Valium ( Diazepam ) Review And Side Effects

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Valium – I had a horrible experience and decided to share my experience and side effects with Valium which is also known as Diazepam in it’s Generic form. \n\nLet’s Break The Mental Health Stigma Together – \n\n\nThis is not a professional opinion just my own thoughts and what I experienced.\n\nPlease do not abuse this drug and only taken as prescribed as a physician. \nIf you have any problems or questions about this medicine please contact your Pharmacy or local physician.\nFollow me on social Media\nTwitter – @SchizoCorner\nInstagram – schizoaffectivecorner\n\nIf you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet Please do by clicking here so together we can help break the Stigma that surrounds the Mental Health Community. \n\n\n#MentalHealthSurvivors #Bipolar

Stefan Eccles écrit: Good shit!joshua taylor écrit: Man it’s takes 30 mg of Valium to do anything to me but don’t last longscott daniel écrit: it takes 4 valium 10 mg before it even works on me. im a muscular guy.but have a verry high ammune to pillsDazza Full House écrit: I used to take 20mg of Valium for anxiety but when it wore off I’d always be in a bad moodpablohoney086 écrit: I took 10mg valium and still I'm not sleeping… its been 30 mins since I took it.L.G. Girl écrit: For me diazepam gave me memory lost. A sure way of finding out if your losing your memory. In the evening think back to what you did in the morning or the day before. If you can remember that's good.How Do Ya Like Me Now, Chucklehead? écrit: I take Valium every time my wife wants me to go shopping all day with her. I'm an Irish-level drinker, so my doc gives it to me every time I try to cut down to stop the alcohol withdrawal. Whatever's left, I use to calm myself in situations that leave me utterly seething. I've never felt so completely relaxed shopping with my wife for dumbshit linen as I am when I take Valium. Generally, my blood pressure is through the roof and I'm losing my mind trying not to grit my teeth so hard I grind my teeth down to nubs, watching her spend twenty Goddamned minutes choosing between some pastel bullshit or some floral bullshit. Never tried Xanax, but Valium is a Godsend for any guy put through the ringer for some insignificant, decorative bullshit.Uploads N Allsortz écrit: What if I take 5 is that bad lol I think of emNathaniel Birthurth écrit: Does anyone else feel really sentimental while on diazepam(valium)? Kind of like when you get drunk and want to tell everyone you love them.Calvin West écrit: Some of you its not going to help because yall take every fucking thang just to get high and all the shit yall take i would imagine this shit wouldnt help you damn yall are stupidThe Dude écrit: You still taken benzodiazepine's?The Dude écrit: You still taken benzodiazepine's?amber garagiola écrit: I'm not sure what state your in, but most DR.s do not prescibe benzodiazapines for everyday use. they have been linked to seizures and typically can increase mental disorders. They are extremely addicting. I would suggest to review this with your doctor if anyone is still taking these regularly…Sweasian Couple écrit: I don’t know If i am very tolerant or the Valium I buy is lower. ( live is Asia), I take 10 mg per time. One evening can be up to 25-35mg.
I have a really tough time right now and it really helps. I often drink red wine same time.
Please tell me your story…JoeRyMi écrit: SSRIs have zero benefit for me with depression and anxiety. Paxil assisted with social anxiety a bit but nothing for my baseline anxiety with no reductions in panic attacks. Unfortunately, Xanax has been my life saver but it’s addictive and has negative impact on my memory. I too found Valium to cause me to sleep more than anything. PTSD and anxiety mixed with depression is no fun, and unless you live with it, I don’t want to hear your criticisms of medicating…because you just don’t know.Reneé1993 écrit: I have anxiety during the day thinking I won’t be able to sleep and I’m usually able to sleep okay(I take 100mg of trazodone) but when my anxiety is super bad it kinda just doesn’t work lol. I’ll take any suggestions I’m thinking of asking for something to add to the trazodone to help? I also take 50mg of Zoloft currently for my depression.The guy above me is a huge cunt écrit: Is 40mg alotClyde’s covers écrit: Gee I take 3 10mg a day don’t even notice itGraham conquer GHC écrit: I take 28 ten mgs a day and it does nothing I've been on it twenty yearsJoy Porcella écrit: I take zyprexa and gaba pentin and when that doesnt happen i take10mg valium. I take valium at night to help me sleep. Too many fake bars out there.Blast Oise écrit: I've never been prescribed valium or any other anti anxiety meds from a doctor but I've bought thousands from dealers over the years, they're just about the only thing that helps with my