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Mixing Benzodiazepines And Alcohol… My Experience N Advice

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Recorded 08/16/2015 , This is a video on how you should NOT mix Benzo’s and Alcohol. I tell you what I know about Benzo’s in this video N also my experience drinking on em 1 time, N 1 time only !! I hope this video is informal and that you enjoy it N hopefully learned something from it.\n\nFollow me on any of these sites if you’d like\nInstagram – The8ball0808\nSnapchat – Really28

It is What it is écrit: How are you doing bro? Hope all is well 🙂Elda K écrit: What happens if I drink 15mh xanax and just a little bit of vodka?J.R. écrit: That's another problem I used to do that I used to have a benzo early and then drink later… It doesn't work. I'm too here's out still dealing with withdrawal effects from this horrible drug. I'm only saying this because I want to help. everybody told me you could space out the dosage and it would work it doesn't this drug is insidious.J.R. écrit: I thought the same thing dude. Playing with fire is what you're doing. benzos I would recommend getting off of them as soon as you're able to. Nobody tells you about what benzos are like but it's worse than heroin a lot of people say. Google Jordan Peterson.Relief bit écrit: I remember taking a 0.5xan and drinking a single beer, i was sitting on a cough, closed my eyes, the clock was 23:00, when i opened them it was 3am, the guy that i was drinking with told me that he tried to wake me up but i was deep, thats all from my story, hope it helped.Robert Reyes écrit: Cool video and thanks for the advice. Time to drink me some Blue Moons.Greg Dodd écrit: That was a helpful video i dont abuse my xanax 3 mg. at night before i go to bed but i like to drink beer also hope ya live a long good life bro. south ga life lover my self lover of life i mean ineed xanax to help me sleep and to controll my panik attacks fine line i dont want to fukk up man.. tks 4 postingMilf Lover écrit: Shid you will black out without alcoholTimothy Smith écrit: You and your friends were definitely kissed by an angel that night running stop lights!! God bless you and stay safe bro. Thanks for sharing this video.ArcadeGo. com fan écrit: So u won't need much of the pillAmberRose T écrit: Klonopin is a mind eraser too. Don't drink with any of them!Helene Rutkaus écrit: Stop drinking alcohol. What is wrong with you? You know how to post a video on YouTube but you can’t figure out how to study the depressive effects of alcohol on your chemicals? What is wrong with people.theblackbull55 écrit: I've been rushed to the hosiptal 3 times for using benzos with alcohol. Two times my friends found me on the street after a party, one time my mum found me at home. Doesen't matter if you take one or two, if ur drunk enough it completley fucks with you brain and your enter a state where you don't remember anything at all. In that state i took everything i had, one time 30 pills and then became unconscious. When the ambulance arrvied they couldn't even wake me up at first. Next thing i remember is waking up in the hospital recovering. Quite embarrising too. I do have mental problems but it's not a excuse for my behaviour. If you are thinking about doing it or someone offers you it, dont take it please. Nothing good is gonna come out of it. Im lucky i didin't get arrested cuse god knows what i could have done, all i know is what my friends told me.Erika Palacios écrit: I just took 2 proplanolol and drank vodka the other day and I started acting violent and hallucinating. dangerous shit.Hannable Thuh Prince écrit: Statrs at 5:35, y'all are welcome in advance… I black put and way 55 inch tv was put somewhere and my computer was moved and more, I didn't remember shit smh… I was on alcohol and benadryl smh…Ray Pist écrit: Get your b12 levels checked, trust me.Ray Pist écrit: I mix large amounts of xanax and liquor and pass out almost regularly, luck I'm still alive to talk about it. Usually I drink about a liter of cheap vodka and after i run out i take about 3 or 4 barsLucas Blackburn écrit: Man ur an addict. Wake up. Anyone that makes a video about this needs help. You need helpMira Hakala écrit: Clonazepam ´s half life is from 18-50 hours so its defitely affects you even 2 days after taking a pill if mixed with alcohol…your a retard écrit: Did you ever feel erratic and stronger almost on xanax??? Anyone??Kenny Carreon écrit: I remember i took xanax for the first time we'll it went bad. I wrecked my car in the freeway i called my friend to pick me up he told me i couldn't walk fell about 10 times broke my hand that was the last time never take xanaxBarfy Yarfy écrit: Say my best friend just died from drinking and doing Xanax I wouldn't mix !César Martínez écrit: Thanks for sharing your experience and advise. It takes balls to recognize you have a problem. Even more balls to recognize you can’t sort it out alone. Even bigger balls to share it to the world. Thanks for some solid advice man!FT10DDR16 écrit: Winner of a video, I've been looking for "treatment options for alcoholism" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Paneyton Preliminary Prevalence – (search on google ) ? It is an awesome one off guide for discovering how to control your drinking habit without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.Jake Phalen écrit: Not smart. Never drink on benzos n alcohol is just another addiction. NO benzo u shud drink on especially klonopin bcuz of its half life which is like 40+ hrs man I wish u no harm man I can relate to ur story. I've been on Xanax 2mg since 16 n I'm 28 now I have awful panic attacks n im on Methadose n my Drs have to monitor me bcuz the 2 is a recipe for an OD so bcuz alcohol withdrawl is deadly along w benzo withdrawl hope u can cut ur drinkin down man I live in Wisconsin beer state n many alcaholics here. Wish u the best bud��Christiana David écrit: im prescribed like 0.25mg and i only take it when i need it. i drank not even a full mug of beer earlier,a littleeeee more than half. ate some stuff and all,and took a xanax like 3 hours-ish later? idk why its freaking me out,but is that fine??Nicky Davies écrit: its always better to reffer to drugs by their generic name first then include brand names but in US you lot go by brand names it's a less accurate way of talking about drugsLeviii écrit: been thru thisBEARDEDYAKER écrit: This is crazy because my doctor has not told me in the past year I’ve been taking Klonopin not to drink beer with it and I told him I drink beer at night, on my bottle there has never been a warning label about alcohol they should really add that to the bottleNeek Joo écrit: If you find the best pharmaceutical company in the USA so we provide online affordable medicines service. Feel free to contact us on +1-850-424-1335

