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XANAX VS PHENIBUT (Vital Educational Content)

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This video is designed to educate users of all ages about safe substance use. We explain what a safe dose looks like and which drugs you should never mix if you want to avoid dangerous interactions.\n\nThanks to a general lack of basic safety information, many users experience accidental overdose and for some, death. In 2013 an American study found that 30% of all prescription drug overdoses leading to death were caused by benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium. \n\nMost overdose deaths could be avoided with some very basic safety knowledge, such as what is discussed in this video. \n\nIf you or anyone you know is currently practicing unsafe drug use – then please send them this video. Some people will only learn life saving information if they are being entertained at the same time. \n\n\nAccording to the YouTube community guidelines (https://goo.gl/sfoz9T), videos that are documentary by nature or intended to educate which are not graphic and do not glorify use such as this one are suitable for advertising. \n\nVisit The NEW PsychedSubstance Website Here: https://psychedsubstance.com\n\nSupport us on Patreon: https://goo.gl/EufkcZ\nGet a Testing Kit: http://tinyurl.com/GetTestKit\nFollow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/YkEEux\nLike us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/UFGP7x\n\nMy 2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOWGNAei4hIjOna_JgWGCOA\n\n****************************\nXan/Alpraz Info: \nhttps://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Alprazolam\n\nPhenibut Info: \nhttps://psychonautwiki.org/wiki/Phenibut\n\n****************************\nMUSIC USED:\n\n7Th Floor Tango – Kevin MacLeod\n\nThinking Music – Kevin MacLeod\n\nBushwick Tarantella – Kevin MacLeod\n\nCumbia No Frills Faster – Kevin MacLeod\n\nNightmare Machine – Kevin MacLeod\n\nEvil March – Kevin MacLeod\n\n\n****************************\n\nTHANKS A LOT TO OUR LOVELY PATRONS FOR SUPPORTING US:\nhttps://goo.gl/EufkcZ\n\n****************************

PsychedSubstance écrit: This was one of the videos I deleted. I have re-edited it. You can visit our Website for the uncut one here: https://www.psychedsubstance.com & support us on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/psychedsubstanceYhung REKLESS écrit: I got a Krazy ass story with my homie nick …cool ass homie but he just doesn’t know when to stop �� he popped 4 Xanax PLUS drink beer and alcohol PLUS crystal meth PLUS some LSD PLUS weed and COCAINE ������������ I’m telling u krazy guy …Albert Wolfe écrit: the best part was when he precieded to put more hot sauce on his toungephillip shive écrit: i did xans but i dont even remember it so it was pointlessInsane stuff écrit: There is nothing in just 2mg of xanax��Insane stuff écrit: I used more than 25mg(50tbs of 0.5) of in one dosage��������������The Onion Control écrit: Benzo withdrawal is hell. If you choose to use it non medically space doses out by weeks to avoid forming a habit.FeelsOkayMan écrit: lmfao the introThe Loop Guy écrit: Not many people in the comments section are very familiar with Phenibut. I actually used phenibut to kick a xanax addiction.a9 fake écrit: phenibut mogsDiana écrit: I take it in small .5 doses to cope with anxiety attacks. Lol its never really made you feel "high"Sabbir Ahmed Joy écrit: I love Alprazolam ♥♥Sabbir Ahmed Joy écrit: With due respect sir, maybe you are a Psychoactive chemicals researcher and pharmacist. Am I right ��???I can’t find a suitable name écrit: So is everyone gonna ignore the fact he spelled "caught" wrong? ��TheVillela écrit: "about 2 grams" XDHi I’m Bobby O écrit: You know exactly what youre doing by being shirtless ��Jayyy667 écrit: I've popped bars like pez, while drinking. Not all the time, but I never had memory loss or blackouts. Guess I'm wired all wrong lolmagicalpandas écrit: What xanax did he take��Minas écrit: Why you catch these balls from aboth��Tyler Davey écrit: This is not a real drug in Canada it’s all fake here pretty much used to be hooked and overdoes and almost died many times please don’t put to much out about this confusing drug that’s oftain just fentanyl pressedSamuel Drury écrit: I ate a carolina reaper on cocaine once also and crazily enough it just regulated my body temperature so i wasnt sweating my box off and wasnt flying from the cocaine anymoreSamuel Drury écrit: Dudeee etizolam is the best benzo going….even though its an anolog…also has a 8 hours half lifeM C19 écrit: ur mom is so coolrainwolf034 écrit: Klonipin is a much better anxiety medication.. Phenibut is a much better medication compared to Xanax. The pain phenabut helps with in neurological I.e. phantom limb. I suffer insomnia insomnia caused by pain.. I can’t take sleeping pills because I walk all night. Klonipin and phenabut help me sleep.Sloshed 4 Life écrit: I have ADHD and I did coke once and I hated it I felt like just lying down and doing nothing I pasted out like 2 hours after I did it and woke up with a made head ache and I felt almost how you explained u felt on Xanax but I’ve done Xanax and I felt good but drowse