anxiety and sleep problems, I use them as and when needed, I don't take them on a schedule. I know there's some scary sounding side effects but I've only ever experienced mild withdrawl symptoms after I've ate 2/3 boxes of 10 mg tabs over a few weeks. I've not had any for months now but I need to hit my dealer up because I've tried absolutely everything and nothing helps me like valium does. Side effects or not they get the job done. I'd advise anybody to only take psych meds as and when needed, always have them handy but be head strong and don't start eating them every day, as with any drug they are good in small doses but addictive when taken in a routine. That's my opinion after 5 years of irregular use.amorperecido écrit: I took 35mg diazepam today and wanna take the other .5 to make it 40mg. I know that’s the max dosage you can take in a day but does anyone use it often throughout the day like me?conor mcaly, mcoil écrit: Must have xanax if not they must subscribe 12 valium pr Day. And not many doctors takes that amout. 4 im morning and 4 at night, with rohypnol and zolpidemHerbert Sprinkle écrit: Ritalin rocks but can make you anxious.Herbert Sprinkle écrit: When I get off work I drink a beer with three shots, I wait 25 minutes then pop a 5 to mg of Valium. I wait for the Euphoria and for the paranoia and anxiety to go and then smoke a joint. It feels amazing.Herbert Sprinkle écrit: I love your videos.LFlo 95 écrit: I’ve tried Buspar for general anxiety disorder too, but I just felt zonked out. Totally confused and had some weird side effects. Improved my mood though, but Valium was the best choice for me.LFlo 95 écrit: I’m prescribed Valium for PMDD and GAD from my doc in conjunction with Wellbutrin XL. It’s worked well for me for years. I was on Klonopin as well!Jack The best écrit: I take 20mg of diazepam 3 times a day people say it’s Alott but I can’t go out the house without itLee Bogle écrit: I suffered from anxiety and ptsd for nearly 22yrs diazapam did not hit the sides but everyone is different and don't suffer go back to the doctors there is helpMoks écrit: I use it for xan withdrawalRandolph Jay écrit: Love the videos. Just discovered them. I wish you could address the side effect of decreased interest in sex and/or the erectile dysfunction that some men suffer from as a side effect of benzos. Like Valium vs. Xanax, if they increase the libido the same or one doesn't affect so much than the other.Jay Somewhereinflyoverterritory écrit: It puts everything into slow motion. I wouldn't attempt to drive a vehicle while on it.Soumaya Sammie écrit: It made me so dizzy. So I guess I should call the doctor again. AghSherry Butler écrit: I took tenmg at 4pm and still only slept from 8pm to 12am and up till the next night I guess it's just mania tho. I don't know. I take other meds too but everyone is different.I No Eat Sugar écrit: I heard it can help if your manic, because it makes you tiredNatalie Harris écrit: I take 30 mg and it does help from my depression n anxietyDavid écrit: My mom loves valium.Zak Stoffle écrit: I take ativan 2mgs 3 times a day and it helps with my anxietyMichael 87 écrit: Distilled water people , drink it . !! It wont solve all but will help massively, we have all been drinking poison for years and years , e.g ( tap water ) , buy a distiller and get drinking, it helps remove metals from our blood stream , and we all have a build up of this , a lot of mental issues are down to heavy metalsGaz Crowther écrit: I started on 2mg a day for panic disorder and anxiety 9 years later I'm on 20+mg Diazepam a day and when I've tried stopping then I've experienced siezures and now I'm addictedTiffany Howard écrit: mine is not working for me anymore i need xanaxTrevor Burgess écrit: Valium for me brother has made my life liveable, I was anxiety ridden with ocd and paranoia. This pill helps so much.Roy Tippler écrit: I’ve been on Valium and seropax via prescription and I’ve found them to be very effective in myself valium at 20mg and tamazepam at 80mg for anxiety…. I’ve also taken Xanax recreationally and I’ve found that it has the same effect as 20mg of Valium at 1mg….. so if a low amount like 5mg of Valium isn’t having a good effect try taking a different benzo at the same dose…. and talk to your doctorMiguel Vazquez écrit: this shit wack took two like 20 t0 25 min and they havent hit meRose��Red écrit: Have you had experience with ativan?Ernie Zamora écrit: If I take Valium would show on a drug test for workR J. écrit: I have been on 5mg of diazepam for 10years..its been a life saver …i suffer from chronic anxiety and panic attacks…i dont take anymore then 5mg…it calms me down.Sab moon écrit: Thank you !!!!!Aqq uah écrit: I was on valium for a bit but it didnt seem to do anything really even when i took more and more trying to get to feel it i was still getting what i would best describe as an anxiety/panic attack, now they put me on