valium roche

valium roche

After work Val…aaaahhhhh!!!!

la description:

Craig 420 écrit: Haha 80 subs quad that now fair play keep up good job ladBill Jones écrit: 20mg valium, bong and beers..not a care in the world�� The only problem is when they run outfarka youa écrit: Super dooper������Harry Joyce écrit: What a cooker! You got vals hookus up brah!Joseph Farrier écrit: Love the bongedward Last écrit: That's fucken living just make sure you don't get fucked up from the pillsSanjey_ Cruzz écrit: doesn’t get more aussie than this ��❤️Robert Andrews écrit: Beer and Benzos are a bad combination you should not drink on these meds…John Bambrough écrit: How the fuck hasn't this been taken off of YouTube ��Tarn1981 Tarn écrit: My fuckomg God it's like watching myself . I do it all in the same order.OxyCo Foxy écrit: Now i gotta make a parody video of thisTony Good écrit: Crush the Valium into a powder (using a spoon)… then drink it down with plain vodka……. (BTW) only 4……. next time try 10.martin castillo écrit: thats just 20mg of valium bro u need 2,000mg to overdose fatally on valoum 180lbs man but can u smoke valium or generic in tin foil??HiImcarl écrit: Hell yeahschligunkel écrit: crazy how he gets valium and beer and weed like that but a cheap glass bong was too muchBilly McCarthy écrit: Guy I take Lorazepam thrice daily 600mgs of pregablin and smoke 4 gs a day of weed. Lightweight ��Bit of Paddy sarcasm mate ����I have to for a spinal injury. Must admit it feels fuxking great. Slainte dearthair.Jesse Lee écrit: I could sell you 1omg diazepam for a great price. It's what I do for a living. I have strong integrity.Destiny Decay écrit: Jesus Christ change ur bong waterRichard Wang écrit: Bro how can you be Australian and not know how to make a proper billy��OUT PSYCH0 écrit: 4:36 the effect got accepted n activated in the process lolRamona Mendez écrit: Go work out and fuk all dat shit you doingSaif G écrit: Mate u must have been messed inthe morning! I’m scared to take 1 tab lolTwisted Individual écrit: Faaaaaaaarkin fair digumn…. ��������Twisted Individual écrit: Farrrrrrkin strrrroooooooth ��Alez Mahony écrit: Fuck buy a gatoAaronAndroid écrit: Good Lord, lol. Alrighty then.rob arnold écrit: Now that's how to relax after work lol !Dan Granada écrit: That's dumb take all 5 at once then drink no thank u have fun getting sick in moring lolKenpachi Zaraki écrit: This is why it's hard to get benzos, because of junkies like you. Drinking alcohol is extremely dangerous with fucking benzos. Ah one day you'll fall over dead. Problem fucking solved ��DeclinedForCredit écrit: Lol 5 mg tabs. I take 50 mg a day, 6 mg Xanax, and 5 mg Ativan. On top of Oxycodone. My mind and body is fucked so I am actually prescribed all these. Everyone asks me how the fuck do I function. I simply do and even with all that in my system I still can barely sleep. I wouldn’t wish my life on anyone and here you are abusing your fucking meds. You are one of many people ruining it for the rest of us that need these fucking meds as the government clamps down harder and harder on these types of meds because of ABUSE… I hope you black out one day and accidentally kill yourself… fucking wanker.Trevor Burgess écrit: This would send me into a alternate dimensionJack écrit: This video sums up my fuckin life haha.Paul Maurer écrit: Smoking a real bong while watching thiscalamity 82 écrit: legendWyde Awake écrit: Sick videos mate, hòok me up with 50 vals :p

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