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Robert Pattinson Talks Valium

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ABC News’ Chris Connelly spent the afternoon in Los Angeles with Robert Pattinson for an interview airing on Nightline Monday 6/14 at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC. The Twilight heartthrob opened up about how using a prescription drug helped take the edge off of his anxiety before auditioning for the first Twilight movie. For more visit Nightline on the web at or or

Pearce Osullivan écrit: So Valium is a language? Jkzhendrick prock écrit: I take 10 milligrams a day and nothing more. Some days I only need 5, but as long as you have control over yourself and a real prescription then it's not a drug to be taken lightly, it's worse than being an alcoholic.Mandla Mnisi écrit: I love Valium, better than any useless psychologistRobert B. écrit: Who's that guy ?????nathalie carter écrit: Get Valium and other Benzodiazepine and painkiller online at oasisonlinepharmacy.comHartley Hare écrit: Then when the Valium wears off you get the crippling rebound anxiety. No such thing as a free lunch!Bru – uh écrit: Damn he's so fineflexuntun green écrit: He's English! Wtf I never knew this.Jeff Galaska écrit: Coming off a benzodiazepine can be extremely hard for some ppl. Its not worth the risk to even try this stuff. I'm talkin like life or death situation that can last a very long time.yousef Altamimi écrit: I love valiumMz. Too Much écrit: I Love Him ��John P écrit: Is he british or american?90sgrunge1 écrit: best benzo they make still oldie but a goodie ive taken them all.JohnnyX1239 écrit: Isn't that equivalent to one another in this world?SRNF écrit: No, he wasn't. padrepio2 écrit: He was speaking ironically! GENIUS.Benjamin Rain écrit: No it is possible to be addicted after one use.
Look up benzo withdrawals….. it's extremely rare though.glowy303 écrit: Valium is one of the most prescribed anti-anxiety medicines out there… He's hardly advocating the use of crack cocaine. You're wrong to focus on morality here, I reckon, it's all harmless anecdotal chatter.psytropikan waves écrit: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT HE PUTS IN HIS OWN BODY ! midnight816 écrit: @SRNF

You wont get addicted off of one use.SRNF écrit: @kapchi i just answered that question. When you have children looking up to you, its foolish to open your mouth with that rubbish.

I can tell you are just a fanboy or girl so ill let you be on your way. *nuff* said. opn20 écrit: @SRNF well.. who are you to judge his morality? Let the man live *nuff' said*SRNF écrit: @kapchi he knows teenagers look up to him.

teenagers are impressionable. He knows this.

its not a question about who he is Its a question about his morality.

opn20 écrit: @SRNF well.. am hoping that he never feels the pressure to be anything but himself becoz his only responsibility is to his craft. being a role model has been inevitably thrust on him by people who want him to be a certain kind of way but ultimately he can chose to be or not to be. he doesnt need to change or pick and chose how he portrays himself in public so as to serve the masses. its too much pressure… and sucks out all realness and authenticity from him as a human being.#just my opinionSRNF écrit: @kapchi unfortunately kids do see him as a role model. opn20 écrit: @SRNF he's not a role model… he's an actor. SRNF écrit: Talking about using an extremely addictive drug that wasn't even prescribed to him but to another. Then commenting how it was a good decision to steal and use and meanwhile many of his teen followers are listening and keying into his experiences and viewpoint.

This seems like a dangerous combination. kathy s écrit: HE'S FINE WITH KRISTEN !!! now that i think about it =) i guessstitchmorg écrit: @woody231979.
speak for urself their woodman…
IDK how, but i seem to be the only exception to virtually every withdrawl rule (besides tobacco). ive had it once, n me an drugs are an on again off again love hate kinda thingjolima07 écrit: @woody231979 What do you mean? Like, addicted? Or worse? Ironically, I was actually missing it earlier today. I took it for about 3-4 days (my mom gave it to me to help with severe cramps), a few months ago. It was amazing how it relaxes you – without the calories of wine or any other 'substance.' Is it actually bad? kathy s écrit: i've got the sick idea that he has something with his agent …… don't know why !!!!!lenaklnrg écrit: @marilenaasp

I don't like Kristent too…In my opinion she's quite ugly ._.
But Rob is sexiest man alive, Love him <3Sissy6la écrit: God!!! This man is gorgeous!!! Just gorgeous!!!vegevamplike écrit: Sorry I meant Twilight screen test. vegevamplike écrit: He took the valium from his agent Stephanie Ritz whose house he stayed at when he flew in from London for the Twilight interview. lp_gaming écrit: He is a beautiful man – inside and out.mindfreak0525 écrit: he took it from her? hmmAna Samayoa écrit: lol!!!Alphie L. Borse écrit: O M G he´s soooooooo beautiful!!!

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