klonopin and so far im loving it i dont seem anxious almost at all and it calms me down really well, only problem is school with klonopin as i cant seem to focus very well while on it. Thanks for your informative videos man and best of wishes to you!Sklawz écrit: 2mg is worthless as far as diazepam. esp switching from klonepin but whatever works for uHighGFL420 écrit: Seems like Valium would solve my a lot of my problems.Fish Fool écrit: Smoke potAnthony Martinez écrit: y'all should try kratom. that shit is a real miracle worker.Daniel D DePape écrit: I really like your videos. Your voice sounds so comforting. I have very bad anxiety and have failed on many medications, like many ssris,and snris, and now buspar. They all make my anxiety worse and I get sweating as a side effect when trying to up the dosage..I think benzos are my last chance at relieving anxiety since they work so well..I just need to convince my doctor to prescribe one again.. would like to hear back from you about your opinion. Dan.Melancholic Storm écrit: I liked diazepam. 10 milligrams Roche V's 4 times a day. It made me too numb though. I didn't feel shit. It was like a case of beer a day. Was on lithium too around that time. I was always shakey and twitching. Levels kept spiking. Kidney damage. Etc. Doctors don't always know what they're doing. Psychiatrists are trained for this stuff. Gp's can at times but usually they don't know shit.Jan Johannes écrit: This stuff is extremely addictive. I was addicted for years. It made me dead inside. The side effects were horrible and getting off them was hell.Creeper 619 écrit: Hey Gary I uh,, shoved a 5MG valium tablet up me bum hole and holy moly did it blow my friggin mind!! I have a Nigerian doctor and he explained to me exactly "Up intu dee buttocks u put da pill ok mista"flexuntun green écrit: Diazepam keeps me awake unless I smoke bud with itMentally Misunderstood écrit: My pops has been on Valium since it came out, but I was on every benzo going crazy out of the military until I got Xanax it’s my life saver!Scott R écrit: I took 600 x 5mg tablets in the space of 5 weeks. One day I took about 50 of them – no joke. Just chasing. Once they ran out I decided not to go back and get anymore. The next 3 days were the worst 3 days of my life. It took about 6 months to have somewhat normal cognitive function again. 2 years later and I still have short-term memory loss. My memory was way better than anyone I ever met. When I was at university my professor was studying for another PhD and got 1,000 students in the faculty to do memory tests (reading a sequence of numbers and then they would disappear off screen and you would write down what they were). My professor told me that I had by far the best memory of the 1,000. I kid you not it was as sharp as a tack. A curse even. Nowadays I find myself forgetting small details such as what I had for breakfast yesterday etc. It is a horrible drug and one I would not recommend.I’M THE MAN écrit: Mother's little helpers.BULK CHOGEN écrit: All the best mate. Hope you are having luck and getting peaceRyan Brooks écrit: I was on 30mg of valium a day xanax extended release and klonopin work better for me. I am diagnosed bipolar and I have social anxietymia moni écrit: Valium let's me casually walk into a Walmart where I'd never step foot in on a normal day… it's so weird how it calms me.mia moni écrit: Valium works really well for me. I take about 4mg but recently taking 6mg. It actually got me on a plane which I was terrified of planes for 6 years. Now I take it more often which is unfortunate because I don't want to be addicted.Jey’s TV écrit: Thank You bro ��Zeke Z ZekeKan écrit: For six years I was on 3 mg of Sandy's a day the blue footballs. That's a lot to take prescribed it's not a lot for a habit but they gave me one taking them everyday 1 in the morning evening night for six years. And then my doctor moved out of state and they didn't replace it so I had to go cold turkey off of 6 years of 3 mg of Xanax everyday. I thought I was going to die and looking it up I could have actually had a seizure. I haven't been back on meds sense but I also haven't left my house except for one day a month to pay rent and do laundry. So I'm scared to be get back on them because it's so hard to come off if your doctor moves away. But without it I'm on that wave in much of a life because I have g a d and wake up everyday with anxiety for no reason and have it all day.
and then I'm scared the doctor's going to think I'm fishing when I do go because I'm sick of trying different meds I did that for 10 years and I found at work I just lost my doctor in a different state. So when I get a new one I know what to ask for for my anxiety and panic attacks, I'm scared if I ask for a certain medication he's going to think I wanted to get high. Even though with the high anxiety I got some most impossible for me to get high off them.
