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Alprazolam (Xanax): What You Need To Know

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Alprazolam is a common benzodiazepine in medical settings that is also taken for recreational purposes. It’s normally used for anxiety and panic disorder, though it has antidepressant properties.\n\nThe drug’s recreational effects include anxiolysis, disinhibition, and euphoria.\n\nIt was the top benzodiazepine in the US within a few years of its introduction. The substance has remained one of the most common psychoactive medicines.\n\nOverview Page (Including References): http://thedrugclassroom.com/video/alprazolam/\n\nReddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheDrugClassroom/comments/5eh1oi/alprazolam_xanax/\n\nAlprazolam = Xanax; Trankimazin; Tafil; Niravam\n————\n\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\nhttps://www.patreon.com/TheDrugClassroom\n\nhttps://www.paypal.me/TheDrugClassroom\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall, Jonathon Dunn, Thomas Anaya, Ross Martin, Star Ape, and David Kernell.\n\n————\n\nFacebook – http://facebook.com/thedrugclassroom\nTwitter – http://twitter.com/drugclassroom\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

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ThanksAdenau écrit: Does this really heal anxiety over time? Or does it just block it while you use it. I've been prescripted this and feel a little wierd about itfrack hark écrit: We have legit ,real and sealed Products here Text us at (719) 623-5256

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Thanks .Pavel Cholmatov écrit: do not take this shit. i mixed it mdma (which is very foolish and i will never do this again) i woke up in my bed (thankfully) with my room totally wrecked.. I DO NOT REMEMBER a SINGLE thing from LITTERALY the moment i took the second dose of xans. blank. nothing. stay safe yalldaniel zapata écrit: Can you do klonopin?Hunter Hult écrit: The withdrawals are gnarly… especially when you using them with alcohol… I had a seizure when I quit cold turkey! Took two months to feel normal again… brain felt like mush and I couldn’t feel happy about anything!Raphael K. écrit: Works wonderful for my anxiety-depression with PA sometimes.

especially strong against my GAS.David Gonzalez écrit: What about caffeine ? I need to keep productive and working throughout the day. Is there any dangerous interaction between Alprazolam and coffee ?Danny Burch écrit: My girl friend is been taking for years. Don't think she can do withoutWarren Dixon écrit: If you are currently using (alprazolam) or any other related over the counter drug, and are experiencing symptoms that could possibly cause such side effects such as paranoid or suicidal ideation and impair memory, judgment, and coordination? Also, knowing you may have underlying health issues, worry about your future, and possibly build up stress from things such as finances and more… Well welcome to a new wave of non addictive, natural (home remedies) that are aimed to help serotonin brain levels areas such as mood, sleep, digestion, and behavior…with a few other benefits…Wanna learn more check this site out here… @https://essentialsandwants.shop/pages/alprozolamimreallydead. écrit: For me clonazepam works better but i do like Xanax thoughRskillswitch écrit: This helps me get rid of my anxiety and stress and i only take it when im overly stressed or for helping with my severe insomnia
Just to help out anyone who might be concerned about side effects

1- due to over dosage which was 3 for about 0.5 mg
Note – i do not abuse any form of substance and im not even interested in that aspect
I was suffering from severe anxiety and i had to take a nap
Because i was over stressed due to endless classes

What that resulted to was losing memory of the night i consumed the medication

Despite remembering that i passed out during a call the next day
But i completely forgot about it a day afterwards

And i panicked when i had a conversation with the same person after a few days

And i didn't remember i had that conversation at all since i was repeating the same conversation
Then i checked my own texts and i realized i did pass out but i did apologize and remembered that i passed out during the call

But i didn't even remember texting that.

So that just happened once
But im still putting it out here

Since i tend to learn every single day from every aspect of my life experiences
I was ae to address the incident and i have become more careful to not take more than 2 at any situation
Hope this will help you guys.Blair Sterling écrit: I was physically dependent in only 11 days. The drug is the most dangerous in the world and the most addictive. Withdrawal can be way, way, way beyond hell, and sometimes death. Do not take this drug ! If you are taking it, tapering at 1% per month is reccomend. And the process is pure eviluniversal mind écrit: have 2 good friends get seizures from withdrawal and one fell bac cracked his head on a counter at work and other friend had brain swelling in a d Tox facility almost died … be very very carefulDa sushimaker écrit: what everybody go crazy with this? i took clonazepam and alprazolam with weed some times and yeah i had my black outs but never kill somebody or fight with no reason just steal a toy xD actually helpme alot with my projects like my best graffitis and draws i do when in clonazepam and a lot of architect projects in college i have 80 sooo my tought is if u took these and you go a lot crazy , so u are crazy XDAura Khaos écrit: I just take xanax to boost the effect of the opiates I'm addicted toS Slang écrit: By far one of the most dangerous drugs out there DO NOT TAKE XANAX. Due to potency it is very strong and doesn’t really get u high just makes u relax.Unknown User écrit: Im 18 i Should take it for Social AnxietyBaris Basar écrit: Found a package today while traveling by trainRobin Johnson écrit: Xanax sucks.KillerGamer81 écrit: Got anxiety problems got prescribed Valium, which I had no problem and helped my symptoms, best medication for anxiety my personal opinion, But Xanax…well that's a different story, basically I'm scared of this drug. I either pass out or COMPLETE BLACK OUT! Remembering nothing, I wouldn't recommend at all, If I had to use it then for insomnia ONLY.

