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Scotland’s Valium Crisis | Drugs Map of Britain

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In the third episode of Drugs Map of Britain, we investigate valium addiction in Scotland, where three quarters of drug related deaths involve this type of drug. Millions of the pills- both real and counterfeit- are available to buy on the streets for as little as 20p each. We meet those buying them and witness the devastating effects of addiction for someone like Levi, who’s been taking Valium since he was 13. Has the widely prescribed “mother’s little helper” become Scotland’s silent killer?\n\nIf you’ve been affected by any of the issues raised in this programme and live in the UK, these organisations may be able to offer help and support.\n\n\nClick here to subscribe to BBC Three:\n\nDid you know that we’re up to other things in other places too?\n\nBest of BBC Three/ Daily Drop:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\nTumblr:\niPlayer:\n\nOh, we’re on Snapchat too – just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.\n—\n\nThis video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.\nService information and feedback:

musawer gulzar écrit: "All in all, it was all just bricks in the wall" 🙁Die Nosor Po écrit: I really hope he is betterGusboi Mackie écrit: I used to addicted to them god it was horrible coming off them but I am 10 years clean off them never ever touching them again ����Knight Lautrec écrit: The woman that came to see Levi was useless lolsonofjohn 51 écrit: The blue plauge
The deadliest pandemic in glesgaS Wilson écrit: This is so so sad. I’m rooting for Levi. He’s so lovely. ����Anthony Giannone écrit: I seriously don't know how he gets that high off of Valium, I can get 100mgs and not feel a damn thing really, glad I'm sober cumber écrit: this is really sadRalph Smart écrit: At 26:30, you can see his personality coming through :'-) brings a tear to my eye when someone is coming out of or slowly off drugs, they just need to realise the great difference there is in themselves 🙂Daniella Nicole écrit: This is sooo dangerously scary. What if you can’t get the money … what if your dealer is out ?? You get seizures from benzo withdrawals. I pray they are able to have a SAFE, seizure free taper, please god help us all, white light of protection.Ralph Smart écrit: At 17:15 I felt that pain :'(Mags Macdonald écrit: Im a mother and grandmother off 4 sons . I looking at this with so much sadness have seen this around my city. On doorstep i see the users no teeth Skelton and heroine killing our kidsJordan Mcallister écrit: They are aw pure rocketsJdhd Isnxb écrit: 0:25Conrad smith écrit: Poor guy you can tell he dosint have a bad bone in his body. Really sad to see what drugs can do to people I hope he someday finds a way out of the place he is in.JonnY-B-CooL écrit: He's a granny bashing handbag thiefAmy Seherie écrit: I feel so so sad for Levi. He seems like such a good solid down to earth guy. No bad bone in his body.Hh Cc écrit: those nice british teeth in the thumbnailOnly me écrit: The best thing that could happen to Levi would be to get shipwrecked on a desert island for a year.Aaron Spollen écrit: when you tell your friends youre sniffing lines and pumping 9s but youre really on the blues amd shagging 2sKTS écrit: I've had a cocain and alcohol addiction, so this does hit hard.Amanda Farnham écrit: poor children in pain ..breaks my heartPao Marvin écrit: You would only understand Levi's case when you have been there. And you can only help him and give him hope when you yourself have overcome it first.lucy hanna écrit: Valium is some times called MOTHER'S LITTLE HELPER. It's no helper when you're addicted to it.skylineXpert écrit: how long is the waiting list to get help? what are the options if you want to get out of the abuse?Jak écrit: i dont think that levi is still aliveChris Hayes écrit: He gave the girl someAlfredo Ormazabal écrit: Only problem i found he was Never Coming Down… So he wasn't getting Withdrawals symptoms at all… That was just and misuse Of Valium to me but whatever i still love the guy !Le 30perc écrit: Odd lookin bloke init?Drew M écrit: Hope Levi finds the strength to get clean, that's some habit the boys got. God bless you Levi. ��Davey R écrit: This is filmed in 2016, I reckon old Levi has snuffed it by now in 2020G Money écrit: Levi looks like a stand up guy

Until he takes valiumTheShepTV écrit: Ah Levi, your story is so affecting. Wishing you all the very best on your long road to recovery. Love from ÉireIraqi écrit: Well dua if I lived in that country I probably too would need a lot of drugs it’s so boring there…Zacc Llewellyn écrit: Hes in jail Google his nameF écrit: Weed is just a plant weed is nice like if agreeLisa K écrit: And the pharmaceutical industry thrives over people's miseryMark Wiltshire écrit: I hope he’s managed to do it ? Does anyone know how he’s doing?BigBlackBloodyDaddy écrit: WE WUZ HIGHLANDERZ N SHIET