And it wasn’t fentanyl I was addicted to opioids at the time and I know the difference aAdrien Alexander écrit: Doctors knew wtf they were doing when they made XanaxChocolate Milk écrit: I've been taking xanax for the last 2 years. Though, I have a prescription of .5, and get 15 pills a month. Most of the time I take two, so I have to space them out, but I take them mainly at work when I have a presentation to make or have very important calls with the boss or supervisors. So I've never taken xanax "recreationally" really. Only a few times, when I didn't have use for them at work for a while, so I had some extra. Now to think of it, that does happen a couple times a year. Where I will have extra, and there will be some days every 6 months were I take 2-3g. Even on those "lower" thoses of 2-3, the next day I feel so groggy lmao. When I take my usual .5's, it just makes a bit tired during the day, but a cup of coffee fixes it.Ondřej Ševčík écrit: This video format needs to come back 😀King J écrit: Welp, wish I watched this video before i popped 3, 5mg bars at school. Thank god my stepdads mom is a nurse man.Matthew Klasinski écrit: You remind me of Matthew SantoroDat Gamer Wolf écrit: Bro you look like the host of Hot Ones ����اليسيه écrit: Xans really helped me when I was prescribed them for anxiety and depression. I was able to work and not spas out on my customers for being stupid lol it chilled me out. Literal chill pill. Now im on lorazepam and it works, but I feel it’s not as potent.Smiley Face écrit: Attack on titan season 3 outro song hit different off molly thoughMolly Pickering écrit: Xans gon make you xans gon take youNaqeeb Naushad écrit: Sean Evans.Armand Anderson écrit: 4:15Saul Arroyo écrit: Do xanax help if you are having a bad trip on lsd or shrooms??or does it make it more intense?Taylor Ortiz écrit: Bro I hate xansBad skater écrit: All it takes is one video, to make me wanna pop bars again 🙁Kevin Burrell écrit: first time taking Xanax compared to klonopin was a nasty experience. I almost broke my toe in my sleep plus the high felt disgusting. I compare it to Ativan.. it's like euphoric but really exhausting at the same timex x écrit: Some ppl Xanax make u mad and make u feel like u can do anythingPepe écrit: Who the hell gets high then eats corn? lolBig Smoke écrit: Can you maybe describe the visual effects you see?Petr Zahorka écrit: I think this videos watching only drug usersTaskin K. écrit: lost me at WikipediaLG écrit: I love phenibut. Xanax wrecks my life and I have no recollection of it.Overly Baked écrit: I don't like Xanax, it's like a shitty pill version of weed for me. However I really want to try Phenibut after this ����SLAPSNHATS écrit: dose: 2 grams
spills it
dose: about 2 gramsJesse Cruz écrit: Try ecstasyZeljko Lukic écrit: Pop xanax and go to riots, xanax=potion of resistance ������Triczik écrit: Isn't that the guy from bass lessons wearing a glove for bass playing?rainmakerXXIV écrit: Amazing!kopes28 écrit: If you are new just take .5mg to start and take another .5 like 30-45 mins later if you want, stay safe people and dont do them if you havent already!re hatch écrit: i took a full bar of xanax once and never did it again, i couldnt remember shit. i mixed it with alcohol and smoked
some weed with it. f that9 is HOKAGE écrit: Я первыйArrow écrit: there are a lot of depressants which you have to take in bigger doses to feel the euphoria for example alcohol and with xanax I think it works the sameSquidaddy99 ! écrit: Took one bar, woke up with no memory of the night before. I woke up 14 hours the next day with bruises on my arms and a bump and cut on my head. In conclusion, Xanax isn’t fun.Jacob Flores écrit: “Educational video” stfu bro��Spamzzz Likedat écrit: That’s why Xanax kills people because it slows you down and if you take to much it will slow you down so much it kills youKing- HopkinusMVT écrit: 4:15 when it startsMayburn Wright écrit: He started dancing I couldn't stop laughingL33tSkE3t écrit: I'm prescribed 2mg twice daily of alprazolam (Xanax) for severe panic disorder. I never understood why people take it for recreational purposes.RT écrit: xanax plus weed wow trust me ��Ali Hammoud écrit: Educational Purposes my ass bro just wanted to get zooted��C and A Vlogs écrit: People who think this is real������G écrit: You didnt feel euphoria because youre not sad or stressed out, when I use xanax I feel happy as fuck because for a few hours I can be stress freeRobert Nunez Müller écrit: Hey let me start of congratulate you for the videos. Keep up the good work. My Question is i live already 13 years in south america Ecuador, and i need to get back to Germany. 