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Consuming Anxiety Medication & Alcohol Together Will Kill You

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Dr .David Samadi \u0026 Dr. Marc Siegel explain why overdosing on anxiety medication such as Valium \u0026 Xanax has quadrupled over the last two decades.\n\nThe rise is due to two main reasons; ease of access to medication \u0026 doctors not keeping a tab of what is being prescribed.\n\nIn New York State there’s a system in place to prevent medication abuse named I-STOP (\n\nMedication is prescribed for a variety of reasons such as insomnia, anxiety \u0026 seizures. However, it was found that medication it sometimes consumed by people other than the patient due to negligence. \n\n_________________________________________________________________\nDr. David Samadi is the Chairman of Urology \u0026 Robotics Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He’s also a Fox News Medical-A-Team Contributor \u0026 Professor of Urology at Hofstra Northshore LIJ School of Medicine. \n\nDr. David Samadi Prostate Cancer Center is situated at 485 Madison Avenue, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10022 | Phone: +1-212-365-5000 (\n\nConnect with Dr. David Samadi:\n\nWeb:\nFacebook:\nTwitter:\nLinkedIn:\nInstagram:\n\n#DrDavidSamadi @DrDavidSamadi\n_________________________________________________________________

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