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valium 3

Dying for Weed | Drugs Map of Britain

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Journalist Poppy Begum explores the underground world of medicinal cannabis in the UK, meeting seriously ill people who believe weed is curing them. But by resorting to this illegal and unregulated drug, what risks are they all taking? \n\nWatch more Drugs Map of Britain:\n\n\n–\nClick here to subscribe to BBC Three:\n\nDid you know that we’re up to other things in other places too?\n\nBest of BBC Three/ Daily Drop:\nTwitter:\nFacebook:\nInstagram:\nTumblr:\niPlayer:\n\nOh, we’re on Snapchat too – just incase you were wondering… add us, bbcthree.\n—\n\nThis video is monetised outside of the United Kingdom by BBC Studios who help fund new BBC programmes.\nService information and feedback:

Ethan Hayes écrit: Blows my mind a school kid is making points with more nuances than our legislators can manage.Shauna B écrit: To all the people commenting that weed isint a drug, you are all in a bubble. You never realise it is an addiction until you see your own family member change into a different person and not different as in good different as in abusive, irritable, angryMarkStewart PraisetheMostHigh écrit: Cannabis is illegal because it damages physical and mental health. But methadone is widely and over prescribed.
Our government loves us.Amin W écrit: Weed can make you feel like your burning. I mean we are 98f after allYULKA écrit: Bless the first guy man…he should get himself some prerolls, rolling one should never hurt :/Dred Berwick écrit: Clear Slabs
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Wickr//jonesdrugzJerry M. Seth écrit: Cheers for the Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you ever tried – Mackorny Marijuana Paradise Blueprint (just google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for giving up smoking weed minus the hard work. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my good mate called Gray at very last got astronomical success with it.stopglobalswarming écrit: He needs a bat and box so he doesn’t have to rollnative speaker English teacher écrit: Brits seem to think alcohol important and be anti-cannabis. American puritans used only cannabis and shunned alcohol. Strong alcoholic divide, it seems.Johu James écrit: Check up imjoker12 on wickr blueberry, kush, weeds, Isd .., adderal,, tramadol oxy, roxy activa, percocet, fentanyl shroom.ghb ON! xanax hydro heroine.meth 0e, molly carts, coke „concerntrate We carryout fast discreet and encrypted delivery��secured and no cops involve. No kid����.take your hate some else. serious buyers only��������������…Devang Somani écrit: WEED is good man
Blessings from heaven to the mother earthDevang Somani écrit: Am high on weed while watching itThe Meatball show écrit: Use coneslongrider écrit: Personal experience. I have suffered from chronic arthritis in my neck and lower back since age 30. i found that smoking weed got rid of it as if by magic but it was costly, troublesome, and I would also shuffle about all day whacked out of my gourd as it required consistent application. It also caused the typical A MOTIVATIONAL SYNDROME whereby it would kill my motivation…my basic desire to get shit done. In the end, I decided I would rather be in pain yet clear headed and motivated than a pain free zombie. Not looking for an argument here either for or against pot…just wanted to add my personal experience to the experience pool so that others could use it as a reference point. Note. what I saved in pot money over the last 3 years has bought me 9 Beautiful brand new electric guitars and 3 digital amplifiers. just sayin….Astaroth écrit: Feel shit for the guy with osteoporosis hope he’s doing well now.Francisco écrit: So poppers are legal but cannabis… Interesting..James plug12 écrit: ➡️ fast delivery:b•u•y~ weed~coke~dank~carts~hash~pills*����DM����wickr[James plug12]����DM����Kik[jamesplug12]����DM���� telegram[jamesplug12]~quality weed matters*get*high⬅️CumberCube écrit: All cannabis does to parents who use it is make them pay more attention to their kidsKitespeed écrit: zero change, these govs are criminals, killers, it helps so much of usDavid Scates écrit: Rick Simpson if the UKAdam Izghouti écrit: Jeff deserves a Nobel peace prize. He sacrifices himself to save lives. But no Greta thunberg deserves it instead.Phi xo écrit: I was on anti depressants and i tried to commit suicide 10 times in the same year, i started smoking weed and i haven’t tried to commit suicide in 3 years. i think that says it all.JoA écrit: Id love to roll a fat joint for my guy rolling dem stick jointsJohn GB écrit: I used to get suicidal tendencies along with anxiety and depression which have all gone now I smoke weed, I don’t know how or why but it works for me.
Maybe if the authorities put some research into how and why it works we could all benefit from its use ?Stoner World écrit: ⛽️B.u.y b.u.d.s,P.i.l.l.s C.o.k.e c.a.r.t.s,.l.s.d.,d.m.t,.m.e.t.h,.d.a.b.s.,.le.a.n,.s.h.r.o.o.m.s
