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In my city a lot of people are getting hurt from fake xans so i thought id make a vid detailing the differences and how to spot them.

T Brown écrit: Took 2 2 mg I don’t feel shit I usually take a script one but haven’t had em in a year now it I think I gotta fakeTiffany Williams écrit: This kids the real MVPLost In The Fog écrit: Mexican Farmapram $85 for 30pills Bottle..90pills Bottle for 150$ ..Also Xanax Yellow Buses Prescribe Only Real Buyers Only No BS Ready To Ship Contact Me At : 832-780-7184 or By Textlucia morgan écrit: Their stuff is good i always order from them, you can check them out https://legalrxpharmacy.comLevi Garrett écrit: If your not an expert using your taste buds the best way for a newbie to tell the difference between real & fake is super easy,use a small see through glass cup like a double shot glass & fill it with Sprite, 7 Up or even Coca Cola,drop your pill or bar into the pop gently,if it sinks to the bottom & stays on bottom your s#!t is 100% fake,if it sinks & pops right back to the top & begins to disolve,then your s#!t is 100% real ,i get a script of 30 school busses each month along with a script of 60 .25 MG White Footballs each month & both are floaters every time except in Mountain Dew,sometimes they sink & other times they float due to the heavy syrupy nature of Mt Dew,use a clear Sprite or 7 up or even Coca Cola & the floaters will be good 100% of the time .Skater doge écrit: Lil peep took a fake Xanax and that’s how he diedaubryn anglim écrit: idk if the one i took was fake or not. i saw a comment saying it's most likely fake if it says xanax on it, so i'm just gonna describe what i took and see if some of you can tell me if it was boof or not. it had more rounded kinda corners and the back had XANAX and i don't really remember if there was a taste or not because i was a little bit high at the time but i do remember that i ended up stopping for a second before fulling taking it and i'm pretty sure it started to melt in my mouthVoltaire Taguiba écrit: My bars bitter afKiko Ventura écrit: No cap love this videos . U kno xactly wtf goin onJessi Fields écrit: You and me have a problem because people like you are why people who need this medication have trouble getting it. You sound fried. You make no sense. You obviously don't have an issue with anxiety. You should be ashamed.Jessi Fields écrit: You didn't explain what the video was about and you SOUND like the reason I struggle to get my medicine. I have real anxiety disorders and you guys ruin my life killing yourselves with my medication for heart syncope. Jerk off.codee comah écrit: That's why I buy blue football 1 mgs. Cant go wrong. And my script helps. But pressed bars man I remember when people like 5 years ago just had bags of em! I knew it was bullshit right away!! I'm happy to see these vids on here spreading info and awareness bcuz it only takes 1 laced pressed bar to not have a good time! To put it lightly. O.D.s shouldn't be this common! I know TOO MANY close friends and acquaintances that have dropped and it's been happenen in these past few short years! It's a REAL epidemic. a REAL pandemic. It makes Covid look like the hiccups in comparison!!! That's how I feel. I just went to a funeral a couple months ago… she was 27. Loved by everyone he BF I knew since high school and I'm 30 now. Shits fucked up out here. Cen*Cal is where were having major drug cutting issues! I got clean 3 years ago and I should be DEAD! SURVIVORS GUILTS A BITCH! ok I got some pain off my back… I coulda kept goin but I dont wanna text type for hours. Stay up. Stay safe. Always check on ur friends u haven't talked to dont matter how long it's been! Depression and suicide is just as prevalent as overdoses right now! A phone call can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE! JUST LET A FRIEND KNOW UR THINKING OF THEM. IT CAN SAVE SOMEONE. Peace and hope people.Jaden Kassan écrit: Does fentanyl have a taste?ilyaas rahimi écrit: I have the yellow r039 and green s903 and I just wanna tell if they're real or notThomas Mcdougall écrit: I've got tiny bars are these normal? I'm also in the UK not the statesGhettovibesTV tv écrit: Love this guy lol we should pop a zan sometime bro lolxanny monstahh R039 écrit: You can tell the diff between pharma and pressed bars , for example.yellow buses have a shine type.gliss too them and taste is never lies 100%( on the other hand presses are gettin really good ) to where only pros who have been
