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OxyContin patients, then and now

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Videos of patient testimonials sent to doctors in the late 1990s reveal how marketing trumped science as more and more prescriptions for chronic pain were written. The patients and their families speak out then and now.

Logan K écrit: 4 year sober addict here, oxycontin was better then street heroin, street could be better at times but oxycontin was good EVERY TIME
They sold legal heroin and Perdue all knew itStaff Ryte écrit: I bet it was distracted driving she even said she was talking to him right before the accident..Dsutphin91 Ds écrit: The older black woman at the end,"I will never take oxycontin ever again, ever, you couldn't ever……."Ange Snowling écrit: When Oxy was first developed it was only meant to be used for a short periods only & never recommended as a long term pain management type drug, they say it was never to be used for more than 5-10days for pain management for patients that had just had surgery & only to be used in a hospital setting because they believed it could be potentially dangerous outside of the hospital setting but apparently the drug company was asked by the US health authority to change the recommendations & the wording to incorporate the use of the drug for longer periods so it could be used for long term pain management & could be prescribed for use outside of the hospital setting!. Apparently this was done so they could get people off morphine & other drugs? I can’t believe something like this could be done, overriding & changing those recommendations on the use of Oxy just to sort another problem out? Look at the problem now? Why did the company that developed Oxy be persuaded so easily? Yes I know they certainly made a stack of $$ but look at the end result here? All over the world this shit is killing people & destroying family!!ButtsDongs écrit: Legalize papaver somniferum.David George écrit: The government used us like lab ratsbuttercup écrit: My mom went then this when she had surgery on her knee. My household was hell growing up. My mom was addicted to this cramp and my brother was addicted to anything she brought into the house and alcohol. They are two peas in a pod.Kevin 4real écrit: You enjoy day cause you was high on oxy.Kentucky Bear Arms écrit: These things destroyed my Home TownBoatsNHoesREDUX écrit: 6:54 god her voice is unbearableiWasTheTurkey écrit: I was prescribed oxycodone after I had two of my wisdom teeth removed when I was 16. I hated the stuff. I tried playing games on the couch, but kept nodding off. I only took two doses before I quit.MARLO BABY écrit: Watchin this off a oxy like damn these niggas geekin������Truth Freedom écrit: OxyContin is just legal heroin. It's the same thing. OxiContin is called hillbilly heroin.Sam Danielle écrit: Been sober from heroin for over a year. Took away everything and everyone I loved. I've had two hip replacements from infection from a needle. My fiance overdosed. I'm just now restoring my relationship with my 8 year old. I hate that I caused so much pain for a drug. I'll never forgive myself hopefully my daughter will. I'm just glad I'm aliveTommy’s so funny écrit: How tf is that one women still alive she takes 120 mg a day the other guy died taking way lesskingstonblackboy écrit: I needs dat!Zach Zahn écrit: I messed around with oxy, xans, and hydro in my teens and let me tell yea… they are drugs that are made by men and everything made by men lead to bad things. Do NOT take pills, stick to gods drugs (weed/shrooms) much cleanercereal killer écrit: God people are stupid , weed couse schizophrenia, stumic problems , crazyness , lung cancer and other lung deseases, it WIL destroy your body and when you do have cancer you need to get oxy becouse weed wont help for your pain�� go ahead and smoke until your crazy i dont care���� people saying here weed is better are going to face these problems and more (not an opioid user ). And yes weed have many deaths by crazyness and lung deseases YOUR COUNTRY ONLY THINKS ABOUT $$$ becouse in my country 14 years addicted to oxy is not an optionDank Man écrit: That’s not sleeping that’s nodding off.Power of Knowledge écrit: Chronic pain patients have suffered because people use medication for fun. I myself have fibromyalgia and it's been hell I want to die daily. I would not want to take Oxy ever though it scares me.derek jester écrit: I was among the first wave of OxyContin patients. It was the start of a 10yr living hell in the depths of opiod addiction. I'm so blessed to have made it out with my life. 10+ years opiate free tho still living with chronic pain. I hurt Worse when taking hardcore opiate meds though, they wreck your nervous system.Dani écrit: I'm 16. I was given 4 oxy pills by my doctor after a surgery. Coming from a heavy drug user, never before have I felt so addicted to something once I ran out. Glad I didn't get anymore.John écrit: This stuff is delicious tho damnitCommon Sense écrit: China – they dominate this market now and flood the west with pharma drugs and launder money for the cartels at 1% or zero percent even