valium 15

valium 15

Radio Soulwax: Cherry Moon On Valium

la description:
vid and mix by soulwax .. Even though these Belgian records sound very \ »now\ », they are actually 20 years old and were meant to be played at a much, much faster speed. At the time this was the devil’s music for us, but we have learned to listen through the claps and distorted kicks and discovered that if you slow these really dark and heavy techno records down all the way to about 115 bpm, it suddenly makes them sound less frantic,ballsier and a lot sexier.Belgium at its best when pitched down.\n\n1. Yves Deruyter – Animals (Remix) 0:00 2. Pleasure Game – Les Seigneur Des Tenebres (Destructor Mix) 1:36 3. J’N’J – The Ballet 2:42 4. Dr. Phibes \u0026 Teddy Jones – Waresnare (Stelt Mix) 4:29 5. Ace The Space – Nine Is a Classic (Classic Strength Mix) 5:36 6. X-Change – Ready To Rock 7:08 7. Mackenzie – Cyclotron (Atomic Kick Mix) 8:06 8. X-Change – Let’s Go 9:38 9. Space Trax – Vivisection 10:36 10. The Postman – ?? 11:43 11. Sonik Expander – Omega 12:31\n\n12. Rave Crusader – Energy Overload (Acid Changes Mix) 13:57 13. Ace The Space – 9 Is a Classic 15:12 14. Krid Snero – Freedom 16:29 15. Krid Snero – F*** of Death 17:02 16. Next – Out There 18:17 17. Public Ambient – Revival Shadows (Side B – Track 2) 19:10 18. Bam Bam – La Casa 20:36 19. Dream Your Dream – Soushkin 22:46 20. Next – Transformed Temple (Remix) 23:54 21. Casa Nostra – Insomnia 24:52 22. Final Exposure – Vortex 26:07 23. N.U.K.E. – Dance With a Wolf (Pure Space Mix) 27:30\n\n24. T.M.F. – F*** Off 28:04 25. Insider – Dreams 28:37 26. Hardfloor – Once Again Back (Rumble Mix) 29:44 27. Dreamland – Mind Penetration 30:30 28. Friends Of Django – F***in’ Revenge! 32:14 29. Ramirez – Orgasmico (DJ Ricci Mix) 33:13 30. S.V.E.N. – For God’s Sake 34:53 31. Ramirez – La Musika Tremenda 36:08 32. Krid Snero – ?? 37:40 33. Modular Expansion – Cubes 38:30 34. S.V.E.N. – Silencium 39:03 35. Groove Reactor – Magick 40:10 36. Krid Snero – White Line (D\u0026S Remix) 41:50\n\n37. BST – Êtes-Vous Coupable? 42:32 38. Synthadelic – I’m a Secretary 44:12 39. Tragic Castle – Say Hello To The Bad Guy 45:02 40. Yves Deruyter – Guess Who? 46:09 41. S.V.E.N. – Free Cocaine 47:16 42. Trigger – Stratosphere 49:13 43. Aqua Contact – La Sirena 49:46 44. Krid Snero – ?? 51:02 45. The Future – Locked In Madness 52:08 46. Plexus – Cactus Rhythm (Mike Ferlin Mix) 53:06 47. Second Phrase – Mentasm (Remix) 53:59 48. Ace The Space – Nine Is a Classic (Bay Area Drive-By Mix) 54:58\n\n

Devil Adder écrit: I come back here every year. Love this mix.John Prested écrit: 2020 iam hereLisa Bee écrit: 2020 and still listen �� ��ylime selim écrit: 2020 who’s hereInconsistent Sonic écrit: play at 1.25 speed.

