valium 10mg roche

valium 10mg roche

Xanax VS Valium – My Experience

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I have taken Xanax and Valium in the past 6 months and this is my experience of the difference between both of these benzos.\nXanax generic term is Alprazolam and the Generic for Valium if Diazepam.I am not A Dr So never take any medicine that is not prescribed to you and if you have an emergency or need more information please contact your local DR. or Pharmacist.\nMHSurvivors\n\nIf you have a problem and need to talk to someone about addiction here is a drug Addiction Hot Line- 844.244.3171 \n\nFollow me on social Media\nTwitter – @SchizoCorner\nInstagram – schizoaffectivecorner\n\nIf you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet, Please do. So together\nwe can help break the stigma and help others know that they are not alone with\nmental illness.\n\n\n#MentalHealthSurvivors

Esther écrit: Great video, thank youRes Art écrit: Havent taken them im a doctor but i want to see the patient view pointRossi Collier écrit: Thank you ��Νικηφόρος Αθανάσιος écrit: xax=ax is lot better. benzos can be monotherapy for schizophrenia.. phd doctror said that to me confidentialy. all others doctors i told them they got mad or laught at her. u can have a great walk or great time in a bar or restaurant on xanax even if u take 5,6 mg of that. other benzos just dont do nothing or its a knockout like valium or vulbegal.. i see colors brighter when im on high doses of xanaxJan Johannes écrit: Shit, I thought my anxiety and panic attacks were gon e forever. But no. I know i shouldnt take diazepam because I was an addict for 10 years but I just had to take it for a week. Now I quit since today…,anxiety and panic attacks really mess up your life. Hope it will be temporaryAmal Bakri écrit: I tried both and I am diagnosed with the same but I don't see things it only happened once maybe. Valium is a very strong medication it makes me sleep and unable to do my sports. I dont like it. I took it for many months maybe it is time to stop. Even though I am a calm person. I don't know why they give me these medications. I really don't like them. I wanna stay off medicine.Micheal Croker écrit: I have to take at least 100 mil of val a day or 10 mil of xanax,if i run out i am really sick.xanax gives mev better buzz bit doesn't last long.vals make me more drowsy.when i mix them with lyica im flying.xltsalad écrit: God the jumpcuts are awful in this videomaskros écrit: I’m taking valium 2mg pills for anxiety and panic attacks, usually half a pill, and I love how it calms me down and makes me normal, but it also makes me way too sleepy!! Any advice how to avoid that side effect? I’m usually just chugging so much coffee when I take it and it doesn’t help enough 🙁maskros écrit: I’m taking valium 2mg pills for anxiety and panic attacks, usually half a pill, and I love how it calms me down and makes me normal, but it also makes me way too sleepy!! Any advice how to avoid that side effect? I’m usually just chugging so much coffee when I take it and it doesn’t help enough 🙁Fuck Off écrit: Iv drop xanax and sniffed mdma at 14 and I was fine mixed moods thoAdam Steel écrit: Does Vicodin make you high???Simon Aloi écrit: Man… you gotta have both and smoke a fat joint. Now that’s a partyJodaddy !!!! écrit: U a cool guy, brave manJodaddy !!!! écrit: Bipolar corner, right where I need to beZayn Khan écrit: I'm in valium rn it feels so fuckin goodsi66d06 écrit: Xanax Valium busiiiiinwowcalmdownsir écrit: Valium is so nice to be on it scares me that i will become reliant. Xanax i find i can take 1/4 bar, feel no pleasurable effects but completely calms me down beyond belief. It literally makes me feel okay with dealing with my depression, anxiety and ptsd. Vals just numb it. I definitely understand they are both similar and have the potential for misuse but xanax is much better for me. I never take a whole bar. As much as I love diazepam I just don't trust myself with itAndrea Novotny écrit: Xanax doesn't make me feel high at all. It just makes me feel like I'm not having a panic attack/manic episode. It's amazing. I went my whole life thinking that once you're on the up ramp to something like that, there's nothing that can be done about it, but it turns out there's a really simple solution.Waste of Spunk écrit: People that don't feel anything on Valium are either abusing Benzos more than what is recommended and have become super tolerant to the drug, or simply just don't have Anxiety. If you have Social Anxiety or just Anxiety in general they really are a godsend, nothing comes close.Kashif Mahmood écrit: What is the taste of this valium aftar added in to drink?Morgan Craig écrit: I like xanax better my husband get valium but i dont like em but if i run out ill take it to stop the panic attack but i hardly ever do thatyour a retard écrit: Dont do valium or xanaxLed Daudet écrit: I had half a xan, 13 hours till I landCalvin écrit: The only drug that has worked to lift my depression from Post Concussion Syndrome is Dexedrine which is Dextroamphetamine sulfate. I tried Wellbutrin, Effexor, Effexor XR & Celexa. None of these drugs worked for me.Calvin écrit: Personally I got prescribed Xanax but in the past Valium worked better. Doctors don't want to prescribe Valium because they say it's an old drug.Kimberly écrit: ����♥️Kerri Johnstone écrit: In Australia Xanax is RARELY prescribed anymore. I believe it is almost it will be soon on our Prohibited Drugs List BECAUSE it’s abuse. I use Valium to sleep. I REFUSE to use Xanax even if I could get it here. As I said it’s VERY difficult to get here,if possible at all anymore…Not Another Drama Channel écrit: Hey Gary, not sure if you will see this but your twitters and everything are gone. I just wanted to check in with you and make sure everything is okay. ��Mister Momo écrit: Why is the channel closed?Saxon Shore écrit: Valium is my kinda drugEj Rosenberg écrit: i had valium for surgery and i felt incredible. it was the best i've ever felt in my entire life. everything was quiet in my mind. i take (prescribed) ambien all the time and the high i get from ambien is nothing compared to valium lmaoYacine El A écrit: STOP DRUGSErik Findling écrit: I would really like try Xanax because I have terrible OCD but my only problem is that I’ve heard that it causes you to build up a tolerance, leading you to have to take more than what you are prescribed. In your years of taking Xanax, have you ever experienced this?Louise Opigez écrit: I prefer valiumdaBoss169 écrit: Does anyone experience difficult breathing or breathing to much air and having tight chest and having panic attackMr NA’R écrit: I take xanax for my panic and anxiety disorder .. I also have intrusive thoughts , a bit of health anxiety and social anxiety (I get panic attacks when I am in a large crowd or confine places with people)
I only take about 5 or 6 mg a Year.
I take it during my academic exams(3 day exams where I share a hall with hundreds of students/job aspirants etc.) or when I use public transport (I don't travel much) . I also stop using it abruptly right after the exam or my journey gets over with minor withdrawal symtoms . I get depression after a day or two after stoping it but it only last for a day or two.Waste of Spunk écrit: I love the Xans they work wonders for my anxiety and rushing thoughts shame they don't prescribe em on this end of the pond (UK) for me they seem to be more upper than Vals and work quicker (obviously) but they seem to cause a lot more memory loss like holy shit haha, where as Valium is more chilled and lasts a hell of a lot longer not to mention the muscle relaxation is way way way stronger on Vals, I feel like I'm in a cloud. But everyone reacts different to drugs depending on their bodyweight, genetic background to drugs and mental health bla bla blaSebastian S écrit: I took Oxazepame, Bromazepame, Lorazepame and of course Diazepame. I have never tryed Xanax.

