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Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd – Candy

la description:
Machine Gun Kelly – Candy feat. Trippie Redd (Official Music Video)\n\nListen – https://smarturl.it/HotelDiabloMGK\n\nFollow Machine Gun Kelly:\nhttps://twitter.com/machinegunkelly\nhttps://www.facebook.com/machinegunke…\nhttps://www.instagram.com/machinegunk…\nDirected by: Miles \u0026 AJ\nProduced by: SixTwentySix Productions (SixTwentySix.co)\nExecutive Producer: Austin Barbera, Jake Krask and Jen Herrera\nLine Producer: Kai Yuricich\nDP: Geoffrey Taylor\nCommissioner: Vincenza Conticchio\n\n#Candy #HotelDiablo #MachineGunKelly #TrippieRedd #MGK\n\nMusic video by Machine Gun Kelly, Trippie Redd performing Candy. © 2019 Bad Boy/Interscope Records\n\nhttp://vevo.ly/QNQ3Rn

Ronnie J écrit: Pete looks fuckeddd up like all the timeStephaniefrohlich écrit: he looks a lot happier now than he does hereOkay Man écrit: He do be sounding like NEFFEX in the verse.Payton Hibberd écrit: Everybody trippie makes music with either dies a legend or becomes one. fuckThe Mcrae Fam écrit: https://youtu.be/2YRpWHTtjjk check out this raccoon getting thrown off the roof like comment and subscribeCody Chase écrit: Pete Davidson is a doucheDon Yates écrit: Trippie fits perfectly in this ������TTg Giggles écrit: Trippie ugly asf lolDeathAtWork écrit: Ohio Love ��❤��❤King Savage écrit: "If yours mom's sick then why did you cough"��������Elllie écrit: NGL he really pulls off pinkSantino Palacios écrit: I love Trippie ReddArmy Princess 722 écrit: ����adham Big pepe écrit: I killed my momy yeahRobert Butt écrit: I love mgks raps and songsYoung La Flame écrit: This song should’ve been named “Yeah”����Crxed StormZ écrit: no matter how old this song is it's still goodChristopher Dent écrit: MGK trash. TR trash. Pete He’s okay.Briar Whitbey écrit: If you love him ❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️��❤️�� then likeEmily Ashman écrit: Both of you suck…very much, okay?Andres Munoz écrit: This is the stipid shit you want you kids watching???? Drugs are soo coolSantino écrit: u know whats a candy too?

M&MAnthony Bush écrit: I think it's hilarious when MGK walks up when the kids are smoking weed and just stands thereSeth McLaren écrit: Trauma is the gate way to drugs not weedbaem q écrit: Trippie red goin' ������������������������JamesTalksMovies écrit: This might be my favorite music video everfortnite all night écrit: This song is trash no one cars about candyVic G écrit: Play with death like Bill and Mandy yeahh!!Moon dust smells funny écrit: No one:

MGK: ������__ écrit: When they said “ya” I felt thatGlitch Fam écrit: Go out side and do it againGrÿmoda 009 écrit: So we're just ignore the fact that this is promoting drug abuse for kids?Lil Sizz écrit: There’s only one candy mgk doesn’t like…

