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Venlafaxine Review 37.5 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg Dosage, Side Effects and Withdrawal

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Venlafaxine 37.5 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg is discussed. Cover common side effects, uses, dosage and the potential for withdrawal. Also discuss why it is not recommended with alcohol. Potential drug interactions with venlafaxine also covered.

Denis G écrit: If you miss a dose you'll feel them "zaps" coming. Very similar to blacking out for a moment. Very weird sensation.Josh Larsen écrit: The withdrawals, if i dont take mine in time i have dizziness, stomach pains and i feel very disassociatedP. Egholm écrit: Good video �� I’ve been on this for about 3 months now. 150mg a day. However, my mood is still like a rollercoaster, but now with side effects.. I really hope to find something that actually work for me.Sarah North Wales écrit: 75mg 5 times a day I stopped straight off after 15 years. Jebus bad bad bad idea violently ill. Don't just stop ever.Eric Hewes écrit: This drug makes me the closest to functional I've ever been, I have cptsd, bpd major depressive disorder & severe panic disorder. They are not to be fucked around with and the withdrawal is harsh but not impossible. I came off max dose (on it for five years at the time) and it was brutal but in a week the worst was over and in a month I was out of the woods. I've recently gone back on it and it helps keep my mood level, keeps my hypervigilance and catastrophising in check and my weight is back in a healthy range for the first time in years. It's not a wonder drug but if you have pretty serious mental health problems this drug could help, if your looking for a pill to make it all better it will mess you up good.newstuff écrit: Honest review from an 8 years user: it works great but there are some side effects for me. Sometime it keeps me awake at night.I sweat more, and little unwanted movements of the foot during the evening. But damn it’s worth it! It was a life changer for me.Lisa DiMascio écrit: Sooo… Can you explain why coffee isn't recommended while on this? On my sheet it states to avoid coffee…SpayceJackal Jenkins écrit: It was effective for me in the 8 years I've been on them. But then they kept putting me up on higher doses until I got up to 200mg and I hated feeling like a robotic entity. I still had bad emotional swings at times despite being on them and the nightmares I would have were insane. My REM was highest whilst on this stuff. Also, I had wicked urinary retention and chronic cystitis, so i made the decision to taper off them. Took me years to taper off it slowly. It helped for a period of time, but I'm grateful I am off themFurio écrit: I take 150mg sr and if I miss one days dosage I have the most vivid real life like dreams. And it always seems to involve some type of travel usually trains or bike or walking. And often in shopping malls and they're underground carparks and train stations like I had last night and the trains running really close to me and there's usually no station platform. And last night I travelled to China and I swear I was actually there�� and this happens every time I forget only one dosage. So I would hate to be taking the xr versionJunior Jetseter écrit: It takes very long time to find SSRI or SNRI the Almighty ONE that is helpful without any or few side effects.
Just 1 capsule of Effecsor made me feel horrible in a few hours, impossible for me to take it.
Approved too fast without safety study.
I was praying to leave my system & it lingers long time.
Might generate negative thinking like serial killers that end their suffering with suicide after randomly killing a lot of innocent people .
I wouldn't give Effecsor to my worse enemy.
Citalopram is even worse .
How pharmaceutical companies can manufacture these medications without proper testing !!!
The common public opinion is that most of SNRIS ,SSRIs work paradoxically opposite !!
ONLY VERY FEW have desired positive health benefits.
The quick approval of most of them is very suspicious.
If low sex drive was the only undesirable side effect I would rejoice & said the benefits outweigh the negative side effects by a 100 .
