The Many Faces of Benzo (Ativan Klonopin Xanax Valium) Withdrawal

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These are the stories of patients who were harmed taking a benzodiazepine as instructed by their prescriber. \n\nWhat Were You Prescribed? 0:28\nWhy Were You Prescribed a Benzodiazepine? 0:38\nWhat Did Your Prescriber Tell You When They Prescribed a Benzodiazepine? 1:18\nWhat Happened When You Started Taking a Benzodiazepine As Prescribed? 1:54\nHow Did Your Prescriber Respond to Your Concerns? 2:57\nGetting Answers 3:43\nWhat Symptoms Did You Experience While Tapering or Stopping a Benzodiazepine (That Lasted One Year or More)? 4:05\nTimeframes for Recovery 6:43\nHow Did the Medical Community Address Your Experience? 7:39\n\nIf you’ve been harmed by a benzodiazepine please report your symptoms with this link\n\nand let us know you reported your injury at\n\nWe rely on donations to operate. To donate please go here:

Shogun – 47 écrit: Yeah I stopped watching after the what you was doing before bit…James Monroe écrit: i understand that withdrawal can be dreadful, but in my experience klonopin saved my life. i was having extreme panic attacks everyday and couldn’t even leave the house and klonopin allows me to live life much better. the biggest side effects are just being tired sometimes during the day. i know some people don’t have good experiences with benzos but for some people they’re life saving so to scare people into never going near them when it may help them is very fucked upJustice écrit: When I was post partum in 1988 going to every doc saying I don’t feel right, I feel like I’m in a dream and they just looked at me blankly. Now you walk in a obgyn office and every sign says 3 out of every 5 women are post partum, talk to your doctor. Really?! I guess better late then never to be validated, the same will happen with benzos and leaking beast implants. Sucks to be the front runners.Theo P écrit: The girl with short brown hair is so cutenicbleu écrit: this sound like pure cancer aids, wow doctor need to grow some core logic you dont fix mental problem with drugs, brain chemistry is to delicate, best medecine is without a doubt intense gym session, i am talking pure torture hardcore trainingJohn Sticher écrit: My advice – NEVER take benzos for more than a few days…five at most. They rewire your brain literally and you can't cold Turkey them like other drugs because it can kill you.

If you take them long term and then stop it will be like you are trapped in the most bizarre horror movie you can imagine…but worse. The depersonalization you will experience I cannot even put into words because there are none that are horrifying enough.

Are you scared? Good…you should be.TIGGY ZARS écrit: 21 months into recovery. The hardest thing I’ve ever had to go though. It’s still hell but I think it’s getting betterDominic Bus écrit: My wife is entering treatment tomorrow and I'm terrified for her and us.danny mutapa écrit: someone send these RAPERS this linkErika C écrit: My doctor have it to me because of my anxiety. But I became agoraphobic and couldn’t remember anything. I would almost fall asleep in the bath tub. I just kept taking more and more pills and nothing helped. The doctors wouldn’t help me they hadn’t even dealt with that before and just gave me more pills. I got off of it alone cold turkey. I called the suicide hot life every hour for days. I didn’t sleep for weeks. I couldn’t get myself out of bed I couldn’t eat I became so suicidal and ended up in the psych ward. This was years ago and when I think about benzos it gives me that horrible alone feeling I had when I was getting off it. Funny thing is this winter I became addicted to fentanyl by myself not from doctors. I’m off it now but on suboxone and I just wanna be free of these pills.eyes2see333 écrit: I can’t explain how horrible what I’ve gone through it it’s just unbelievableStaniel Smith écrit: So much negativity in the comments, if you abuse your dose then you're the problem, don't blame the pill, I've been taking it for 5 years and it's been a life changerLiving the Dream MAINE écrit: I've taken clonazapam for 8 years and because of the side effects I had to in the last week start weaning myself off the pill. All my doctors want to do is give me more. I have had aches and pains in my joints and muscles for 3 years. Im numb to feeling any emotion and those are just two side effects. Im having a hard time with this. But at the end of the day I know I'd rather fight to get off this pill and submit to it anymore. Never made excuses for my addiction to this pill but since I started doing research it has explained alot. Were not alone in this battle. I made sure I told my doctor how I felt and that I disagree with anyone taking this pillSophia Borlee écrit: Long story short given clonazepam for ptsd took for 11 years…in 2018 decided enough was enough and tapered off by myself after er visits I'm now 9 months off of benzos and just recently tapered off seraquel some days are good and give me hope others are awful severe nausea and anxiety is this pretty normal? And is it do to getting off these meds? Any info or opinion is appreciatedAlfy écrit: It killed my motherGillian Evans écrit: If you are trying to get off benzodiazepines, follow the protocol from Dr Ashton in the UK. It's free. It's structured. It's appropriately slow.

