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Xanax (Alprazolam) | Watch BEFORE You Take…How it Works. Side Effects. Withdrawal. DEMENTIA!

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Xanax (alprazolam) is all over the place. At the doctor…on the street…What do you need to know about it? Check out Doc’s HONEST opinions about Xanax (alprazolam) He goes over how it works, doses, comparison, withdrawal, rebound…basically all the stuff you would be stupid not to learn. \n\nRead the full article on Xanax on Post Script:\nhttps://www.postscriptmd.com/xanax/\n\nThen look up your other meds and get informed:\nwww.postscriptmd.com\n\nLong term effects of Xanax (Alprazolam) studies:\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15762814\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5852433/\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6325366/\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14731058\n\n\nRebound anxiety with Xanax:\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=2889722\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8145176\n\nWithdrawal:\nhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7841856\n\n\nDISCLAIMER*** Post Script provides informal, subjective information about medicines, labs, and medical topics. The views on this YouTube video are opinions and do not reflect any organizations or companies. The information provided is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge, but there may be omissions and errors. Post Script is for entertainment and informational purposes only and does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Although the author of Post Script is a medical doctor, readers should not rely on the information on this video for their own health or medical care and should consult a medical professional before taking any sort of action.\n\n#xanax #alprazolam

Big Papa écrit: Who let logic be the xan doctorPJ Dajuiceman écrit: I’ll be honest. I don’t like this docDiMiTri ! écrit: Xanax can end a bad LSD trip…alchohol CANT!!!Gmail Account écrit: So my ex took klonipin for like 5 years. the last year we were together, it was his bedtime and he bolted out of the room to yell at me in the livingroom. Next day (and forever after that) denied that it ever happened. Is blacking out a pretty common thing with benzos? He was pretty nutty…A Wax écrit: Booze in a pill? Alcohol is a social/party drug that makes u feel like shit the next day. Xanax mellows/relaxes me and gives me the best sleep ever making me feel full of energy and In a very good mood the next day. May be different for everyone else but that’s how it is for me.london donavan écrit: Xanax has proven beyond doubt to me that it is the best medication to handle anxiety and panic disorder with 100% result satisfaction, you can try for yourself https://taphpharma.com/product/xaxax-2mg/Guto pertubado écrit: **Buy without prescription capsues and injection ……… NOVAERALABS@HOTMAIL.COMPetey Compiano écrit: This good for sure loves XanaxJD JD écrit: At the start the guy looks like he's on them lolWarren Dixon écrit: If you are currently using (alprazolam) or any other related over the counter drug, and are experiencing symptoms that could possibly cause such side effects such as paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination? Also, knowing you may have underlying health issues, worry about your future, and possibly build up stress from things such as finances and more… Well welcome to a new wave of non addictive, natural (home remedies) that are aimed to help serotonin brain levels areas such as mood, sleep, digestion, and behavior…with a few other benefits…Wanna learn more check this site out here… @https://essentialsandwants.shop/pages/alprozolamMrcap écrit: Ive been tryna get off xanax. I quite for like 2 days i felt like a ghost was chokin me whiole i was havin a panic for no reason in trafficholmeed écrit: dementia theory has since been debunkedHiya139 écrit: What you are describing is physical dependency, not addiction. When people label us addicts it puts us back. What is occurring is the downregulating or GABA-a receptors. These receptors are on every single nerve ending in the body; not just the brain. This is why dependency can occur within 3 days of taking it as prescribed. Many of us took our scripts as prescribed and we weren’t put on it for anxiety but physical issues and still