��Paul écrit: Nice clickbaitFAST N BULBOUS écrit: Ah… An original 12.5 gram packet of Amber Leaf. Those were the days.Dominic M écrit: Levi running around like there's nowt morrowPyew Pyew écrit: Who wants an update on Levi????Carbz écrit: imagine the withdrawals holy fkFTS écrit: VALLIES haw man. Geez a duntThe hated ones écrit: 7:35 CC onPc Dan écrit: 6:00 how's man eating them like they're starbursthot rod daddy écrit: i was on a board of directors for epileptics..pills from the pam family and other forms of valium are directly related to seizures and other neurological disorders. ..they last for life in most cases..we've been petitioning our government for years to restrict the massive amounts doctors are shoveling out to the general public..some if not most neurologists in our country are taking all epileptics off of all forms of anti depressants now as the government itself will not take action..these pills are the cause of thousands of deaths in canada every year..Adam Hapgood écrit: My dad overdosed on valium i remember finding him with a smile on his faceStan Gosling écrit: why dont they brighten the place up a bit? Scotland is so grim and grey.I’ll crash Your nans car écrit: Idk how people can do that to their body’s just listening to his lungs makes me feel sorry for himKelly14UK écrit: Some shower of, shut down our industries up here. Take Kilmarnock, for exampleScott Mullins écrit: Wonder where he is nowIsaiah-Bazilio Apwarose écrit: Sugar/Alcohol/Tobacco is a DRUG & are the biggest terror to humanity in that order.Charlie Bodman écrit: Jesus Christ…killie cast écrit: There's a Winchester in his drug worker xD

