xanax 0 25

xanax 0 25

Xanax (Alprazolam) Side Effects – Full List of Side Effects, Dangers, What to expect…

la description:
This video takes you through the side effects of the drug Xanax, a very commonly used medication to treat anxiety and panic disorders. \n\n—————————————-­­——————————————————————————-­­—————————————\n\nIntroduction – 0:13\nCommon side effects – 0:34\nUncommon side effects – 1:27\nRare side effects – 2:10\nFinal notes: 3:50\n\n—————————————-­­——————————————————————————-­­—————————————\n\nRead the full video transcript: http://goo.gl/cSj99e\n\nWebsite: http://goo.gl/3jaaca\nFind us on Facebook: https://goo.gl/QlwEWO\nFind us on Twitter: http://goo.gl/fQiNmP\n\n—————————————-­­——————————————————————————-­­—————————————\n\nMEDICAL DISCLAIMER:\nThis video is a medical not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please contact your healthcare provider with any questions regarding your medicine or condition. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it based on information from this content. Relying on information provided in this content is done at your own risk.\n\nTurmeric Health Benefits: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFNXJnpG3Ec

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+13185991361Troy Sullivan écrit: Anyone else got hiccupsRev. Lowe écrit: So for every side effect it also causes the opposite side effect of pre mentioned side effect ? Milk or bacon may also cause these same issues.Tessa Logan écrit: Xanax is less than valium, if your a nervous wreck they work wonders, sparingly. Just don't abuse them��Steeve Daw écrit: Is that the side effects of alcohol poisoning?Trevor Fillas écrit: Geewiz so muchDeej Price écrit: Xanax made me CONSTANTLY STEAL SHIT. Anything. Dumb shit I didnt need nor want. I would look a cashier in the eyes while stuffing my pockets with shit. Thinking I'm smooth. I wouldn't remember shit the next day.Addi SpamsL2 écrit: Watch this cause I’m on one right nowGIMEE Vlad écrit: If You take to much as a drug i mean , it is posibile to open gate ways to eveils spirits.Sharon Palmer écrit: Are fucking kidding me! Like Hitler the bigger the lie the likelier the masses will believe it. I can't understand how in the world with all that said ,its clearly poison , why would government allow this.BC écrit: Xanax saved my life.Melissa Walker écrit: I've been on this drug 26 yrs. Please Lord help me get off this monster.Abby Lloyd écrit: Okay. 1 this is a robot speaking. 2. Xanax is almost the #1 PRESCRIBED benzodiazepine for LEGITIMATE medical conditions. Yes it is abused by people. As is alcohol, street drugs, and any other addictive prescription medications. This video doesn't explain WHY or HOW (the physiology) behind any of these symptoms, and kind of sounds like it's just trying to scare people… there are no citations, references, or sources stated. smhkaski wekazo écrit: How can you lose and gain weight at the same time?Ha Hakdog écrit: who came here because of lil peep?SAMICA écrit: That's pretty much all a human can have!!! Geez!!Talia écrit: That’s why I only take a mg so I can sleep. typing this at 4amHydra shaafi écrit: ������������ OMG is this shop of side effect any benifits of this drug why people taking this ������John Dollard écrit: All these dam bad side affects tf niggas poppin these forEddie Garcia Jr écrit: Xanax ruined 5 years of my life. Not including the 1.5 years it took to heal after cold turkey. I don’t remember my years 23-26. It’s all a blur. I feel like I didn’t experience a college life. Wish I could go back in time and not have taken that tiny pill.Tyler Lychak écrit: You forgot DEATHTahir Malik écrit: Take 10 tablets of xanax of 1mg and smoke 2 3 cgrte of weed and enjoy life…Ma ������Sajjad Khan écrit: How to counter such side effects??KANG écrit: Wow…how this work?Cuz honestly after watching this video I get the idea that this shit kill people slowly instead of cure them..TFAddy Grl écrit: Wow. ������ I just want to get some sleep.TIM TIM écrit: makes people die earlier than normally….if they dont want to stop….they have to be told…they are as good as dead…..so they wake up…and stop. being sweet to them does not work out well. they need to know the truth…so they can stop…stopping is the only way…..take it or leave it…Grace Mora écrit: Gain weightRicky Ortiz écrit: Those side effects are such LIES!!!!!Dirty Bush écrit: Any 1 else on xans while watching this no? Just me ��JD JD écrit: Side effects…. Dry mouth, wet mouth, insomnia, sleeping too much, being cold, being hot, feeling sad, always happy, weight loss, gaining weight……Krrishiv Pareek écrit: high blood pressure and, cholesterol controlling medicines,diabetes,thyroid and some other disease medicines are adviced by doctor to take life time taken why not for brain related diseases ..Every organ of body control by brain ..Healthy brain is equal to healthy whole body.simply for example ..In all type operations what they take first step in operation room? answer is they close brain by anthesia why?becoz in human body all u can see, feel,smell by brain .. they told drug side effects memory loss etc ,so I wanna tell u that there are lots of patient in this world having memory loss disease without using this drug. simple example human eat daily so there are lots of food items which increase,sharpen memory of brain so keep balancing .who taken alprazolam eat almonds keep balance ..enjoy ..every disease produce from depression ..keep brain healthy if u need drug to keep healthier brain than take it why not it's not a crime .. we are eating lots of daily natural foods which have too side effects understand ? ..7 7 7 écrit: this helped me so much. thank god for xanax00walter kersting écrit: Man I gotta get some of this crap. I need to experience a crawling sensation and that cool retardation I’ve seen in my siblings.KidPrinceツ écrit: did he just say gaining weight then losing itKrrishiv Pareek écrit: Alprazolam is a life saver I am alive and watching this video only because of alprazolam. Taking since 10 years 1 mg per day and continues . No side effects. In fact benefits that I have not gone for blood pressure, diabetes pills like others. All disease come from anxiety, depression.yeah this drug is addictive. But it is also life saver for many people. Don't use this drug if you don't have any psychtrits disorder.People must have awareness that alprazolam is not sleeping pills. It's working in brain which cause sleepiness. It is used for many brain disorder like panic anxiety attacks, social phobia, epilepsy, tremors, numbness, jerking, nervousness, fear.80% medicines cause sleepiness for example even tablets of cold, flue,pain killer etc cause sleepiness .human body made of different