So I don't know how to take care of my anxiety without meds like I said I don't leave the house. I don't answer the door when someone knocks and I don't answer the phone when it rings. I'm 33 this year and I haven't socialized since I've been off the meds for 4 years. I'm scared that I'm waist in my life because I'm too scared to ask for what I know what will help cuz it did for six years. Because I'm scared of what they might think of me if I go in there saying this is what I was on before and I was able to lead a relatively normal life.Guttch GallagMarr écrit: Hey man I hear ya..Vicious cycle..Valium is the only thing i can take for my PTD..Im on therem nearly 20years and wish i never took them.But Im addicted to them now.Sometime more than should.But the have been a great thing for my violence.How did come off them/Charles Bruno écrit: B.C. I just want to thank you again for your videos. I have had this illness of mine for many decades. It is extremely painful, causes my B.P. to go through the roof, (2 heart attacks and a stroke), and causes me to gasp for air. Pain management won't give me enough pain meds to get me through 24 hrs, so I was thinking that Valium might help. (I had thought I took them in the '70s and they seemed to work wonders, but I apparently was wrong about what I was taking….it was probably vicodin or something.) After being put through hell with shrinks treating my like a drug addict, I finally found a wonderful psychiatrist that prescribed me 10 mg doses of diazepam to take before bedtime. It did absolutely nothing to me. After about the 5th night, I stopped taking them. Pain meds also work on me differently than other people. (10 mg oxycodone gives me a slight bump for about 15-30 mins, but that's all, and when I run out, I don't go through withdrawals. Just the pain and high B.P. returning.) I don't get it. I wish they could find out what this illness is that I have. Anyway, thanks.Jason Lloyd écrit: There highly addictive man , I take 120 mg Valium a day i started about 6 months ago , it makes me feel amazing if you take a low dose your tired and feel shit but as it gets higher there amazing, obviously I’m highly addicted,tried stopping and and the withdrawal is terrible so trying to work out a plan to get off , thing is I love them to much ��Josef Brosef écrit: works for me….too well in fact, it's horrible to come off of though which is a bitchCharles Bruno écrit: Sir, Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge. It has been very helpful to me. I would love to be your F.B. friend, if you are into F.B. I have a lot of P.M. questions I would like to ask. Here is a link. I hope it gets you to my F.B. page. If not, my name is Charles Bruno. Maybe you can find me with this link Peackoc écrit: Xanax makes me feel so chill especially in low doses like .5T U L L écrit: I was so paranoid and awkward I couldn’t even go to the grocery store. Was pretty much an agoraphobic. Trouble sleeping, with constant anxiety and racing, invasive thoughts. Could NOT shut off my brain or relax or sleep. Was a depressed, pacing, jumpy, sad burden to my family.

Wellbutrin (225 mg daily)
Gabapentin (900mg daily)
Valium (5mg daily)

Made me a normal, socially active person. I’m level and happy again. Sleeping and eating well. I am mentally present for my family again. I dislike being on drugs, but dislike not participating in life even more.

Good luck to everyone. I hope you find what works for you. ✌️Aspie Talk écrit: Diazapam works differently for different people. It may not work for you but it works wonders for others. It definitely does helps ease the paranoia than say an anti-psychotic (major tranquiliser).Blf écrit: Relentless Anxiety / 10 Oxys crushed n swallowed / Anxiety sorted!!Rafee Malik écrit: They're like tic-tacs for meRyan Johnston écrit: You guys should try some emotional release techniques, i.e — sedona method. I was able to stay off drugs using counseling and mindfulness training.Michael Davison écrit: Did they make a mistake and give u a 5mm Lorezapam. But the step from 2mg whits to 5mg yellas should be negligable. More people snort zanax in jail than take legit outside.Tom Boring écrit: Wish I could get some anything damn life is painful. . Valium seems to help with muscle pain…god my arms hurt so bad without. Maybe its benzodiazepine wd but it lasts years. Doubt it. Can't wait to be ashes. Pray life gets better.Tom Boring écrit: Once built up in system. . 3mg waking and 2mg x3 rest of day seemed to work best. Never use them for sleep. Valium has antidepressant effects. But yeah over 10mg a day and it messes w bowels and one turns into Elvis.THE KIID écrit: but if you are looking for anti depressants or anti anxiety meds id would look into ProzacTHE KIID écrit: nucynta is my favorite medication you should look into it, or suboxoneSara Jane’s Journey écrit: I love the name change I think you will build a better sub base….it's ok if you grow slow also, but you will grow. �� you are a great speaker tfs �� ps ignore the haters we ALL get them have a great week ��FreeMe Life écrit: Yes! This was the med I was on. Made me so so tired.PSE Mentalist écrit: Excellent video review ��������������������������������������������������������

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