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Diazepam tablet | valium tablets | calmpose tablet uses, side-effects

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Hi friends Welcome to our channel Ophthalmic Dipesh\n#ophthalmicdipesh\n\nDisclaimer – this video is made only for educational purposes and does not content any copyright content.\n\nBackground music credit -\n Saw Three Ships by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (\n\nArtist:\n\n\nDiazepam is a benzodiazepine class medicine. diazepine is a schedule H1 drug which can only be given on the doctor prescription. \n\nDiazepine tablet | calmpose tablet available in different strength like diazepam 2 mg tablet\\nDiazepam 5 mg tablet\\nDiazepam 10 mg tablet\\nDiazepam 20 mg tablet\\nDiazepam tablets brand name are \\n1. Valium tablet\\n2. Calmpose tablet\\n3. Zepose tablet\\n4. Dizep tablet and many more….\\n\\nDiazepam tablet | \ncalmpose tablet used to treat mental disorders. Like\\n1. Anxiety, pain attack, agitation\\n2. Insomnia\\n3. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome\\n4. Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome\\n5. Epileptic seizure and muscle spam\\n6. Restless leg syndrome\\n7. Memory loss\\n8. Pre and post-surgery and all other psychiatric disorder\\n\\n\nValium diazepam tablet side effects\\n1. Tremor\\n2. Double vision\\n3. Dry mouth\\n4. Headach / dizziness\\n5. Sleepiness \\n6. Lack of muscle co-ordination\\n7. Coma\\n \\nWe also discuss about diazepam tablet\\n1. Diazepam tablet Brand name\\n2. Diazepam tablet Price\\n3. Diazepam tablet Uses in detail\\n4. Diazepam tablet Contraindications\\n5. Diazepam tablet Dosage\\n6. Diazepam tablet Overdose\\n7. Diazepam tablet Warnings\\n8. Diazepam tablet Side effects\\nAnd many more in detail in hindi\n\nThanks for visiting our channel Ophthalmic Dipesh.

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