fuckin w xanax for over 10 yrs canspot w jus a glance the game all the way fucked up with the dark web . 2015 when the dummy presses started flooding the rest is historysuzy écrit: Thanks for the info buddy. I'm on subs and someone sold me a few bars. Someone I trust but for all he knows is the person he gets them from are pressing it with opiates and other shit. The reaction is get from my Suboxone would be bad. Imma do those two tests. ��❤️Tj Washington écrit: Do u kno where u ordered that shirt from?Jesus Cadena écrit: Very good information. Thank youAMON THE VIKING WARRIOR écrit: WHY THE FUK WOULD YOU PUT FEN IN AND XAN?….JUS SELL THE FEN….DAMN PPL ARE STUPID…Matt Stevenson écrit: I can tell if a Xanax is fake instantly by just looking at it…Compared to FDA approved pharmaceutical Xanax. If you can’t tell by looking at it if it’s fake or not you shouldn’t be messing with them at all I’ve been taking Xanax on and off for years.. so if your gonna take them take what you think u can handle that’s all I gotta say.davidson écrit: all the haters and dislikes got but hurt cause they know their cunts for selling dirtEpar Lord écrit: I just popped two fakes ones, I have 6 more, anyways who’s needs some xansCipher Pol Kaido écrit: I'm in Tampa I get real bars evergreen Inc white g2722Mr Hitler écrit: I have a bad habit of eating xanex and gambling, I can lose so much and think fuck it then bet moreMike Smith écrit: Dam when i was getting 75 at a time like you said they are very bitter not like Klonopin which has a little sweet taste and last longer tan Xanax.Michael White écrit: Bitch shutup and show us how to realise the fake Xans bitchAj Styles écrit: Fort myers babyJoseph Neece écrit: Can’t find real ones to save my life.Josh Tighe écrit: Shit If I'm awake I'm Already on 4mg n that's just to feel normal idek how many I'd have to take to get as rocked as this nigga sound… Uhhhh��… Lmfao. Lemme borrow that rookie tolorence of yurs my friend����….Gus 004 écrit: Aye srq im here at portcharlotteNotsoFool Happy _to _deal _with_ you écrit: Bro alprazolam is not bitter they add chemicals to make it bitter in general pure xanax is like chal power.mathias thorsen écrit: Just buy 1mg pils Dont buy from A pill boxlouis milden écrit: Hey ! (501)904-9184 is the only legit online vendor of bars I will recommend to anyone. I get my supplies from
Him and they are discreetly packagedKkevin écrit: Thxs for the info first time trying xanax today and this info came in hand ����David Miller écrit: I noticed the fake ones are not usually hard as the real ones. Sometimes once you put water or a drink in to take it down it will sometimes basically just dissolve. While real Xanax are much harder, and not brittle and easy to break like the fake ones. They always break easy as cake.Ridge Thompson écrit: Little to no taste of anything but chalky substenance and doesnt melt on tongue . Fake?Reign S écrit: Ive taken xanax for 2 years, and I bet that not a SINGLE xanax BAR has been real. Ive taken real 0.25mg and 0.5mg tablets. But 2mg bars are almost 100% of the time fakeOlechka Nova écrit: I just don't get it, why the f*ck would you want to put fent into xan? Like those are two completely different Rx. One is an opiate and the other is a benzo. And if you are a piece of crap dboy, like why the hell would you want to kill your customers? Anyone that does stuff like this should burn in hell.WaRZY LoKO509 écrit: Real Xanax have that bitter taste, I use to let them melt in my mouth, in it was the nastys taste ever ������JoeVreal écrit: Real Xanax have a certain smell to them learn it and use it to your advantageKelvin poulsen écrit: ForYour Purchase of Prescription Medications

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DELIVERY WITHIN 24HOURS IN AMERICA AND 48HOURS OVERSEAS��.JB806 écrit: Stupid stupid stupid where's the withdrawl part? 2 xans isn't much why don't you tell these people about withdrawals. Just don't do drugs.. been perscribed alprazolam and methadone for 20 years shit has changed so much sad afHappy Dude écrit: Hi. If anybody want to buy Xanax WhatsApp me on +16139178047Beth Hoots écrit: You are so amazinly AWESOME for saying that ppl who sell to kids are "BITCHES" and that you and they have a PROBLEM!!! THANK YOU FOR BEING A REAL MAN AND STANDING UP!!! Also know you've got back up out here on that for real….that is one thing that you really pisses me off! Thoses douches know that they are just killing people to make what a couple bucks! They deserve