chemicals. so in case of any issue related to chemical disorder in brain or in other organs of body you must have to insert chemical balancing drug in your body. like if you have thyroid u take direct thyroid hormones tablet.our liver and kidney are most powerful organs to detoxify any toxic chemical in body.Emily! At The Disco écrit: I'm so fucking scared I might need xanax..Arman Ali écrit: What would be it's result like ,,If I take 4 tabs of xanax at once?Gready Red écrit: sell various benzos at good prices, will do free samples to prove they're not fakelil kai écrit: IM ON THE MOLLY IM ON THE BEAN IM ON THE MOLLY IM ON THE BEANAnteroization écrit: user for 10 years, prescribed. has improved my quality of life one milligran. but never used as recreational to chill, used only when needed so carry one to go out.Soi Fabulous écrit: Thanks for posting. I have a music video called,"Fallen Angel" that creates awareness for drug abuse. My prayer is that the song can inspire an addict to change his or her ways before it is too late. You can see it on my channel. Thanks.Iron Lung écrit: Only drug that should be banned from the planet! I didn't here them notice that you lose time and MAKES YOU WANT TOO STEAL! Every criminal case I ever got was on Xanax! How is that not a liable case to sue the fuck outta these evil company's pushing this shit!Tobias Löfbacka écrit: all benzos are satan in a pillgeorgiee écrit: this shit is fake!!!! i'm on a xan and i didn't even expierience these affectspistol breath écrit: I love xanax it saved my lifedallaskyd écrit: People need stop being fucking stupid and stop putting these fucking toxic inside the body . Mother Nature has provided everything we need290,xxx écrit: watching this while im barred tf outGina Fowler écrit: Feeling relaxed is the only side effect I got. none of the rest gives you a normal feeling…. great medication don’t try klonapin that is the worst. I recommend Xanax over any other benzo.Robert Bermudez écrit: He listed every side effect of all d prescription drugs "increased sexual drive", "loss of sexual drive" that dont make no sense to opossite things u gonna give some a panic attack saying all this shit thats not true…smhAnteroization écrit: user of xanax prescribed 2 milligrams a day, yes it worked for my panics attacks that lasted up to 6 hours. user since 2006 now 2018 still use the same dose and only one a day with discipline. this is not a recreational pill. when i stop because I am out of refill, you shake, you sweat, muscles jump. I recognize the symptoms, I take a warm bubble bath, make a hot tea, get in bed read or put classical music no you will not die. If you abuse this pill as recreational and high doses you are in deep deep deep trouble. because the body ask for it in the same high demanding violent level you abused high doses. good luck. if you are addicted work to learn the absolute minimum dose that you can function with out feeling drugged, is the only advise i can give as a prescribed user or quit i repeat you will not die.S B écrit: sex-yulecashville TN écrit: For fact the worst 6-7 months of my life took them everyday. Been clean for 5 months now it does get better it takes a lot of will power A LOT. I still keep 1 on me when I drive.Lina Ed écrit: ok so how to get detox of this shit ?Z AweZome Boy écrit: What the fuck ??? Is this a medicine or poison ?Dyl écrit: Fuck xansKing Garlic écrit: Sounds like a good timeakaChayse écrit: Lil pump told me if I pop 4 xans I'll be a super hero#1 WoW écrit: It turns your brain to Jello and takes years to get back to normal.Lucas Crass écrit: Here comes that boiJames Dickinson écrit: Can't take that computer voice seriously��i8 _O R E O_ écrit: Nigga iffy uhmartin duffy écrit: Fuck me the only side effect you don,t get is toothacheErik Wassenius écrit: This explains why lil pump is like he is and why he has yellow skinMindy Tice écrit: Xanax are off the devilAzPunk999 écrit: Rip Lil PeepMiracle Mcgee écrit: "sneezing"…..bless youMiracle Mcgee écrit: nvm let me throw these away��GD flux écrit: -weight loss
next side effect
G A I N I N G W E I G H Tgumptown7414 écrit: Don't forget the temper tantrumsToo fvcking poor écrit: how much is it gonna last thoOni God écrit: Bout pop a xan now��Destyne Watkins écrit: REALLY DON'T BELIEVE ALL THIS SHIT ALL THESE SIDE EFFECT WERE LIES LOL DAMN WHO MADE IT.. XANNY DO NOT HAVE EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IN THEM������������������TIME TO GOdud écrit: Fuck that I'm not getting chest pain againGary Hall écrit: I watched this and it was very educational and a lot more people should know what they are getting into before taking this medication. I have been taking this medication for 8 yrs and it was the worst I had ever taking.
oAshley écrit: Yet the wrappers get all of the positive onesnew voice écrit: This drug is very scary be very careful when taking more then one week, an addiction can occur-antibeta- écrit: No wonder i've been seeing memes of those. LolAngel Diaz écrit: Shit for all that grab ur self a cold ass yuanglingUnt!tled Beats écrit: If your gonna take xanax recreationally do it once a month the side effects ARE NOT WORTH THE HIGH smoke weed insteadmikhaeldh écrit: feeling relaxed is a side effect??sherry a écrit: It doesn't do anything for me ��theerealatm écrit: Dropped a Xan in Lean… it didn't do anything to me negatively. Of course I got the best sleep ever in my life after the "high" was dissipating. Will never do Xans (or Lean again) as I saw what It (primarily the xans) did to my old coworker (he was a young dude that had no cares). He came in to work off the Xans everyday. Was straight zombie mode. Couldn't retain any info, couldn't perform simple and menial tasks at work. And he moved VERY slow as the job required a fast pace. It was like someone chopped half his brain off. I didn't know what it was until I bought some Marijuana from him a while back. He had told me he takes bars all the time and that's when I correlated the two. His mother also bought him a car (a chrysler pacifica) which he hit 4 PARKED cars with in a matter of a month and I'm assuming it was when he was off the xans. Showed me the dents everytime he came into work with a new dent. I even followed him home to buy marijuana after work and he was swerving all over the road with lean and bars in the car. Cop actually was behind him for a minute but didn't even notice his erratic driving. Ain't no way ima be on some bars when I'm out and about especially the way it's pushed put there as a "party/turn up" drug. Best way to get robbed is to be on xans/lean out in the city. You won't even remember you got robbed.theerealatm écrit: This shit causes more than it treats and it also causes the shit it treats…