Consider discussing Gabapentin with your doctor to help control symptoms during withdrawal. am Nemo écrit: I have started tapering again as my tapering plan had to be modified, and i'm doing this after being on them for 6 years….. Tapering so far is a living, waking, exhaustion and pain filled hell and I have just started tapering with a less aggressive tapering and judging by this video I'm screwed….Tyr Faust écrit: It’s a year later from when I forcefully came off of six years of 2 mg daily Klonopin cold turkey while in jail, never even had an unpaid speeding ticket at 35 years old this point, and the arrest was also related to Clonazepam. My difficulty during a bad break up with my ex-girlfriend during a true taper started the whole debacle. I was charged with harassment, Enhanced to stalking until the grand jury gave me a “no bill” meaning the charge was dropped. Now a year later and residual muscle twitches still make me instantly assume the worst and think things like ALS. Clonazepam was a true nightmare that totally & irrevocably destroyed my life. I live with severe OCD/hypochondria and muscle tension to this day almost exactly a year later.Derek écrit: I got addicted to street valium , was buying 1000 tabs for £200 . Really hamering them all the time . With the help of my gp I tapered down to zero in a few weeks . It was hard but nothing like what these guys are saying . The worst thing for me is all my underlying mental health problems are back and I'm not self medicating to make them go away .Paul Scott écrit: I've been off 9 months but relapsed a few times and it brings it all back but now I realize I have to stay off no matter what it's a battle my mum died 6 weeks ago through all this I'm trying to grieve but the withdrawals are hellPaul Scott écrit: Easy to give but hard to get offMatias Karos écrit: lolSi Gotkot écrit: I know so many people who’ve been on benzodiazepines and unfortunately doctors love to prescribe them and do so hastily. I was given Xanax and Stilnox and started to suffer severe derealization, memory loss and other weird things. When I told the doctor he put me on additional medicines but did not take me off these as he didn’t think they were side effects. I took myself off them and luckily didn’t have the severe withdrawal but I also can’t remember much from that time so I’m not actually sure how bad it was. People told me I wasn’t myself during that time, it felt like living in autopilot.John Ferguson écrit: Doctors are idiots and should try benzos before they give it to peopleAnthony Enright écrit: I have been taking zanax for over six years now because of having cancer back to back with a divorce If I miss a dose I cant breathe my chest hurts and my arms hurt.It is like the xanax is what is protecting me from all the things that hurt me in life,I am hoping to lose my memory so that I can forget my past.I guess i will be taking it for the rest of so called life.skat natter écrit: If it would take away the hideous anxiety then great, I'd take it everydayHighlander9740 écrit: It feels like an out of body losing your mind experience and I have to hide my problem. The doctor who prescribed it abandoned me. I feel so lost and hopeless and I have to hide my feelings. Thanks for listening and God bless all.DelBoy écrit: This drug should be illegal it's problems overweight its benefitsBrenda écrit: I’ve listened to 4:10 to 6:45 so many times and cried cause I have felt all of that. I don’t even remember some of it cause my memory had gone to shit. But every symptom I’m like holy crap me too. Wow.John Cerro écrit: 8mg of klonopin everyday for 5 years doctor drops down to 3mg everyday i can’t get of them I’m stuck on 3mg having bad withdrawals helpStephanie Arcari écrit: Wow! So I was prescribed with valium. I cannot even imagine not taking it. I will not be normal. I swear I will get withdrawals. But I can not stop taking it because I will just give up on everything. Any options?Adam Rami Films écrit: hi I was just prescribed 0.5mg of lorazepam this week and have already taken about 6 tablets what should I do? because now I’d rather steer hard away from this drughwd71 écrit: Pray to Jesus, if anyone can deliver you from this addiction it is Jesus.