13 years here in Ecuacor. But my anxieties are too big to fly on a plane, even driving more than 1 hour makes me anxious. im 38 years old i took in my like. LSD, Magic mushrums, cannabis, ectacy, Paroxetin etc. well for the last 12 years im been taking xanax and colonopin in pills and drops. My day is 9:00am 1mg colonopin, 9:00pm 5 drops of Neuryn "colonopin" and before i go to sleep usually 12:00 midnight 1 Alprazolam 0.5mg toghether with 0.5mg colonopin. What would be the best option out there to flight back to Germany without any anxieties. Thanks for your help and videos. unfortually most of the Doctor do not support CBD etc. etc. because they dont want to promote anything they cant sell. lol. help me out.Hoes Mad écrit: How aren’t u an addictKxb 94 écrit: I was addicted to Xanax my senior year of high school. I hope I didn’t look that stupid walking around school ��Saman Xhetry écrit: He's living my dream life.Up3uno écrit: U don’t black out when u take a couple bars u fall asleep and forget what happened the night beforeJunk Bond Trader écrit: Very informative and educational. So much harm reductionPatrick Bilancione écrit: Never used Phenibut buy have Xanax and 2 mg knocks me out. And lingers the next day.Tucker Stevens écrit: so does this channel tske job applications? id love to help in the learning or whatnoteverything will be ok écrit: Xanax is the fucking worst man… nothing is more bleak than being told how much of an idiot you were acting the night before whilst having no memory of it whatsoever. Dangerous stufftashie the rat écrit: why he stood like that when catching the balls ��������Chili Mac x écrit: "Vital Educational Content"Genghis Chuan écrit: I use phenibut personally. its over the counter I get awesome sleep and puts you in good mood…… I hate xanax and it made me like you said dont give a shit. to me thats any drug fail for meHenry Charlesworth écrit: Pls be my friendAbe Kelly écrit: Benzos are POISON !!!
Never ever never take benzos.
If your doctor tries to prescribe benzos for you… RUN !!
That doctor is trying to kill you.
My 21 year old son has a Xanax problem.
This has been going on for at least four years. Wrecked cars, jail, rehab, fines, probation, astronomical car insurance, holes punched in walls, broken doors, broken hearts, broken dreams. His mother and sister have PTSD from his Xanax fits. His brother won't talk to him. I am heartbroken and financially strapped.
All the doctors want to do is prescribe another pill or combination of pills. Insanity. They don't have a clue.
Remember this .. once you get on the Benzo train…. you can never get off.Parrish Simmons écrit: Is this the guy from hot onesWILD BOII SIAH écrit: Drugs gives powersJack Jones écrit: Those are some high doses! 2mg at once (no tolerance) can make me black out… And, I get so much euphoria on Xanax. It's amazing how much it affects people differently. Maybe it's because I have awful anxiety, especially like racing heart, jittery, sweaty hands, and super bad social anxiety. It all completely melts away with Xanax, I feel like so comfortable in my own skin. That part of it feels euphoric as fuck to me.Nicole Almendarez écrit: i used to be on xanz percs and lean i did alot of crazy shit at a young age until one of my best homie passed 🙁 now i just smoke weed and drinkJeremiah Dennis écrit: Should there be a sober test before hand to truly compare? I should probably finish the video before I press send but theres edit for a reasontrente écrit: off topic but this was posted on my 16th birthdayAngelina écrit: Who’s here in 2020 thinkin this is weirdRick Therrien écrit: You took to small of an amount of Xanax you should have taken about five mg to create recreational effects.
They start with low doses in order to stop the effects of feeling “high” to avoid the addictive potential of the drug.
In order to get “high” off the drug you must ingest a greater amount then what would normally be prescribed to a person by a doctor otherwise you will only experience a small effect of the drug.DADI écrit: Xanax does nothing to me, i have delorazepam and i took half of the thing and nothing������716 LOCKPORT TO VIRGINIA écrit: Him dancing off the Xanax is pretty accurate, for me at least lolHigh Man écrit: Give me zenCharlotte Kretzschmar écrit: Why is xanax so much used in the US for panic attacs when Lorazepam ist kicking in earlier ( after 5-10 Minuten)? In Germany you mostly get Lorazepam (in a dose from 0.5 to 3mg) when you've got panic attacs or to calm you down.Wowzer Aka Bad Habits écrit: People use Xanax aka benzos for panic anxiety really bad , now if you do not have anxiety panic disorder ect the drug will not be pleasurable because you will not need it because you do not have a mental issue so the drug alters your mood instead of being relaxed and happy you turn angry and upsetYung Psychonaut écrit: Could you compare Etizolam with other benzos maybe?Consuelo Garza écrit: Have y’all ever heard of alprazolum pills?? I heard it treats anxiety .. but does it give you an effect of a Xanax???Treydawg S écrit: Bro if your not having fun off Xanax or getting yourself Into trouble thinking what happened the next day you didn’t take enoughSimon Kent écrit: How does anyone dance to that music even on drugsChris Cotto écrit: If you don’t mix the bars with alcohol, u might as well not do them ����‍♂️ unless u medicating which is great, but not for recreationHds818 écrit: Xanax withdrawals equals you are alive but dying a painful death. BewareRSALEH écrit: He looks like the guy from split

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