valium roche 10 mg

5 + 6 Val = better

la description:
Haven’t slept for two days

Abdallah Altaif écrit: يهبااااAlex Fleetwood écrit: Brush your teeth you dirty bastardJess Jenkins écrit: Your video came up on my recommendation list ����Rob Rainey écrit: What an IDIOT! ������������rob arnold écrit: You seem to get the same vallium, were as over in N.Ireland trying to get a script of 5ml yellows for 14 days is like trying to get blood out of a stone, from the doctore so we have to reduce are self to getting boxes from all over Europe mainly, at the min I'm talking 10ml blues from Spain works out $44 oz dollars for 30 blues ! Do get alot of pressed fake blues which come in plastic bags get 50 blues for $44 Oz dollers you get more cause there fakers still blow the head off you only problem is one 10ml tablet may contain only 3ml of vallium then the next one may have 15ml, quality control can be a issue lol ! It's the same for the xanax the UK does not prescribe xanax so the only ones we get are fakers or If you have the right links you can get tubs of them from American ones made by Pfizer but there like hens teeth! Personally I like getting the ones in boxes which are in strips and have instructions (in Spanish) but at least its safer that way anyway I've been chatting enough bollox, keep her lit buddy, drove her like ya stole her ������captin weestain écrit: Good luck weening off these buddy, hell on earthMatthew Curtis écrit: When you do ur next 5-6 show i'll look forward to watching can u do a close up of the valium, want to see if there the same as mind, Brilliant that i click on this.. i'd hate to have missed this drop!Matthew Curtis écrit: Great to see…Niceguy Jjjj écrit: I took uhhhhh i forgot how manyKenpachi Zaraki écrit: Can't wait until you can't get the benzos anymore. You gonna go through horrific fucking withdrawals ������newstyle81 écrit: why u did this?ross mrmojorisin écrit: Can i here the doors in the background ??Wyde Awake écrit: Cya mate

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