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Diazepam (Valium): What You Need To Know

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Diazepam is a benzodiazepine that has been around for decades. It has few safety concerns at normal doses, but does have some safety concerns, especially with higher doses. It’s used for many of the same medical reasons as other benzodiazepines and recreational use also occurs. \n\nDiazepam = Valium; Diastat; Zetran\n\nReddit discussion:\n————\n\nPsychonautWiki Page:\n\n————\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters: Glen Marshall \u0026 Michael Newman\n\n————\n\nLand on the Golden Gate by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\nSource:\nArtist:

Lennart Hagen écrit: Middleaged women loves thisJean-Simon B. écrit: Are there test kits for benzodiazepines?Chelsea Rebelo écrit: I function so normally on benzodiazepine. It really works for me. I guess I'm lucky, no bad side effects.Drug Store écrit: Order quality xanax, oxycotin, syrup, percocet at ����
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Wickr id: petersonericson��⛽
WhatsApp / text+1(917)-790-5806����Aaron Phillips écrit: Has anyone ever snorted it? I heard it ruins it but I know a girl who snorted xanax and swears by it.Term One écrit: Watching this after od’ing…ZuRriX écrit: Damn.James Game écrit: Always get nightmares when I takeTiny Rick écrit: Can you do a vid on diclazepam?Mikey Stec écrit: Valium 10mg IV the hospital saved my life from dystonic reactionBeMeeklez Velveeta écrit: I've been taking way too much for like 3 years now, I tried to titrate off and ended up in the er. Don't do it recreationally at least not often, it's so relaxing you don't even realize you're addicted til years of your life are gone and you only remember 10% of itRex Mikes écrit: it is next to impossible to overdose on benzos ALL by THEMSELVES, but you throw in the smallest amount of say an opiate? youll stop breathing real quick.Methre écrit: I'm chillin on oxy & valium (I have a Good tolerance, NO SAFER USE) and I'm the highest in the rooooom.Snoopy 503 écrit: In el salvador you can buy 30 per $10 comes on the street markets from the best companyHeisenburger In Paradise écrit: After reading these comments, it's clear drugs aren't the primary problem– illiteracy is…people are SOOO f'ing dumb… ����✌����bernie angeles écrit: it relaxes meDouche Monkey écrit: How long does it last and when is the peak? I know its half life is long as fuck
Is spacing the dosages better or taking it all at once better? for recreational usecallum Lawrence écrit: Video on nitrazepam would be greatstephen quinn écrit: I use uppers to feel better as a antidepresants don't work to sleep I use zopiclone and diazipam for paranoia also on amisulpride for amphetamine side effects lovitram as I black out and mitrzipn so many drugs like codine moreNnhgfnkhfj Yuy écrit: We went to dentist and they prescribe me Valium for surgery and now we don’t go there anymore bc to expensive and now I can keepJahid Afridi écrit: Valium is my favorite benzoRed Ced écrit: I can't believe all the positive comments about this drug. Withdrawal symptoms are really hard and can last for months, even years. This is no joke.Christian Correia écrit: Valium is like Sade… Smooth Operator…. Life just runs smoothly and stress, high blood pressure and anxiety all reduce calmly.
I really like Valium, been on it for 10 days now and, it's very effective yet subtle compared to Xanax which is way more stronger and potent.Drowsy_ Mouse écrit: Benzos, caffeine, and weed. Match made in heaven.Jrod 87 906 écrit: I take valium everyday unless I'm out then I take kpinW Peter Campbell écrit: Diazepam is the best medicine ever made. Too bad the damned government is against everything that actually works!stephen quinn écrit: i was on 30mg for twenty years with dexamphetamine also 15mg zopiclone now in 2019 im on only 5mg diazipam and 7.5mg zopiclone to sleepshut beak écrit: the nhs dude gave it me as a kidVladamir Lem écrit: Valium was in everything food that i eat the water that i drinkeoin écrit: ❤️❤️❤️burek mesni écrit: Can u snort itImran Ali écrit: Watching while on diazepam from kern pharmaceuticals FranceJool cruz écrit: Will 20mg diazepam put me to sleep and how quick? I have only taken(1) 10mg pill in my whole life .. and it relaxed me quite a bit . And felt a bit dizzy…now trying to take 20 mg for a dentist apointment.. will it make me go to sleep? Right away?Simon Eden écrit: I've been taking diazepam for over 20 years, so if i stop suddenly, will i die?Sebastian S écrit: I love Diazepam. Greetings from GermanyBad Timing écrit: all I know is my mom got high on hospital valium after having mehendrick prock écrit: My doctor took me down from 10 to 8 mgs and I'm allready really worried about eventually getting off, I've only been on it for 5 months straight now but it's hard to imagine life without it. The tolerance just blows up. It's like when you have two beers one day and then you need 3 the day after but it's a lot harder to convince yourself not to take that extra pill. It's just not worth it in my opinion.William O écrit: This is the only drug I know of to turn off psychedelics trips. It kills the tripping symptoms. Granted, if you don’t take enough and you take something such as a prolific dose of mescaline. In a few hours your trip effects will return. This is great for killing trips if someone starts having a freak out.

