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This is a brief summary of medicines that target the opioid receptors.\n\nI created this presentation with Google Slides.\nImage were created or taken from Wikimedia Commons\nI created this video with the YouTube Video Editor.\n\nADDITIONAL TAGS\nOpioids\nDrug\nMechanism of action\nIndication\nNotes\nHeroin\nStrong μ agonist\nManage pain, suppress cough, antimotility for diarrhea\n\nContraindication: phenothiazine, MAO inhibitors, and tricyclic antidepressants (depressant effects); alcohol and benzodiazepine (respiratory effects); hepatic metabolism\nOften abused IV; not legal in US;\nMorphine\nStrong μ agonist\nPrototypical opioid; various routes of admin\nFentanyl\nStrong μ agonist\nRapid onset and offset with small doses; CV stability; 100x more potent than morphine\nMethadone\nStrong μ agonist\nAlso used for opioid/heroin withdrawal; racemic mixture of NMDA antagonist and mu agonist\nMeperidine\nStrong μ agonist\nNo biliary SE, doesn’t constrict sphincter of Oddi; seizures\nCodeine\nModerate μ agonist\nLess potent morphine\nHydrocodone\nModerate μ agonist\nMost prescribed opiate; often combined with NSAIDs/acetaminophen\nOxycodone\nModerate μ agonist\nSimilar to hydrocodone\nTramadol\nWeak μ agonist\nSynthetic codeine; lower addiction risk; can cause seizures and serotonin syndrome\nBuprenorphine\nμ agonist; κ antagonist\nAnalgesic; deterrent, detoxification\nHigh affinity, low efficacy at mu receptor → partial agonist\nNalbuphine\nκ agonist; μ antagonist\nTreats opioid-induced pruritus\nOriginally hoped to be less addictive, less side effects than other opioids → no\nNaloxone\nμ antagonist (short acting)\nTreat opioid addiction, overdose, and toxicity; reverses mu agonist effects; increases respiratory rate within 1-2 min\nBetter for opioid overdose; half-life is 1 hour\nNaltrexone\nμ antagonist (long acting)\nTreats alcoholism; lasts 24 hours after moderate dose

Carrol Moore écrit: tramadol was given to my sister last year to ween her off oxycodone. Her Dr said she wouldn't go thru w/drawls since its an opiate. She went thru major w/drawls & fibromyalgia pain, it almost killed her.
Turns out tramadol has only ☝ one opiate molecule.
She sought help, going to emergency, where she was neglected, & treated like a criminal. Her Dr never explained why he abruptly cut her off her medicine.
It was almost unbearable to watch her suffer. I think she shouldve taken legal action, since she had no history of addiction.
Tramadol shouldn't be on this chart. ppl should be educated on how to deal with pain, not just given pills, than treated with bad judgement.Ilija Prskalo écrit: heroin is real droga,but is ilegal methadon and other are same shit but is legal,whats going on,fentanil is strongest than her methadone than morfinKtech2018 Elisha écrit: Great videos, please do you have lecture notes on this video? Thanksbibanu28 dumitru écrit: Tramadol stronger 225 mgDottor Kemiko écrit: I use 160 mg/12 Hours of oxy is like 60 mg of methad/24 HoursMartin Sage écrit: Very informative, thanks. I have some personal questions. Email me sagemartin@gmail.comLight is greater than darkness écrit: Oxycodone is a STRONG mU receptor agonist, not moderate… Oxycodone is 2.5× times strength of morphine. Hydromorphone is 8× the potency of morphine and 3-4× the potency of diacetylmorphine(heroin). Also, hydromorphone(dilaudid) passes through the blood brain barrier really fast due to its lipid profile. In MY EXPERIENCE, hydromorphone is the single most effective narcotic pain reliever I have ever used. My body has been through the ringer backwards with my injuries… People… PLEASE do NOT abuse opioid pain medications! It took me over a year to be able to get a doctor to trust me after my accident all because the "epidemic" takes preeminence over the improved life of a patient! I almost lost my life because people just wanna get high…����Kittenpurrrs whenLoved écrit: where is hydromorph _ (dilauded) on the chart ?Caelan James écrit: Where is Hydromorphone?Melissa Rowan écrit: Tramadol sent me to Er with seratonin (storm) syndrome, scary that they would give this over a simple time tested, proven medication.Dena Walters écrit: Fentynol suxs lol had after surgery felt like I had no pain. Meds then they gave me diluadid felt way better after that..Lol écrit: I have tried almost everything except heroine yetAshley Stewart écrit: Opioids are commonly used with tricyclic antidepressants (both are used as analgesics) and are generally safe to use with MAOI's.

Loperamide is very commonly used and is worth mentioning, methylnaltrexone is also something to note too.MC écrit: I am on mirtazapine 15mg per night. I have recently broke a rib and have been taking my mum's tramadol!!! I noticed on your vid that the two can cause problems of taken together, will I be OK??? I'm in serious pain and tramadol is the only thing that is taking it away!!!bharathi raja écrit: thank uAllahHuma Ajirni MinunNar écrit: Thank you. Very nice.Jennifer Burtwell écrit: yes, thank you. This is awesomeJennifer Burtwell écrit: can you email me that chart please

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