Email- sales@genericmedzonline.comAndre Camilleri écrit: will 50 Diazepam 3mg tablets kill me? I am not joking so please respect my decision and answer truthfullyNeva écrit: Been on klonopin and tramadol ( anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, Fibromalgia)for over 15 years, now doctor want me to quit, tapered down and keep just one medication, course of new regulations.Feels like shot, trying to learn to live without meds, but nothing helps, still worry as usual….Yura Lyn écrit: Heey I had strong anxiety crisis I finished my tablet of 5mg so idk how much ,. I mean I don’t know what’s going on but I’m high as fuckJack Dunn écrit: Hey friend took 15 mg of diazepam and alcohol will he be ok ?HwpoSZN écrit: I tried this. I popped 5 1mg and hade two small bottles of absolut vodka cocktails. I fel amazing first 1-2 hours then i passes out with my lights on and youtube still on on my phone. I woke up with heavy breathing which was fucked up to feel.Tiffany Howard écrit: and i gave him some of mine to pass on intel he gets his own and now i think it's better. because then now i won't chew them all up more like Sowell them i take 5 pills or 4 and its green 2 mg and i believe i need a 3 mgTiffany Howard écrit: xanax help but i drink a lot with my xanax and i take like 5 pills and i blacked outTiffany Howard écrit: i am just thinking what happened glass i broke and remember him coming after me but i callled him he in the valley what happened he sleeping and can't wait to know what happened he hates me.on xanaxTiffany Howard écrit: i just took more to feel better but they help me on a normal dayTiffany Howard écrit: all i know is i woke up remember what the fuck happened? i am on 2 mg green xanax and i drink vodka mix 2019 November 25 and glass is broken and me my kid dad got into it he will not tell me is this God telling to put it down

