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Using Valium to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Using Valium to stop drinking alcohol – in this video we talk about using Valium to help with the alcohol cravings. Subscribe ➜ I know it’s not always a good thing to start taking more drugs to help you get of Alcohol. But a lot of people turn to Valium to help stop drinking. it gets them through the day when detoxing from alcohol. \n\nWe talk about my experiences in taking Valium to help when detoxing from alcohol and other stimulants and mood stabilizers. We don’t really talk to much on this channel about drugs. Whether there controlled or not . We are not doctors and also we have no medical training. We are simply people who have helped people in the past with there alcoholism.\n\nThe way we teach and try to get through to our viewers is brutal honesty. We do not sugar coat things when it comes to alcoholism. If you are looking for someone like this then you are in the right place. We will always give you our honest opinions and well never mess around as lifer is to short. \n\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n\nValium is good for some people when they are quitting drinking as it helps people with there stomach cramps and aids in calming the body down to prevent any unwanted Alcoholic seizures. Valium had been tried and tested over the years and has proven to help heroin addicts and alcoholics cope with the shakes etc. \n\nGenerally if you are going to detox from alcohol, go and see you doctor and explain everything that is going to happen. He can give you his trained opinion on this matter. He will tell you if you need to start taking Valium. By all means ask your doctors to prescribe you Valium for a couple of weeks.\n\nI know in the UK, if you do not have a really close relationship with your doctor there will be know way he will prescribe Valium. If it’s not in your history or medical background the chances are he wont give you it.\n\nYou can talk to your doctor about Valium and ask him for alternatives and see what he comes up with. \n\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n\nReally we are not against using Valium to help stop drinking on this channel. It’s just we have seen first hand in some detox facility. People abusing Valium and they start to get addicted. Yes the are of the alcohol. But now they are addicted to Valium. \nSo if you think you can’t stop over night and you think you need Valium to calm your body down to overcome the stomach cramps ad side effects. Then please do so. Fill your boots. \n\nPeople have been alcoholics longer than Valium has been around. Before Valium was invented people had to come of alcohol and dry them self’s out. It’s a simple concept. If you think your body can’t take the pain etc. Then go and try Valium. \nReally watch yourself when taking any drug during your detox and sobriety. As these drugs can be the very ones that you will get addicted to next. \n\nThis is why we talk about on this channel . of getting yourself back to a level playing field. back to ground zero so you can start feeling you emotions again. You can’t start to feel life again when you full of pills thrills and belly shakes. Trust me once you stop taking the Valium, sleeping tablets and the alcohol. Only then will you start to feel great again. Then you can start to feel the benefits. Day by day by day.\n\nSo if you want to reduce your alcohol and then go on alcohol detox then, OK fine do this.\n\nIf you want to take Valium to help you with you withdrawals, then its fine. As long as you understand that you are an addict and you are more prone than anyone to get addicted to these tablets. And the main reason why your taking these tablets in the first place. \n\nTalking drugs to cure the effects of taking drugs\n———————————————————————————————–\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\n—————————————————————————-\nSo if you want to subscribe for more help for alcoholics at \nHelp with Alcohol addiction Subscribe ➜\nMake Community translation contributions for our videos ➜ \n—————————————————————————-\nSubscribe ➜\nShare this Video ➜\nWatch and Listen to more Videos ➜\n———————————————————–\nCheckout Playlists:- \nHelp for Alcoholics Q\u0026A ➜\nHow to Stop Drinking Alcohol ➜\nAlcoholism ➜\nAlcoholism is not a Disease ➜\nHelp for family and friends of an Alcoholic ➜\nAlcohol Detox Program ➜\nAlcohol Rehabilitation ➜

Ywar jan palod écrit: The GP put you on pregabalin which is much much worse than valium.S&m L&m écrit: Well I did 20 drinks a day. I took Valium, it took away my
Chest shakyness and stomach cramps.Mona Liza écrit: He Bought Valium Online form:
My Uncle drank every day for 3 years. Now he took valium from 15 days…..He is feeling better now and he is trying to leave this habit.0906blue écrit: My ex husband was addicted to cocaine and opiates, the doctor told us the only thing you can die withdrawing from is alcohol.Tiffany g écrit: Did your heart pound very hard and your body felt weak?Christopher Rowell écrit: Amy Winehouse died from a withdraw siezer apparently it's down to how much you drink I drink from a morning most of the time 4 on a morning and 4 on a night couldn't get any yesterday I couldn't sleep and was pacing the floor with major anxietyMatt Gard écrit: My uncle and dads friend both had seizures from drinkingPeter Scott écrit: if you go into a detox facility it is a 10 day,s there you are given chlordiazepoxide this is given to prevent siezures and also to treat the anxiety of alcohol withdrawl under supervision of trained professional doctors and nursesRetired écrit: I drank everyday for 5 years…when I went off. I took valium for 9 days… 1 and 2 it was 3 tabs 10 mg each 6 hours apart. Day 3 2 tabs 8 hours apart. day 4 1 tab in the morning. day 5 thru 9 it was 1 tab just 2mg and by day 10…nothing. that was 10 months ago and I am ok now…but I do get the cravings sometimes.

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