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Why Drugs Are So Expensive

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Americans today spend more on pharmaceuticals per capita than anyone else in the world, and more than one in five say they have trouble affording their prescription drugs. But they might not know about the alternative pathways to medicine. VICE’s Hamilton Morris explores the world of clandestine chemists, DIY bio hackers, and grey markets to see if a more democratized medicinal future is indeed possible.\n\nSubscribe to VICE News here:\n\nCheck out VICE News for more:\n\nFollow VICE News here:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nTumblr:\nInstagram:\nMore videos from the VICE network:\n\n#VICEonHBO

VICE News écrit: VICE's Hamilton Morris explores the world of clandestine chemists, DIY bio hackers, and grey markets to see if a more democratized medicinal future is indeed possible.
WATCH NEXT: The Fight to Stop Genital Surgeries on Intersex Infants – écrit: they’re not thoAustin Oldfield écrit: Because you go to federal prison for 5 years if you get caught for a kilo of cocaine on your first offense. So there is a risk there pal lolJust DoIt écrit: Expensive insulin is a shame. Even in Eastern Europe insulin is than 30$ a monthSofi Aguayo écrit: They are a lot of people crying in the comments about how bad is it to live in Usa, try living in South America or other third world countries here is much worst. In my country people die waiting for they doctor appointment, that in some cases are these appointments are giving to the family months after the person passed away and they are a lot of things that make it worst here.Sofi Aguayo écrit: They are a lot of people crying in the comments about how bad is it to live in Usa, try living in South America or other third world countries here is much worstDIMITRIOS K écrit: 8:35 what song ?GB • écrit: i dnt get why the R&D money has to be paid by the duying patients . Even if they find a cure for something else its the company that benifits billions out of it not like they get a share of the profit or free medicine for contributing anyway . First they make medicine at ur expense and later sell and rob ur hard earned life savings of what was left after buying that same medicine damn.Whatthefucktony écrit: I get promethazine and codeine and Xanax hooked up! Shoutout to my plug Pete for looking out for me. I love that man like my brother no capThaiger écrit: Medicare for all
Bernie 2020karlosmuschek écrit: They will never find a cure for any disease when the profits of research and treatment are so high
The worldwide population is being scammedSchulz YS écrit: Does Jackie Trapp like listening to Trap? Or Rap? Nah she jus be smoking meth through a lampChris Beck écrit: So everyone…… There is and always be a price on people and your health. I apologize but it's all bullshit money how much can I squeeze out of a desperate person.Francisco Rezzett écrit: It's disguised eugenicsWildDisease écrit: China is already #1 in everythingTanner Merrick écrit: Lol at all the people defending the big pharmaceutical companies, they’ve been successfully brainwashed and our to stupid or proud to admit it.Marcin AB écrit: Just don’t live in AmericaBill Grim écrit: black market cancer meds are coming followed by The war on drugs 2.brian carpenier écrit: legal drug dealersKSD écrit: I’m so happy i’m in Canada. you don’t have coverage in most cases government programs and provincial programs will pay for the medication you need.dogydog247 écrit: Is any one seing more fake pills or is it my city ��Philip Bond écrit: How does remlivid have to do anything with r&d? Is manufacturing it from the base compound so expensive? What happens if the patient takes the api liumo*#@ whatever the name is directly? What are the solutions to reduce the price of remlivid specifically?CarlovonK 420 écrit: The Video in Ober Sentence: Because Some People Try to earn a lot of MoneySplash écrit: Absolutely nobody can defend a price increase from free to a few millions. Its just inhumane to jack the price up that highYour friendly ibecs écrit: Best way to beat patented medicine is to make a cheaper alternative and make 0 profit from it. That should tell everyone how big pharma works.GEOFF COLE écrit: Thank god the illegal drugs are so cheap.Skylar A écrit: This was really sadLil Gill écrit: Well people gotta tax and flip it bruh no homie hook upsKaleb Aristondo écrit: Did Hamilton not give the drugs to patients ?Vigdis écrit: thank god im scandinavianSaswat Pati écrit: Guys come to India, get cheap healthcare, do yoga…imeuropa écrit: Imagine not having tax paid healthcareCree Buckner écrit: Hamilton is your best host viceLadd Ttt écrit: Isn’t everything that makes us feel good expensive?Random Asian écrit: simple: they are illegalZxurtle écrit: Why is the guy making the medicine voice blurred out its hardly a illegal drug or sumtinPingus Cousin écrit: A short held answer "American Pharmacy Companies & Insurances price it way to hogh" go live in another country and youj will be all g ion even understand all these "migrants" going to america like they crazyArturow écrit: MURICAAAAASlopedOtter écrit: I feel blessed to have the NHS in the UK. The most i have ever payed for medical treatment is £15 a month for prescribed Acne tablets.Luke Sutton écrit: A lot of cry babies in the comment that WILL DO NOTHING. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM, not people wanting to charge more. You have the power but choose not to take it into your own hands. If it was one person doing evil, bullets still kill mf right? You don't have an excuse, you're the evil one because you choose to do nothing with your knowledge.Chris Gonzales écrit: The fact that a public affairs VP was trying to justify why people lose an arm and a leg just to pay for these medications, shows how fucked and greedy this country isAnders Klein écrit: Song 8:46?Marcus Fossa écrit: Guy has to make himself anonymous so he can tell the truth about big pharma.SimpleGamingPC écrit: i think you need to change that caption by adding "IN AMERICA"SafeBeats écrit: Free health are is the solutionMagical 801 écrit: So we pay an outrageous amount of money put a bunch of chemicals that don't belong there body. Sounds about rightLoadatat écrit: america greatest country in the world ��nemanja markovic écrit: hmGRIZ écrit: If I was suffering and couldnt afford the medication I would probably just make it myself in a homemade lab using drain cleaner and paint thinner like the chemist saidKevin Pettersson écrit: Insulin is free in Sweden. And in the US, it costs a fortuneKevin Wang écrit: Pretty sure this is Nurdragesix on sunday écrit: That song �� �� �� ��How zer écrit: So glad i live in the UKzilla écrit: the land of freedom…Pluckaiy écrit: this guy could have sold that 10 grams for like 100kphillip shive écrit: this is why i hate the system.Wolfy écrit: A decade ago, everyone wanted to live in America. Now, people stay away as far as they can.Wolfamongman écrit: Greatest country in the world!master power écrit: in america.Eli Levit écrit: This video is so unbelievably depressing. Big pharma is fucking diabolicalsashko59 écrit: If i was sick in USA i would move to other country to buy my medicineMarty écrit: I could some this video up with one word. Greed!!!!!LIFE 4 KICKS écrit: Breaking bad gone rightDino Nuggets écrit: They're not. You're just getting ripped off.N7 WAR HOUND écrit: Lol. How much is you life worth to you. That’s how much we’ll chargeNate Higgers écrit: The American Dream…Janson Gabuya écrit: To be real I rather die than struggle to payRaq Bits écrit: Yeah out of pocket is 11000 on average that shouldnt be a single digit if you need it to live, isn't the whole point of paying taxes so that the government will help you when you need it?promit banerjee écrit: USD 22k for a month of medicines !! What like only billionaires have a right to live. In India, thd prices have increased but no to that extent. Kindly visit India for your treatment, there are many good hospitals here.naveen v écrit: In india, 10 ml Insulin costs less than 2$