Edit: Please be careful and stay safe, always watch The Drug Classroom before taking anything as he does a great research for us, Thank you Drug classroom.? écrit: The best anxiolytic and anti depressants for being abused by fam,neighbors,media whatever not only for casual stress before,now future i want to test the cr,er,xr anyways the 12 hour xanaxjohannes endjala écrit: Xanax must be illegal..Michael Wolkow écrit: Does Xanax perminantley damage memory?Greg Walter écrit: I need it in my lifeKodii Ayyeee écrit: I know bars all 2mg but IMO them white ones that say Xanax on em with a 2 on the back hit the hardest.. I think those ones they quit making tho.Savanna Lane écrit: my best friend just jumped off a bridge a week ago because the withdrawals are so insane and you don't sleep for days and go into a psychosis and have no clue what you're doing and he went and jumped off a bridge something he would have never done if he wasn't in that psychosis caused by the withdrawals from Xanax.Veera Gowadia écrit: ��I take Alparax since 23 years,am totally dependent on my sleep ,I do have dry mouth & slurred speach at times,But it has given me great strength to pull on in all odds & these odds I face each day as am too sensitive,no society or people since 30 years.it has helped me do my work (coaching classes ) at home.��from India with love.������Tiny Rick écrit: Can you do a video on flualprazolamEin Sof écrit: Good job guy you really did your homeworkDarius Crawford écrit: I got real yellows lmkEverest Stevens écrit: Every time I get barred out, I’m up for a while, fall asleep then wake up hours later and am like, damn what just happenedchris sprenger écrit: Is alprokim the same ??ItsJustJessOkay écrit: Can you give any information as to why so many people who take Xanax or other benzodiazepines exhibit kleptomanic behaviors?Samio Samiro écrit: i had a psychosis a month ago. does xanax can cause anorher psychosis or is it safe for me ?Jessie Betancourt écrit: ��local bigfoot écrit: Dont eat xans you gotta crush them up and do linesRoger Ward écrit: Fuck that I won’t be taking that, I stick to heroin.Pina Colada écrit: Please do one on nimetazepam, its very popular in Asia but not alot of info on it.Ethan Zarate écrit: I always drink with this shit and forgot most of the shit I didPumatheman écrit: I love xanor ��turtles420roast écrit: Best cure for a stimulant comedown lolDavid Parkell écrit: What's the deal with Xanax and grapefruit juice? Why the warning on the labelkung Few écrit: They are making Doctors prescribe more non narcotics or face inquiry,
It will be very hard in the future.Eric-the-Cleric écrit: PLEASE DO AN EPISODE ABOUT COCAINE. YOU COVERED EVERY OTHER DRUG BUT YOU HAVE NEVER MENTIONED COCAINE.Chevy Chase écrit: When you go through withdrawal, you will see the end of the world.Anikin Traylor écrit: I didn't know insomnia can be from withdrawal and realised it could be the reason I i haven't been. Sleeping goodKait écrit: im on 6.5 mg uwuChristian Correia écrit: The one drug I don't fuck with… After a 4 month experience. It's very potent. If you're looking for a strong tranquiliser, Xanax will no doubt get the job done but it has insane side effects and dangerous withdrawal symptoms . I prefer valium, similar but less potent and aggressive and less dependency.Daniel Isaev écrit: Took xanax for the first time a few days ago. I will never touch this drug again. It makes you a ghost with no control over your actions or your thoughts. You just do what ever comes on your mind. And thats a scary thought. Pretty bad comedown as well. Just stay off this guys please. Its not worth your curiosityJanie Sherwood écrit: This drug is absolutely dangerous!
Never never use it, please
Hell to get off of it420tripping_on_da_cid bfl_shit écrit: I've taken 12mg is that bad lmaoDima dip écrit: One time I took 2 hulks and then decided to buy and shoot oxycodone even though I’ve never injected anything ever and would never… took 30mg with no tolerance passed out on the bathroom floorsylver hyacinth doronila écrit: I took .5 mg 6 hours ago can i have a beer ton8ght?Dbe Infinity écrit: I love xans. My favorite.ahmer shah écrit: I take 2 tablets of o.5mg each on 2 days. Ie. Weekends for longer and uninterrupted sleep. Is it dangerous for memory???Kpuff 8 écrit: I started getting panic attacks on a daily basis about a year ago. And I know how addictive these drugs can be that’s why at first I declined to ever take them until things got worse. I couldn’t work much my body felt as stiff as a stone. So I said ok I’ll try but I want to take as little as possible. So that’s what I do, I do have to take it daily but I don’t want to take too much to the point to where I’m taking a very high dose.