whatever they get this is one place I think dealers should get death! But again THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING THAT AND STANDING UP! YOU ARE MY HERO!ZEYA THEGOD écrit: I got one right now and it’s seas GG249James Gang écrit: I got the ones from greenstone pharmaceutical company and they are the ones everyone is saying is fake but idk thostruggler 87 écrit: I was addicted from 2007 to 2014, prescribed 6mgs a day (3 bars). Pretty much ruined my life.struggler 87 écrit: The powder from real xanax has a very distinct bitterness to it.David Warren écrit: Bruh how people supposed to use this info? Melting? LolTiffany Anne écrit: Xanax bars are like the only pill I could never really taste. I had the yellows and white prescribed in the past. I would chew them and there would be no taste, an easy crumbling when chewing but no awful taste.

Weird. Cause from what I got from the video that would of meant they were pressed.TROLLPLAYZ écrit: This guy is a fuckin bar headknicks fan écrit: Your not suppose to taste anything right way actuallyLandon And Ben écrit: Presses will also be really powdery some timesFaded écrit: I live in Baltimore and had like 50 people I knew die from drug overdoses, mostly heroin but methadone and xanex as well. I even overdosed twice from taking to many bars and mixing with other shit. My best advice is don't take the shit at all. Marijuana works much better,is healthier and you can't overdose from it. Unless you have severe anxiety and depression and marijuana doesn't work go see a psychiatrist who truly cares about your well being. My last doctor was giving me 4 bars a day even knowing I had a previous drug problem and I built a high tolerance fast and was taking 8 bars or more at once and I was only like 150 lbs. At the time. Now that I've been off that shit I weigh 175 and am feeling great. Don't risk your life just for that one high,think about how your family and friends would feel if you overdosed and died. Pray to God for strength through these tough times and God blessLalo Vela écrit: Bitch wtf u ain’t show us shit tfSam Davies écrit: Fentanyl pressed as xanax really isn't a thing! Ffs3spotkushGen129 écrit: Dude you definitely found some real ones
Slow moKyle Hickey écrit: Yeah so a few days ago I took a xan and I ended up losing all of my memory of the next two days and according to my family I did some super fucked shit. I went through all my moms shit and fucked up my relationship. It’s good(ish) now but I feel like I seriously fucked up. It made me feel so good that even after all that fucked shit I wanted to buy two more.Neek Joo écrit: If you find the best pharmaceutical company in the USA so we provide online affordable medicines service. Feel free to contact us on +1-850-424-1335

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E-mail- sales@genericmedzonline.comPau C écrit: Thanks for letting me know. I haven't been addicted to Xans since like 2006. But I was just curious with everything I hear about fake Xanax lately. The first tip definitily is helpful. Though I haven't taken a bar in years, I've took more than my fair share and was addicted for years that If I ever tasted it again, my brain would instantly remember the very unique bitter taste. (I used to crush bars sometimes with my teeth just so they would get into my system faster) and Yes I still remember the taste. Also have crush other pills and none taste the same as Alprazolams. Sigh, when I was buying Xanax for $1 to $2 per pill back in the day, Everything was real. Thank God, I don't mess with it anymore especially with all these so called xanax nowadays.Hydro Zay écrit: bruh i licked the inside of this green hulk xanax and it was very very very bitter when he means it’s BITTER ITS ACTUALLY GROSS if i taste that gross tate it’s realEggman écrit: yo i got a xan and it has a powdery texture and the numbers aren’t