"Do you know how I know you're lying, Ben? Because I lie P r o f e s s i o n a l l y"Centaur81 écrit: Throws 'em in like M&M's. Holy cow!David Imhoff écrit: A reporter who sticks around and tries to make sure Levi is ok is a great guy in my book. Beyond great.jay colt écrit: did u lump cannabis in with this shit in the intro?
jesus i thought u boys over there were more in toutchBruce Marsico écrit: Strange world it is.  Before viewing this I was reading about Ken Griffin.  Have you heard of him?  Multi billionaire, owns multiple high dollar properties in the US and the UK. Considered an enviable success in life.  His father was a high level exec.  Ken went on to be a hedge fund manager and then cascaded up to billionaire status.  Compared to these poor chaps.  Not much to celebrate in their lives. Not much to look forward to except a drug fix.  Strange world it is.Stazia Kibera écrit: Sinister cause and the den of thieves present girls and boys on YouTubeJack Sinclair écrit: Using benzodiazepines was a way for me to escape. When you are convinced you are never going to be happy again, never going to be satisfied with life, don’t see the point in continuing, you don’t necessarily want to die, but you don’t want your existence to be as painful as it is. I was taking Diazepam, Alprazolam, Lorazepam, Tramadol(along side sertraline which was and is a really bad idea), Dihydrocodeine, Codeine, High strength co-codamol, Zolpidem and Zopiclone. Literally anything to get you through the days and nights. I’m training to be a nurse so I knew what the risks of taking all these drugs together was and I did it anyway. I attempted to take my life but in my drug Induced state I didn’t take enough and woke up. Drugs users have my fullest sympathies. I really hope everyone in this video is doing better.Georgina O’Hara écrit: How reckless to joke about Scots being cheap & that’s the reason for the vast amounts of Valium abuse in Scotland. Wouldn’t have anything to do with socioeconomics now would it? I pray since this was filmed, Levi has found recovery .Brutally Honest écrit: What a shame. It will only end one way unless he manages to get help or comes to his senses himself. This is getting too common on our young people with little hope of work or ability to feel valuedMarvin Dorfler écrit: Its amazing all the mugs in the comments thinking that this Levi is a lovely guy. Turn your back on these junkies and they will rob you and their granny blind including emptying a kids piggy bank if they get the chance.scotznotslopped -E m p i r Ǝ- écrit: The mum's little helpers became levi's little helpers story is absolutely harrowingGraeme Barbour écrit: anyone who gives me money is a good manSheryl mac écrit: Last time I saw levi, he was clean, coming down off his methadone ( that's VERY HARD TO DO WITH THE DRUG SERVICE IN DUNDEE NHS ONE)…. HE, D MET A GIRL ( A NON DRUG USER). HE LOOKED GREAT. I'D LOVE FOR PPL TO MEET LEVI HE, S A GREAT GUY. WITH A HEART OF GOLD.. I LOST MY BROTHER IN THOSE STATS. N THAT GOVERNMENT MAN DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE, HE WAS TALKING ABOUT EUROPE!! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SCOTLAND DRUG PROBLEM THAT'S DOUBLE OF ENGLAND. They don't care & they don't know what to do. So any addict out there use your inner strength, change your benaviour, see a physciatric, go for alternative therapy ( that's proven to help addicts " acupuncture" & go out into nature. Do all these things in combination & you'll get a different outcome than putting an addict in prison to house, medicate, feed & supposedly rehabilitated. Spend all that taxpayers money. And it doesn't work. Put the money into community support for addiction with all of those things above. And your more likely to get a different outcome for the people.Cal Neill écrit: Scince when did the zombie apocalypse start, lolConnor Black écrit: Can Anyone Tell Me Is Levi Ok? Does Anyone know Levi? I Really Wish To Hear Back He Is Alive & Well!Daniel Mcfarlane écrit: A good soul.Levine Mawengkang écrit: Im crying when he said there is no life..
So hard…ryan écrit: Poor Levi… They must put etizolam in those it's a research chemical strong like fentanyl but it's a benzo, I had a friend addicted to pressed Xanax and he acted just like him. He recovered thank God and I just quit fentanyl, 1 month n a half sober, this is hard to watch but reminds me not to go back.imreallydead. écrit: Should’ve been called Scotland’s mystery drug crisis as half the pills don’t contain Valium usually etizolam some don’t even contain a benzodiazepine at allAlyissa Sheechoria écrit: I'm watching this in 2020 and I hope to God that Levi is living a good and happy life, full with things that bring him true joy. Even though his personality is distorted when he's high, he seems like a kind person and I hope he's doing better.Chris Hoyle écrit: Good luck Levi ! If you come off it right all will be ok . Not sure you need anyone to talk to but I’m here if the producers would get you my info. GodblessRomwa Lama écrit: I hope levi is still alive.TaZeR écrit: I've seen guys worse off than he is make full recoveries, when they are ready, he seems to just not be willing yet from the way he still idolizes his drug. I assume he turned down treatment offered by BBC?F. Moussa écrit: Welcome to the first world countries like South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, England or the United States. What do they have in common? All of them have the highest suicide rates, the people have money bu are deep inside unhappy ��!ADKY écrit: I’ve seen these junkies in Dundee beforeKarl Oliver écrit: The worst drugs are benzos. during the withdrawal you get epilepsy for weeks …..FENIAN KILLER 9000 écrit: I swear Levi's drug worker is Shaun Ryder.Zachary Tiger écrit: And that he didn’t judge himZachary Tiger écrit: I love how he took care of himislamic tube écrit: I hope Levi and thousands other people like him get off of it completely. I take alprazolam in very small amount and i am cutting it offHelen Mc Shane écrit: The interviewer is a real gentle man God bless him.badeboom écrit: Levi seriously has a Glasgow Smile?? Thought that was over like centuries ago…Paul Scott écrit: Taking strips at a time is lethal nine out of ten will end up in one way six feet under it's sad ��It’s all good écrit: It's dangerous because it's cheap and readily available.Nicky Cotton écrit: So MOREISH. Plenty of GP's won't prescribe them to new Patient's! All the best @Levi. Bless.Cherri Patson écrit: sad to see, his lungs sound fried as well poor fellow needs rehab before he diesrambo tahin écrit: I pray for him I am so sad��Natan C écrit: Am a bad pot head and all I want to do is stop it’s hardStan Smith écrit: I am from the U.S. and struggle with alcohol. But I have had no problems getting prescribed Klonopin and Ativan from my doctors. I have real anxiety though and the drugs really help. Hence, I don't abuse them because I get a limited amount per month.Toni Davidson écrit: Also that interviewer is the kind of people we need in the world no malice or hate towards any user he understands the key underlying issues affecting people and doesn’t just see a druggo as most people do, respect for thatToni Davidson écrit: That boy is rubbered to the cupboard like and until about 3 weeks ago so was I, I feel for the people still trapped in the circleLeo Licursi écrit: Not even valium..Randomfully Wonderful écrit: If you're addicted to Valium, you're a POS.Eilish Iwish écrit: Gosh, you see such a good heart…. Mom's little helpers, Levi's little helpers.. such innocence at first….Isabel Nicoll écrit: Don’t buy perscription drugs lose only buy in there sheets plus box with the persons name torn off that way they are the real deal the main real ones af seen are yellow 2mg that’s it all blues are fake

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