Some say they have a potential of turning people into Criminals .Amy Sillito écrit: It should be illegal. I can't get off due to brain zaps, headaches, dizzy, shakes, been on it for 10 yrs and my scalp has been severely itching, just found out that this med is causing it and now my hair is falling out.Asad Ahmed écrit: Been on this for almost a week, haven't taken it because im scared of the side effects. Btw my dosage is 37.5 MGproject.catherine écrit: does anyone get rashes all over their body and excessive night sweats from this? if you do please let me know what you did!Michael Zernie écrit: Ive been on this for over 10 years. 150 mg once a day. Severe anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia. Works really well for it and for the IBS. DO NOT MISS A DOSE. One missed dose will mess the brain up. Feels like a light switch flicking. Constipation has been the main side effect. If I could get off I would. But the anxiety and the IBS is %100 debilitating. The constipation has effected the bowls and the colon is paying the price.xchorro écrit: wish me luck everyone. i’ve only been taken 37.5 mg of venlafaxine for about 10 months and i’m trying to ween off of it about right now. currently only taking half a pill now. tomorrow will be day 2 of the half pill. i also take 10mg of buspirone as well which i’m stopping as wellPro Drive Away Man écrit: Thanks for the video! Im stopping before I start! Only been on it 3 day's!JACK_KNIFE-1 écrit: I started on 75mg and a hour after I took my 200mg pregabalin and co codomol and went into cold sweats and nausea. Thankfully this passed and its really helped with anxiety depression and suicidal thoughts.Judy Pearson écrit: Effexor interacts with Warfarin – I have mechanical Aortic and Mitral valves and need to take Warfarin. Now dealing with withdrawal from Effexor which is horrible; I have medical advice and support around this. I have learnt that Effexor affects eye pressures – this is particularly relevant for me as I have early Glaucoma! I have been on Effexor for 9 years but have only recently learnt about side effects I have referred to above!asdasd écrit: Once you start taking it you cant stop without crashing physically and mentallysara totta écrit: i've been on it for over a year now . i saw graet results after only two weeks , i didn't have noticable side effects during this year only with the first two days , and when i miss a dose which acutally helped me with maintanance
this is my first week of withdrawal and it's horribleMartin Gestetner écrit: does it the best option for panic and GADNC_29 North écrit: The withdrawals are absolutely brutal.Shawn Schaworski écrit: Dailyarthur levine écrit: Venlaflaxine helps with depression but leaves you emotionally numb. Also once your on for (lets say 6 months) you can't ever get off. NO WAY! Excessive perspiration can be controlled with a bladder medication.R_TIom écrit: My personal experience.This is quite an effective antidepressant,but it has awfully high probability of withdrawal syndrome,so be careful!Sibel Öndek écrit: I've been on this medication for almost a year now and strangely my side effect is urine retention, and heachaches but i normally get that when i am too anxious or in a depressive episode. please help meanacron realz écrit: Why some say weight gain is side affect and other's say weight loss?
I am confused.. also I have all the sexual dysfunction with ssri and snri. Can I add Viagra or Cialis to avoid that? If yes what tends to be better?Led Daudet écrit: Is it normal to get midriasis and euphoria from this?Xaezy écrit: My doctor told me to stop taking immediately and never got back to meL I S A A N N E écrit: Hello may I ask what is best to take pls. Venlafaxine or Duloxetine??Kari Kelley écrit: This is the worst drug ever ! I was prescribed for menopausal symptoms,I went on for two weeks and went from being normal to having a brain dizziness went off and my brain and eyes have never been normal I’m still suffering !! Why do we take drugs when we have all these side effects .I am a pharmacy tech ,like I said I am still suffering from taking this medication. I cannot do regular activities it’s like I have vertigo every day I wake up I’m sick daily I still cannot do my job !,I’ve been on disability now almost 2 years in April from switching from Effexor to venlaflexine:/ this is serious business I wish I could be a speaker about this I’m also going to make a documentary when I get a new phone I’m in suffering too long and it’s due to this drug if anybody is reading this do not take this drug Or any I’m trying to do the essential oil’s now ,acupuncture,eastern medicine!,Seriously why do we take meds I am a pharmacy tech like I said and I cannot believe I was talked into taking this med but I was so miserable with hot flashes and still lamb but will not take any drugs my doctor is prescribing me like clonidine etc. and is ready to drop me as a patient because I won’t this is so BS I wish I could do something about it!Vero Gagnon écrit: Now Im super scared To get off of it��suckermofo1 écrit: It.s dumbfounding how blinded you drs and pharmacists are by manipulated 12 week max pre sale studdies. Criminal really.Belks Buy écrit: sexual dysfunction? yeah got that one ��Andres Quinones écrit: Does these side effects vanish with time?martin jones écrit: very good information sir i take these and im a PTSD sufferer and one of the side affects i get is shiting yourselfDonna Willams écrit: Thank you for bringing this information to us.

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