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The Dangers of long term Xanax use

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If you found the video helpful, please consider donating: https://paypal.me/thisisyourbrainonsci?locale.x=en_US\n\nA video on the effects of long term benzodiazepine use and abuse.\n\nLinks to safe benzodiazepine use guidelines\nhttps://wa.kaiserpermanente.org/static/pdf/public/guidelines/benzo-zdrug.pdf\nhttp://www.cpsa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Benzodiazepine-Clinical-Toolkit-Use-and-Taper.pdf\nhttps://www.lakeviewhealth.com/resources/infographics/benzodiazepine-what-are-benzos-effects-usage/\nhttps://www.wikihow.com/Use-Benzodiazepines\nhttps://www.benzo.org.uk/asgr.htm

CRAZY DIETS écrit: grampas been taking klonopin for 40 years+Hisham MSE écrit: Been on xanax for 2 and a half years and i finally decided to quit but cold turkey ( which i dont reccomend ) first 2-3 weeks was pretty tough but after that things will start getting better
I don’t recommend it to no one its a bad drug
Even if your suffering from anxiety or panic attacks do not take it cuz it will make it worse depending on how long you took it
It might make feel good at first but as the days pass ull realize that your starting to get forgetful,changes in your personality,cant go out of your home without taking the drug and many more
For anyone planning in taking it
Do not take it !
Do not take it !
Do not take it !Mlle Zhn écrit: They use BENZOS for ALZHEIMER'S !?!?Blair Sterling écrit: I have been weening off of Xanax and Klonopin after using those drugs for over 26 years. Both drugs are extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely, extremely addictive. Extremely. !! Especially Xanax…
Do not take these drugs. Warning !!!!ToxicYouth écrit: "Side effects including: becoming a successful soundcloud rapper."