I love Diazepame. Greetings from Germany
Diazepame has rescued me.Reefr Official écrit: Valium doesn't have much of an effect on me with anything below 15mg and even 30mg didn't do much, temazepam and lorazepam worked pretty good for me (especially when I snort temazepam) needing to try Xanax thoje187u écrit: Thank you brother, be strongsK Diamondz écrit: Thank you for correctly stating that the effects of these benzodiazepines on the brain are such that they "ENHANCE" the neurotransmitter γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA), instead of simply increasing the levels of GABA within the brain. Clonazepam, for example, acts by binding to the benzodiazepine site of the GABA receptors, which enhances (increases) the electric effect of GABA binding on neurons, resulting in an increased influx of chloride ions into the neurons. This further results in an inhibition of synaptic transmission across the central nervous system.steven james écrit: I take 2mg of xanax every day for about 5 months over winter. Keeps me on the happier side through the winter months, no withdrawal effects when summer comes. I will spend my last 2ish weeks going one every other day, then one every three days.
I've seen friends use it as a recreational type drug, an seen it get to addiction. I think alot is down to the mental strength of the user as well as the physically addictive side of them.james wayman écrit: Can tell u don't take them anymore sound like ur sniffing coke lmao only joking with u bro enjoyed the videomathieu kutak écrit: I have been taking alprazolam for a year, with dosages varying from 0.125 to .75 per day. It was enough to build full tolerance and experience withdrawal a few hours after each pill.

On the last few weeks, first thing when I woke up was taking a xan sublingually. Not because of panic attack nor craving, but because of brain fog, muscle pain, irritability and tremors.

