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Lil Xan Talks Lil Peep, Anti-Xanax, Getting Signed, Total Xanarchy & More

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Lil Xan Talks Lil Peep, Anti-Xanax, Getting Signed, Total Xanarchy \u0026 More

sqAza plAza écrit: Lil xan: I like the 2-minute videos LMFAOsqAza plAza écrit: B e x e y killed p e e pS M écrit: Lil ibuprofenSuperSilverBabaKush écrit: R.I.P. Lil Peep and even if Diego's pullin' a gun out being completely not sober I still like his character and the fact that he looks high and talks like he's always high as hell 24/7 and I think he learned something by makin' the mistake to pull a gun out if it's not even necessary to do it (like for me there is no reason to pull a gun on a human except of self-defense). But I believe that people can learn and grow through mistakes like that and humans overall can only improve by making mistakes and learning from them. Diego got a good soul and I respect the fact that he's talking serious about Xanax because even if it looks funny in videos or when rappers do it, that shxt is serious as hell you can get addicted to Xanax so fast, and if your starting to take more and more you don't really think about the fact that maybe not every pill is what it looks like it is. If you take shxt, take it safe, get someone who's having a eye on you, get some good vibes, and take care of your a$$. Anyways if you read this hope ur havin' a wonderful day.annabelle w écrit: when he said mac miller i wanted to cryPeeptentacion écrit: 5:30 u welcomeAnnette Weber écrit: This interview sometimes others going be metion and lil peep not trash and lil xan didn't saying anything bad about lil peepevil one écrit: man this kid is off the hook i was kinda stand offish at first im 46 im super old skool dre pac ice cube but this kid has talentSylvia Pelligra écrit: Lil xan you're wonderful and you are so sweet I love you ������������DISNEYYY 3-6-5 écrit: His voice in total asmr in this video����������mylesfinch écrit: Spank bank my nigga ������Miguel Gutierrez écrit: That weed he smokes Probably gives him anxiety.salemthecat écrit: Sony is the worst, in every way.Bryan Broyles écrit: The only reason Lil xan is so cool because he use to take XanaxJuan Leon écrit: “I got the best manager in the game”��Lauren Elliott écrit: Why do we say “killin it” like it’s a good thing when In reality its a really really bad thing to kill something ??? I’m guilty of this too I just recognized that watching this for some reason. ?��Edward R Rooney écrit: POSERffschristie écrit: my names christie so i feel blessedKate Smith écrit: It is my bday can I get comment or likeANDRÉ PURCINO écrit: S P A N K B A N KAdi écrit: Xan rocking Brit Spears <3Nathan écrit: Man Lil Windex looking goodTomatoGod écrit: 3,000 teethvictoria de assis écrit: shook bc i found xan's girlfriend omgshermigz écrit: This generation is shit. The fucking drug addicted fucking losers are idolized by kids these days fucking sadFamilia YTP ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ écrit: one of the mics deadDiego Iruegas écrit: Weak ass rapperSatan’sOnion écrit: Lil Windex murks this fool.Fukurokouji écrit: 100%Jdn Hz écrit: So we're supposed to believe that he stopped doing Zanax??!??! Yeah righ. He's high right now.Jdn Hz écrit: Back in the day people used to rap about selling drugs, now these stupid young rappers rap about doing drugs.Tom W écrit: I hate the fucking voice he puts onPAYtheGHOST band écrit: Yo Lil Xan x CaskeyPAYtheGHOST band écrit: He on the same label as BMTH… yesss I love metal and rap.o N i g h t écrit: he a itz britney bitch fanWill Rivera écrit: Yeah stop taking xans if you’re not prescribed it. I take them shits and I’m alright I was addicted for a while but I can tell fake xans from real xans from being prescribed them you can literally tell easily . If you need a can every now and then that’s fine but popping them multiple times a day, at parties etc, is stupid. It’s for anxiety attacks to ease the painJewel Wisdom écrit: ying blazen
mixtapeJonathan écrit: 5:20 talks about lil peepHunter Wolfe écrit: My dogs birthday is on March 17th 😀Jack Pisano écrit: "I JUST MET MAC MILLER!"

