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Lorazepam also known as Ativan remains an extraordinarily popular anti-anxiety drug. Lorazepam belongs to the benzodiazepam family of sedative/hypnotics along with Valium, Xanax, Klonopin, Halcion and Restoril. Even though it was FDA approved in 1977, this 40+ year old drug will be prescribed over 14 million times this year as a tranquilizer and sleeping pill.\n\nUnfortunately while lorazepam may comfort the nerves, it does not calm gastrointestinal or cardiovascular manifestations of anxiety. Lorazepam does not treat depression and should be avoided in those with obstructive sleep apnea and COPD associated with incipient respiratory failure. \n\nIncreasingly doctors are switching people with anxiety from lorazepam to SSRI or related drugs including Prozac, Paxil, Celexa, Zoloft, Effexor or Cymbalta in the false belief that these alternative drugs necessarily represent a safer class of medicines. Even more worrisome, some people with insomnia receive prescriptions for Seroquel or its generic equivalent in the atypical antipsychotic class of drugs.\n\nBy itself lorazepam seems very safe. Combining lorazepam with alcohol or opioids readily results in overdose, profound sedation, respiratory depression and death.

Erik Carter écrit: I used to have a prescription for a low dose (0.5mg) of Lorazepam to be used on an as-needed basis for panic and anxiety. If I ever felt I was about to have an unmanageable bout of panic, I would put one under my tongue and it really did help. I could usually make a 30 pill supply last 4 or 5 months. I didn't need them often, but definitely did benefit from having them as an option when I needed them.

But then I started seeing a new doctor after moving to a different city and he discontinued the prescription. I've struggled mightily with my anxiety ever since (and I'm already on an SSRI). Over the past few years now, I've been trying to request that I be re-prescribed that low-dose, as-needed prescription. I've had several different general practitioners in that time because I've moved a lot for work and they've all refused. I'm now seeing a psychiatrist (only had one meeting so far). I haven't brought up the Lorazepam yet. She prescribed me propranolol, a blood pressure medication, for the panic/anxiety…I don't find that it works for me at all.