I Wish this wasn’t the case. I’ve been fighting having to take this stuff but 5 trips to ER in less than a year I can’t afford to increase my bills as they already are. I’d suggest anyone that is prescribed this be very careful with how much you take if you can get by with taking less I’d suggest it. It is very effective in my situation. I’ve tried other benzos like k-pin but it just made me feel depressed after a couple weeks on it and that’s one side I never want to feel.
Also because these benzos can make you very lazy I asked psychiatrist to put me back on Vyvanse for my adhd to help me get things done and I will say an amphetimine and a Benzo works very well together. Cause I can get things done and I’m relaxed as well. Just don’t take them at the same time and be careful with dosesSteve Walther écrit: How do you get a proscription.Zatchham écrit: Honestly I only ever see Xanax being helpful in rare episodic cases of panic attacks. Only ever taken it twice in my life but that was only during the times where I couldn't easily bring myself out of a panic attack due to generalized anxiety causing my thoughts to loop. One low-dose SSRI and repeat behavioral therapy are much better alternatives by far.Brian Tunzi écrit: Don't work on me any more , I have been on it from the time it came out & That's the Only reason I get it ….Patricia Blom écrit: I took 1 mg just to try it and it just make me sleep nothing else.Gina P écrit: Anybody knows about alganax? Made me consult a witchdoctor n screwed my life.strapman1110 écrit: i take 1 mg of alprazolam every day, and it saved my life. I can function with it! Don't abuse this crap! It's for people who need it!Kevin DiFranco écrit: They're also the only things that shuts that fooking ringing known as Tinnitus up…. and if hear a cicada taped to each ear it's a life saver… and at Wal-Mart.Summerfield écrit: I’ve been taking 2mg at bedtime for 20 years.
Looking forward to rehab!bibanu28 dumitru écrit: I have a question, I took xanax (alprazolam), 8 days about 0.5, 1 mg per day, not exceeded more. Could it be possible to depend on it or be able to take at least 2 weeks and higher doses to depend on? If it can be a movie answer, thankfully. Thanksrhino G écrit: I haven’t taken in years an I found 2mg in my drawer will I feel anythingДимас écrit: Took a bar and had to drive my friends car for like 2 minutes and crashed into a fencekung Few écrit: Side effects include peaceful bliss.Marc Fischer écrit: It think bromazepam is the better alprazolamGIMEE Vlad écrit: I have a strong imun system and the higher the dose is, the stronger and longer the effect is, same whit withdrawl 🙂
Stay clean and calm and thank Jesus.Thomas Franco écrit: What if i us it as a stress killer Will i have to get a prescriptionpatricia mcclain écrit: I have been taking Xanax for about 20 years. I take it as a sleeping pill. in fact it was about 10 years ago when one of my co-workers was taking it during the day for stress. I said why are you taking it during the day – Its a sleeping pill. On that note I wondered why they would take it during the day when it puts you to sleep? So mixed with alcohol or not it would be foolish to take it and drive. Back in 1997 CIGNA published a small booklet about medications & the number one sleep aid in that booklet is Xanax. If I had been unable to get it, I wouldn't be here today typing the testimony. No Xanax for me means no sleep. The worst trama for me is the cruelty of what starts happening after 3 days of sleeplessness is how time slows down, like growing closer to the event horizon of a black hole. Their were 15 plus times were I would be without it for 4-6 days. Once when I went 11 days. that really sucked.nat écrit: im taking this in 0.25 mg dosage…however i feel like i don’t feel any different…does anyone know if it’s not helping me?jean myers écrit: I take it occasionally when I’m unable to sleep. When my husband died from cancer I was prescribed cytralapam (I think that’s a wrong spelling) which takes about two weeks to get into your system. The doctor was kindly but wrong but he thought it was a good way to treat & depression, as he did not think it habit forming. Trouble was taking that it’s a daily dose, so if you’re having a good day it’s still in your system. I was taking 40 ml per day & when I decided I was in a better place I stopped taking it & had major withdrawal symptoms so I had to back on it & slowly reduce the dosage until I could come off it altogether. I like Xanax & Diazapam because you can take if you are depressed for a particular