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Inside the The Drug Flats of Barcelona

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Since 2016, criminal gangs have occupied more than a hundred flats in central Barcelona to sell and use drugs, turning them into so-called narcopisos. Neighbors living in what were previously peaceful areas complain of fights, stabbings, and sometimes being terrorized out of their own homes. \n\nBut despite their calls for help, it can take months for the police to intervene. VICE investigates how the narcopisos operate, how they affect the city’s residents, and why they are so prevalent in Barcelona.\n\nWatch more of our favorite drug documentaries: \n\nClick here to subscribe to VICE:\n\nAbout VICE:\nThe Definitive Guide To Enlightening Information. From every corner of the planet, our immersive, caustic, ground-breaking and often bizarre stories have changed the way people think about culture, crime, art, parties, fashion, protest, the internet and other subjects that don’t even have names yet. Browse the growing library and discover corners of the world you never knew existed. Welcome to VICE.\n\nConnect with VICE:\nCheck out our full video catalog:\nVideos, daily editorial and more:\nMore videos from the VICE network:\nClick here to get the best of VICE daily:\nLike VICE on Facebook:\nFollow VICE on Twitter:\nFollow us on Instagram:\n\nThe VICE YouTube Network:\nVICE:\nMUNCHIES: \nVICE News:\nVICELAND:\nBroadly:\nNoisey:\nMotherboard: \nVICE Sports:\ni-D: \nWaypoint:

Zebra555 écrit: "Minor charges"? How are they not charged for breaking/ invading someone else's property?novaWRX écrit: This situation is def fcked up, but if you live/work in one country and landlord in another.. you’re going to have to expect the problems typically exp by an absentee landlord.. like squatters. Especially when you buy the cheapest flat in the cheapest neighbourhood in a densely populated city, otherwise known as the projects/slums/etcG M écrit: I like how she pretends to be a poor single mother, but with a name and accent like that and her second property in one of Europe's most famous cities, I doubt very much she's living on the breadline. "I'm a single mother" was purely just put in for sympathy because she's probably better off than 99%kensyre écrit: once again capitalism is the problem����mr. JDP P écrit: Think in texas. If someone breaks into your own private property…..pretty sure a gun and a good kick of the door, airh a nice, steady and calm trigger hand would be just as legal as getting a "court order" lmfao.

Wtf…….I may be a liberal but someone in my own fucking home. Ur gunna be seeing my, my friends, and a shotgun to your face real quickShlomo Venezia écrit: Problem of the luxury classOng jit tuck écrit: Spain should increase penalty for drug abuse. And death penalty for drug dealers. They are so soft to these drugs runners. Such a pity a historic country like Spain is drug invested.MTLbigJ écrit: 8:40 the face alone shows the absolute fucking terror she's living in. nobody should have go through what she went through. Count your blessings everyone.scott meyers écrit: And to think if you killed someone breaking down your door YOU would go to prison as they walk free.AVIRAM LENKA écrit: Criminal judicial system of some western countries are bordering on ridiculous. Leniency like these sometimes can be dangerous to society.Heca Tommyriagon écrit: How is stealing someones HOME not considered a serious crime?! If they were keeping drugs there, that would!? What is wrong with you?!conservat1vepatr1ot DL écrit: 1:26

Ya know how sometimes you can tell exactly what someone sounds like when they’re having sex, just by hearing them talk for a couple seconds?Rebecca Fels écrit: How sad for that woman just trying to do the right then fir junkie scums to fick it up like thatBeth Griesauer écrit: They should be wearing hazmat suits in that apartment. Imagine all the diseases just in that blood and shtt on the walls!Saurav Singh écrit: that's why too much of human rights can be a problem too, c'mon it's your house but you can't get the squatters out.Bainsworth écrit: narco-zombiesTony Macaroni écrit: This been goin on a long time also in Malaga La Palmilla y barrio 4 dicembre.Vigor Od Bgda écrit: What will be now in 2020 when bigest crissis ever starts?MrIkmls écrit: it take a couple of months to issue a court order it's the same in every country. But from the other side international "investors" are the ones who drive the housing prices up. Why did this lady buy a house there, not in her own country, and she rent it, obviously very expensive to some swede. Because the locals couldn't afford it.
If you are born in a city and then you can't afford to live there because some foreign assholes bought the houses there, the only solution is to squat. And rightfully so. You have the right to live in your city. OF course not make it a drug squat, that's a different story.jdea18 écrit: Lmaoo a gun would of got them outL. Duke écrit: Never give Criminals MORE rights then the Innocent and law abiding or you will have a country overrun by Crime.chimp écrit: the girl whos flat was invaded should buy a gun and shoot them tf out they shouldnt be there they wont leave guns get people movingLizard Waffle écrit: This makes me sad. My people use to be greater ��fapp nanagin écrit: Just stare and nod your head, thats the way to be a vice reporterSon of Durin écrit: Barcelona has become a crime cityBlake Sking écrit: I don’t mean to sound like a dick, but if you are gonna buy the cheapest real estate possible you gotta take extra precautions.