I switched to diazepam this week in order to plan a long and soft taper. The relief was immense. The only drawback I see is that although I never liked alprazolam, I think I might auickly fall in love with the latter…Mark Alexander écrit: I prefer Xanax for the almost-instant effects if I'm having a panic attack or if I wanna be SUPER chill. I prefer valium for the lasts-all-day effect. Overall Xanax if my fav benzo but Valium is second (also love Nifoxipam, Flurnitrazepam, Pyrazolam, Nitrazepam…almost all of them really)Harry Monk écrit: Dude everyone sees black shadows, their called shadow peopleJake Francis écrit: Ive been strugling the past few years with alot if mental issues. diagnoses of A.D.D, social anxiety, everyday anxiety, panic disorder and BPD (borderline personality/bipolar). Been on 5 different antidepressants (makes me feel numb and suicidal)
Been put on prozac, pristique, cymbalta, mirtazapine, sertraline, valium, temazepam, propranolol ,lithium, lamicatal, epilim, catapress, dexamphetamine and zeldox and my panic attacks are coming back big time since my panic attacks are coming back as ive wgotten off everything except mirtazapine and temazepam trying to fix my sleeping. Then im going back on anti axiety med but i want to try something else other than valium. im only 23 aswell, im getting sick of it, nothing ever helped except valium but it had aot of downsidesLud Law écrit: I love xannys wish I was prescribed them I feel like I should be they make me feel like a better me instead of all anti socialLa Reina De Elio écrit: Xanax work great. I take 6mg a dayOxyCo Foxy écrit: Wish i could get my flexeril changed over to valiumMstv écrit: Valium is awesome. I was taking 2 day/night, one time I forgot I took 4 within 30min so I drank vodka straight after, man I felt if I had jumped of a building and been floating.. the feeling for about 15 minutes it feels so good then I just go into a deep sleep.
And when I wake up I feel really aroused don't know why.
I now take two in the morning 2 and 2 at night!!!TheFunktipus1 écrit: I abused xanax for a short period of time. Fucking horrible. In between periods of deep sleep i would act like a dick and be so aggressive, which i am not when sober. Then wake up the day after and remember none of the carnage i caused. Valium just made me relaxed and sleepy. Occasionally sleep in for work. But after having to up the dose i ran out. My God, right after withdrawal I was an emotional rollercoaster for a week or so. Like having mild bipolar which tapered off after a week or so coupled with nil sleep. Valium sneaks up on you.Red white And blue écrit: I’m taking 100mg Zoloft 450mg Wellbutrin xl and was given Xanax .25 2wks ago… my husband has his friend over and as usual I’m locked �� in my room cause my anxiety has my nerves up. The Xanax doesn’t effect me so I was going to bring up Valium at my next visit I don’t want to sleep I want to feel calm and normal when faced with shit that’s stupid. I hate not being able to just meet people…I can’t even talk to salesman when they knocktimothy wait écrit: Valium has more of a stone and xnax more of a drunkShayne Hereth écrit: Smoke weed niggahendrick prock écrit: I've been on a taper but everytime I get down to 5 mg a day I just can't do it. I'm back up to 10 now it just kills the anxiety and bad thoughts and keeps my breathing in order.GIMEE Vlad écrit: Your sins activated your pineal gland and balck shadows are demons.
You opened gate ways.
I can see shadow demons even sober.rocknrollboise écrit: I have years of experience with Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and dozens of RC benzo's over the years, so if you ever need advice I'd be happy to help! Benzo's are my jam, for sure.La Reina De Elio écrit: I'm on Xanax going on 7 years this time along with vistiril and I have PTSD and horrible panic attacks and panic anxiety.i love it. It's the only thing that helps meMoks écrit: Valium is less addictive lasts longer however xanax is better for panic attacksconor mcaly, mcoil écrit: Ptst on 8mg xanax, work goodJames S écrit: People say that the branded / generic have the same ingredients. When I take branded such as Roche or Activis Valium / Diazepam, which are obviously far more expensive, I notice a far bigger and better result than taking a generic cheap brand I have used abroad such as Stedon or Kern Diazepam.

I have taken Xanax bars a couple of times too and I think because my body is not used to the slightly different Ingredients with those meds I obviously had a much lower tolerance than I do to Valium by now. I took 1 1/2 Xanax bars whilst in the USA to fly, had a glass of wine on board, felt so relaxed and slept the entire 8 hour flight. It was brilliant.