very bold or sharp. fake? tastes like nothing. numbers are G3722.Project Eternity écrit: or you can just get a test kit?C Bo écrit: Bars that actually say Xanax likely aren’t real.Bigweed Blunts écrit: You know what’s crazy the chemical alprazolam is cheaper than fentanyl and dumbasses STILL use fentanyl it’s usually when they are pressing other stuff such as heroin where they would have the fentanyl to press. Fucking kids are dying off these fent bars and it needs to stopHiggs écrit: If you play this video on 1.5x speed he sounds normal lolmaddie poopinson écrit: fuck meThat’s Insane écrit: R.I.P LIL PEEP……Desiree Johnson écrit: Dude; just don’t buy the white bars. They always press with the white bars it seems like .Awakening Enthusiast écrit: I usually take only two bars a day, usually more but usually 2 a day LMFAO what is it dude usually more or usually two LOLTheHardCore écrit: I have the real mfg: Atavis 2mg �� ��Drew Bullet écrit: Pharma bars are to easy to get to even worry about this. You’re just not going the right route!Bpbarz Barztho écrit: It takes about 7 seconds after licking it to taste the alprazolam it is not like boom u taste itFOUL PLAY écrit: They all break into 4 pieces easily. They have that bitter ass taste but they feel weaker then the pressed "xanax" 2s I tried…but these u94 supose to b realFOUL PLAY écrit: Are the white "u 94" real I'm in canada$����-ℜ����������$ écrit: Some yellow bars don't have strong taste but they do melt and work after a hour of being pissed thinking they were dudsGrisley Adams écrit: Also another tip is to weigh them each pill has a measurement and a certain weight to it the real one should be exact or if not very close to exactGrisley Adams écrit: I had my first blue one a few months ago and they are definitely legit I was very skeptical but I always go with the taste like he said there's no mistaking it and there's no repeating that tasteGiacomo F écrit: I have to make a video showing the fake vs real hulks always look for that lite gloss over the real ones and realized most of the fake ones are bigger as well and you can def taste it good video thanks hope some kids take away some of the info and put it to use ������������hood écrit: And gg249s are discontinued so if anybody offers them say NOhood écrit: G3722 has curves on the bacc and a glossy coat a fake one will flat with a chalky look school buses and green xans are the easiest ones to press but if drop them in sprite and they float to the top they are fakes or bluffsRose Bud écrit: Yo thank you so much g I jus bought sum “xanax” and tasted it like you said there’s like no taste at allRandy Marsh écrit: my dumbass and my best friend fucking found xanax on the street on the way to a club… and first we didnt wanted to take it cause may be fake and shit… but then the party was low so we decided to fuck it and try it out… we took 3 and a half bars with alcohol

yeah im big so i was perfect but i thought my underweight friend is gonna dieElo Beats écrit: Thanks for the video, i did what you said and it was really bitter and dissolved in my mouth. Best sleep i ever had��VelocitySnipes écrit: Had a fake xan about two years ago shit was insane, didn't know until after. I'd taken xanax probably two times prior. This was way more crazy, never been so gone in my life. Thank God I'm still here. Kind of bothers me till this day knowing I probably took some fentanyl…Matthew Harris écrit: this kid looks like all the kids i "hook up" with drugsAnna Ess écrit: I would occasionally pick up Xanax/2 thinking they are real. The high felt real, but then I started picking up a different kind of pressed bar. They looked like a Xanax 2 bar except the high was crazy, I felt like I was on crack. I would talk my fuckin ass off and would be nodding off but wide awake not being able to sleep. I popped those bars for a week straight until it hit me that if I don’t stop I’m gonna ruin everything for myself. so I went cold turkey and just suffered through it now glad to say I’m sticking to my weed. Haven’t picked up since although I do get cravings..E écrit: Okay I have panic disorder. I was taking 2 – 2 mgs a day like you & for the 1st yr & half I did take the 2 a day most days. I'm addicted & I'm abusing them now. If you don't mind me asking how did you come off of them & still function??? I'd really like to get off them now bc I am addicted. I started taking them after I suffered 4 cardiac arrests in 3 days. I was always in fear of it happening again, which added PTSD, to my Panic, anxiety & entire life. Restricted driving, coming home wearing a life vest/ difiberlater in case of another cardiac arrest! Idk what I'd do without xanax honestly it's the only thing that keeps the fear & panic @ bay & gets me outof my house. Also let's me sleep on those nights where I'm hearing my heart & I'm so focussed on that I'll lay there awake listening or get up to make sure I'm o.k. Although I have been looking for holistic approaches anything bc I'm not sure I can stay on Xanax much longer. I know they are not good for ppl. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!wasabio 1 écrit: Hello!