I intend to bring up Lorazepam to her at our next meeting, but I'm nervous because I've had doctor after doctor refuse to prescribe it to me. They treat me with suspicion, as though I'm trying to get drugs off of them to abuse. I'm not sure how to express the fact that I found this drug to be really beneficial for my anxiety, and request a prescription of it, without being shot down again and treated like a druggy pill-seeker. -_-the hunter of death écrit: Xanax help me whit this crazy panic attack n anxietTruite White écrit: Well now doctor, what are your comments on the state of Utah, Alaska, and some other state suing eli-lilly for killing droves of human beings used in clinical trials and false research and having coroners call those deaths natural causes just so they can make a few more billion of marketing their suppressing chemicals?Marta Brundin écrit: I only use lorazepam for extreme medical procedures. It definitely makes me a better patient.Jon grey écrit: Took .5mg/day for four days. Suffered massive panic attacks after short term withdrawal. Became an agoraphobe for three months.Brenda Rodriguez écrit: Lorazepam has been a lifesaver for me!! I don’t take it daily, only as needed as on the lowest dose. I even the 0.5mg in half or less.. even that is more than enough for me. I’ve never had the urge to want to take more and definitely not dependent on it. It just makes me feel safe to know I have it. I take it on days I know i got a lot going on. I can finally live my life comfortably, going to stores, be social, etc. My new psychiatrist refused to give me this and put me on hydroxyzine. Didn’t do nothing but knocked me out for hours, didnt target my anxiety. I literally argued with her for an hour about how lorazepam has been the best one so far. I understand the concerns but I know I take it carefully. As long as I have a good plan on it with me and my therapist/psychiatrist I feel good about it. Lorazepam is wonderful for me!!Mike N Ike écrit: Given the recent change of views in the pharmacology research community I think a segment on Ketamine would be very insightfulvincent insomnicide écrit: This medication works wonders if you take it as prescribed and for the right period of time. It might happen you become dependent on the med, not addicted. Dependancy is a different thing than addiction , since the former occurs normally, because of the the drug nature (e. g. : morphine, too, which is an opioid) while the latter develops when you use the medication and you start increasing your dosage because of its euphoric effect, even when regularly prescribed, and then you become physically and mentally dependent, and start craving for more and more, even when you don't actually need it anymore. That's the difference between dependancy and addiction. Therefore , a person taking always the same amount of morphine, oxycodone or lorazepam, alprazolam, clonazepam may of course become dependent on the med, and that's quite normal. But increasing dosages of the same meds, accompanied by cravings, violent withdrawal symptoms when the medication is stopped abruptly, and a constant searching for the med, with physical and mental need for it, that is called addiction. So not all people physically dependent on a substance are addicted to it. The two terms are often used with the same meaning, which is wrong. Great video, Doctor , a video where you explain the difference between the two words would be very useful! Thanks for sharing, Sir!
CheersRodney Daub écrit: Will you please do a segment on Dalmane ( flourazapam )?
I think it's the longest lasting and IMO strongest benzo. Stupid powerful, and lasts two daysBlair Sterling écrit: I was physically addicted to Xanax in only 11 days. Ativan is similar to Xanax….do not, do not, do not take a benzodiazepine !!! As the doctor said, doctors and medicine are realizing these are horrendous for a majority of people. . So very very addictive !!! .. the benzodiazepines have ruined millions of livesHell Dorado écrit: If you suffer from transient insomnia, stress, or anxiety, this is an excellent drug to have as a back up. I've been taking it for years on an as need basis, but I can do without it as well. It gives me an extra two hours of sleep during stressful times, something that can make or break how you function the next day at work. Treat it with respect and you'll be fine. If Lorazepam still causes sedation after taking it intermittently for years you most likely have not developed tolerance or dependence. Sedation is a Lorazepam side effect that wears off when taken often.England’s Last Patriot écrit: Uk Paramedic here, great little gem of a video you have put together ��Karen Francis écrit: do you have a video for cannabis ( CBd gummies for depression and anxiety?Puddifoots écrit: Im a half year on this medicine 2mg a day maybe 3 but its making me feal like a baby when come of. Never had this shit before.Puddifoots écrit: Fuck this medicineMikey Stec écrit: I been on Benzos 19 yearsMikey Stec écrit: It was my first experience to take Ativan in 2002 severe general anxiety disorderkush Kush écrit: I take .5 or half of one when I feel auras my epilepsy n eye migraines r so evil please pray for me. I definitely don’t see myself not needing them chronically aroundRozela16 écrit: This was working great for me for about four weeks, then suddenly my dose made me hallucinate and go numb all over. I had to stop use, luckily my withdrawal was minor and lasted about four days. I would stare off into space and I was very emotional, especially depressed. I only took 0.5mg every other night, sometimes every night. It was the only thing that stopped the panic attacks and let me sleep. I've taken this PRN before as well and never had this reaction. Not sure what happened, but just followed doctor's instructions.Pleroma écrit: Benzos can be dangerous be carefuleyemall ears écrit: My god you are interesting. How do you remember all this detail!!!!Jeff Galaska écrit: Only take a benzo for surgery purposes. This is a serious WARNING. If you develop the syndrome that can come with taking this medication or getting off if it you will go thru the HARDEST thing in your life. Don't risk it.Kali and Madonna Owczarki Niemieckie écrit: What about someone who lost a spouse and needs a benzodiazepine ?Gary Simone écrit: For all those suffering ptsd look into SBG treatment asap….google itBloodraven 89 écrit: I was prescribed this medication to take as needed for panic attacks. I was on clonazepam for a few months years ago and remember it was absolute HELL coming off of it. I'm now scared to even take this med once a week! I don't want to risk getting dependent. Would it cause withdrawal to use this med even once a week?weepingz écrit: I think I will throw my prescription away. Thank you. I was given a prescription for Ativan 1 mg on yesterday because of heart palpitations. After all heart test and my heart blood test came back perfect, I was diagnosed with anxiety. And given this prescription.Freeman Saunders écrit: 2mg a day in two doses of 1mg works fine for me. Can't get a script because I'm on methadone and they are scared of the respiratory depressant effects. So I pay on the street and can't get take-homes cause my piss is always dirty. My Zoloft does nothing for me.Nate Russell écrit: Ativan saved my life when I was going through alcohol withdrawl.Ben Dover écrit: hes rightMarcial Bode écrit: Can you do a video of valium I'm on 5mgs twice a day I only take it sometimes tho but need a good video on it your the best at itLuana V écrit: I’m doing a short taper, because I’ve been only taking for 5 weeks (counting the last tapering week). I’m now down to .5mg and will get to 0 by the end of the week. Is that advisable?SupremeRevival155 écrit: I asked a Dr for my lorazepam refill but he gave me trazodone instead.

The Dr. argued with me for over an hour and insisted that trazodone is safer than Lorazepam.Doug Powell écrit: dont take benzosD K écrit: My mother has schizophrenia, she uses lorazepam with clozapine before she goes to bed. Prior to that she could not fall asleep, she would sleep maybe 3 hours a night. Now she sleeps 7-8 hours a night on average. Her doctor carefully tested the combination of clozapine and lorazepam, and thankfully she had no issues. She is 60 now and she has used many different types of antipsychotics. I believe motivation is a big problem as well. Think about it: people who come out of jail after serving 25+ years, or people who have served in the army for a long time, a lot of them come back home traumatized and with no sense of purpose. How is a person trying to free themselves of their mental jail cell any different? They lose their job, soulmate, confidence, self-worth because of this illness. Support your family member suffering from depression. Try to place yourself in their position, feeling defeated by their illness and just hoping days go by. Make daily runs and/or walks a habbit, make a list of chores and daily activities and spend some time during the morning, afternoon and evening with your loved one if you can. ''Force'' good habits and routines into them, because they won't ever do it themselves.CJ ENGLAND écrit: Stay off any benzo. No longer than a week. This is the best advice anyone can give you. Dont believe me. Keep watching benzo videos on here.Robert Lewis écrit: I find that even 0.5mg (about the same potency as 5mg Valium) is fairly good for anxiety. Keep your doses as low as you can manage.

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