When I bought my first house, I secured my door, windows, built a decent fence etc. If I didn’t I 150% would of gotten robbed within a weekMérida Macondo écrit: Its part of the gentrification process. Make the neighborhood insecure. Neighbors move out and investors buy. Make it a hip place and rise up the prices.Greifvogel écrit: What a shame, this is such a beautiful Catalan city, but I guess every city is flawed in some wayBosis of Sweden écrit: I am so tired of ordinary people being held hostage by villans. This needs to end. Take all gang members to prison and all addicts to hospital. It is time for all good people to step up, join each other in a neighbor watch.Mike Long écrit: Hire some thugs to remove themDOE John écrit: Esau.Madlib Beats écrit: No one ever thinks that when they're at a party going hard in high school… that bunch of those ppl will most likely be homeless on drugs…crazyBradley Strider écrit: Cocaine & Heroin. Meth. Nothing but bad news.Jennifer R. écrit: Squatter’s rights always piss me off. What’s their purposeMela Suda écrit: Barcelona da verdaderamente ASCO
Y SU ALCALDESA ES VOMITIVAjames reilly écrit: That lady minding the house had better being 3 German Shepard’s, a few guns and ammo, and stick a steel door on instead of that flimsy wooden door, a flame thrower would come in handy too.��Dr Dixit écrit: Such a shame for the police department
Bracelona being an international cityWill Warrington écrit: legalise all drugslougagagah écrit: Stupid laws.lougagagah écrit: What happens if it happens inside the judge's house ? Will it be that slow ? To people saying that you can start a business kicking them out… the law doesn't let you do that in most of Europeans countries sadly.Dave Dogge écrit: that's a shame, we don't want Barcelona to revert to the drug heroin epedemic of the 1980s. Squatters rights in Spain are just too 'up there'. My mate in madrid had his mother get some decorators to enter her home to re-do the place, they were con merchants and changed the locks and squatted in there. He had to get his firemen pals to go there and get them out but the police were called and there was a stand off. Eventually she got them out but I vaguely remember that she had to pay them to do so.dark figther écrit: 9mm na cabeça ….e mais rapidoDavid Shields écrit: We had the same in Dublin in the 80s and 90’s. same bureaucratic bullshit so the people took to the streets and drove the dealers out and got the addicts the help they really needed. The results was nice and peaceful places to live. But a lot of them move on.Ayoub Elfialli écrit: I think I’ll just stay in my safe little town in Texas USA. There goes my dreams to travel….Jay Ali écrit: Poison ☠qwerty écrit: "I won't come back in the next 6months and after that I will come 1 day and then leave again for 6 months" that's why this law exists ladyBigStiffWilly écrit: Zero sympathy for landlords, own more than one home and you deserve it. You push up house prices and make impossible for people to afford housing. Suck it up sweetheartMolly’s Lips���� écrit: Something doesn't sit right with this situation bc if a Spanish homeless person tried that they'd be dragged out as soon as the police were called. I guarantee that woman only got her flat bck bc a journalist was asking about it so they wanted to look like they were doing something .had he not filmed her &her flat she'd still hv those f**kers squatting there.
If someone is arrested in another country they should be sent bck home not thrown in local jail for the wknd then out to do it again, I mean something like this where they're destroying a whole neighbourhood, involved in organised crime, drugs, destroying ppls lives &homes &cities.Robert Jordan écrit: Police are uselessThe one and only lava lamp écrit: Police seem hilariously incompetent, more than likely corruptAshley Dailey écrit: I know there are aquatics laws but how the hell can people break into someone's home and are allowed to stay. That's burglary and breaking and entering. That's so ridiculousBeta Boot Camp écrit: Gotta love Junkies…..We know VICE does……Chris Hansen écrit: Looks like San FranciscoV de Burro écrit: Lots of flats are being sold to foreign people like this British lady who wants to make an Airbnb flat for tourists. Local people can not afford those prices. Lots of times those flats are empty and mafia just get them. We are selling Barcelona 🙂{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} écrit: That's the case not only in have that in Croatia, Serbia,Bosnia…Eastern Europe, Ireland, England..Maybe not that obvious but also, here in Zagreb someone squat empty apartmant and if is long enaugh inside ..he earns a right to be inside or to buy it.. i know at least 3 cases like that..gabby c écrit: The Pakistanis probably sold the best heroin in Spain.Spinner1312 écrit: not saying the violence is okay but those landlords shouldnt have empty flats for an investmenttinu sam écrit: If an illegal gets into your home , you approach the police to get them out. But the law's redtapism gives the illegals free hand. Home = country.Rob Ashton écrit: It's the same old story: as long as this crap is happening in the poor part of town, there will never be much of an effort to solve the issue. After all, they don't want to move the problem into a part of town where it might affect the wealthy or well connected.Edwin Cifuentes écrit: 1:55