On a seperate note, I have also tried Klonopin (clonzepam) which did absolutely zero for me at all. Didn’t notice a thing even after increasing my dose. However my friend in the USA is prescribed these and she says they are a life saver for her at times of panic and anxeity, so I guess each person suits a medication differently. My personal preference is Valium, I do believe it is the ‘safest’ of these kinds of drug and although my tolerance has built up, in times of a panicked state, they do the trick with 15mg – 20 mg dose for me.

The best thing to be able to
Do with these drugs is PRN – which basically means use when needed. Don’t take these drugs on a regime as you will be getting effects, increasing your tolerance at times you don’t need it, so when it comes
To actually needing it at a times of panic or severe stress, you’re left with something that has far less of an effect and requires a bigger dose.

Letting it be a habit is where people end up with a problem. You control the drug when you KNOW when to let it control you (knowing when you require it and not just for the sake of it). Everything done in moderation, as with anything, you can’t really go too wrong. If you can manage a PRN (take as needed) relationship you’ll most likely be fine and benefit well if you do suffer with anxeity, panic, overthinking etc.

I honestly believe Valium saved my life when I went through the hardest emotionally challenging time
Of my life the past 18 months. It’s people who really abuse this stuff taking 100’s a day to get messed up that give these types of drug the reputation and bad name, which has in turn made doctors so reluctant to prescribe them now. There’s so many people out there who would benefit from using a benzodiazepine that suits them for a short term, prescribed and controlled basis, and you now really seem to have to hit breaking point for a doctor to be sure to give you a prescription now, which is sad and selfish. They really did save my life.