we are labeled addicts. This is to stigmatize us and label us and draw attention away from the doctors who are incorrectly prescribing and overprescribing this drug. It blames the patient when we never crave this drug. It’s been 60 years of benzodiazepines and there is still not a single long-term study. Yet millions of us are disabled and our symptoms are denied.thavinsta écrit: Terrible comparison ��JoseCheito Photography écrit: what is another alternative for anxiety or help sleep without bad side effects?Christian Briley écrit: #fuckxanaxChristian Briley écrit: Subbed to this channel cause you actually explained almost perfectly the ups and downsChristian Briley écrit: Tapering off of Xanax rn it’s like hell. Gonna ask to switch to klonopin cause it helps for my insomnia and doesn’t send me on a roller coaster of up and downs. Xanax is definitely more dangerous than alcohol . Been dependent on this drug for 2 years , tapered by 50% but fuck this rebound anxiety and panic disorder is roughC Milli écrit: Xan Bars?? lolJune Juarez écrit: If I had taken like 4 will it come out in hair drug test?Johan N. écrit: Xanax is way safer than alcohol. It can let you have a normal life, is not as expensive, no alcohol poisoning, no passing out if you take the right doses, no liver and kidney issues (in comparison), no hangover when you get used to it. And you can function perfectly normal without seeming drunk at correct doses. Is it addictive? Yeah. 'Cause it works. Is alcohol addictive? Yeah, because it's "fun" to party with. Huge diffefence here, doc. Xanax is there to treat actual medical conditions, alcohol is there as a recreational drug. Sure, people abuse Xanax, just like some people abuse any other available substance that gives them a kick. DON'T let real anxiety-sufferers turn to alcohol, meth, herione or OTC sedatives JUST because you won't prescribe the safe, working medication they NEED. Some are even turning to the dark web, ordering Xanax out of absolute desperation because of doctors like YOU. You make criminals out of good people. You willingly endanger lives. Shame on you!RiceBowl ASMR écrit: i’m sorry but xanax is not the same as alcoholstill game écrit: Alprozolam is prescribed as sleeping medicine here in ireland dangerous misleading diagnosis for anybody who consumes alcohol afterwardsLori G écrit: Yeah, didn't know that, they had so many horrid name's!! I HATE alcohol!! Never drink it!! I don't get an alcohol feeling, when I take it!! People that are already, taking this horrid med….. I can't stress this enough!!! Taper VERY SLOWLY!! Seems Dr.'s , know how to prescribe it, but it's so, incredibly hard to find a Dr. , to help you wean off! The guidelines, that were implemented aren't correct on the weaning process!! There is NO reason if a dependent, otherwise healthy person, has to wean under guidelines that hurt them!! It's inhumane!! If a person has never felt the incompasitation, beyond suffering, that last 24/7. They can't possibly understand!!! May God and Jesus bless you and everyone!! ������dee lok écrit: This is a true definition of a SquareJama game écrit: I've been off alcahol for 6 months use to get drunk every single day sometimes I still crave it I'm thinking I should take xanax instead for a little while just until my cravings go away what do you think I should do ?Thomas Mcdougall écrit: I stick 2 up my arse in the morningKali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: What about the fact that it is processed by the liver and decreases metabolism ?flinkostememniak grant écrit: Finally someone uses "vicious cycle" corectly, not vicious circle.tony pina écrit: Smoke some weedtony pina écrit: We called em school buses, the yellow ones obviouslyThomasPaine2121 écrit: Taken Xanax for years never addicted have quit no problem!!!! Great medicine for me!!! Taken over 13 years!!!! Believe I have endogenous anxiety disease281Blueman écrit: If I'm going thru alcohol withdraw can I take 1 xanax for 2 days to help with anxietyGas Cramps écrit: I've been on 6mg a day for 12 years. I'll never be able to get off of this stuff I'm assumingJim’s Innovations écrit: xanax is a amazing drug!! it helped me ALOT but also at the same time it didnt!! LOL what a weird combo for a drug. it did wonders for me for what i needed it for. but when i decided to quit taking these oh boy. what a ride that was!backwoodsTV écrit: Should I take