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Klonopin ( Clonazepam ) Vs Valium ( Diazepam) Review And Experience

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This Video Explains The Difference between Klonopin and Valium. I have taken Klonopins for 10 years and was on Valium as well. This is my own experience and opinion.\n\nI am not a DR. if you need medical advice please contact your pharmacist or physician.\n\nFollow me on social Media\nTwitter – @SchizoCorner\nInstagram – schizoaffectivecorner\n\nIf you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet Please do by clicking here so together we can help break the Stigma that surrounds the Mental Health Community. \n

cabra negra écrit: No entiendo ingles, alguien que me explique la diferencia plz 🙁Jukka O. Parviainen écrit: As I understand both are derivatives of nordiazepans. And the point in both is that they are accumulating in your blood – nanograms per millliter of blood – and if you take eg. 2-5 mg of Valium for 4 weeks you are in about 3000 nanograms, and if you stop taking it, withdrawal symptoms start about in 8 weeks when you are down in 50 nanograms or below. Close to zero, you are like an alcoholic after 6 months constant drinking and suddenly stop it. Hands shaking, headaches, and this is the point where most of the withdrawal attempts fail. Because maybe there are only few clinics in the world which deal with withdrawal symptoms up to twelve weeks when you stop taking. Klonopin is also cumulative so if you leave few days off, nothing happens to you because you have lot of it in the storage. Zolpidem on the contrary doesn’t stay on your system, and there you have an instant problem not having it regularly.Paul Attwell écrit: I’ve just been swapped from
Xanax to klonopin by my psych today. Xanax wasn’t doing much but could be the small dose. The klonopin seemed stronger and put me to sleepMike Smith écrit: Just get off the shit you will feel much better.Tara Taylor écrit: Hi I’m so glad I came across your channel. I’ve been on clonezepam .5mgs twice a day for 10 years as well. I too don’t wanna try new medication. They do keep my anxiety at bay like you stated but do not have the relaxing effect anymore which is fine. I was just wondering if you had any reactions to different brands of the clonezepam? I’ve tried a lot of different brands and it seems like they are all different. Like some work and some don’t. I’m still trying to find a good generic brand. I have severe anxiety and panic disorder as well. ThanksAdmalium écrit: Valium half life is 200 hrs whereas Klonopin is only 72 MAX. You are mistaken on that Valium have a shorter half life.Jerry Mane écrit: Good job i l like your vidnathanielf48 écrit: Have a nice cuppa tea with a blue or 3 and they kick in much quicker lol it works with most benzosJ Dolan écrit: Hey man I've been on Xanax an clonazepam really had high doses 12mg of clonazepam a day! No lie an 5 .5 xans a day still on em really depressed feel like just ending my life my parinoa is badTiny Rick écrit: Good comparison/review. Tbh I’ve had much more relief in my life from Rc benzos then Rx benzos. Just small doses of pyrazolam and diCLazepam have taken my life back from anxiety. Some of my favorites after trying about 20-30 benzosThe Megatron écrit: never take valium it fucks you up whole day xanax is ggood klono is oood 2 but valium never leaves your system and you are fuckedEating out Your mom écrit: Anyone ever get prescribed Prozac then realize that shits like a placebo pill and doesn’t actually do anything for you.Ben Hutchins écrit: I'm in .uk London I get 2, day 2,4ml clonazepam ? 2,300ml prevailing n 30mls diazepam whaT I'm happyEarl Barnes écrit: Klonopin Feels like a Xanax But A bit.stronger
I’m then Xanax.. Klonopin Klonapin hours

Abilify made me puke.,, I’m on Klonapin for monthRonny Clayton écrit: I've been on 6mg klonopin daily for over 10 years to control seizures.But vs Valium Klonopin is literally 20 times stronger than Valium(.5 mg Klonopin equals 10 mg Valium)if I was to change it would take #12 10mg Valium to equal #3 2mg Klonopin.Emanuel Brown écrit: Valuim are betterLee Harvey Oswald écrit: Klonopin sucks didnt do anything for me.Moks écrit: I love ValiumHerbert Sprinkle écrit: Lithium is a joke.Sherry Butler écrit: Yes valium is very heavy. It feels exactly like you drank 6 beers. I prefer ativan and clonazepam out of all benzos.Matthew Adkins écrit: OMG please…there's no S on the end of either medications. It's Klonopin, not Klonopins. Valium, not Valiums.sTRAIT jACKET écrit: I severe akathesia. Klonopin is helping me more. I take both together sometimes.Carson sablan écrit: I will take diazepam over kpin just switched and the Dr actually did the right conversion.

Usually Drs do 10mg valium = 1mg clonazepam but studies show that it can vary from 20mg * 1mg clonazepam.

So instead of 2mg clonazepam a day I got 40mg diazepam a day and lucky I love it.

Also on methadone low dose (36mg) and taking valium without a a riot they lower you till you test negative. For men that would take 2 months i would be locked off they lower you 5mg a week.