What the fuck?!Brandon Paul écrit: Awesome, I like how one side effect of this anti anxiety is anxiety.. Not to mention all the other terrible things. My Friend got put in the psych ward because of this drug.uh écrit: "loss of sexual drive, sexual dysfunction, increased sexual drive, increased sexual performance" watrae écrit: >for relieving anxiety
>suicidal thoughts and tendenciesMaxmayer Mustermann écrit: Lil pumpRISEnSHINE écrit: Idc I'm still bout to pop a barRISEnSHINE écrit: Idc I'm still bout to pop a barMentalic Warfare écrit: So basically everything, Hot+cold, Low+high sex drive, Anxiety+no anxiety. Makes complete sensePagan Witch97 écrit: Don't do it guys its so so scary ��Korpion écrit: Imaging having all the side effects after you thought this would help youirish anger écrit: I get the most vivid dreams, its like that movie inception. I have a different life every nite, some are nitemares, but still awesome.
Not an eveny day drug. On & off. Never more then 2 days in a row.
Dont mix them with oxy. Or if you are a heavy drinker.. Can/will kill you. Not for party seen.GENERAL BLACKSTAR écrit: If im already on setraline for deppression what happens?Tech guy écrit: I had excessive nervous sweating and horrible eye pain the day after taking it.

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