M&Msnooze the kidd écrit: 2:43 you know pharmacy homie in the middle feelin dope afLil claymore écrit: This nigga gonna over dose on godCloud Vestro écrit: Trippie deadass ruined 96.7% of the song… cuz of 20 seconds or "_—-__—–____-_– whipped my granny ya"cyclone 2743 écrit: Jake Paul be looking diffrent hereshit écrit: asian travis scott
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg2xcl_g8TIRyen Ferraro écrit: This is so relatable to a criminal lolCarming Marak écrit: Lit.Cheyenne Fox écrit: Why he singing with vanilla icePlaycer écrit: that's the outfit he wore to the VMA awardsGo Try Again écrit: Dxm , shit fucks you up like PCP.Alex Isarve écrit: Bro wtf Trippe went off. No body saying anythingScott Heins écrit: All bs aside between m&m and mgk i think this is mgks bbest year yet all his new songs are my lifePatrick Horton écrit: remimber the time mgk got roasted so bad by eminemMatt Pontes écrit: The intro is the best part with Pete Davidson, this song is hot trash��������Benbinoxoxo Maîtrise écrit: Lourd lourd lourd le son et vive la france����Zenjie_ écrit: petes just the bestOlivia écrit: Does this give y’all nostalgia?MrMomoneyz écrit: "Staying up and take Addys Yeah" .. That's every college student right there.Chris Tallent écrit: “I fuck a broad then hit er wit a plan B yeaaa” ���� So true til u get that one that won’t take it. ����aquarius khean écrit: lol kid look like even littler lil teccaF N écrit: Curti esse sommusiclova2112 écrit: This song and “Clover Cage – Secret Admirer” are two songs keeping me sane during these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and let you guys know that things will get better. We are in this together…..L Tusmc15 écrit: Who's here in 2020 Aug 31st . Mgk Has come along way. Just won VMA.Shane Mathews écrit: mgk be like hey mom can i have candy takes addyChanel Brandon écrit: You look gayBlake Wright écrit: I'm sorry I really like your song but youngbloodz betterBlake Wright écrit: If anyone is listening toBlake Wright écrit: I'm only a f**** kids but I love this song Eminem would never be better then you he is a b**JOANNA Toner écrit: He should always wear hot pink it suits him so well…Gash11vgc Boi écrit: MGK bestTito Ramos écrit: When mgk creeped up outta no where ����Niloy Munda écrit: Hay bro inn boy mgkPhillip Fillmore écrit: "Make niggas sleep like a xanny ya"Chaithra écrit: Male rap or hip hop is not my thing , yet here I'm playing this song at least 10 times a day. ❤️Garrett Farrington écrit: This song is cheeks! Rapper? Boy band? Rockstar? What is he this weekBrandon Hamilton écrit: Why'd you cough? Eh covid HahaÅvęrÿ écrit: I love Trippie❤️❤️����Joshua Merwine écrit: Legend has it that miles & AJ had trippie stand on a step stool while filming the scenes standing next to KellsThunderSpazz écrit: Trippies verse was weakKelsey Clements écrit: Thanks to bloody valentine, I am now a fan of mgk and is now diving into his music, and so far what I’m seeing, the difference is beyond. And I’m not talking about the music, I’m talking about mgk hisself. You can tell by the look in his eyes here that he is extremely unhappy and battling some hard core shit, (I mean the lyrics to this album are deep AF, but you can see it in his eyes)�� but it honestly looks like he pulled himself out of that phunk because his three newest songs/videos he is putting out, he looks genuinely happy and is having so much fun with it and man, that makes me so happy. Bless you, mgk ❤️Nic king écrit: Just bout a whip for my granny yaRed Mask Music écrit: Fun fact: You watched this more than 1 timeLori Goolsby écrit: I love all your music!! you just make me feel alive !! thank youReggie Hampton écrit: 3x Krazy: Sick-O full album









https://youtu.be/XgnQOoOagyYCop sy écrit: My favorite song <3Mel Rivers écrit: Not EVERYONE Will Read This & Thats Cool, I'll Keep it Brief..

Im an upcoming artist and have been creating a bit of a buzz for myself. I have done all types of promoting and i see youtube as another platform to push my art. If You got a sec, I recently uploaded some really dope songs and music videos on my page and would appreciate it if you guys would check me out. Drop A Comment if you feeling the song and hit the subscribe button to stay tuned if you like it.
If Not, Please THUMBS UP this comment so maybe someone else can see this. Thanks Again, LOVE!Squamous Thomas écrit: Ever since I decided to stay sober, this song hits hard. Drugs can hurtKrista Ophelia écrit: Another song about abusing medicine.FP records écrit: Check out my music and show some love please and thank you��‼��Jerry Gossett jr. écrit: You know what man its not badAesthetic y écrit: MGK looks light he was from an animejoni jon écrit: Please Check this rap out https://youtu.be/9hgMG_9CVzoBernadeth ashleigh Navarro écrit: I want a boyfriend like MGK. HahaMolly Wellman écrit: My piss taste like candy yeahDaniel Williams écrit: Is he referring to the movie mandy with nick cageI SAY LOL écrit: i still dont get it why even we hate other artist and dislike their videos just like mgk and em battle man they dont f… with your mom that you act like their son try to taste music from both side you dont like him just fuck off dont just feel him bad. just fuck off dont watch him. just fuck offfffffkaiden anderson écrit: Just bought some kicks for my granny yaBlackstar1701 écrit: man trippie redd is ugly asfMine Bomer écrit: MGK:Ya Know I Keep That Candy Yeah
Me:I Want Candy
Ken Jeong: HA! GAAYYYYYYYYYManda Jean écrit: My god that dude looks ridiculous…Paradise Music écrit: I know no one cares but days ago I was about to take my life and I did a song that talks a little bit about how I've felt lately, that it came out just yesterday, I hope and you can hear it:( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIJdIYTfAuoZachary Penny écrit: Mgk can learn from trippie, entertain beefs with someone you're actually better than.Kade Clarey écrit: trippie always excitesMadhujit Das écrit: Man is so highAditya Maurya écrit: Thats why i avoid face tattoos ��Xrehenes Satos écrit: Basurakush Pro écrit: Hey check this video out: https://youtu.be/gKnlgrOuWXc. You wont regret it. ��happiness is on the way. Yup

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