You are funny!!Kaitlyn Chavarria écrit: So they cause memory loss and brain damageJorge Torres écrit: Very helpful video!D ee écrit: Want to end my life!!!!TheRome19116 écrit: Really good video!
Really educational!
Thanks!Matt Dupuis écrit: Thanks for giving a very clear rundown of how benzodiazapines effect the brain. I have been taking .5 mg of clonazepam a day (i chose a low dose because i knew the withdrawl was horrific) and i have heard that it can cause permanent brain damage, but i found it hard to find a clear explaination about it. I have a very bad anxiety disorder but i think i am going to lower my dose even more or maybe stop. It does work for anxiety but the tolerance makes it less worth it then worth it especially if im risking permanent negative effectsDrug Store écrit: Hmu
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WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806����t 1 01 écrit: Going of benzos after 20 years pray for me god bless you all thanks for the video.Ricky Earp écrit: Hmmm…. Typical "cherry picking" studies that agree with you. I've had four strokes and am on .5mg Xanax BID for motor control of my right hand/arm. Ideal? Nope, but hitting myself in the head or body uncontrollably wasn't either. My primary care D.O. is "Oh, you're on benzos!!! That's terrible!!!". My stroke Dr. (M.D. PhD. Board Certified Psychiatrist, Board Certified Neurologist, Head of Neurology at my hospital) is "So??? What else you got to help him? Oh, yeah, opioids that will kill him and don't work." I couldn't use a mouse or a keyboard with out Xanex, or drive, or shop, or take a shower/bath, or do laundry, or do the dishes, or walk, or sleep, or feed myself, or write. Well I could be "gorked" in a nursing home. I'm old, I ain't gonna live forever. (you won't either) The POSSIBLE FUTURE harm vs: the immediate symptom relief doesn't add up to your "THE SKY IS FALLING!!!" hype. Are "benzos" worse than amoxicillin for years instead of having your kid's tonsils removed? "Well, there's no good long term studies of amoxicillin in children", yeah, they don't STAY KIDS long term…What about giving child asthmatics (I'm one) doses of steroids for years, turning them into little short hump-backed full-backs with weak bones and Type II diabetes??? I'm "pre-steroid". I'm old. As Charlie Allnut tells Rosie at the fork in Ulanga, "You pays your money and you takes your choices." re: C. S. Forester novel "The African Queen"oktawiaa écrit: Really, Thank You for advice, but I prefer Xanax ( 0,5 mg 1 pill per day and half) than panic attack worse than death. P.S. I don't drink any akcohol.Zim The Invader écrit: Dangers are anxiety free lifeRosalie m B écrit: I found your video to be the clearest and most informative information in all I’ve read and heard. Thank you. As a person sober in AA I was a first responder with the first victim on 9/11 and the final hit including pulmonary nodules in 2004, CHOLESTROL issues leading to angioplasty which closed = 19 ejection fraction and four yrs ago just after my 62nd birthday I was hit with a 46 lb weight loss in one month, as a bodybuilder all muscle disappeared, I couldn’t breathe for 15 ft. WTC never answered the muscle loss issue and add COPD, Bronchiectisis, nodules and a tumor and Asthma. Xanax which I had a collection I just threw in the closet not interested but I added up 40 burglaries and no protection from anywhere started to take the Xanax less than prescribed but it allowed my severe systolic Heart Failure and lung function to seem to be able to work better. They prescribed as I see on my yearly paperwork 120 2mg tabs daily. I started to have memory issues, a strong case of ADD/ADHD helped I guess as nothing until.. went to neurologist but didn’t finish the brain mri and mra diagnosis and Coronavirus stopped my ability. After an issue affecting my auto I walked into hospital and dosed when Martin Luther holiday started and without consent or permission was taken into the psych unit and not let out. No family left I am terrified but one mention was dementia and I was weaning off the Xanax but only thing found in my urine went into detox and I’m worse off now and depressed and isolated and scared (and Catholic) I don’t know how to do all this may even lose my home from what they did and said I was an abuser on paper and I wasn’t at all, but compromised in every way! What can I do?Amber a Child of God écrit: Thanks for this video I am now more educated then I had before thanks to the time you took to share this videoSheryl Green écrit: My brothers wife of 20 years was on them for about 3-4 years. She started showing signs of things like nodding off in her plate of food on Thanksgiving, then a couple years later she nodded off driving (her 11 year old daughter in the car) had a really bad wreck, the hospital found high levels of Xanax in her system and she was put on probation. Then the next February, not even a year later on Valentine's Day my brother found her dead at 40 in they're bathroom. Heart attack. Her life was over when her daughter was just 12 years old. She was a good wife and mother, just addicted to Xanax. For everyone who abuse's that drug, try and get some control over it. I have addiction issues myself so I'm not talking about her, I just want people to understand what can happen with that particular drugjay lewis écrit: just try and imagine a World without Xanax………not a place I want to live in…….just too many people out there that need to be medicated….that's a reality….get over itgottspeed écrit: I hope I never get prolapsed withdrawl lol 6:27aileen fulgens écrit: Prescribed Ativan for insomnia caused by menopause, only took it occasionally, developed anxiety then panic disorder from Ativan. Eventually figured out the panic was caused by the Ativan from support groups. Now 53 months off the drug and still experiencing really bad waves and very few normal days. Benzos have ruined 12 years of my life and it's still not over! My doctors caused this, not me.Carere Tei écrit: I went to a doctor week ago because I have metabolic issues due to hormonal imbalance that raise my blood pressure. And it effect my sleep that make me harder to fal and stay asleep. The doctor prescribed me benzodiazepine to help me sleep easily but upon reading how dangerous this drug is just like opioid drug I just took the drug but throw it out to garbage as soon as I leave the hospital. I switched to herbal for a natural sedative and it help me to fall asleep. I don't understand how doctor can prescribed this drug so easily.D.K Breeling écrit: I0 years of xanax dependency, all from a Doctor. Took losing my wife and kids and grandkids to get clean , 5 days detox and 28 days in rehab to get clean. 17 months clean.
Xanax was hell for me !