Amen.Babyfacedblackjesus écrit: I quit benzos cold Turkey. It's been 3 years. I didn't have any withdrawal symptoms. Maybe it's because while I quit the benzo poison, I still was forced to take antipsychotic poison.MrTAFSIYNOT écrit: Warning…you will get hooked on benzos….. then you are on your own to get off them. Most Doctors will not have that game plan to detox I was on Ativan for 20 years until one day I decided this shit isn't helping me. But I found out not to cut them off suddenly like. If I had the chance..I would spit on that doctor's face that started all this. Benzo flu was my biggest challenge during detox. Be determined and taper off slowly…the slower the better.Mel Coveney écrit: I've tried getting off these. I can't. It's hell.Julian M écrit: Been there. Literal hell. Wishing anybody going through this the best.K.R. Hoffman écrit: Benton écrit: All drugs used to treat depression, anxiety, sleep problem, give what seems like a fix at first because of the sedating effect. When you are in a stressful situation the numbing effect is a relief, for a while. I've been on several antidepressants and clonazapam. Some were worse than others. Memory problems are terrible. I started my first antidepressant in 2006 when I caught my husband cheating. I tried most of the SSRIs, lithium (for a little while, it did nothing for me), clonazapam, wellbutrin, and nafazadone. I was in a psych. hosp. when I started the nafazadone for a suicide attempt. It worked in 30 minutes. I said I'm fine. I'm ready to go. I was supposed to be in for a week, but got out in a few days. The memory problems were horrible. I couldn't think. Work was so difficult. Driving was difficult. I finally got off of it, but it was difficult and took years. The worst thing I did was electroconvulsive treatment. That was horrible. Memory loss. I felt happy for 1 week after 6 ECTs. Then the saddness came back as bad as before, only with added memory loss. I'm finally weaning off of wellbutrin and clonazapam in 2020. I was almost off of them in 2019, then my boyfriend died and I maxed out my dosages. I started my first SSRI in 2006. With God's help I hope to be off everthing thus year, possibly this month. I hope all of you get off of these mind destroying drugs. Blessings to all of you.Mario Monaco écrit: Dr Heather Ashton says 90% of people who taper off of Benzzzos do not get those withdrawls.. This happens to 10 % of the people…..K.R. Hoffman écrit: DeLaRouge écrit: If you don’t abuse it and you take it correctly it does work. You can’t just stop taking it
You have to taper off very very slow. I tried tapering off before. It was a three week process. It was extremely uncomfortable. I ended up going back on because it is truly the only thing that works for my extreme anxiety. I only take it when I absolutely have to. I’ve been on it for seven years and most doctors refused to treat me so I have to stay with my doctor that’s all the way in Maryland. You are right no one wants to help you when they realize you’re taking that medication. Doctors are horrible. They don’t mind prescribing things to you but when it’s time to stop they want nothing to do with you!!Heather DeLaRouge écrit: I’ve been on Clonopin for seven years. I take it maybe every other day. I haven’t had any problems with it. Although when I did try to stop taking it it was the worst withdrawal in the world!! So now I will probably take it the rest of my lifeMike Jackson écrit: Going cold Turkey now freezing and sweating yesterday and very angry restless ! Still on Morphine olanzapine robaxin and propranolol for my neck and back. The diazepam helped, nothing else does unless I take 120 mg of morphine to take edge off which is 4 x my dose. All I want is someone to bloody fix my neck not dose me up !born free écrit: A lot of people in Education fieldMarco Sosa écrit: i’ve been on klonopin for a year now. tried to tapper it off for 3 months but the withdrawal symptoms were very bad. i got panic attacks, insomnia, sleep paralysis, tachycardia, memory loss, it was hard to focus…. i’m taking 1mg a day, and 10mg of lexapro a day, which is another horror story…Ken Likes écrit: Keep going, everyone… ����

Stay strong… ✊��JRSinCT écrit: We need to start calling out these doctors by name.
1. Doctor who prescribed clonazepam for a decade without warning about dependence or withdrawal : Michael Stitelman, branford ct
2. Julia Shi – refuses to work on a taper, but leaves me in major withdrawal – apt foundation new Haven ct
3. Cornell Scott Hill detoxification clinic in new haven – pressured me to stop clonazepam in a 4 day 'taper' with librium
4. Stonington Institute detox and rehab programs in North Stonington and Groton ct – excessive benzo dosing during detox/in rehab took 5 hours and 6 people before anyone thought I needed help with severe withdrawal and suicidal thoughts

Perhaps a website with a database of providers who deny benzo hell and fail to treat patients would be a helpful thing…Eric Blair écrit: "Informed Consent." "Do No Harm."….What a joke.K.R. Hoffman écrit: Hoffman écrit: CBD for PTSD écrit: People shouldn't vilify benzos. I suddenly began to suffer from extreme chronic torment when I was 17 (every minute of every day). I was one of the brightest students when I began studying at the university that year, but after two years I had to quit because the torment was unbearable. Clonazepam took away the torment, so I'm grateful to my doctor and grateful for this medication. The problem is that my condition is so severe that clonazepam only works at 8 mg a day (extremely high). My doctor retired, so now, after 25 years, my new doctor wanted to taper me. I'd much rather stay on this drug. Imagine tapering in my situation. I think the real lesson is to not take benzos unless you really have no choice. A guy in this video started benzos because he was having complications with his job. Well, DEAL with it. Solve the issues. Get help from a psychologist or whatever. That's no valid reason to take benzos or any other medication.John Houde écrit: I have been on Clonazepan for 33 years! I'm down from 1mg a day over 30 years to .25mg. today. Three years to taper. One of the horrible long term dangers is severe Tinnitus which I have. It's at 3,100 hz and about 60 decibels or louder, 24 hrs. a day. The damage is permanent and it gets worse as the dose is reduced. The absurdity is that this drug is sometimes prescribed to reduce tinnitus. My doctor is one of the top two psychiatrists in the world. He saved my life with another drug and almost did me in with this one. May I suggest lots of exercise every day, a long vigorous walk is fine. It helps balance and repair the nervous system . Good luck to all.DONALD1951 écrit: I am currently taking them every day after a severe traumatic incident….
.5 mg…I have noticed that my legs are very sore and feel like electric current is running through them…something a spinal cord issue…didn’t correlate the two.
Could the Klonipan be the cause of this?
Also I’ve watched several videos and can’t seem to understand what happens to the people who got off the drug…so many different complaints…
What are the most common signs to look for?
ThanksKara A écrit: Jesus can help you with anxiety.dahkneelah écrit: Why is this legal? Shouldn't someone be behind bars? WTH?Good Vibes écrit: I am a senior in college and tapered down from a 2mg a day dosage, I tend to overthink and this helped me for the time it worked.Ian Hovenden écrit: So they get there dose doubled if they don’t want it and when I ask for it I get referred to a therapistMarcelina Tompson écrit: Suffered anxiety for several years thanks I stumbled on this source on YouTube are seeing many people giving good feedback about quality and legitimacy now I can sleep like a baby everyday you can get the source on WhatsApp +13013047094Teri écrit: Thank you.wooddog furniture écrit: Come to this rehab place and we will get you addicted to awhole other drug. What fucking marks, these fuckers are actors my Damn brother is in this .Jon Blatz écrit: I always stole shit on XANIES, anybody else do this?Anarchic Bandit écrit: This is a fault of psychiatry, not benzodiazepines.Christian Arrizon écrit: Klonopin from 15 year to 38 years old they make me dont care about anything plus if u have any other drug problems it becomes a gateway drugdewi indriani écrit: The pschyatric should try eat that benzos before give prescribe to patient, and then they Will know how feel being hooked on that drugBoombox Boy écrit: How many are healed now?Dana L écrit: I would have the worst withdrawal symptoms and one day I just prayed (Not pushing my beliefs on anyone). I prayed to not be in pain as I knew the next day I was going into withdrawal. I literally woke up and was terrified of going through another withdrawal again. Pain, skin crawling, agitation, sweating, hives, basically worse than coming off 120mg of oxy. I prayed so hard, and that day, and the next, No withdrawals, not even anxiety. I was on 4 mg per day. I am not telling anyone to go cold turkey, but I am telling you that there is no way this could have happened to me without withdrawals. Doctors, even scientists can't figure out why some people can go off of them, and why some people can't.Well God knows. It took my sister almost 3 years to taper off of benzos. I have been on them for years, and did go through the painful withdrawals. Many doctors are seriously so uneducated on benzo withdrawal. God Bless anyone who is going through this.ThatGuyTv écrit: i can only speak for myself and people i know as i lost a friend from a benzo overdose but for me it's all about moderation, i would take 2mg to 2.5mg Xanax early/mid day and 10mg Valium a hour before bed and done this for well over a year. one of the key things for me was to not abuse it and do it everyday just mostly every other day and never take more than i was meant to as tolerance is easily built on these types of drugs witch will make you even more dependent. the drugs help me immensely, the Xanax help me not worry about stuff that really didn't matter and stopped my anxiety, mild panic attacks and tight chest pains plus i felt a lot more comfortable in public places and had no problem asking random people questions or if i needed help with anything i.e shop assistants or things of that nature. i took the Valium to aid my sleep as i had trouble sleeping since 6 years old witch later turned into real bad insomnia where some times i would be up for over 48 hours and counting, the the Valium work wonders and i manage to get myself into a routine of taking my medicine at set times at night and waking up early everyday and doing exercise during the day even if it was a quick 10 minute work out or jog around the block a few times. i know it can be hard but you also have to have a strong metal mind set, everyone is different tho and cope in different ways. my friend that passed abused the drug took it everyday and more than he should been witch got him seriously addicted witch unfortunately led to his demise. no your limits and use responsibly. mental health can be a big factor in this sort of thing as well it's not always the drug but people trying to escape something they can't control or understand.Joseph Bonnell écrit: I took several different types of benzo's for 17 years. Overall, I think they helped me. The problem I have is that doctors don't properly titrate people off the benzos. I was given a 10 day librium taper: which was seriously inadequate. The following 15 months were the worst of my life. I think they can be beneficial but the process of getting off them is seriously misunderstood.Katie B écrit: i often think that quitting xanax from a tapered dose of 0.0625mg / day caused me to have current multiple sclerosis i have ( i have 2 lesions/ scars in my brain which caused me to get MS) i went THRU HELL when i quit the HELL lasted for 2 months it was a helluvalot of trauma to my brain so i suspected thats WHY im disabled with MSPaul Miedzinski écrit: Here is me watching this going through it and worse, scaring me moreMegan Amparo écrit: My personal story –