Emma Fillipoff?_ Roxy _ écrit: What if the squatters come back to the flat? or even worse a target is placed on the owner who kicked them out?Dr. Mantis Toboggan, MD écrit: This is what happens when you have a society that is entirely too soft on crime and drug use. The same thing is happening in my home state of California. It's turned into a shithole were junkies and criminals can do whatever the fuck they want with impunity, while the rest of us who are getting by paying our high ass taxes have to deal with all this shit. We've tried being "compassionate" and it didn't fucking work. It's time to crack the mothafucking whip and start being hard on crime and force junkies into mandatory treatment, if not they can choose jail. That is real compassion. Not letting them slowly poison themselves to death on the streets where they can also cause harm to innocent people.Jon Pain écrit: Mi casa su casa – This is Spainace students écrit: The government is in on itits just lee écrit: A bit of private security would be cheaper and just launch them Out the windowmr blue écrit: Seeing this stuff makes me angry with society it makes no sense… I would go to work with protection if I live there and few tear gas bombs to clear out the unwanted pest on returning then lock them in for 3 days go to hotel ��Lucy Skandal écrit: Sounds like corruption to me….Droplifter écrit: If you ever want anyone to leave a property, or not to stay in the first place, first get a bag of frozen prawns, then blend or crush it whilst still frozen to as fine a powder as possible.

Next, either before you leave the place empty as deterrent, or wait until you can enter and leave for a few minutes, place the stuff inside the ends of curtain poles (use bamboo or any stick to push in far), inside light fittings on ceiling (unscrew), above bulb sockets (unscrew top part) and under the plastic knobs on radiators (pull up, stuff with prawns, press back on.

I guarantee you, within 48 hours the smell is absolutely unbearable, and if you use even one of those places, let alone several, nobody squatting will ever be able to remove the source. Nobody will put up with this and stay, and then clean-up is easy when you know where you started.

When this type of thing happens, if you use curtain poles/shower rails in bathrooms etc, people suspect the plumbing firstly and even if they remove all the furnishings, nobody ever thinks to remove curtain poles.