I am from argentina. I am prescribed Alprazolam for anxiety for about 7 years now.
Sorry for the long post, but i wanted to explain my situation and maybe if anybody would like to share their knowledge and opinions, i'd appreciate it.
Recently, particularly last year when inflation of our currency went up %107, medicine costs went higher (alongside pretty much everything else :p)
So i've been getting a more economical "generic" alprazolam (Meaning…well, Xanax is from Pfizer, right?Well, the equivalent here is "Alplax" from "Gador" labs.)
These are made by other labs, but the active ingredients should be the same, allegedly, aprazolam is alprazolam. But so either way, because it became impossible to afford the monthly cost of "Alplax", my pharmacy offered a "hospitable" version (what that means, it's just that it is the ones that they send to hospitals in big bulk, generally without the package, so the tablets, are the same as thes one sold to patients in smaller packages of 30, 60 or 90. But you pay a lower price than the packaged equivalent aimed at prescribed patient clients.) By a laboratory called "Denver Farma". I am having my doubts now because, there is a bit chalky/cardboard-ish taste, back when i took the white ones, the bitter taste was strong, i better swallowed that one in one go because if it touched or stayed i my tongue/throat for a bit, you could definitely feel the awful bitterness lol. I get a bitterish aftertaste, but it's not instantly. Also, i dropped half a bar on a glass of water. It did not float. However, it dissolved in the bottom quickly (well, i don't know if saying dissolved is right?it turned into a grainy sandy powder, but it stayed in the bottom at all time, did not float.) Thank you for your time!pmcpreston écrit: now all I'm getting is xans that don't do anything its annoying I don't even get high.Alan Rayas écrit: Hopefully nobody is taking these. I’d do more than just a liking test before taking anything off the street.vincent insomnicide écrit: I much prefer three or four 2mg clonazepam along with 80mg Oxycontin OC(I do have a high tolerance, so don't play with fire guys, these are strong dosages for a naive person) . And they are regularly prescribed. Lads, don't buy this street-shite… play safe. CheersJordan York écrit: What is in the bars that I know are pressed but still get me off/high?? And it isn't fentanyl cuz I'm physically addicted to benzodiazepine. So if anyone could help me out that would be kooMr Gets Narcanned a lot écrit: The best way to tell if your Xanax isn’t fentanyl is fentanyl test strips. Honestly get some of those. 90 percent of street bar are pressies. Not all presses are equal tho. Most of them are RC benzos or etizolam tho and not actually alprazolam. While there is some fake presses with fentanyl that’s not the case majority of the time. While fentanyl is cheap, you gotta think for a minute. Benzos are FAR cheaper than any opioid really even fent. RC benzo powder is dirt cheap frfr. I still would suggest getting test strips tho. Most pills pressed with fentanyl turn out to be roxicodone 30mg pills. Which makes a bit more sense, since it’s an opioid. Still shitty asf tho.Roger Sizemore écrit: No offense but i take up to 7/8 bars a day prescribed of course. I wake up with 2 barsindigo écrit: What if the bar doesn't taste like anything but melts on toungeC J écrit: That’s how I test mine I know that alrozolam taste like these damn fake ones don’t melt they are like wax the real ones puff up these fuckers who are selling fent in bars knowing some bar heads don’t fuck with herion it will kill them that’s fucked up me if it has fent it’s ok with me I have a high tolerance to it wont kill me but for the fuckers who have never smhC J écrit: If it taste like a crayon it’s fake hahahaa

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