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NUX MG-300 vs Fender GTX | JIMI HENDRIX Little wing tone shootout

la description:
I teamed up with Steve Guitar to shootout the NUX MG-300 and the Fender GTX50 to see who could create the best Jimi Hendrix little wing tone from two different guitar modelling amp processors.\n\n0:00 Introduction\n1:41 My process\n4:24 My tone settings on the NUX MG300\n5:58 Tone shootout\n\nVOTE IN THE COMMENTS WHO YOU THINK GOT THE BEST TONE!\n\nVisit Steves channel to see his process and video: \n\n\nIt was interesting to hear the two guitar modelling amps, the Fender GTX and the NUX MG300 and how they can really closely emulate a tube amp sound and more specifically a Jimi Hendrix tone, we played them differently of course, there are so many versions of little wing out there it doesn’t hurt to have two more.\n\nDerek Paul Guitar: NUX MG-300\nSteve Guitar: Fender GTX50\n\nThanks for watching – Derek\n\n- FOLLOW ME: -\nInstagram:

Derek Paul Guitar écrit: Check out Steves version over at and don't forget to vote cheers!mrmunzerelli écrit: Skip to 6mins you're welcomeEnzo Carniel écrit: Upload the patch for us all to use.katyland101 écrit: In my opinion, Steve sounded very authentic. Derek less so.yanivd28 écrit: does any body knows how to power off the box, without unplug it from socket?D Sam écrit: It's been a while since I listened to Jimi's original but I'll go for the Fender, I prefer the more twangy sound it had. That said I'm getting the Nux as soon as it's easily available, cos the sound the price the effects which includes a Vibe!! from what I've heard so far are really incredible!!! Sure it's not going to replace a pro equipment set up, but hey for a hundred and a bit euros you have a high quality product that you can nearly stick in your pocketmidirok écrit: Jimi never did the same thing twice, so what the heck are you thinking?tim taylor écrit: Have to vote nux, I love their stuff and have both the mg 100 and 300.Jim M écrit: I’d check out, it’s a great resource for finding out what kind gear an artist uses. The mg-300 sounded better.Apailam écrit: NUX imo more authenticTube Screamer écrit: More Practice for you Both!thecaveofthedead écrit: Yours is definitely closer. Steve's has some extra high end harmonics that are not there at all in the original. I think if you added some tape saturation to yours to warm it slightly and round off the high end a smidge, it'd sound very close to the record. Very good performance from a budget piece of kit. Unthinkable five years ago.GRAY TAYLOR écrit: to my ears sounds good enough to gig with?Nick Cooper écrit: Both were good but ver 2 Dereks sound was my favourite. I liked his compression sound. I do own a Nux comp pedal, so I may be hearing what I'm used to.Kevin Spriggan écrit: Man, I listened both twice and for me is a tie, both sound close to the original, that nux is a serious thing, please, continue doing this kind of videos, is always interesting to watch people looking for tones, pretty well done ��CaanDo01 écrit: That was a fun shoot out. I came over from Steve's channel to check your version out. Thanks for doing this!Dan MitchellUK écrit: can't believe you got such a great tone from the nux it really shows why your channel works effort and fine tuning go a lot further than throwing money at brands and premium gearEric Mc écrit: You have a very soothing voice. You should record for wildlife series or history showsATB écrit: Cheers Derek! This was a cool idea for a video. You and Steve sounded really good! You both put a lot of work in getting that tone worked out. I find it interesting that there are so many different ways to get similar tones with different electronics, guitars and each players own techniques in the mix. Stay Well!!Alessandro Altrocchi écrit: Both great tones! Really hard to pick a favorite. Love that road worn strat!VS Marvelous écrit: İ'd say steve ��your version started with an incredible straty vibe but a second later it started bass boosting a little bit especially with the upper strings and it got me thinking away from jimi hendrix but still you both have created amazing sound �� thank you …Brad Laue écrit: Both great versions. Yours is closer to the sound. More depth, more bass response. I have a Fender Floor which is basically the Mustang in a floor pedal configuration and I remember trying to emulate it on the Fender Floor and finally played it through a Fender Super Champ X2 which is a modeling amp of sorts as well. Don't remember what the amp setting was, but I did add fuzz. Both of your versions came out better than mine. great concept, you should do more of these, makes us all think these things through and gives us something to shoot for. Cheers!kurama Kyūbi écrit: Really loved your setup you both got the best tone that was a pretty interesting video love from IndiaThe Fullstop Aadyot écrit: Man, can you do a video showing your guitar collection

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