio Il Cavo écrit: Xanax is more addictive than heroin. What a bullishit. These people don't know what they are talking about.Andrew Orahoske écrit: This is bullshit. I have taken xanax on and off for 15 years. Ive had side effects going off but I only take 1 or less. There are people with addictive tendencies who have to get high on medications that benefit others with no problems. Now its landing on elderly chronic pain patients who are being denied low doses of Tramadol which is just above aspirin its so mild. Im sick of these sensational scare stories.Henrik écrit: Xanax isn't more addictive than heroin lol. It's withdrawals are worse thoMatthew Grimm écrit: Xanax is where it all started for my ex. Ruined her life. My kids haven't seen her in years now.james wells écrit: She's not like this just from zanax..give me a break..how much is she on..like mega doses along with other meds..we're not stupid. You don't black out from zanax! Unless you're drinking n driving. Or other drugs….are they on antidepressants as well..this is not caused by just normal doses of zanax!!! Ridiculous story.Patrick Hyatt écrit: I love Xanax and Ativan, fuk all of uErika Pennella écrit: Oh plzzz he doesn't need it!? It's all mental!!? Fu*#!! That!!Erika Pennella écrit: Um… We don't know that Michael Jackson… Whitney Houston… And Heath ledger… We were told it by the media?!?!Scott McMahon écrit: It is not abusers ruining Xanax for people. I took it 3 times a day as prescribed by my doctor for years not knowing I was hooked. I never used more than prescribed, crushed them, etc. I decided I wanted to stop, and did so cold turkey not knowing what would happen. It was pure HELL. If I had a gun I would have killed myself. I was taken to the hospital with severe mental anguish, seizures, convulsions, and flu symptoms x 10. I was weaned off of it with a valium taper. I have not touched benzos since. Xanax is a nasty, vile drug.Ishmael Patel écrit: I’d do that sober if you seen the way they ride those bikes as if they were Jesus it’s a damm bike not a shield of some kindIshmael Patel écrit: That poor lady dwi on it .. the dumbass bicyclist clearly didn’t use the perfectly set sidewalk and blamed her.MRTRIGGERMAN Vincent écrit: Weak minded people. I've been on 1mg for sleep for 8 years. Works great and helped me through Cancer.lotrcdefender écrit: Yes. Make the drug illegal instead of treating addiction, because that’s worked all through out history just fine. Dumbass, pushing people to the streets.EA 333 écrit: I need to go to Australia on a vacation and bring my prescription Xanax, I’d get so rich!7x1x8 écrit: i was addicted to xanax and was able to stop cold turkey thankfully. I still take them once in a blue moon thoNatural-HI écrit: It’s time to eliminate drugs period.Natural-HI écrit: Yeah, my mom denied that I lived with my grandparents for 8 yrs. she doesn’t remember letting me live with them for that time period, which scared me. She actually accused me of making up 8 yrs of staying with my grandparents. And she has rages and anger toward anyone around her. Very argumentative.colonel Angus écrit: Scumbag fkn doctor'sGas Cramps écrit: Lol xanax is no where near as addicting as dope smh this is a scare tactic videoErica Amor écrit: Big pharma trying to make crackheads out of the massesEscape Pod écrit: alcohol is way worse…kills more, more addictiveEscape Pod écrit: ffs…all the stars had every kind of drug in themEscape Pod écrit: hyperbolic bs….just makes u sleepy and relaxed.Raya Valentine écrit: This girl I grew up with, would drink a big pack of beer till night, asked my friend and I to go out and didn't want to go that night, ended up having a standoff at her house and barely remembers it, she said since on Xanax for years. She's always been a negative downer now a religious fanatic. lol The person I knew wasn't like that.Kelly Biddulph écrit: Hang on ,what the actual fuck. First of all ,the pharmaceutical companies ,the big fat fucking corporate hogs that they are ,invent this drug that’s more addictive than heroine,apparently…. and then do a big hoo ha because everybody’s fucking addicted to it . what did you think was gonna happen idiots����Kelly Biddulph écrit: Dam my vet gave me a whole box of these. to give to my dog after her major leg surgery. There is guy Fawkes and she is absolutely petrified and would’ve been running around crazy so he gave us some of those and he said about an hour before you expect drama to unfold give her one of these. We did and we watched her slowly slide down the couch she was so relaxed LOLHolly Rosenbrock écrit: I’ve never had any issues coming off benzodiazepinesandrew knight écrit: that woman at the beginning has ether taken a shit load of xanax or has been mixing other drugs and alcohol with it!Brian Neil Harrison écrit: TrueMatthew721 79 écrit: You cant prescribe a drug, a fucking addicting drug, then cut people off. Its fucking inhumane and not fair. Fix upRobert Stafford écrit: I would love to tell my story about XANAX.Shadow_ Boxer23 écrit: My withdrawals lasted almost 11 months it was terrifying it was like falling from a skyscraper waiting to die but I was addicted for at lest 4 years 5 od zShadow_ Boxer23 écrit: This doctor is telling the truthJustin Alexander écrit: Xanax is definetely not more addictive than heroin. This is all from the point of view of non addicts.AnneLien1987 écrit: I have xanax here. I will now get rid of this nasty thing. I don't ever want to become like that woman. Brr made me scaredKingg baallz saaarensen écrit: ������������������������crispy6piece écrit: Every time have taken xans I can’t even remember the experience to want that feeling againCameo64 écrit: That lady was fucked up before xanaxAbby Lloyd écrit: Xanax is not "evil" to those who have PTSD. I wouldn't be in college without it. I have no "evil" connotation around it. Yet my family has died from, and is in prison due to heroin. I've lost many friends to heroin. Like????

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