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Benzo Abuse and Withdrawal | Understand and Overcome Benzodiazepine Addiction

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TO LEARN MORE:\n\nBenzodiazepine addiction is on the rise. Watch this video to learn the necessary information to get yourself or your loved ones off Benzos for good.\n\nIn this video Addiction Counselor Rob Mo covers what Benzodiazepines do, what the most common prescribed benzos are, and how to safely detox and treat benzodiazepine dependence. To fully recovery from benzo addiction, you have to know what is happening to your brain during benzo addiction and withdrawal. Once you understand how your brain has been affected by benzodiazepines, you can then began to heal with proven treatment methods.\n\nHow benzodiazepines work 1:10\nWhy Benzos are prescribed 1:33\nCommonly Prescribed Benzos 2:56\nList of Common Symptoms of Benzodiazepine Abuse 3:17\nDetox Safety for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal 3:35\nWithdrawal symptoms 4:00\nGuide for successful recovery 4:25\nWhere to get Benzo addiction treatment 5:19\n\nWe are here to help. If you or a loved one is suffering from benzodiazepine addiction, please give us a call anytime. We have admissions counselors standing by, ready to guide you. All calls are 100% confidential. Call us anytime at: (855) 274-1040\n\nTree House Recovery’s innovative approach to addiction treatment focuses on the mind/body connection to build sustainable, healthy lives. We believe in a wholeness and wellness focus rather than a bandaid approach to treating addiction. Our eight interconnected modalities work together to treat you as a complete person. The cumulative result is a highly effective program focused on healing you on an individual level. At Tree House, abstinence is simply a jumping-off point. In order to sustain change, you must create a life that you are excited to lead. We guide our clients to these lives. The Tree House team is a highly collaborative unit that works together to offer each client the most effective care available.\n\n#addiction #benzodiazepines #benzodetox

Mega Hawk écrit: I wasted 6 yrs on the stongest benzo diazepam, gone cold turkey for about 12 yrs now and I won't lie withdrawal symptoms are still present, a psychiatrist told me the damage done on your gaba system might be permanent, I wish the old days with my anxiety Fu*k this shit why do they even prescribe it it must be bannnnnnnned_BLeW_ A_FuSe_ écrit: Anyone that get hooked on these things is truly insane it make heroin detox seem like a heaven literally !!TheMardi écrit: benzos are hella weird, two days ago i popped with my friends normal medical betso's. danm, afrter 4 pills i don't remember shit, but me and my two other friends popped 30 pills in total. I only have videos where i'm pastouted and not one timeRay Renati écrit: For most people it’s better to taper at home very slowly.fordfiveohh écrit: Dang…. Audio levels…Den Maskerade Daskaren écrit: Fuck Benzos. Chew these for 5 years daily, took me 6 months of horrible withdrawls to finally function again. Top everyone going through it, keep going strong ��Just ME écrit: DO NOT GO TO REHAB FOR BENZO WITHDRAWAL!

Was on diazepam 20 years for spasm from spinal injury/surgery.
Trying to re-taper.
2.5 years of withdrawal he’ll so far.
Symptoms below.

First some links:

Documentary in which leading experts on Benzodiazepines are interviewed.

Tapering guidance by Prof Ashton. Many ppl find that too fast. Listen to your body.

Full symptom list:

Reports on Benzo & antidepressant dependence & withdrawal by UK parliamentary inquiry.

Guidance for psychologists based on the above:

Piece in a Psychiatric Times about the extent of protracted withdrawal from Benzos and Antidepressants.

Account by a brave woman who didn’t survive withdrawal:

I am not expecting to survive. I have had to reinstate twice because my body is literally crushing itself but now the drugs are paradoxical. My nervous system is sensitised. I can’t take paracetemol, aspirin, any of many muscle relaxants my Neuro has prescribed, Vit D, magnesium, fish oil, many foods.
Benzo withdrawal can throw the entire body in to complete chaos. Recover from it can last many years.
The longest I am aware that someone was ill and then recovered from it is 12 years.

I have had 2.5 years of this hell so far.

