valium enfant

Ellie’s Seizure 10-22-11

la description:
Ellie’s first seizure in a month and a half. We don’t really know how long it went. At least 11 minutes. We gave her the rectal Diastat after we timed five minutes, and the seizure went on another 6 minutes after that. \n\nHer breathing was very labored and wet. We wonder if she aspirated.

hrsnrnd10 écrit: This is awful. I hope that with our medical technology, that there has been something done to eliminate these horrible seizures.hell0hkitty écrit: what a very sick little girl. i'm so sorry to know of this. how frightening for you all.Peter Lively écrit: I appreciate that, Dana. Thank you. She is in some ways and not in others. Thanks for commenting.Dana Canarick écrit: Awwwwww hope she is doin better

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