in many cases.K8 D00r écrit: And yet we’re supposed to respect our doctors & government smhLetha Brooks écrit: This is why I avoid opiates!cross 2 écrit: Unless you live with chronic widespread pain on a daily basis, please don't try to tell us how to live without the pain therapy. That would be like telling someone with a broken leg to just "walk it off."Liafomi 420 écrit: “People would think he was high but they didn’t know he was on a lot of medicine”Yea cuz he was high asf������Knugen av Swärje écrit: YouTube, what are you? My mom?Robert Mckoy écrit: Brodie floating off 70 mg in the first clipGg Nation écrit: ��Marilyn Richards écrit: This is so heartbreaking…chubseybubs écrit: Remember this when they try to say "doctors are hero's"Silver Revolution écrit: Withdrawal you must do really slow. Reduction. (can be over a year)B B écrit: Rest In Peace to all the people overdosed on OxyContin, as well as those who switched over to heroin and ended up losing their lives. Methadone is out there to help people with chronic pain issues without the high that comes from pain pills. Stay safe everyone ❤️demetria villanova écrit: I’m surprised that people livers didn’t give outeddie m écrit: Wish I had a 80-oc about nowxThe World IIs Yours écrit: "Pharmacy's the real trap"Toad Phillips écrit: That one woman her eyes are pinned in both videos. LolRick Solid écrit: The healers have become the harmers
They're just pharmaceutical farmers
What we used to call dealers
We now call doctors
I might be a CD Cynic
Cause that crack house is now a clinic
It's time they change the name of the oath to The hypocritic or the parasiticGreasy nPoor écrit: Keep watching sheople!Novascotia Skater écrit: 2:38 opiates, just like other medications like Blood pressure meds, don’t “ just stop working”. The body adjusts and becomes tolerant so that the “ high” or the warm feeling goes away but the medication hasn’t stopped working. The body gets used to the medication so the pleasure receptors don’t produce the “high” but the pain is still managed by the meds. People make the mistake of thinking it’s not working when really it is, it’s just not the physical pleasure you get when you first started taking it. What a lot of people / addicts don’t realize that opiates actually make you more susceptible to pain because the nerve receptors that register pain become hypersensitive to pain, someone simply stubbing their toe can feel like they shattered the bones. Ironically, abusing pain meds makes you feel pain more intensely then if you weren’t on pain meds.Novascotia Skater écrit: 1:20. “people would look at him and literally think well he’s got to be drunk or he’s got to be high on something, they didn’t know, you know, he was just on a lot of medicine.” Ummm. He WAS high on something, he was high on his pain medicine!Daniel Loughery écrit: There's a big difference between being drug addictive and drug dependent… don't demonize those that need opiates for legit chronic incurable pain thru no fault of their own..it improves our lives and quality of lifeAmanda McCullough écrit: They need to legalize cannabis and stop poisoning us!pooppoo écrit: The doctors that allowed patients to continually refill their medications need their licenses revoked.Arn does écrit: Fuck mu back hurts now ive always have had lower back pain its arthritis and mental too but I'm managing it its hard turture but there's nothing I can do buy liveBubba Fitz écrit: I went from vikes to percs to oxy to heroin in less then 4 years. Abused heroin almost 10 years. I am now sober from all opiates. I now medicate with marijuana and I have my life back. Fuck big pharmaApes_together_strong écrit: The last person made a really good point.Farajaraf écrit: I’m glad I never tried that, I’d be hooked.Codie Monahan écrit: The one lady is taking 160mg/day��yo wtf grandma share sumKirby C écrit: 10 years on these fuckin things. 3 years clean. Oxy is the drug of choice for the devilBrandon Garcia écrit: Just legalize weed all across the USAT Vega écrit: But marijuana is still illegal ��Dusko Vicentic écrit: I know someone on 800mg a dayCalvin Kenney écrit: Hydrocodone is the most evil medicine Big Pharma ever created! Company & stock owners and manufacturers should all be in prison for life! They are the primary reason the U.S. military are guarding opium/ heroin production in Afghanistan for 20 years!jentig écrit: When you have been disabled due to an injury or being sick, and you have lost your quality of life, going on narcotic pain medicine is like getting a new lease on life. At first anyway. It definitely depends on the doctor managing your pain medication. A lot are trained to start you on it, get you to an unnecessary dose, then cut you way back, all at once. Doing this causes a lot of people to start doing things they never thought that they would. Ones mind in this situation does not function like it typically does. It's like the brain of a completely different person. Withdraw is no joke and you will do anything to avoid it. A lot of people who will do anything to get pain meds, are not doing anything to get high, but to avoid getting low and sick and ending up in the