It also cures HPPD type 1. The one where you get constant visuals (not the flashback type 2). I know someone prescribed it and it is the only substance that allows him to live in a visually normal environment.B C écrit: How long can dr see diazepam in your blood or urine test ?liam white écrit: Good old house wife's drugsDamien Morgan écrit: is buspirone the same effect as diazepam? like r they both near the same,courtney courts écrit: this drug has ruined my life. a good drug, but so destructive mentally and physically.Patricia Hernandez écrit: valium helps me trade btc better i just do not care aabout shit1B Subs No Uploads écrit: Whenever I have a social event to go to I get some valium from someone, usually more than I need to have some fun with it but not enough to get hooked on xD. Very rarely do thispower tools reviews écrit: Zepam is goodDrink Your Nail Polish écrit: I only take 2mg as needed for occasions of anxiety. I know it will probably only produce a placebo effect but I hate the idea of being drugged up and not aware of my surroundings. And if the placebo effect works just enough to take the edge off my stress, then it's worth it. Plus I don't wanna get hooked.Michael Peterson écrit: Is it stronger than alprazolam(xanax) in the same dosageSohaib Wildan Khan écrit: I'm epilepsy sometiems I take thiskriss BOUMBAD Arts écrit: I’ve heard of it since mgs1LOVE LIGHT écrit: it relaxes my brain cancer loolll stops it from growingflexuntun green écrit: I get 21 2mg tabs a week so 3 a day at 2mg but now and again Ill buy a pack of 5mgs and have myself a little buzz. I've been on diazepam for years and trying to come off of them is horrific. If your gonna take these I'd seriously only do it recreationally as you don't need to take them for that long until they've got you in the trap.houkto shinken écrit: This is where we areGabriel Biddle écrit: Can you do one on clonazepam plzBenedict Dela Cruz écrit: the impact of this drug, try to remember hard. how the eyes could possibley turned white.126er écrit: The best way to describe valium is…
Going outside in gale force winds…
Taking a valium and everything becomes dead still.Jeff Pansini écrit: Why is this drug being demonized as if it were an opioid? Doctors and Pharmacy's are being threatened by the DEA/FDA, or so they say. I'm in my 60s and have never had a problem with diazepam. It keeps me calm and helps with my sleep and I only take 2 5mg a day. This is a schedule IV drug and rates lower than cannabis which is still considered a schedule I drug. I have never heard of a diazepam overdose in my life.
I hear plenty of people dying on pain medication, but not Diazepam. So what is the deal.
People in their 60s to 80s are being cut off of this drug or they are being referred to Psychiatrist. WTF? I have never upped my dosage for 4 years, so I do not abuse this drug. I believe this drug is now so cheap that big pharma makes no money on them. Has anyone else been hassled by these new laws that villify Diazepam?GLOBAL DYNAMICS écrit: OMG VALS ARE ESSENTIALS IN THIS MODERN DAY STRESSED OUT SOCIETY. Xannax is bit stronger but doesn't last as long..
Just popped 20mg before writing this comment with an 80mg oxy All prescribed of course so i can drive on it..I suffer horrible chronic pain but do still feel the effects since the crushable form has been released again in Queensland.. Peace my val bros and sisters.GrahamGraham Mooney écrit: Can yi get 5 milagram capsulesBazil Day écrit: In India, we get pure valium tabs from the pharmacy 5mg×10 for 0.20$(14rs) and there is no need of prescription in almost every pharmacy..Russell Robinson écrit: What kind of withdrawal dangers are there? I've been on it for years. 5 bid, but have started using 10 for sleep. I'm also on 150 Effexor, 300 wellbutrin, 100 lamictal bid, 10 flexiril tid. Also toporol, lipitor, Vt.D3 10,000 IU, ProFe 180 once & nexium 40mg once a day. Might not need all of that info. But I wanted you to know in order for you to recommend withdrawal procedure. I've lost medicaid and can't afford to go to my Dr.Chris Egan écrit: I love valium (diazepam & tamazipamRollin wit tha Devil écrit: I am on 90ML of methadone and I took 40MG of this shit (a friend told me I should try it) so anyway, I waited awhile and I didn't think anything was going to happen. Well I went to get up and nearly fell over I was so sedated I couldn't keep my eyes open for the life of me I eventually fell asleep for like 15 hours the only reason I woke up was cause I needed my methadone but for the rest of that entire day I felt extremely tired, confused, and still had difficulty focusing and staying alert. NOTE – I did this for recreational purpose just to have some fun in life so keep that in mind when you reply thanks guys bye now.Justanotheryoutubeaccount écrit: I was on this shit for 6 years. It's not worth long term useNadhia Gurrola écrit: Omg thanksHartley Hare écrit: Had 2mg one night, mad dreams & felt strung out the next day, not good��Maybe the just dont agree with me��itakevalium andamphetamines écrit: i get 14 10mg valiums a week along side with 7 20 mg aderal xr for the week I definitely AM addiction both mentally and physically to diazepam of course, I won't deny