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In this episode of Drug Talk, I discuss a benzodiazapine by the name of alprazolam or Xanax.\n\nSupport the channel on Patreon: \nhttps://www.patreon.com/DrugTalk\n\nTwitter: @talkaboutdrugs\n\nInstagram: @garrett.campb\n\nConnect on Facebook: \nhttps://www.facebook.com/talkaboutdrugs\n\nFor information purposes only!

psychoheaded écrit: decent video i'm barred out watching this rn but you failed to talk about addiction potential and the potentially fatal effects of combining it with alcohol/other sedatives? écrit: Where they sale the 3mg xanax cr,xr or er i want to buy 120 2 each day an 2 each night i think is better than the ir? écrit: I love it if you are under abuse is the best benzo better than klonopin,ativan valium temazepam,flutazepam,prosom i want to try the 3mg xr because this benzo only works in my case 3 hours maibe 3 and a half too short the kolonopin i didn't feel 7 of 2 mgRicko s écrit: .25 of Xanax and a general hit of bourbon — NirvanaIgnez Maciel écrit: I was given 0.25mg 3 x a day to help me to sleep. I take only 1 time.
I sleep but wake up tense for having had bad dreams.
W/o it I take longer to sleep but I do not wake up tense. So, now I take a medication for allergy instead of Alprazolan. It seems to help me better.Item69 écrit: Xanax works very well for me for panic disorder. I hate it when celebrities and others are reported misusing it. Makes me nervous that access to Xanax by legitimate and responsible users will become more difficult.King James Brinston écrit: Yes I take xanax also. I have a channel where I talk about anxietyspin721 écrit: Nice job my friend. Thanks for being honest. My dad was a pharmacist for 40 yearsChuma Doshi écrit: SUBD. Stop with the loud musicL L écrit: Thank you much!!!Crypto Chartist Fxhardrightedge écrit: Thx for a good video buddyL L écrit: Can you do a video about chlorpromazine. I beginning at 50 mg A.M. and 200 mg P.M.Dwight Burns écrit: Stealing also…

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