I was prescribed 1 mg Xanax 4 times a day for anxiety after Lily was born. I was instructed to "bite them in half" and take them throughout the day.

Soon I noticed my life was a living hell. Fatigued. Confused. Depressed. I cried begging the doctor to take me off. He said "No. Your bad thoughts will get worse and you'll gain a bunch of weight." So I quit cold turkey. Ended up suicidal and in the psych hospital twice.

Moral of the story. Doctors take a 2 hour class on benzos and hand them out to innocent people like candy. You don't give a young mother 4 mg of Xanax because she's anxious. That's a recipe for disaster.

I'm not alone in the hell I've been going through for years. This has to stop. I don't drink. I've never smoked a cigarette. Yet I took a high dose of a potent mind altering drug for years because my doctor said I needed them. They're not a "mother's little helper." They're vile. They should be destroyed. There are other ways to combat anxiety. I'm surprised I'm still alive.Sonya Mundorf écrit: I was first prescribed Ativan after my first panic attack, due to the fact that my Father committed suicide. I have been off and back on Benzos since 1998 and it has helped me through some hard times.sangfong206 écrit: people think that opiate , meth and heroin withdrawal is bad . they ain’t got shit on benzos. not even methadone or suboxone can compare to BWD’s . for those who have withdrawn from heroin or pain pills , multiply that by 100Jerr Perry écrit: still addicted in EU no solution availableDavid Crandall écrit: Oh dear God help me that I never take Benzos.John Ammons écrit: I was on lorazepam 4mg for more than 15 years I quit cold turkey and suffered a brain the grace of God I exist now.Roy boy écrit: I have used them for flight anxiety I fly twice a year I haven’t taken any for 3 years no problems thank god but I will never use them again I will never fly againJubeProductions écrit: Anyone that is prescribed benzos should be required to watch this before taking it.