…you're welcome 🙂Chris Townsend écrit: And we’ve circled back to the Belgian New Beat. ����❤️❤️❤️Snake Plissken écrit: 54:00 nice moves.InsolentMind3981 écrit: Nike Air everywhere?nrgflashback écrit: Magic trick = SPEED x 1.25 and it makes totally sense 😉Richard Cardoza écrit: The best video of all internets3TAN 2 TON6 écrit: 15:54
🙂Carlos Cristo écrit: Pa tornarse los dedos ��stein jaskovitch écrit: 5
Alez les voir En Belgique Merc istein jaskovitch écrit: Vitesse e Lecture 5
Normale a vous de voi rDjoun 8 Zamo écrit: 32:30 vas-y déchire toi !!!!!
Asr le 01-08-1441
Le mudjahidin Djun SAA ��
������������������������������������������������Oliver Csák écrit: pop speed up to 1.25x !!! worth it 😉Richard Campbell écrit: 0:29S3ntry écrit: atomic kek loooooooooooooooooooolEugène Koltsov écrit: Jusqu’à la mort!verapamil07 écrit: Girl at 54:00 is feeling it!!!Djoun 8 Zamo écrit: Juste pour réécouter…
Icha le 23-06-1441
Bisous à Nahashghun ☠️��️☠️��️☠️Devoid Tangerine écrit: 5:53 fuckin love it ��Ben Purcell écrit: HELLO INTERNET, WELCOME TO GAAAAyyyyyyyKevinbel1080 écrit: yeah true mind off hardcoreラミネンマーカス écrit: I just found that the track at 45:02 "Say Hello To The Bad Guy" by Tragic Castle doesnt exist nowhere on the internet. Very interesting.Jotham Read écrit: FUCK THIS STILL BANGS IN 2020Micah Hegland écrit: 2020 FOREVERРоман Жуковский écrit: 2020!Jc Gg écrit: I have years listing this mix and the new beat mix, fuck are realy coolCletus Jones écrit: 14:31 when the kick comes in is pretty excitingEindhoven Vuurwerk écrit: Love this and also love it on 1.25x and in an faster mood 1.5x xDラミネンマーカス écrit: Put the speed on 1.25 and the music will be on normal speedKriskazam écrit: BUT BITCH IM BOBBY WITH THAT TOOLSebastian Schönwetter écrit: Years later, still going strongLuigi Ihnatiuc écrit: Can someone help me out? I tried slowing down the first song ( Yves Deruyter – Animals Remix ) myself to 115 BPM, and the intro sounds the same, but in my version the drums sound different and there's a lot of other percussion sounds in my version that aren't here. Is this a specific version of the song or am I doing something wrong? ( master tempo is turned off by the way, so I don't think the pitch isn't the problem )MehreninSpess écrit: I listen to this shit atleast once a month. Hope things are going ok for you mate.VyktorAbyss écrit: I dunno why I find the guy at 16:02 so hilarious… Its like he's been waiting all this time to just unload when his tune comes on. Love it, love him! ♥kiba alvarez écrit: yeah great setchristhesmith écrit: Nothing more entertaining than a bunch of white folks trying to dance to mysteriously slow hardcore . Was waiting for the "whitey squirm" and there it was!!BTW – owner operator of a pink corpse.christhesmith écrit: Young lady, your pants are falling down!Sa Wille écrit: Orgasmico at 33:33 – man, just started laughing really loud, thanx!David Vincent écrit: 20 years old…? Sorry but to me cherry moon sounds more like 25/30 years old 😉 … Out soon you know ! 😛 ( EDIT: the video is from 2011… Okayyy !)David Vincent écrit: Damn ! it's the new new beat ! XDMakler écrit: 5:19 What's the name of this song?Username Denied écrit: Nice to see this still holds up after 6 years since I first found this gem!lordmcted écrit: the longest abortion commercial i have ever seenwytreyhreyreureure reureureureygrtghr5yh écrit: that's how Russian hardbass it was born Belgians is precursor of making cheekiee breeekie in Belgians way#ACAMPABRASILIA Official écrit: Doing the Atomic KickStooror écrit: Славянский флексGel Mibson écrit: Wooo!David Vincent écrit: OUT SOON ^_^David Vincent écrit: SLOMO HAKKEN… XDSeth Ogden écrit: this video will never get old to me.. i can watch it for years.. and have been.. pretty sure ive commented several years ago hahabeepboopbapp écrit: Playback: 1.75The Kracknon Show écrit: Slav level 10000%Onan écrit: I love this video so much.
It's very comfyLunar Antic écrit: Im sliding over cars while I shootDmitrii Osipov écrit: Somebody’s scream!CoswerMusic écrit: Girls at 11:35 I'd like to know who they are, what they are doing now, and if you read this please say hello.

Seriously, they cheer me up every time I watch this video. I'm not a gabber, but I among them I met some of the best people on earth…20 years ago. And for those who who never partied with Belgians in the 90's, you can never understand. The land of smiles! Possibly the only country on earth where people offer you free joints, free drinks and invite you to a dinner, because you are a tourist who came to visit their country. Crazy!