and i am on subtextxwarx1000 écrit: I overdosed on benzos and alcohol and end up in ICU for 3 days.Michael Hopkins écrit: I mixed xanax and alcohol and had to go to the hospital. Mixed weed and xanax all the time and never had any problems.West Coast Or Bust écrit: committing suicide tonight.Joshua Hill écrit: You missed's the best. And benzos are a blessing and a curse. Oh, and I'm an alcoholic.dimebag Darrell écrit: That wasn't a girl you were kissing lolManuel RVS écrit: Took 2mg kpins and 16oz beer,, feel greatPsyclotron xx écrit: 2 mg Xanax and then drinking, you're asking for major trouble. A bad mixture. Trust me, I've been there.damiem lindzay écrit: Exercise lideo…love from belfast irelandCabinBills écrit: Throw them dam pills in the trash .
Get the hell out of your Mom’s house .
Stop sniveling about poor poor pitiful me and do something !!John Smith écrit: I understand you exactly broJohn Smith écrit: Hope u good bro. Good to watch u again. First watched around 6 months or so ago. I have anxiety like you.JRASCAL94 écrit: Can I drink after I took 1mg of ativan at 730am its 5pm now.Beast Mode écrit: Throwback to my wild past in high school popping 30 xan bars (2mg) and drinking half a bottle with my boys, now before y’all doubt just know you would be very surprised how high a tolerance can come overtime and shortlyTim Konowski écrit: HE ACTUALLY GAVE MEDICAL ADVICE.Nourah Bin shember écrit: I was distracted cuz he is so beautiful ��Eraserhead Curry écrit: Lol dude your right. It takes SOOOO MUCH KPIN and alcohol to die. Liver damage is more likely to kill you. Unless you take a whole fuckin month script and a bottle of vodka at the same time, you’ll be FINE.SB100 écrit: Stop drinking bro with kpinSB100 écrit: My doctor told me don't drink alcohol at all taking this drug bad advice bro good luckder Spanier écrit: ive mixed maybe like 0.5 mg xanax with a beer and well… not too much of an effect but yeah it's not bad i know thatJimmySyndrome182 écrit: I just took 1.5 mg of xanax XR and while drinking beers and smoking hashthat youtube channel écrit: 12 mg Xanax in and countless shots, don't know many many beers, love it all broChristopher Gianni écrit: Bro I take half a bar I'm 5'8 150 not a big guy n ilI drink liquor n a few beers and I'm like blacked out I cant imagine a full bar (2 footballs)Stefano Del Piero écrit: A fucking bitch she ruined my life with with combination. She manage to have sex with me while filming and she sent the video to my girlfriend back in time. She is a fucking psycho. From the day after everything that I created was gone. I am still fighting, 2 years of new memories, panic attack, dissociations and now I have been clean for 6 months almost at least I am doing my best.Zaki Amrani écrit: Don't ever do xanax i did it and drank 3 bottles nearly had a heart attack prey to God and live a good life Allah is the one and onlyMoks écrit: Im 3 mg xanax 39 valium and 2 mg klonopin and drinking alcoholKyle Erasmus écrit: Shit man exact same thing happened to me last night, tryna figure out what happened led me to thisvideo. serious shit. i remember nothingLuca Montecchi écrit: I got prescribed etizolam (class z drugs) amd when i mixed with alcohol and weed was the best highDJpsypher écrit: Depends on tolerance/person. But i would not recommend it.Bpbarz Barztho écrit: I do it I don’t seem it to harming unless u do it everydayBabeman12 écrit: Skip to 8 minutes in to skip his life story and actually starts talking about the subjectPat D écrit: Go brownsKJ S écrit: Big blackout folks, wouldn’t do.KJ S écrit: Personally love itKJ S écrit: Haha goldjlira01 écrit: Good advice. NEVER mix these two. One or the other is okay, but mixing them can kill you.Steven Johnston écrit: How are you?Steven Johnston écrit: Glad you don't ended up in jailed buddy.kurtistjones écrit: Grow a pairtank tank écrit: Is takeing 3 a day harmfulShrek’s Boyfriend écrit: I once poped a Xan with Jägermeister.
Thank to god im still alive.Al Anasi écrit: I met a guy while working in a prison, an inmate, that had no significant criminal record prior, he was educated, polite and well spoken, seemed a great young guy in the prime of his life (this is going back to the late 1990's). He (like a lot of people his age, early 20's) was going through a rave phase. Popping XTC and speed (amphetamines) at these raves, did it pretty much every weekend he was saying, with no huge adverse affects, he was working as an electrician so he was full time employed.
Anyway, one early morning after-party he's doing as a lot did (do) and taking downers to take the edge of the come-down from all the stimulants. Weed, alcohol, and then a few Temazepam (10mg). He was used to the weed and alcohol, but he'd never taken Benzo's before.
As he recounts the story, he woke up violently being screamed at and shaken by a cop, he was in a holding cell, and had been unconscious for hours. To make a long story short, he was taken into an interview room, and shown photo's by the detectives sitting across the table…of the woman and 2 children he'd wiped out driving while medicated and doped up on the benzo/alcohol combination. Graphic crime scene images, bloody corpses and such…the guy had no recollection of any of it, he's high at an after-party one minute, wakes up charged with vehicular-manslaughter. I suspect this guy wouldn't have done well in maximum security, and as horrible as I feel for the family of the woman and children, I felt horrible for this kid too. There was zero intent to do harm, it was an amazingly stupid thing to do, but this kid didn't have a violent bone in his body, he didn't swear/curse, he was educated and working…destroyed a significant chapter of his life, and will be haunted forever by the lives that ended as a result of his stupidity. Never mix benzo's and alcohol. They' both have anxiolytic effects, they're disinhibitors, and alcohol (alone or in concert with other psychotropics) amplify aggression. I dont drink at all myself, I've witnessed and experienced too much violence at the hands of drunken assholes, but you add benzodiazepines to the mix? You have a recipe for absolute disaster. Be wise, people…just dont do it. The risk is far too great.GreenTeaZombie écrit: Xanax and beer.. Wake up wondering how the fuck did my stuff get all over the floor, why am I sleeping next to the couch, damn I drank how many beers? Yeah xanax….Roj Amedy écrit: Long story short; mixing Xanax with alcohol makes memory ellipses … and a very large dose DEATH.