it if I have asthma? I take pills for it but I’ve done acid before and smoked weed a lot I’m finebackwoodsTV écrit: Should I take it if I have asthma? I take pills for it but I’ve done acid before and smoked weed a lot I’m fineYung Snoop écrit: Usually if I get my hands on xanax I break it into 3s and pop 1/3 every other week or twice a week.Tee Que écrit: great video, please make a video about modafinilLasagna titty écrit: How tf did they make this shit legalgumshoesoul écrit: Personally, I prefer reality and fitness. I hate being intoxicated at all. I feel sorry for people that really need it.J SWERVO écrit: Logic?Twincobras écrit: I took a Xanax and now I'm gay I am glad you brought up this side effect because I thought this couldn't be realDustin Arko écrit: Never heard handle bars beforeTony Montana écrit: None of does names are used more like FOOTBALL'S and SticksGammareign écrit: Unless xanax can damage the liver and cause or worsen internal bleeding, then I disagree that it's as dangerous as alcohol. Exercise helps with anxiety.luis avitia écrit: Yeah that's what I called it my friends whould do meth and they would have to drink alot to even out so one day they got Xanax they said wow it's like booze in pillAnonymous écrit: Xanax was originally an antibiotic and during testing a sedatory effect was noticed? Xanax may be inhibiting a undiagnosed bacterial infection, but taken far more regularly than antibiotics (antibiotic resistance?)? I hate xanax, and they're makers so many have passed from it, DO NOT MIX WITH EVEN NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS?Anonymous écrit: Many people die from that shi*Sidewayskyler écrit: Xannny barssssssDreazy écrit: I made my friend cry on xans cuz I thought it was fake and I told him that Luckily It wasn’t fake and he was okZack Zavetnaya écrit: What if you just use it for panic attacks (about once a week) will you still be at risk for dementia?Learn More écrit: Newsflash doctor. The way you have that wood burning stove pipe built into the wall should give you an anxiety attack. Get rid of that right angle and have it going straight up into the ceiling otherwise you may find your house on fire one day. Don't listen to anyone else's b***** about it.Matt écrit: will Xanax erase the memories of my past?maxelgat0 écrit: great vidGengar Jones écrit: Xanax should be a strictly illegal street drug. No sane doctor should ever prescribe Xanax or any other benzo to anyone. It’s is just as bad or worse than alcohol.f2mel2 écrit: I got a prescription. I'm nervous about trying it. I asked for it because I was having trouble BREATHING and swallowing. I'm fixated on that and the thought of death while sleeping.Banjo Bear écrit: NoAsem Abuelhija écrit: this is a great video doc.. thank you so much..
can you talk about Adderall in the next video?vanessa regalado écrit: i always black out on Xanax 🙁Lauren Bruun-Bryant écrit: Just use weed, it’s safeDion t écrit: WtfSteve Rorison écrit: Hey doctor I thought Xanax was a fast working drug it seems like it never kicks in for meLo Go écrit: Take a whole S903 from the street double pressed you’ll be fine off 3mgs for the whole day not just 30 minJihi ღ écrit: funny Im watching this video while on 1mg of xanax lmaoIt’s Ya Boy Steve écrit: My doctor prescribes me 90 1mg tabs every month for the past 6 years and I’m fine.West littlewood écrit: for all about xanax sourcing visit alphachemicalstore.comgizzykat kat écrit: Be careful Doctor the big drug companies won't like it when they hear you don't like to prescribe a drug.Gus 004 écrit: Sticks , school busses, hulks , footbals. Make some a bar tardMarc Simmons écrit: Love your videos. I'd love to see more! BTW love your voice.�� écrit: Well that's gayIso écrit: weed is the answer, fuck pillsfaolen1 écrit: Xanax works wonderfully for me, but I dont take it on a daily basis. I take sertraline and buspar daily, and xanax is my "emergency" drug. Like when I'm having a severe issue that day and need relief fast. i might take it a day or two in a row and then go weeks without taking it. It definitely doesnt effect me like alcohol though. Alcohol makes me feel sick and out of it and more nervous. Xanax makes me feel relaxed, and maybe a little sleepy. And Klonopin was absolutely horrendous for me.K Ricker écrit: I have taken it as perscribed for about 15 yrs. 2mg 3 times a day. I have tried others but it is the only thing that works for me, Can you awnser this doctor.Sol Andre Raz Somoza écrit: so alcohol is better than xanax I have people died with alcohol from cirrosisPhamaceutical Pills écrit: Yo mates I'm millan preston .i got phamaceutical grade pills available in stock