All my senses have become deranged.
The tactile fabric of the reality of objects feels wrong and frightening: things feel too light/insubstantial or heavy/hard = phobias of touching clothes, vegetables, paper, my own body, my friends hand.
Taste diminished or things tastes rotten. Feel of foods in mouth is wrong. Hard to manipulate food in mouth. Keep choking because can’t work out how to swallow or throat feels too open.
Visual – things look too detailed or unreal. People look like latex demons.
Smell are too strong. Bad chemical or burning smells that aren’t there.
Severe hyperacusis – Sounds, even taping on this tablet, too loud and distorted.
My own voice sounds distorted & loud in my own head as if shouting through a megaphone. Paper, plastic wrapping, china, cutlery, clocks, voices, cars etc are unbearable.
Complete terror of the world – ordinary objects in my home frighten me beyond describing. When bad it is literally everything.
Bodily sensations get transposed on to world so if my body feels too ‘bouncy’ the world looks too ‘bouncy’. If body feels like it is made of plastic other people look like they are. It is a repulsive, nauseating form of synasthesia. When very bad textures, patterns on things, colours make me feel repulsed.
Loss of normal sensation throughout my body.
I cannot feel any inner sensations such as feeling full regardless of how much I eat – literally no feedback of ever having eaten or being very constipated.
I have a constant obsessional & overwhelming craving for carbs/sugar every moment I am awake. It feels like something has taken over my brain and is acting against my wishes.
However hard I pinch or poke my body between the skin and muscle I cannot feel anything anywhere apart from on the skin. Very altered sensation of pressure.
All of my muscles are tight and pulling against each other from top of head to feet.
Muscle texture/tone has changed – stiff/sticky – has the consistency and sound of a bell pepper being ripped open.
Head gets pulled back. I get pulled backwards and sideways if try to sit – can’t remain upright.
Tightness in face feels like I am being suffocated by my own face.
Neck feels rigid and head constantly moves side to side on it’s own.
Brain feels like it gets yanked sideways in head – makes me stumble sideways.
Muscles esp legs and neck get too ‘springy’ and hard to control.
Whole body including arms gets squeezed.
Tight muscles go very hot and vibrate as each dose wears off.
Head has incredible pressure. As if being pumped up and up constantly.
Jaw and teeth feel tight.
Jaw moves as if trying to chew.
Choking, throat feels too open, food slips down.
Roof of mouth feels too high and feel like will ‘swallow brain’.
Eyes watering and sore – even my own tears irritate them.
Watery sloshing and whooshing in head – gets worse with activity or any noise.
Ears feel full.
Abdomen feels rigid and spasms side to side where back is tight.
Dystonia throughout back, neck, ribs, buttocks, jaw, legs, shoulders. All contracting so tight bending spine, pulling surgery site out. Jaw so tight it snaps shut if try to open mouth.
Feels like I am being squashed by heavy weight.
Hard to breathe.
Severe loss of adipose tissue and collagen. I look about 20 years older than I did this time last year.
Weight gain.
I feel like I am just a tiny part of my brain trapped in a corner of my skull and that ‘I’ no longer extend in to the rest of my body so that my body now feels it is part of the world of ‘stuff’ rather than part of me.
My body feels completely hollow inside.
Sometimes feel like I am being blown up and up like a balloon and will explode.

Feels like someone has poured glue through my body that is getting stiffer and stiffer.
Feel like stretched tight like a drum.
Jaw rigid and jaw joint collapsed.
Unable to take any meds – all cause horrific reaction including laxitive have to take.James Watson écrit: Infusions of NAD… and absolutely nothing else beat my Benzo addiction. Check it out. I hope it helps you. Without NAD I would be dead. I was hopelessly "kindled". Search drug rehab testimonials for NAD and see for yourself. Benzos are the perfect class of drugs for big pharma's agenda. Sell drugs that have to be taken until they kill you. The Sackler family made their first fortune pushing Valium. Now they (Purdue Pharma) push synthetic opioids.can dregskiller écrit: I'm currently feeling the vertigo, sweaty palms, fast heart rate but haven't had hallucinations yet, how far have I gone??? Tbh I'm quite scared I'm going to have a seizureLindsay Graham écrit: You can become dependent on these medications without abusing them!! These drugs are only meant to be used for 2 weeks max and another 2 weeks to taper them. Your body builds tolerance over time and throws you into tolerance withdrawal where the drug no longer works for the condition it was originally prescribed. Dr’s will assume it’s your anxiety disorder or panic disorder coming back when in reality it’s the drug causing these symptoms. This leads to Dr’s prescribing higher doses of the drug only making the problem worse. By the time you realize it’s the drug causing all these issues you’re usually labeled an addict and taken off these drugs c/t. This is a huge mistake and can complicate things immensely causing immense suffering and a severe protracted withdrawal. This can easily be avoided with a slow taper. These drugs must be tapered slowly to allow the brain time to slowly heal. I’ve was prescribed benzos 10 years ago and have been through hell coming off these drugs. I started my taper 2 years ago. I was on 30mg of Diazepam and am now down to 7.5mg and am in protracted withdrawal. I have to take low doses of lamictal and Gabapentin just to function. Please educate yourself on this. Labeling people as addicts who never abused these medications is wrong and hurtful. YuTuu écrit: It's Insulting when so many people who claim to wanna help use the word "addiction" Instead of physical dependency. I bet most people struggling had no clue withdrawls
were gonna happen… we know most Doctors STILL don't and they'll lie and deny If they do.Lennart Hagen écrit: I hate being addicted to diazpamJozeph Amir écrit: Is abuse detectedeable?Neil Trusso écrit: Great informative video. More please

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