that, but I was just put on diazepam about 1 months ago because I had previously been on 2 mg clonazepam a day for 2 years and 10 months . going to 20 mg of valium a day kinda sucked because it felt like the klonopin was a little for potent, but I still like valium. I would take valim over lorazepam or Xanax anyday. I still do like clonazepam tho. Valium seems milder, but not to such a dagree that it really makes that big of a difference. pop 3 10 mg vals and you'll be flying with a blunt or a joint. Btw I love addeeral aswell and the valium is prett much there for the comedown.Irvin Steinhauer écrit: The veterinarian recently prescribed diazepam for my dog. To control his seizures. What are the side effects for a dog. Also is it better to give the 10 mg tablets by nose or in the rectum.Indra Ganga écrit: Trini pepper rotiVince : D écrit: I’m 135 pounds and out of weed. How many mg to get a pretty decent first time high? I’ve popped xans a few times so it’s not my very first time with benzosDavid Mendes écrit: Could not feel or didn't do anything at all
Anyone know why?James Benzos écrit: Heyclive zoski écrit: Vallium sandwich yum yumneal hall écrit: Is it possible to pass a drug screen 6 days after taking 20mg valium? Been drinking lots of fluids and niacinthecsslife écrit: Needed more facts, ld50, "overdose" dose, specific examples of drugs to avoid combination, recreational dosages, positives+neutrals+negatives of the experience, tranditional medical usage, picture of structute of gaba receptor and the allosteric modulation site on it, brief overview on the gaba system and its function etc I felt a lot more could be said.Hartley Hare écrit: Helpful in taking the savage edge off alcohol withdrawal����Bushcraft1974 écrit: Diazepam for me has been a life saver from Anxiety. I’ve been taking low doses (1-5mg) a couple times a month for 20 years often with months between doses and can report no withdrawal or tolerance. If you take them every day and at higher doses then yes problems can arise. They are pretty hard to get prescribed now in the U.K. and I get 2-3 scripts a year of usually 14 x 5mg tabs at a time. I save them for when my anxiety is intolerable and usually break the tabs into quarters and try small doses, rarely have I taken more than 5mg in a day and they still work after 20 years like this!Paddy O écrit: Just necked some…��GTA 5 Kingkong0581 écrit: Ave being on them 20 years, they don’t do fuck all no more but am addicted to fuckJosh Hope écrit: Neliz 10mg diazepam. Anyone tried these? Feedback appreciatedPaul Thomas écrit: Nitrazepam sucksGhost Of Sparta écrit: Some of you must be drugged up like crazy! I take the 2mg and my head literally sinks into my pillow. How the hell do you even manage to take 10mg pills? you must have really high tolerance.UncleCatfishDub écrit: How long could one safely take diazepam if one don't increase to an unsafe dosage? as in.. is it okay to take it for years or only for a frw months? It's the only thing thst truly helps with my anxiety but I'm afraid to take it for too long if it could be dangerous. thanks!díana r. écrit: Actual question does anyone know if side effects of diazepam can lasts 2yrs laterLive Free écrit: Its the most effective benzo in my opinionMarkdouglas Douglas écrit: Does Street valium contain midazalam?Joanne Marshall écrit: I'm In Australia and Drs don't want to give IT OUT AT ALL!!! sux and they can all check where you have tired getting them and fucked UP DO giooders called MY OWN Dr and reported ME!!
Used to be SO easy @Red Rain écrit: i just took 10mgSDKFZ 251 écrit: I have k pin rx’d.maurice femenias écrit: alprozalam one day next day diazepam = 2 mg daily whenever feel anxiety i just vary prefer valium smoother than xanax plus 100 mg of sentraline morning at 6 !!, any coments welcome.DumbSkippy écrit: Great succinct video. Thank you !Андреј Томић écrit: took 2 pills of this shit last night ( 10mg ) i didnt remember shit dude it hits hard like trainMonkeybone écrit: Valium is life, Valium is loveRussell Robinson écrit: I've been taking this for years. What are some dangers to be aware of if I stop? I did stop for a couple of months. & I did develop what I called "shocks". But I also take SSRI,SNRI, wellbutrin, and lamictal that may have kept me from having seizures. My last bottle were pink & had mylan 345 on it. They were always yellow for 5mg. They're legitimate right?james roberts écrit: Dude! For those of us on diazepam it would help a lot if you spoke slower.Daniel Haidar écrit: My psychologist hates diazepam. But seriously its amazing as i have terrible anxiety. It makes it so much easier to concentrate and focus at workOneEyedKing écrit: How long should you wait from taking Valium if you’re drinking alcohol or doing ketamine?Dakuro écrit: I love valiumJames Wood écrit: I’ve popped 70mg with weed and I’m not a fat guy, so for anyone who is worried about their dose given my experience, I’m sure you’ll be fine….fml écrit: It's pretty good for sniping usesAdam Evans écrit: Thank you I'm taking at the moment for back pain that happens now and then I'm on 5mg given to me through my ER. In the UK need to speak to them soon.

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