Anyways so glad I switched. Ofc rather have alprazolam but I like diazepam way better, long half life helps but it "kicks in" unlike clonazepam.Sherry Butler écrit: Thankyou for making these videosTactical Bartender écrit: So what do you prefer? I have extreme anxiety..I don’t even drive. Just wanna know so I can ask my doctor. The Valium, I agree, more of a muscle relaxer than anything. Didn’t make me sick tho and the “muscle relaxer” aspect only lasted maybe an hour. I did notice less anxiety later throughout the day though.Waginaldo dos Prazeres écrit: Não entendí nada do que ele fala.matthew adkins écrit: Klonopin didn't do shit for my seizures and insomnia. Valium is fast acting and treats both things better.Jennifer Thom écrit: klonopin – any idea if it has worked to curb side effects of nicotine withdrawal?Mikael Rehbinder écrit: I was on clonazepam for over 20 years. 6mg/day (PTSD, bipolar type 2). I got rid of it by using diazepam for withdrawal symptoms. Took me 6 months, but now I'm drug-free. If you want to get rid of benzos, check out the "ASHTON MANUAL". It contains everything you need to know about benzodiazepines, including instructions of how to withdraw from different benzos.
Every benzo impairs your thinking, you're not yourself when you use them. Safe free download: Barboza écrit: side effect= panic attacksJosh Becque écrit: Clonazepam is a newer kind of benzo, its been around awhile but xanax and valium are old school, they made Klonopin to have less withdrawal side effects and longer half life. its a little safer to take. but its a benzo nonetheless. And if you need quick panic attack relief Klonopin is actually good for that, they taste like sweet mints on purpose so you can stick them under your tongue or chew them and they will hit fast.Matty sim écrit: I prefer lorazepam to both Clonazepam over diazepam coz diazepam too strong it's more people with physical difficultySuzanne Taylor écrit: After trying trazodone and Paxil for a year for anxiety, major depression, and insomnia, the trazodone stopped working. My doctor then switched me to ability which was terrible. I went back to him in an emergency and he prescribed me klonopin mg which helped me a lot but I ran out. I got some Xanax from a friend cuz I started to withdraw. I find the klonopin has less side effects and helps me sleep better. I’m glad you found that Xanax works for you! The only other medication i take is Paxil for depression which doesn’t help my anxiety. Peace and love dude!!Ian Ager écrit: Tried both, for me Diazepam kicks in faster but 5mg 3x daily left me drowsy all day. Clonazepam 0.5mg twice daily just keeps symptoms under control, takes 45-60 mins to have effect. Less side effects. Doesn't feel like it does anything until you stop taking for 2-3 days, rebound effects very apparent. Clonazepam preferable for my PTSD. Good videos, thanks. Happy New year.Manic Machinist écrit: Lithium Carbonate…Drug of choice for Bipolar 1 and 2. I was on 1,350 mgs. Of the CR.. though I never experienced the lethargy, drowsiness and sedation. It worked great for my manic-depression. Then came the severe side effects Borderline diabetes. tremors (not due to too much in the blood). Gained 35 pounds. Had to discontinue, my body was in a very unhealthy shape. After 8 or 9 months was back to normal. Lithium has been around since 1949.At that time it was mainly used for the manic phase of Bipolar & Schizophrenia. The first psych medicine other than Promethazine. Than Thorazine in the fifties by the French. Sorry I'm hypomanic right now, tend to rant. All the info is true though. Long term Eskalith (Lithium) use causes kidney failure, practically 99 Percent in fact. It slowly eats away at your liver as well. Never go past 2.0 in level. You get Shakey its too much in your blood.I recommend Typical Anti-psychotics. Work great. Loxapine is excellent. Stay away from the newer Atypicals-Metabolic nightmare. Ask about Trilifon or Molindone. Depakote, tegretol, Lamictal (anti-convulsants) can help mood stabilization also. Plus it's relatively safer than neurolepticsManic Machinist écrit: Klonopin is almost identical to Valium considering Diazepam is clonazepams prototype. Basically the same stuff. Just think of Klonopin as a stronger Valium. 0.5 of clonazepam equals 10 mgs. Of Valium. Also all Benzodiazepines have muscle relaxant properties. I take Klonopin & Xanax. Meds react differently for everyone, just talking about the pharmacological aspects. Valium is the second oldest benzo- came out in the sixties. The very first benzo- is Librium (chlordiazepoxide). The older the meds the more the side effects. Valium can even give you tardive dyskinesia. Scary! I'm also Bipolar. Type 1 with psychotic features. I take Lamictal and loxapine for it. Stay tough man and have a happy new year! ✌️Zeke Z ZekeKan écrit: Very informative videos I've watched for so far. I'm subscribed thank you for all the information. I'm bipolar and having anxiety myself but at the moment I have no doctor and take no medication. I plan on getting the doctor but do not know what medication I should be taken or ask for. This kind of helps. Keep up the good workMiché _ écrit: Is ironic they use clonazepam for seizures but when you stop taking them you have one. I'm on 2 mg of clonazepam but it only last for 4 hs. I also take quetiapin and proxac. Proxac don't do anything so tomorrow probably my doctor will change it.R B écrit: ⚡️⚡️Billy Boy écrit: I take 25 valium a day, for shit that I deal with but also like the feeling ,it's more of a glow and I can do stuff and sleep when I want , plus wake up freshSean Kashanian écrit: Your my favorite your tuber make more videos I love all of them❤️Josh Hope écrit: ⚰��Josh Hope écrit: Dingly dell. This video made me ttcs! Wrong click. Get me a bucketEmilia Lecter écrit: I built a tolerance to benzos. I have to take at least 8mg at a time to get any relief so I don't use them anymore. I take zoloft and gabapentin for anxiety. Great video man!music on écrit: Great video..

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