deadAnthony Decicco écrit: this interview is mad cringyMostNaturalMedia écrit: the man has xanxietyKRYO FPV écrit: whats up with new rappers and britney spears, and Avril Levine am i missing somethingHenrik écrit: Uh sounds like he's still using Xanax, or did he just switch to Klonopin, or just using lean?Abaddon Guecubu écrit: Not only Xan but all that shit. Stick with alcohol or weed. Lean is something that the South sips on and they said its luke heroine to them nowCJ Otoniel écrit: What needs to be stressed is not "drugs are bad". No one cares about anyone telling them drugs are bad. People using drugs already know they're bad lol. No, what needs to be stressed is people are using drugs for a reason. I'm 26 and I can definitely attested to the fact that everyone my age is battling with or has battled with major depression. Millenials don't have an easy life, regardless of what some old person may tell you. Baby boomers were far better off in their 20s and early 30s than millenials are. Back in the day you could actually get a job at the grocery store and make enough money to feed, clothe, and house yourself. Today it's almost impossible in most places. However millenials have also been taught that medicine cures all. A kid acted up too much when he was a toddler? Put him on adderall and ritilan. A teenager is stressed and ditching school? Put him on Prozac and Xanax. A kid got hurt playing sports? Put him on Oxycontin and Norco. We've been taught since childhood that drugs ARE the way you deal with shit. That notion must be fought against.Michael M écrit: "Lil Xan the Photographer" I'm fuckin deadMig Games écrit: lil antibiotickeisha p. écrit: He's high…XXX TENTACION écrit: bruh hes litGarden Angel écrit: holy shit this guy is such a dadGarden Angel écrit: soulja boy and chief keef >>> chance and everyone other rapper he listedHope Vittorini écrit: Yes u coming to SXSW I'm catching ur show!Clear Cut Automotive écrit: Lil Xan reppin 412!! Pittsburgh let’s gooo!Reese Dyck écrit: xans laugh is the cutest thing ever omlbread écrit: faces was fire af. some of macs best work to meBoots Smith écrit: I love the message! We need it!reject_317 écrit: Damn this dude is even talking in some kind of melodic way… like wtf, I love this guyLoralynne M écrit: I like uhh sodaShannon Maynard écrit: Bro lil xan is so hot ��������MacyUncensored écrit: Going to xxx for porn is NOT EXTRA. lil xan is so wrong.BIGFROST/REVIEWS écrit: I seen this fool at the Redlands Target ㊗ Gang shitJason Smith écrit: What is this world coming 2??Saint – écrit: RIP PEEP����Kathryn Blanchard écrit: god. is it just me or is he so hotAudrey Johnson écrit: he wore that shirt in no love video lolDevry Farrow écrit: Y'all to fake for this how you gonna keep dropping shit about getting fucked up but trying to pull this bsPhoenix écrit: This dude hairlineChristian Sundin écrit: How is he saying he doesn’t like Leah when in the noisey doc he’s pouring it in the back seat of a moving car? I feel like he’s definitely fake but I respect the hustleJames Carbon écrit: Xanax Rap. Who knew a pill my grandma takes would end up inspiring a whole genre of music. These kids are clowns nowadays. People thought millennials where bad. These Gen Zers are straight up cancer.Scott Lambert écrit: End itV Girl écrit: We like the same rappers in high school!Our Baby was SNATCHED! écrit: Columbia and Sony will harvest the artists until their tired and give up.jaredxcantrell écrit: lol its literally nothing bad about taking xans unless your shit is lacednarcocholo420 écrit: I fucks with lil xans music. But im kinda disappointed he doesn’t really represent his mexican roots. It almost looks like he’s embarrassed by itRhodybimmers écrit: Lil xan really inspired me to make musicBloodFireFlare écrit: My pussy tastes like skittlesPumpkin Head écrit: So he's anti xanax and his fake name is lil xan because he loved doing them as a kid .Lame lil trash can.Olivia Machado écrit: I do Xans n I’m 12 ion kno wtf is in it buh my brother got sm of itt����Danny Villalba écrit: lowkey feel sleepy listenin to lil xan talkinglotusbvby écrit: He's so cute ����Niko écrit: yeahh but Lil Windex is honestly 1,000 times a better artist than lil xan on my momsustainableman écrit: yo Bella Donna really did take a Louisville slugger up the arse. Only rated 78% on pornhub.__phantom boi__ écrit: Lil xan is funny asf like if I could do a track with him that would be chill asfDamien Daes écrit: Xanarchy is a anti xan movement did this nigga really just say that fucking idiotrad lexis écrit: us white mexicans are dope thoBrra Brrra écrit: Lil bintch that spiteCody écrit: Ayyeee dis be "Lil sign me, I'm broke" #McDonalds FriesLifeYo @MeBro✌����peachybaby écrit: when he gets close to the mic it sounds like asmrJaaly Schommer écrit: He is actually wearing a Britney Spears sweatshirt…I love himDwatts écrit: 8:55 I’m guessing this isn’t his girlfriend anymore based off his insta hahaSpencer Hoback écrit: Lil xan is funny man I like his styleSAMO écrit: kev is a fuckin dumbass and a blatant disrespectful dub. i cam to learn about an artist i like not hear about his fuckin porn habits.Slowjamcdub écrit: God is real and He Loves You. Jesus is the Son of God come in the flesh and he died on the cross for all of our sins, he was buried and he rose again. He is alive forever more. Believe on him and have everlasting life. When I die I will be with him forever. If you don't believe in him before you die, when you die you will burn in hell forever. Please believe on him before it's Eternally to late. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him.SWSW écrit: These idiots think lean is safe because it isnt strong like heroin i guarantee 90 percent of these fake gucci gang artists will be sippin for life or on methadone and subs before their time is done on earth and they go to hell to perform everynight over a hot stove.Nicole Namsirhc écrit: The guy doing the interview gives me rape vibes ngl.welmholtz écrit: lil panodilNisha Acharya écrit: love love loveCrixus écrit: That kids brain cells are fried holy shitYessenia écrit: his hairlines fucked lmao

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