hospital. Getting your meds or the street equivalent will be the only thing that matters in your life. Pain management clinics is probably the worst thing that ever happened to people who need to be on pain meds. You take a person who needs pain meds as needed, maybe a few weeks worth every few months, and force them into a situation where they are put on meds they are now required to take multiple times a day, every day, forever. These pain management Drs get paid big bucks to get people hooked. There are benefits to narcotic pain medication, but it takes a very knowledgeable doctor, who really cares about their patients, in order to reap the benefits and avoid the side effects. When they decided that all people who needed to be on pain meds, more than just once, needed to go to a pain management clinic instead of their regular doctor, it was the beginning of an epidemic. And it was intentional. Anyone who ends up in pain management, and is not aware of all the dangers if the medicines, and aware of how to know when the doctor is setting you up for failure by setting up arbitrary rules and ridiculous dosing protocols that they make up as they go, is going to end up in a very bad place. Anyone who starts on pain meds needs to become very learned on every aspect of the medicines and the doctors and the options, and how to spot withdraw symptoms in the early stages. The prescribing doctor can really make a big difference, and so does ones personal role in taking responsibility for educating oneself.Charlie Slump écrit: This is so darkJonathan McCue écrit: The Sackler Family are a money hungry family who knowingly profit off of there consumers addiction, and they inject so much money into the economy that the government doesn’t give a shit. I remember when I got my wisdom teeth removed and I got OxyContin after the 2nd time I used it I was already craving more so I just threw away the whole bottle, and the day after I considered going and digging in the trash bag to find them. If 2 uses does that to you imagine what repeated habitual use will.alex chalakee écrit: That feeling of being alive for the first time is about the same as doing cocaine.Dark Star King écrit: Was banging atleast a gram of heroin a day, clean now, Jesus saves.Dark Star King écrit: Fun Fact: the “medical professionals” in charge of COVID 19 response are the same ones who helped Purdue push opiates on the masses staying they were harmless.freerhymin4life écrit: It’s crazy that this “justice” system has jailed so many people just for growing/dealing weed, but Purdue Pharma gets to escape punishment for all the lives they’ve ruined.Olivia June écrit: Hey they should do this for Benzos!!! Very dangerous as well and often paired with opioid 🙁FTV Co écrit: Oxy helped me meet my stunning wife of 5 months lolSharkJawYokel écrit: 5:15 Glad to see Lorraine Swanson is doing so well after MadTV.Nancy écrit: Holy smokes the beginning dosages are crazyMatthew O’Reilly écrit: Admiral Ackbar said it best, "it's a trap"Certifiable écrit: Oxy is good shit.Mack McCord écrit: Smoke weed everyday!!!

-Nate DoggYeet Smith écrit: what do the enlightened people in this comment section suggest to manage chronic pain then? dont tell me weed or ill fuckin laugh right in your face, weed doesnt do shit.Queen Stella écrit: Wait, Oxycontin is for those with cancer, Oxycodone is usually given for surgeries, bone fractures. They can be mixed up.Nasty boys écrit: The question I have is how much oxy were they on as of 2012??? The surviving patients that are still taking the drug.Sandra Whitaker écrit: People have the right to use what works for them.Lawerence Fielding écrit: I need a plug for oxyround boy li écrit: Remember kids, drug abuse is a motherfuckerAnthony Chirico écrit: Lmao he fell asleep no he nodded outbrad seigler écrit: The last lady was correct. My father is dying. Heart disease, dementia and degenerative spine disease….the doc was just forced to take away his tramadol. A very weak opiate. So a dying man cannot even get pain meds to make the last of his life somewhat comfortable.Dingus Glurt écrit: I love feeling nice and all, but a lot of a good thing isn’t so good.Ruben de Groot écrit: Summary: oxycodon and oxycontin are great medications to use for people with chronic and intense pain.

However: not for every indication. Frequent check ups should be done. Alternatives should be sought.Dunkin Idaho écrit: Why am I watching this?Steve Wilson écrit: I’m a happy OxyContin user since 1999. Just don’t abuse the meds and you’ll be fine.coochie overlord écrit: man just legalize it all with a good warning label ����‍♂️woopimagpie écrit: I am totally in favour of regulation and making sure people are acting responsibly. But lately the Governments in western countries are on a crusade to paint opiates as the bad guy. Responsible opiate use helps a lot of people, like Mary and Susan in this video. And like Susan says, we are now running the risk of adversely affecting the lives of the many who use it properly, don't form hopeless addiction, and don't escalate in their usage. We are once again in the situation of having to punish the 95% because of the actions of the 5%.