reason on a particular day or maybe you are stressed & can’t sleep then they are life saver. I recognise that taking it daily is dangerous and would never do that but they are a quick fix if you use them sparingly & just when you are stressed out. I also use them if I’m flying as I’m very agoraphobic..Garrett Schultz écrit: Year off xans now look at me now taking 15 mg a dayLil Big écrit: What you need to know… STAY AWAY If you don't have issues to which Alprazolam can ease.GIMEE Vlad écrit: I am imun to xanax.jfsfrnd écrit: I have taken 1/4 of a .25 for 20 years and now 1/2 of a .25 for 11 years to be able to get to sleep at all and stay asleep. Im tired of people giving me flack over this.The Fernie Farm écrit: I'm a screamer. When I fall into a deep sleep, I imagine people coming into my room. Andi wake up screaming, heart bearing so hard, I'm sure I will die. A Dr. Prescribed Xanex about 20 years ago and I swallow one . if not for xanex, I'm pretty sure I'd be waking neighbors up..rainie bxtch écrit: I have extreme anxiety but also have depression. This helps me so much with my anxiety but causes too much depression.Josh Hope écrit: A bar a day! I'm screwed! LawsuitKyRo_ FloW écrit: Fuck xanax I get a shit ton of memory lossDaniel Chris écrit: Xanax has 0 recreational properties. People who abuse them and do cocktails of drugs with them ruins it for the real people who are responsible and need it for their MEDICAL issues. Please if you’re reading this , stop ruining it for other people. If you want to abuse then abuse illegal substances not prescriptions.lonewolffullmoon écrit: Xanax is the most evil drug on the planet period!Tara Cregar écrit: Used in animals so not Right I don't care if they were experimentsFresh Beginnings écrit: Xanax: AKA the bitch little brother to the more adult, subdued but much more effective in the long term, Clonazepam.Melonphetamine écrit: If you ever get Xans from a dealer be sure you trust him or if available get them tested. Xans on their own are already dangerous as fuck, but that's not what killed peep. It can sometimes be laced with Fentanyl.Not guilty 82 Not guilty 82 écrit: Does anybody knows if Xanax CR and SR the same thing????DumbSkippy écrit: Oh Seth, you make great informative videos! Thank you !Kenneth Slim Bailey écrit: Best friend and worst enemy in one bottleCipherX écrit: One time I was on 6mgs and woke up in my friends couch.#ISTANDWITHKALIEF écrit: You cannot overdose on a benzodiazepine alone! You would need a quantity you could only find in probably three pharmacies put together! But mix benzos with other depressants and they become deadly as hell#ISTANDWITHKALIEF écrit: SSRIS are terrible drugs there serotonin reuptake inhibitors they have no property for panic disorder or the treatment of. True panic disorder which I have requires benzodiazepines to some extent! While addictive they are one of the most effective medicines for what they're prescribed for! Xanax is the devil's benzo Ativan and Klonopin are safer to take!Euan Tyler écrit: Anyone wanting to use Xanax for recreational use – do not. They fucking suck. If you're like me, you will take two 2mg bars, black out, then eat 10 and be in a borderline death- slump coma for two days. I burned my left hand while under the influence of Xanax in front of family. I've accidentally broke TVs. I have forgot prolonged periods of memory where I look back on and am genuinely uneasy to what scenarios I got myself into.

They are addictive, they are potent, and they turn you into someone you are not. They also have a very strange effect of making you feel not as fucked as you actually come across, so "sensible" you in your head is actually a mumbling, shambolic version of you. You drool. You nod out. In my opinion, they are worse than opoids/ opiates.

And the rebound anxiety from a binge? Forget about it. I was breaking down in work. I was hearing voices before going to sleep, telling me that I had finally lost it. I had anxiety- induced pains in my stomach to the point I couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. I'm only 19. Fell for the way it was perceived as rare and cool. It's fucking gross. A year and it fucks your life upTJ Suydam écrit: I have tried every SSRI on the market, nothing helped either my depression or anxiety.TJ Suydam écrit: In before the benzo aka xanax epidemic, they literally prescribe this to recovering heroin addicts along with adderall. Yes I know multiple people who get both xanax and adderall from the same doctor.Michael K Ehrenworth all rights reserved écrit: Mother's little helper v2

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