Generic revlimid costs 80$ for 28 pills

I am a biotechnologist and we hardly get paid 10000$ a year.Gesus écrit: USA is evil. Both parties are owned by the companies. It's pretty much a 3rd world country for most of the people that live there.electric bungalow écrit: When I heard Homage I though I was sleeping.Explorer Soul écrit: Dong écrit: The title needs to be changed to “Why Drugs Are So Expensive In The US”british fireworks écrit: Meanwhile in the uk cough free healthcareskip bo écrit: i'm going to start taking Mandarin.Whalix écrit: damn hearing mild high club in a random video feels greatckom0007 écrit: I hear anti-vaxers claim that vaccines are just something invented by big pharma to make huge amounts of money. I’d suggest that that notion is a fallacy. Big pharma doesn’t need to make placebos or vaccines to boost revenue. They can make all the money in the world doing exactly what they’re doing here. As long as people and politicians are misdirected into believing conspiracy theories the industry doesn’t have to worry about fairly pricing life-saving meds like those mentioned here!Sonium Sun écrit: As a European, I can only laugh about it… MURIKA!!!11Harsimran singh Bansal écrit: Hamilton Morrison is also high ��Led istic écrit: Pharmacists Doctors and Chemists/
Medical researchers are the biggest drug dealers– PAHWASAKI écrit: Stop paying such a stupidly high amount of money and move to India instead….way way cheaper meds….tasty foods…new experiences…even if you are meant to die soon….Big Dap Ramirez écrit: Scumbags will always try to rip you off if they sell something you need in order to livefrederik écrit: Tutorial for americans: Don’t vote for trump or any idiot, get free healthcare, profit.The Great Buddha écrit: America has so many issues, but your main issue is that your politicians are bought and paid for. Only a violent revolution will change this.Brijesh Ramani écrit: Just go to China and pay 2400USD directly. You know the supply chain guy from the video, just pay him some commission and get the API yourselfOne Million Ants écrit: Bruh why did everything that set in at the end like bro her husband is gonna be left alone once she died that will be heart breaking.Hagen Re écrit: So glad we have free healthcare here in germany. We just have to pay 5 € per prescriptionPatrick Crabb écrit: Yeah, yeah it's a number of different factors on why its that price. Complete horse ****!Rob Smith écrit: the way to bring down big parma is dedicated chemists like you…well done.Alfredo Bustas écrit: Yo you got diabetes yet got candy corn on deck? I think she might just be stupid.Mindyourown Business écrit: So basically the American dream is to not be able to afford healthcare and to stay alive. Smh.Mr. Sourdough écrit: President Trump is about to change this pricing system and big pharma will be screaming their heads off. Deadline August 24. We buy at the same price as "most favored nations". No more middleman. Medicare/Medicaid negotiate directly with big pharma. Why wasn't this done during the 8 years of Obama?Weronika Dziaduch écrit: MeGifty Custom écrit: U.S is the mother of capitalist, what do you expectA Universal Woman écrit: Trump is bringing down drug prices and big pharma isn't happy Gordon écrit: 15 minutes of intellectual masterbation to justify greed. greed is the reason why and nothing more. its not a fuckn quadratic equation.vipul jha écrit: I am from India. Well the cost of medical treatment and medicines are increasing everywhere at an unusual way but in USA, it seems to have gone out of control.Sin Sin écrit: Ops I thought this is breaking badTeng Yuan écrit: i hope somebody told that lady there is currently. a class action lawsuit settlement for revlimid she should sign up, and get her house back

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