If you can't remove people, get them to leave by their own accord.Nox !ous écrit: Why don't the building employ a night guard to let in only the Tennant's?Jade Pogue écrit: That “customer” is acting like he wants his dealers to be shut down?? tf?MegaTOMATOMen écrit: There are two “the” s in the titleAdrian Vio écrit: Barcelona is not as we see it on TV?! There's crime??! Drug dealers???! No… insert "oh my God" memesireabarock écrit: The theVojtěch Smutný écrit: Why is it so hard to kick out those people. I understand that you want to protect the tenants with these laws, also I am quite fine with squatters (not junkies) in abandoned buildings, but ffs she owns the flat and they broke into that, destroyed it and sold drugs there. Why she cant call police and say that she has burglars in the flat or something… I dont get it!Alberto Zannoni écrit: VICE PUT THE SUBTITLES IN ITALIAN PLEASE THANKS!Chad Tobias écrit: as much as people want to shit on america and our right to own guns. if you walk into your own home and someone threatens your life… you can shoot them dead and claim your property back. and you might say "you value property over human life", my response is "I value my life over that of someone who threatens my life in order to steal my livelihood away from me". We can't become so soft we are unwilling to protect ourselves from the people who are so ruthless, if we do they will get to run the show… and we don't want to see that show….theunstopablebullet écrit: Que sistema tan retrasado.Konstantinos St. écrit: this barcelona squat is more organized and clean than a typical UK council estate house lolAnthony Valdez écrit: Her: "I want to go get n axe and take it back"
Him: "I can see you're getting nervous, let's get out of here"
����OMARxPRx écrit: honestly if i had squaters and they refuse to leave and give me actitud and the cops wont help

i would just put some extremely spiked dope.
or hire hitman and despose of themameena mujaddadi écrit: Europe spent 500 yeare building itself and despite not being perfect it still was the best place in the world to live in with great opportunies, justice,peace stability education, health care welfare states and everything it could do given the fact that Europe does not have natural resources but still it excelled in every espect life which is an exceptional achivement but now it looks like most of the achievments that have taken 5 centuries will be gone within the next few decades due to hyperliberalism and secularism..there used to be a time when europe was a destination of dreams for the most talented people but now that position has been take over by Sotheast Asia and the Arabian gulf and Europe has become the hotspot for the scum of every nation… the worst people from every country are blindly accepted into europe while for those who can be of any help it is almost impossible to enter bearing in mind the extreme Visa restrictions! but yeah if you a useless piece of shit you will be welcomed with open arms.. you must act before it is too late..
A well wisherMr Watto écrit: Raval is a nasty area at night, I lived in Barca & raval was a easy weed spot & popular with Moroccans, night time is very dodger, that was in 2011.Hamish Connor MacLeod écrit: It’s like Glasgow
Expect a sunnier versionGoogle Reviewer écrit: 2:45 Speak to Tony sopranoMatthew G. écrit: let the ppl knowSuper Nova écrit: i smell coruption here..patrick mcfarlane écrit: There are similar events in Portugal… The only way to deal with it is a large group of well armed guys. The police and law are innefective.Nicholas Chaplin écrit: thats nothing compared to the us junkies :/ but still very sadErnesto Caro écrit: easy: I'll watch the fuckers for a week and then I'll go Sammy Sosa on themthe telemarketer goof écrit: Only in europe were your home really isnt your home, it's also the criminals home. ������ thank god I live in america.scfog90 écrit: Honestly, buying flats for speculation on higher prices is shit. Those people deserve to have their homes taken. Now during Corona, half of the city is empty, because Airbnb isn`t working for them now. Leave the inner-city homes for residents. For tourists there are hotels and hostels.Based God écrit: “No human is illegal” they are just undocumented dwellers ����Redwill écrit: Gracias Colau, thanks to the mayor, enjoy what you voted for.Dillon Ford écrit: Roll in that appartment with 3 pistols and 3 home boys watch mf disappear like roaches when the lights turn ong4rr377 écrit: Its a shame you can't just go in and Charles Manson the mother fuckersZiggy Pop écrit: Minchia…eres lo mismo en italia..Eliseu Monar dos Santos écrit: Wow, and I was considering moving to Barcelona. That sounds fucked up.TIGERWOODSBOYFRIEND écrit: SORRY?? 3:20……..The courts need proof that drug trafficking is taking place there??
THAT has NOTHING to do with it!
There is someone illegally living in my house!
What if you go to work and return to find someone is in your flat?
What are you supposed to do?Moose Stubbings écrit: Baltimore is the same way
Only the American govt. Cuts their dope with fentanyl intentionally killing it's own addicted children,rather than help them
SMH!Liopp écrit: wtf man. When you are a skater you know the police comes to macba every night to stop the skateboarding. Maybe they should get some narcopisos squatters out instead. Months to order the police to take them out? Sounds extremely stupid and not effective.

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