Don’t drink and take Xanax, it’s like your wasting your Xanax plus your money on Alcohol.

Enjoy your life ��Cletus Samboy écrit: Xanax and valium should NOT be taken as needed because repeatedly withdrawing from it will lead to kindling where withdrawal symptoms get worse each time you withdraw. Once you kindle you can say goodbye to drinking as you'll get nasty anxiety and depression the next day from even 1 beer.Jondo Jondo écrit: Withdrawing from those pills cause the worst panic attacks.Boujia Texas écrit: Well I mean if i was a browns fan. Well you know….kie écrit: huh i actually really like it. codeine + tramadol + xanax + a few beers is maximum comfy mode. i almost died once, but that was because i overestimated my opioid tolerance. i started nodding out really hard and when i was conscious i was retching and almost puking but i remember just laying in bed on my back absolutely drenched in sweat really not caring about how serious the situation was. kind of fucked up, i couldve choked on my own vomit.Gsfbffx Pdhhdf écrit: U can drink like a 8 back and take 6 mg of xans you will be fine. U just cant be a pussyNathan Berry écrit: Alcohol + Xanax = a good timeBill C écrit: If you take them and drink it can stop you from breathing, not safe at all.Kristina Sheppard écrit: Appreciate this video n it helps that ur a total hotty n my kinda beer drinkin country boyChristian écrit: sometimes i mix them to get high as shit. don't want to blackout ever again though moonshine and xanax is a no.Elisa Mondragon écrit: I want to do it because I want to kill myself!lars écrit: Again, to the 22 thumbs down assholes, do not judge us. Most of us started this because it made us feel good and had no clue of the withdrawals, else we never would have started. We all want to feel good, so stick them thumbs up your ass. Go to hell while I am at itThat being said, yes, the blue bombers wash down great with a few cold beers, the effect from one enhances the pleasure from the other, and vice versa. I am one of the few than can quit drinking cold turkey, that's partly why I never thought poison apples would have me in their grip. I quit smoking cold turkey, brief one time binges with street drugs like coke and crystal meth, no problems, no withdrawals. Was on high doses of OxyContin after a near fatal car accident, 4 times a day for some 8 months, quit cold turkey, no withdrawals.Peter Tom écrit: I'm mixing pins w temazepam right now. 90 pins. 30 30mg Pam's. Hope I die goodbyeJim Kelleher écrit: Jack Daniels is rottenJim Kelleher écrit: don't give a shit if I die or not, I'll mix benzos and alcohol for lifek luv écrit: I take .75 klonopin daily, yes, every single day so i can get to work! I have severe panic/ anxiety disorder. Sometimes I'll go out and have a lot of cranberry and vodka, I'll drink so many I'll be drunk and have a black out moment and not remember shit. I've been doing this for 10 years with klonopin… if i die, then i will not know I'm dead, sounds bad but it's the truth.emma elson écrit: I experienced mixing alcohol and Ativan. It was terrifying. I took a very tiny amount of Ativan, but had a huge amount of alcoholjammetti écrit: in my experience, I would say it's dangerous to mix a lot of hard liquor with clonopin.. Did some funny shit i didn't remember, but friends told me in the next day.. Other people can do some really stupid shit under that influence that they will regret.. Now about xanax and alcohol… never had any incidents mixing them, just gets me more chill.

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