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Primary Infusion: IV set up for Nurses (Spike and Prime)

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Nurses routinely prepare and provide patient care that involves the skills of priming an IV set for fluid and medication administration. \n\nSubscribe to NurseMinder\n\nThis video is about Flushing Primary IV Line for Infusion and goes over the elements of an infusion set, tips to priming and assessing the line for correct infusion (use of label and tracing from patient to pump to bag). Removing air bubbles from smart sites (aka Y connector sites) is covered.\n\nIt is important to remember that while the fluid path is sterile, the line itself is not sterile and does not go on your sterile field. If using the needle-free valves (as seen in this demo), do not access them with a needle as it will damage the valve and cause leaking.\n\nOnce your line is primed, the clock is ticking. It is important to note the time of initiation on your label and check with your agency policy as to how frequently the line is changed. A continuous infusion has a longer duration than an intermittent.\n\n❤️ ~ You may also be interested in watching ~ ❤️\n\nCalculating IV Drip \u0026 Flow Rates\nRespiratory Rate Assessment\nPediatric Medication Calculation\n\n\n��COMMENT in the description box below and share your ideas\n�� LIKE the video\n �� SHARE with your friends\n �� SUBSCRIBE … hit the BELL ��\nSubscribe to NurseMinder \n\n\nLooking to buy some of the products featured in this video? \n\nThese are amazon affiliate links which means I may make a commission should you purchase these items. \nSurgical mask: \nFace Mask (Bandana) \n\nCurious about what I use to make my videos? The following list is the equipment I use (or if my version is no longer sold, a close replica). These are amazon affiliate links which means I may make a commission should you purchase these items. \n\n �� Phone 11 Cell Phone\n �� MacBook Pro \n�� Final Cut Video Editing software \n��️ Rode NT USB microphone (Audio Recording) for post-production voiceover\n �� Neewer Professional Recording Stand – mount microphone and adjust positioning to keep it close but out of the camera’s view:\n �� Manfrotto Tripod (hold cell phone) \n�� Neewer Ring Light to reduce shadows and improve lighting. \n\nDisclaimer: I recommend only products that I know and trust to be of high quality. Links are provided for quick access. Some of the links contained in this checklist are affiliate links and I may receive a commission if make a purchase from the affiliate. This helps me to keep creating and offering free content.

Zahid Saeed écrit: this saline should not be pricked from above for making it fast flowing right? or iit can't be used multiple times. answer with reference please.San Francisco Love écrit: I wanted to see you remove the bubblesHadoi 012 écrit: Thank youPolly P écrit: Helpful thank you.Nora Smith écrit: Thank you

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