Yeah…before the arrival of tomorrowshit, David baguette, spinning lies and the two dutch assholes who think they are gods, who play cheesy emotional pathetic tunes on a beat and outrageously call it Trance. So much good music came out from Belgium, yet some people don't even know where it is on map.

Greets from spaceDjoun Zamo écrit: Non stop…
En After… Bonjour de Shaqiq Al Jalīl le 03-08-1440.����������
������������������������Bertski Wealth écrit: 2019 anybody or just me !!SACRISTAR écrit: You know those that plug in for windows that would pop up a task bar stripper? Probably also from the same era as this music. Well, I need that but with these guys and gals hahaha :*)Djoun Zamo écrit: Viva Belgium !!
Allez Anita !!
Allahu akbar ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️Djoun Zamo écrit: Viva belgium !!!
Hasta la muerte!!
Le 30-07-1440Djoun Zamo écrit: Original c'est génial merci beaucoup. Et vive le sport !
Shaqiq Al Jalīl le mudjahidin Chiite le 30-07-1440Radek Martinek écrit: 40:13 i wanna be 10 years older than i am 🙁 i was a kid when this hitted society!Rob Mendez écrit: reminds me of Tim and Eric when you x2 speed randomly.Sarin Eke écrit: em écrit: 2:43 Which track is this?Alan Cruz écrit: 24:21AwkwardKnob écrit: Confirming this is one of my favorite things on youtube. CONSTANTLY putting this on and subjecting people to itMarkikarik écrit: I need this on vinyljebus211 écrit: Still fucking love this videoMicah Hegland écrit: still dancingilikecheesesoupNEW écrit: Love thisAndrew Luhring écrit: this is the dopest shit everL07u2_3L!23 écrit: Diggin' the tracks aaaand about that video…neat "celtic-inspired" dance footwork going on there… I think I just recognized someone doing the infamous chicken dance…Tara O’Reilly écrit: THIS IS OUR HERITAGEHaptic Synapses écrit: this is steve from haptic synapses. This is maybe one of my favorite pieces of culture ever. I wasn't in this scene, but I was in one that was like it, on another part of the world. This may have been a couple of years after I stopped actively participating. But I still love it because I get why this is so amazing. This is slowed down from what it was actually recorded at. And it sounds *great*. The bass is lower and deeper. You can appreciate the relatively funky rhythms, when that funk was harder to process when it was faster and higher. Then it's also this iconic snapshot in time of a very well curated collection of in-context songs. They're so similar in some ways, and so waaay far out in others. But they all go together beautifully. The mixing is excellently cut. Then let's talk about the artwork! And the dancers! This combination of lovingly captured album artwork and the people who appreciated the music is, very good. Very creative and fun to watch. Then you remember how fast it actually was. 😀 My most humble thanks for an amazing piece of art. It must have been a hell of a project, but it was so worth it.Knotilus écrit: 46:42 PCP hit activatedVermoetan écrit: Immer eine Wonne. ♥Yann Jeanneteau écrit: J'adore la BelgiqueAvalon’s Gaming Zone écrit: Niveau electro la Belgique n'était pas en reste a cette époque…Avalon’s Gaming Zone écrit: TB303 always there…Avalon’s Gaming Zone écrit: Shuffle dance before the hour…Juan Escobar Gaviria écrit: En que año fue grabado…?Stéphane Guidicelli écrit: I <3 BelgiansUrist Joyce écrit: Thanks harryThomas1984 écrit: ALL HE DID WAS SLOW IT DOWN ASSHOLES!geb geb écrit: welcome to gay theorymentasm.mafia écrit: 1.25 time the speed is the answer… then it makes senceMainOffenderKZ écrit: masterpieceballyman écrit: wonder where these people are right nowSaucε écrit: 95% of the people in this video are completely mangled its greatstein jaskovitch écrit: <3<3<3<3<3<33<3<33stein jaskovitch écrit: Rien a Dire a Part les Bpm Monter la vitesse mieu a plus Super partage merciitai miggz écrit: Came here from secretcrush dancing to this, so porn helps me find good songsbig big dog écrit: btw
Belgians are looks like russiansbig big dog écrit: Ahuenno
listining for the 3rd time todayShrimp écrit: put on mute and put literally any song behind it, preferably spongebob music

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