WHATSSAPP/TEXT+13(203)560751rockbay79 écrit: If, the patient feels that weed helps them with their ills, then it should be available for them to purchase legally.Masha Spikego écrit: It’s criminal how difficult it has been made for people to access properly manufactured and dispensed CBD oil which has been proven to be beneficial, with significantly less side effects, for people who are in desperate situations. In Australia it has been acknowledged that it is beneficial for seizure conditions yet getting the appropriate legalisation is so slow despite people’s lives being on the line.WHITE N0TE écrit: sad that something so natural and makes you happy is illigal. if cannabis is illigal, why isnt ciggarettes? its also from the natureDavid Rosecký écrit: 3:05 wtf was thatJeff Jeff Coins écrit: You get indica which is a more sleepy evening weed, will normally contain more cbd and less thc, examples of this are northern lights or wedding cake, Sativa is the other side of things, will contain more thc than cbd and will be stronger, usually smoke earlier in the day (lightly) as can be used productively,heavily can make you lazy, examples of this are stardawg or skittles. There is so the % of each chemical in each strain of weed, there's like 6 ways to measure 1 plant 🙂Jeff Jeff Coins écrit: You need to hold the cbd oil in your mouth for a minute or two to activate it, you noob.Dick Van Steijn écrit: That is why it,s illigal. 8 kinds of pills Big Pharma cannot sell anymore. It,s about profit not human health.Netsu écrit: someone donate my man some raw preroll cones this man doesn't deserve to sufferJasper Doyle écrit: Got enough baccy in that zoot bruv? 🙂Mustafa Iraq écrit: Yes to Medical no to recreationalJason Lowther écrit: The conservatives and labour MPs will never let it happen. They’ve all said, “we prefer a more conservative ideology for Britain and it’s people. The people don’t have much of a choice I’m afraid. They made their minds up when they elected Churchill.”brett hughes écrit: I forget sometimes how different Canada is compared to other Countries. It's legal to smoke, grow, even sell it through local online deliveries that often sell what they grow unlike dispensaries that buy if from authorized large scale growing.Sam Flack écrit: that diabled guy, i didnt catch his name,should be propper proud of his son, hes a very clever and polite young man,timothy wait écrit: it can make your thoughrs go strange but so whattimothy wait écrit: Cannabis is a very soft drug and makes one relaxed in facted its quite dull unless its sativa it makes one feel efused relaxed it has no where near the anger that alcahole hasTheVireHD écrit: That dude´s wife ist the most wholesome person i've ever witnessed <3Pietja D écrit: I like most in this documentary lady journalist mmmmmm��yummyJohnny G. écrit: Let this guy hit a dmt toke and fly around in some astral projection shit….Mya Louise écrit: ������������❤️❤️roblox president5 écrit: If those people want a cure they should stop using weed because that is doing the opposite of curing and go to a professional who has knowledge such as a GP or doctor.Money Was Made Money Was Lost écrit: 2:25 Can't he use Cones.Jake the King écrit: To be honest here everyone it rlly depends on what age you are when you take it how much you take how often and hat way youll react to ittimothy wait écrit: so should Valiumtimothy wait écrit: it hould be over the counter Alcahole is far more intenseIm streaming od écrit: shoutout for the moms and dads in this vid who are risking jail time for their children.Kruizey écrit: Doesn’t get high enough, can’t roll a joint I have the solution! : time for a bongHarry 1566 écrit: The fact it’s still not legal it’s bullshitAraf Chowdhury écrit: So strange how fentanyl is legal for medical purposes but cannabis is notAraf Chowdhury écrit: Why hasn't he bought cones lolJeff Fae Scotland écrit: The government knows fine that "C"works but wont make it legal as the big
drug companies would go bust.Clare Pollard écrit: so much respect for all who took part in this doc. except for the government spokesperson with their usual rhetoric, and I'm not even going to go on about GW pharmaceuticals' board members ;)cannabis has been safely used for thousands of years to treat numerous conditions, and then lied about by various governments for reasons mostly pertaining to their stakeholders, for the last 60 odd years. and the cyclical argument of there being no scientific evidence (not true) but still refusing to test it and provide that evidence- really shameful. the test results on that oil batch was absolutely shocking – 1% THC-  clearly, someone isn't decarboxylating properly. Its not rocket science. Decarb 105C for 25 mins, place into butter/coconut oil/food grade vegetable glycerine in double boiler, keep at 80C for around 3 hours and strain well. So I'm told 😀 Not that I'm advocating the use of drugs or anything. I'm really not, it's just medicine.Dam Tanker écrit: The thing is those that are saying it should be legalised are those that are addicted and arent using it medicinalyALBERTO Zito écrit: every other drug documentary is negative but when it comes to a weed doc their is not one negative thing said