Still haven't seen any of my family, They all hate me for the monster I became .Toby Hiddens écrit: Dude I need help so bad. I was on high doses clonazepam 10years took off cold turkey stayed clean for 8 months and still couldn't even leave my house still was having way too much withdrawal. I see a doctor monthly and he sees me suffering I tell him I'm suicidal and he won't prescribe my medication back. I had go to streets and only get these bs pressed ones that sometimes kick my ass and sometimes like now spend a whole months paycheck on completely fake ones.Suh Dude écrit: 1:46 Im dead lmaoThomas Jensen écrit: You do not need to misuse benzos to have severe brain damage from their prescribed use.heekyung Kim écrit: Great info. Thanks.medusacries écrit: Im terrified. I have been taking limbitrol and zaleplon for approx 15 years for life long insomnia as prescribed and under a doctor's care. I began them at 34. Im wondering if I can ever feel good again and if these effects are permanent.TheRealDavieLondon écrit: I started by tapering off slowly and then eventually went cold turkey for the last of it. I had some serious depression and horrible dreams for about 2 weeks. But it wasn’t debilitating. I could still function in every day life, it’s just my anxiety and overall mental health was on edge to the max. After the initial withdrawals ended, I went through about of month and a half of bland depression. Just unfocused, zombie sadness. So I went to the doctor and got on Zoloft (anti depressant). This helped me a whole lot with the process. After about 3 months on zoloft, I tapered off that and now I feel 100% better. My experimental phase was very ugly! I’m glad I got out of it free of addiction and learned my lesson. I’m not going to say that Im done with Xanax forever. It helps me in my career if I use it the right way. But now that I know how to get off of it when I use it daily, I can manage it better. The trick is to taper off slowly until you’re all the way off, spend about 2 or 3 weeks completely off and then hop on an antidepressant for two or three months. Then taper off that and you are golden. Your brain chemicals will be re-balanced and you’re back to normal.Jan Eire écrit: I'm fucked anyway have noticed Al these changes ��it's an evil drug helps short term long terms effects are dire, stay away from XanaxBryce Nunweiler écrit: How worried should I be if I have been abusing Xanax for the last 3 months 2mg to 2.5mg a day. What should I expect when I stop should I taper or have I dug myself to deep of a hole for cold turkeyraw one écrit: I took 10 bars a day for 2 years and stopped one day. Took me two weeks to stop shaking. I can't take them any longer but I loved them.hendrick prock écrit: I have valium prescribed for my 7 year klonopin addiction but the meds dont help. The best way is to get off before you get stuck because now I'm on oxy for all the withdrawal which is messed up and it just gets worse from there trust me anyone who reads this dont let the drugs take away your personality. You're stronger than you know.Dan R écrit: It used to be that US Customs would allow the import of a 90 day benzo supply (this stopped in 1999) Very easy if you live in a border state to develop a habit that would be very hard to do without bringing them in from outside. 5+ mg clonazepam daily is hard to stop, but I did it. Like and subbed. Your video is different in that it is so objective (just the facts) . I wish other creators would use some of your objectively. I ask. What was the highest age for a benzo recovery test patient? As the result of a hospital accident I contracted cervical osteomyelitis. I needed some radical debridements to the back of my neck. OK,now a 58 yr old (this was 8 years ago) disabled chronic pain patient. My plate is full of benzos,opiates and muscle relaxers,and antibiotics.A SilentEcho91 écrit: I was cut off of 3mg a day of klonopin by my "wonderful psychiatrist " and I literally felt like I was in hell itself. I was scared of Everything literally! I've never been so scared in my life and that's saying something.Taylor Renton écrit: Fuck I literally fall under so many of these categories – I used benzos from 2015-2016 very hard then went cold turkey – relapsed in 2017 and the two following years and literally lost myself after using some shit called Phenazepam – I don''t feel human anymore and 100% have concentration problems, delayed reaction & general way worse anxiety and an intelligence diffidency and am literally brain damaged I guess – this has impacted my life insanely bad and I'm only 21 – alprazolam has ruined my life and I've let it sadly586KING écrit: I did great amounts of xanax in short time periods resulting in multiple blackouts and overdoses very often mixing it with alcohol and even other drugs. I unintentionally woke up in rehab and the psych ward 4 times until I ran away from the psych ward and withdrawled unbelievably hard for several months all while becoming an over the road truck driver. Ive driven over 250000 miles in 2 years to this day since then and started my own trucking company but i still don’t understand how all this happenedJay Steven écrit: Lol become a popular soundcloud rapper, so true.autumn claver écrit: wait zolpidem is ambien not a benzoUAMSW BaseballFan écrit: Nice static x tattoo, I got one on my left wristBarryLyndon écrit: Stick to Cannabis.Jeannie McCarthy écrit: so helpful !!!!!! I just can't live w/o them. It's like throwing a wet blanket over a fire. I know it's bad though w/how high my dx is.manuel werro écrit: Excellent video.EEMusicLIVE écrit: Thanks for your video. It was very helpful. I wish we had seen this a year ago. My wife is currently suffering from benzo withdrawal. She has been off of the drugs for 4 months after a slow taper and is very slowly showing signs of recovery. If we had taken the doctor's advice and upped the dosage, I believe that she would be dead.Lumi LaBonte écrit: I was on 4 mg of xanax a day for 16 years..Stopped taking them and ended up in the ER and then a detox centet for 7 days where the dr told me he could not allow me to detox alone bbecause I would have a seizure and DIE!
There I was monitored every 2 hours, put on gabapentin, vistaril, and 10mg of valium 3× a day and am weaning off VERY slowly. I was also perscribed vistaril ( an antihistamine) for sleep…1 every evening for sleep. Am doing better then expected as I was able to get help from a Dr with a protocal on how to sagely get off such a high dosage of benzoo's for so many years on such a high dose. Thank you for your video.

Anyone trying to do this cold turkey pls do not….you can have permanent damage or even DIE!lars écrit: I am screwed. 35 years with and drank with it. Cut from 2mg to 1mg to .5mg in a year or so, i hid the withdrawals. This man really knows what he is talking about….Brandon H écrit: My roommate has been on them heavy for 27 years and i thnk there making her crazy very very stange hateful rude and no empathy and its getting real bad last 3 monthsno change écrit: I don't know if you are a doctor. I didn't see any creds. I've have been taking Xanax for 15 years and have no cognitive disorders brain function is at normal if not a higher state . It has changed my life for the better and without it I could not function as a average human being. I don't know if you are a doctor or better yet a psychiatrist but you are full of really bad info.you should not be making assumptions or guesses of how diazepams should or not be used for therapy. If you are not a psychiatrist or a sociologist you should keep your inconclusive information to yourself I have tapered off of xanax myself not fun but can be done without going through panic attacks or death. You are a troll. Shut the fuck up amiture if you are if not did you pass in the lower part of your class.TheAXXELLALAN écrit: Do one on antidepressantsHannah Bellez écrit: Why don't you have more subscribers? So much good information (:

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