You can find me on facebook as millan preston ( cvs pharmacy) and on instagram as pharmaceutical pills availableDragon Rider écrit: Im on ambian to sleep and sometimes when i dont have ambian, i get 0.5 mg of xanax and they usually just put me to sleep.. i took one before and now i dont feel right kinda like nautious and im not sure if its the xanax i took or something else.. idk i feel light headed dizzy and a little sick..noura Kijali écrit: Oh God, m failing to understand the doctor prescribed this drug for my girl, for seizures. No wonder they've just worsened. What can i do surely m disappointed. Doctor what can i use for FND seizures,Kenny Kelly écrit: Have you ever took xanax before��Joe Dee écrit: “Zan bars” ������LILITHS LAIR écrit: You're NUTS , alcohol has ruined millions of lives , destroyed families, killed many in car wrecks , murders , gambling etc. Idk how many people do all these things off a small amount of xanax ! NO WHERE CLOSE TO ALCOHOL AND ALCOHOLISM !rabies dog écrit: what about gabapentin ? its not a benzo and not a controlled substance and its works on the gaba in the brain tooosharon anderson écrit: After use xanax I have some side effects. 🙁 I purchased from here https://www.physicrelief.com/product/xanax/.Cinoe ramirez écrit: So when i stop drinking i get very anxios.. can a take xanax to relax my self..Cindy Tarantino écrit: Hi, doc. I wanted to ask you, I'm taking half of pill of xanax to help me sleep, cz my beloved twin brother recently passed away��… So it's been hell for me & I was taking duloxetine before that tragedy happened, I was taking a break from duloxetine when he died. So now I can't sleep, I don't want to go back to antidepressants but I can't sleep. Should I quit xanax? I've been taking it for like a week, at night. Advice would be greatly appreciated����Yellow White écrit: Xanax has pretty much unnoticeable effects for me. Just anxiety relief.3slumpt écrit: xanax is a good drug but not with alcoholmike andrews écrit: Bro, shut the fuck up and fill my script pill pusher!PIANO SMILE écrit: Alcohol raises my anxiety. Not at all like Xanax.10 M écrit: The anxiolytic effects can last up to 12 hrs for ppl that dont have tolerance. It helps ppl overcome phobia along with exposure therapy, so it is not all bad if propperly usedRozzmonster écrit: Ugh everyone’s body is so different. Idk why you think you’re on a damn roller coaster. Good Luck but ehhhhhhhhhh take your pills right ! And nooo one would feel the way your describing. “Alcohol in a pill” ��Rozzmonster écrit: �� why is Xanax being compared to alcohol in any way. This is ignorance at its best.jay bennett écrit: This channel is absolutely amazing please make more videos.thevernonposse écrit: I took klonapin before a drunk driving class amd when i got up to go to the bathroom I almost fell overthevernonposse écrit: I have used that comparison for years all benzos to me are like booze in pill form even the next morning the hangover feels like im drunkIrv écrit: I never subscribe to any channel under 5,000 subs. Today that changed. I could say I'm one of the first 15 people to subscribe.exocetmm38 écrit: This is so true. The withdrawal and side effects of Xanax are just insane in my personal experience. Not only that, after taking Xanax I felt the anxiety rebound is way worse than it was before. I hate this medication, it's a double-edged sword. A doctor who wasn't my PCP at the time prescribed it to me for sleep and weeks later when I saw my neurologist he grabbed his head and told me it was a terrible idea to take that with my anxiety, he was right. Severe anxiety is a big deal though, it had a huge impact in my life but I've "learned" how to live and deal with it naturally and as far away from medication as possible. Sleeping whenever possible, relaxing, winding down and distracting the mind works well. Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for this "disorder", it comes and goes. Great video Doc! Thank you!Josh Cody écrit: Half of those street names aren't usedPost Script écrit: What are some rumors you've heard about Xanax?

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