I am now required to see my Doctor once a month to obtain weak opiates (codeine) that I used to be able to buy over the counter with no questions asked. So it's a waste of both my and my Doctor's time, and the cost of the codeine has quadrupled since the new rules came in. What used to cost $10 now costs $40. My Doctor thinks the whole situation is ridiculous, but we have to play by these new rules or he gets into hot water and I have the drugs taken away. I've been taking the same dose for over 4 years now. No escalation, and I don't really exhibit any signs of addiction. I even have approval from my local Pain Clinic. But still I have to jump through all these hoops, and all because a few idiots behaved irresponsibly. I'm sorry, but guys like the truck driver in this video are just morons. Just randomly falling asleep? Acting like you're drunk? Seriously – to keep asking for more drugs at that point is just idiotic, and it's thanks to stupidity like that that we all have to pay now. Thanks a LOT.
What the Governments don't seem to have considered is that taking the pain meds away from those who genuinely require them will ultimately lead to an escalation in suicide statistics. If I suddenly had to live without them (and I've had times when I've tried) I would seriously consider taking my own life because when you have pain ALL THE TIME it begins to wear you down, and eventually you reach a point where you just feel like you don't want to do it anymore.
The other problem is that there doesn't seem to be any REAL alternatives. Various "expert" panels will recommend acupuncture and exercise, or I've even seen recommendations of paracetemol as an alternative, but we're now finding out that that is more harmful than the opiates when the opiates are used responsibly, because to achieve the level of anagesia required you have to exceed the recommended dosages of paracetemol. How long until that gets banned as well?
I've said to a few healthcare professionals now that I would gladly stop taking opiates if they could provide me with a real laternative. But the fact is nothing else really works. Anyone who claims opiates aren't effective against chronic pain either doesn't know what they're talking about, or has an agenda to sell you something else.Adelioyo écrit: I was in a bad car accident in 2001. Could have taken the pain killer drugs like this for my excruciating back pain but I refused and asked for hands on treatment and valerian root. Fast forward 19 years… still in pain, but it has become a part of me. Im used to it. However, im fat as fuck now because the pain is too great to do ANY THING. I fuxking hate it. Not sure if I'd rather be dead or what. Pain is a mf. Just never wanted a drug problem is all.Jazz V écrit: Tylenol is the leading cause of Thyroid failure.MrSh4des écrit: Relapsed and OD'd once. The withdrawal made my hair fall out like crazy and all kinds of other weird shit and fuck was I depressed.Ryloh Calzone écrit: all these comments talking about weed
DMT is the most important drugToasty écrit: Oxycontin has ruined my sisters life.kobe castillo écrit: Y'all need cbdGog Bog écrit: Eghhh interview someone not from the dirty southBen Oto écrit: I love pain just not testicular pain. Say it with me y’all “I love pain!”P O’D écrit: Probably OK when you're young enough to take it but we get into your early 40s. You're screwed.Colin P. écrit: Oxycontin has made me so much more active.. I break into 3-4 homes a day to pay for my addiction now.. I used to only do 1-2 houses a week for weed!DazedAndConfused écrit: I've seen the Netflix documentary "The Pharmacist" by chance and was absolutely shocked about the careless distribution of "medicine". Companies selling highly addictive substances to people in pain to make billions of dollars, completely backed by the government. Who needs natural disasters and pandemics if mankind wipes itself out because of greed?Fawn_Draws écrit: This is a scenario where a placebo would’ve been great!Don Rae écrit: 70mg a day is enormous dose. No way Jonny #1 should have been driving. Poor guy and familyMariel Pare écrit: It’s a mixed barrel. My dad is afraid of becoming addicted to pain medication, but he has severe chronic pain due to arthritis, two knee replacements, complications from a back surgery, etc. The only medication that can even touch the pain is Vicodin, and he’s on the lowest dose (yes, he also tries alternative medications and diet). There are some people that this affects heavily, and some people who see this as their only option, but are terrified.Daniel Johnson écrit: As a former legal user of oxycodone and OxyContin products then moving into years of addiction, I can say firsthand, there is no place for this use for chronic pain.
The medicine actually makes the pain worse. I’ve been off for 7 years and have had 3 surgeries with absolutely zero pain medication afterwards at all. Not even while admitted for days following each.
The pain is withdrawal pain.Hood Classic écrit: Make weed legal ‼️

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