Be safe people xAdarsh Shrestha écrit: hi there, which one would you recommend for flight anxiety? i took a 5 mgvalium to test my anxiety and didnt do muchHerbert Sprinkle écrit: I do the same, less is better and more when needed.Herbert Sprinkle écrit: OCD best is Olanzapine and Prozac.Herbert Sprinkle écrit: Xanax doesn't last long.Herbert Sprinkle écrit: I think valium and ativan are the best benzo'sHerbert Sprinkle écrit: I love your eyebrowsHerbert Sprinkle écrit: pam not peenspace monkey returns écrit: I have anxiety, I've had it all my life, well at least since being a teenager, I'm 31 now. There's been times it's really bad but usefully it's manageable but the last time it got bad it lasted for 3 months and was only getting worse, the symptoms caused me to go to the doctor and finally get pills. He prescribed an ssri which seems to be helping its brought the anxiety down a lot but we're keeping the dose low as I don't want to suffer side effects like loss of sex drive and at this dose I seem okay. I still get times were it flares up though like a stressful situation or just a bad day maybe lack of sleep had made it worse or something. At those times it would be good to have valium or xanax,I'd be afraid of getting hooked so it would only be something I'd use when it flares up. I can't get it prescribed as the doctors know how addictive they are but I have managed to get some valium from the street �� it's real stuff and it will be interesting to see if it helps. Obviously I know the risks of getting it from the street but i think it's mainly fake xanax that is being cut with fentynol. See how it goes anyway I guess ��Aaron Williams écrit: I have bipolar and PTSD and have been an addict and pill popper around ten years. Today I happened to get 3 5 mg valium and some 600 mg gabapentin and some opiates. I'm feeling a lot better. It usually takes more valium but I have been very anxious and without my meds so it's working and I took it first so I noticed when it kicked in. The anxiety, paranoia and pain in my chest went away and I have a back injury so I take opiates for that. Today 600 mgs of tramadol and two percocet 5Ethan Krown écrit: Is Xanax the most potent benzodiazepine?Trixi Hill écrit: What a brilliant way to take care of yourself regarding addiction/dosage. I hope you can spread that idea in more of your videos, if you haven't already. Some people really need help with this. Lots of doctors and pharmacists don't know how to advise!liam white écrit: After 13 years being a alcoholic. Thanks to diazpams I'm now 17 months sober but I am on 35mg a dayRandolph Jay écrit: Just discovered your videos today, my friend. Can't tell you how informative they are. Your symptoms are a bit different than mine, but I respect your honest opinions. I've been on Xanax .05 mgs., three times a day, for five years, combined with 20 mgs. of the antidepressant Citalopram. (I'm always amazed at how many regular folks don't know the difference between antidepressant and anti-anxiety. Long story short, three months ago my regular MD announces they won't prescribe Xanax anymore until I see a therapist and an MD shrink. Pissed me off because I felt nothing was broken, so why fix it? Never wanted more Xanax, never abused it, did NOT develop the tolerance to it. Sorry for the length of this. The psychiatrist prescribed me Klonopin and I absolutely hated it! Sleepy, drugged up, cloudy. Now back on Xanax and all is well so far. Just wanted to share. Sorry I took so long to describe. I'm binge watching your videos. Very helpful. Thank you.Joshua Hill écrit: Ummmm….one word….. chlordiazepoxide (Librium). The best.bibanu28 dumitru écrit: The treatment between tramadol is stronger, at least direct release, or prolonged release is he and 200 mg??bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Which is stronger, effective and powerful? Valium & Xanax? EventuallySherry Butler écrit: I like valium better than anything for anxiety. Xanax wears off too fast. I feel like im gonna die all day and my hands cramp up like a witch and my heart races and i can't breathe. This started when i was drowned unconscious by someone. I can't be around water and it caused severe anxiety. The valium is a little more intense but its much more releif for my heart than xanax and i dont have to worry about it wearing off too soon. But clonazepam is good too cus it lasts all day like valium but i still get upset with the clonazepam i have fits of rage. The valium works good for me ��Floyd is OP écrit: High asf on valium atmAmmar Khalifa écrit: GarbageJason Alford écrit: Great informative video; have taken both to help take the edge off the adhd and type 1 bipolar; I’ve found Xanax makes me more motivated to do things you normally wouldn’t when you’re in a slump like cook and go outdoors etc.
Valium for me is like a mild de-stress but depends on dosage.
Keep up the good videos have subbed will check the channel.Mary c écrit: The doctors won’t prescribe Xanax at all at Kaiser I sure wish they wouldG B écrit: Thanks informative and to the point. Love that your dog keeps walking in and out shot 🙂luke keegan écrit: Xanax is a better highdangreaux jerome écrit: my problem is whenever i get my valiums, i take my monthly 30 pills in 5 days then wait for my next precriptionMatt Butler écrit: You sound so illiterate it’s funny.flexuntun green écrit: Xanax is shit for me, I could take loads of it and not feel anything.
Valium however definitely works better but it's absolute hell trying to get off of it.Scott Little écrit: Xanax is good for crying but valium is a an understandingGreg Dawes écrit: The half life of diazepam is 1 week.Luca Vukovich écrit: Think Valium is pretty dank mateDouglas Ward écrit: Fifth a day for years. valium @ 3 x 10 mg/day didn't do anything.Still had trembles.
1/2 mg of Xanax 4x a day did the trick. 4 days at 4x, about 5 days at 3 x then two 1/2 s after supper for a week. One at 5 or 530, another at 9 and in the bed until 430 or so. I take a half mg every evening about 8 or so and it's all good now.SupremeRevival155 écrit: Promethazine!!!!AaronAndroid écrit: Was prescribed Xanax for two years. Worked like a charm for me but when it wears off and I go a couple days I go without it, my tremors start. My doctor is switching me on Valium nexttime I see her since the Xanax's effects wear off quickly in a day.Corinne écrit: i've tried both, prescribed. i tried xanax when i was a freshman in college for anxiety and it would literally nod me the fuck out. before a presentation in class i'd be practically mumbling and shit. i don't know why, but i hated xanax. i get anxiety and panic attacks outta nowhere so i like anxiety meds to be taken as needed, that's why i was open to it. maybe my dose was too low, because i was only on like 0.25 mg i think. now i'm on valium 5 mg 3 years later and i like it a lot better. it calms me the fuck down yet still keeps me intact with things. if i get anxiety before work or class i can socialize like a normal human being haha. when i do pass out from it, i won't be waking up anytime soon. i do realize it literally is a "take as needed" medicine because if i take it when i'm not having a panic attack i'll be drowsy. but when i have anxiety and take the valium it works wonders. thanks for sharing!Andrew Rivers écrit: I keep switching from Xanax to klonopin. I go see the doctor tomorrow. Have you heard of Luvox?R J. écrit: I have been taking Valium 5 mg daily for 10 years and its been a life saver for me i have anxiety and panic attacks …it just calms me doesn't knock me outRachel Hartjes écrit: Xanex definitely helps with panic attacks better because its quicker acting. But it tends to make me quiet tired…at 1mg and taking less is kinda useless. Valium tends to help more when i know im going into a stressful situation, it'll keep me just a little less anxious for a good period of time without as much as the sleepiness. But doesn't work as well goe sudden panic attacks. Both are VERY addictive and very easy to become dependent on. So these should be last resort meds and always take as perscribed… and ALWAYS try the lowest dose first. You can always go up.Avi écrit: If I take my prescribed dose of Valium I just wanna go asleep

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