I am really surprised at how little the doctors understand these medications. These drugs aren't meant for long term use but rather short term ase as needed. 10 years ago I was prescribed xanax after my father died of a long illness. I ended up taking upto 6 mg a day or more. I was taking 1 2mg bar 3 times a day, maybe 2 bars at a time. I would run out a few days before my refill and that's when I realized they cause withdrawal. I would do anything to get an early refill. I started buying them off the street to make up for all the ones I was taking. One day I took 3 bars at once after not having any for 2 days, I was in withdrawal and I binged. I then took more and was blacked out with a bottle of 90 bars. I don't remember that day but I crashed a work car into a toll booth and drove away, then I hit a parked car and drove away. The car was destroyed.
I decided I was done with them and threw the rest away. Since I only ever went no more than a few days without taking them I figured I would just go through a bad couple of days then be back on my feet in a week. Well let's just say I was very wrong. The withdrawals were horrible. The rebound anxiety I felt was terrifying. I couldn't leave the house because I was too scared. I didn't sleep more than 10-20 minute cat naps for a month. I would lay in bed at night in a dark room as my wife slept next to me and I would hallucinate shadow monsters on the walls and ceiling. When I did manage to drift off into sleep I would be awaken by horrifying nightmares. It was torture for weeks. I couldn't eat because everything tasted like the flavors were 100 times. I could feel my entire nervous system tingle with electricity right down to my nerve endings. I couldn't go outside without sunglasses because my pupils were dilated. The colors were too bright, sounds were too loud and feeling were too much. I would cry at a pet food commercial. I couldn't watch the news because it made me depressed. I thought death would be a relief and I could rest.
After a few weeks I started to normalize and I was able to sleep, eat and live. But I continued to have symptoms for at least another year. Now when I look back at those 3 or 4 years I was taking them there are huge gaps in my memories. I don't remember huge chunks of my life. I look at pictures and have no recollection of being in those places. That is one of the worst things about it that still affects me to this day. I can't remember large parts of my life when I was taking benzodiazepines. The fucked up part is I still will take xanax or other benzos here and there. Just not in the amounts and length of time that I did so I don't experience major withdrawals.jaxsun72 écrit: Doctors are proof that you can be a highly educated idiot.1980s dude écrit: holy shit at 0:58 I have tinnitus too and that shit wont let me sleep and has ruined my life……10 years with it now…Moon Shine écrit: Getting off them is tough..yes, but personally if I was never on xanax in the first place I would have killed myself so it was a blessing. There are few things in life (substance wise) that don't take back what they give, in this case it's getting off the medication. Most medications that work this well have a tendency towards dependance.P M écrit: Make videos how heal and coping skillsIrene de vet écrit: I had seizures i van still not talk about it greatings from the nederlandsIrene de vet écrit: I had these symptonsRyan S écrit: Here's the best way I can describe benzo withdrawal, imagine what it would be like to be sucked up into an airplane engine. That is it.ashley butler écrit: Mega dosing vit c and amino acids.keto diet and juicing lettuce eased my symptoms.also drinking a spoonful of coconut oil in tea and bathing in caster oil.rochelle123ist écrit: I take Clonazepam for occasional anxiety! I get like 15 pills every 1 to 2 months. It really helps for breakthrough anxiety.M Hilde écrit: So much for doctors "doing no harm!"Blue Bird écrit: Yep..benzos are poison. Period.LV Mykoveli écrit: everybody on drugsE Ellet écrit: Dandy écrit: This drug has been a life savor for hundreds of millions of people , your experience is not the experience of the vast majority of people.Everett Lee écrit: My piece of shit psychiatrist put me on 2mg of ATIVAN 3 times a day. That's fucking 6mg a day of ATIVAN. Guys, that was a motherfucker to quit taking. — I no longer believe in GOD because of that experience.Janel N écrit: I am currently going through these same withdrawls and I don't know who to turn to for help. I feel abandoned! I suffer from anxiety still. Living with depression and anxiety is aweful. I don't wish this on anyone. I wish that I could just be happy and calm. Watching this helped me to see that there are other people going through what I am going through. I also learned about" Benzo buddies" and I will now look it up for more information that can help me. Thank you for creating this video! You are reaching out and helping lot's of people who really need it.max always goes by boat écrit: My benzo withdrawal was an absolute fukin nightmare…crying, emptiness, fear, anxiety, hopeless, withdrawn, nothing made sense, couldnt add or subtract, count read or write….these benzos are the absolute worse thing and DR's should be trained in titration NOT COLD TURKEY/YOU WILL DIE…I PRAY SOMEBODY READS THIS AND MAKES A DECISION TO NOT FILL
OR TAPER! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE THAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE YOU. and please love yourselfJeff écrit: Another satanic move on the behalf of big pharma…let that one sink in …….��DiscoNotDead écrit: My brother is a doctor. He told me he refuses to prescribe benzos, period. I understand why77Tadams écrit: I thought I was going to die when I went off them….a few times with different ones….I finally learned my lesson that they are not the cure for anxiety….if anything they make it worse for you! Don't take them. If you take the once in a great moon….like for flying on a plane here and there and you don't have an addictive personality….yes they work great. Don't rely on them for general anxiety daily though….or you will pay dearly for it.Mr. Q écrit: I thought I was the only one who would say my teeth hurt. I told my dentist my teeth hurt and he just didn’t believe me. I was not that surprised since my psychiatrist had no clue about how to stop Klonopin.

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