legalise cannabisAlex Joynes écrit: Serious question.. Can anyone link me the details for Geoff?Peter Appleseed écrit: If you’re looking for UK bud, message chewsgtr34 on WickrDavid Maccormack écrit: With 'experts' like Fauci is it any wonder increasingly more ignore them,'experts' will say 'prove' anything they get paid for that wee shite fauci/FDA sit on the fence re hydroxychloroquine, cource they would l would too if big pharma were giving me backhanders ��Rob Banks écrit: Dang he got off the fent patches?
That is tough if he got on them.
I don’t see why he would be opposed to taking the fent patches because it would really help the majority of the pain .Devan Garcia écrit: I tried to make some today an I almost set my garage an fire an blew up my bike right next to me wit a full tank of gas ��Dark Angel écrit: Doesn’t that guy have any friends? Roll some joints for that poor guyWerli écrit: People say its a gateway drug but literally everything is. You ever drink coffee? Maybe try a cigarette. Want something better? Try weed. After that check out coke. Maybe some heroin and meth after that. Its not about something being a gateway its about education. Tell people the truth that weed, coffee and cigs won't destroy your life like meth or heroin will. Saying weed is the same as heroin is disgustingly dangerous lolgraham moore écrit: Marijuana should be class A it does a lot of mental damagek 1 écrit: Get some seeds and grow your own it's not rocket science.
Good going on the young dude with brain cancer our friend wasn't so lucky but the cannabis cut his seizures down a lot and helped him with the pain. Even if it doesn't cure you it makes life a lot more bearable.xMrjamjam écrit: Fentanyl is around 50 times more powerful than heroin and 100 times more powerful than morphine, just goes to show the amazing health benefits that weed has. Anyone who says it should stay banned is barbaricTony McL écrit: I got my CBD in coconut oil tastes really goodLuther Santhers écrit: Come on man I got the best secret of marijuana. Marijuana whisky is the best with no smell but hook you wellHuguito écrit: GOVERNMENT ASSASSINSKat’s Claws écrit: Anyone in the UK: I would be curious to hear if there is much difference in the way cannabis is viewed (by authority anyway, I guess I should say) now as opposed to when this doc was made? (I know it was only a few years back, but I’m from somewhere exceptionally progressive about this you could say)Richard Jones écrit: It’s considered illegal what he’s taking yet they prescribed him fentanyl along with a load of other pills. His way seems more natural to me.matthew spence écrit: Cannabis is more harmless than alcohol, if people’s safety was really the government’s only priority tobacco and alcohol would be banned and decriminalized along with everything else, some people just want to have a good time and I think cannabis is harmless enough to be recreational.Jay D-C écrit: I get that he's gradually becoming less able to roll, but has he never heard of a bowl or a pipe? Seems a pretty simple solution to me…..Luke The goat écrit: That is sum shit weedMitchell Young écrit: I really hope the first guy gets a bong or smt I feel badTroubleMaker7869 écrit: “As anyone who smokes these will know, that is a badly rolled joint.” The fact he’s not denying it makes me so sad yo, get this man a dry herb vape or sum shit mang.420 and coke écrit: We have top marijuana strains available Og and purple kush, white widow, sour diesel
Avaliable 24/7 and asap delivery
contact via;;;;;;;
email..:::…..nicopriso75@gmail.combrad écrit: Sweet LeafSad Vibes écrit: These comments are ridiculous, cannabis should not be legal. It damages the mental health, it makes you lazy. Alcohol is not a gateway to drugs, tobacco is. If you buy cigarettes you’re paying for cancer and bad health, how is something that gives you cancer and damages your lungs legal?B H écrit: EVERYONE knows cannabis works as a medicine but you also can use it to simply escape/release energy and party and use it for fun which is what they will always promote during legality issues.Matthew Devitt écrit: 3:14 solution=bongfuck youtube corporate bastards écrit: My guy buy cones if you can’t roll you literally just push it in and then close it and it’s really nicely rolledi hate the Illuminati écrit: écrit: Shout out mary life without mary would never be the samenissien loves makeup écrit: Legalise cannabis for both medical and recreational usesDine écrit: Meanwhile the UK government. "Don't you know cannabis is poison? put that guy back on the fentanyl patches asap!" ����‍♂️Anonymous drug Guy écrit: I’m just saying but Jeffs a top manJoel écrit: He should use a pipe to smokeMux Trace écrit: stopped with fentanyl thx to cannabis nice oneBrain Problems 2009 écrit: it is illegal cause the government needs to fine more people and they’ll lose money if it’s legal cause you can just grow it and they need more excuses and a saying from a president even said yes we know we lied about the drug just too bully the hippie societyStephanie Poleson écrit: It’s not being legalised because big pharma cares more about making money than about people seeking the help they need.JT23 Vidz écrit: Typical UK, unwilling to reform itself, hates new ideas, and continues to be soManiac Savage écrit: started with weed then coke then mdma then pills then acid then lsd then changa… looking for some dmt lolPaulo B. écrit: Can buy ready made cones, just fill. About cannabis oil in the vap. well … tobacco makes cannabinoid receptors, even "more receptive", and is obviously addictive, so, a gradual reduction of it , will favour the vap.
About using Cann. to replace Pharma Industry "health products", if you fell that works or that is worth to try`t, By all means do`t. Use the less as poss. (no point in exaggerate).James Duke écrit: Id like to point out that the F.DA. in the usa doesnt not to clinical trials themselfs its left up the the producer's of the drugs … so ypu tell me what that tells you….Jason Bittinger écrit: It should not be illegal!!!! Beer is far worse.Samer Jaw Dropper écrit: OufffffKris Kasa écrit: I used to share a house with a lady that smoked £40 of weed per day. It was crazy. I lived in that house for a month
Its was unbearable. And when you looked at her she seemed sober.hope she is doing better now

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