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mirtazapine review 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg Side Effects Withdrawal Sleep and Weight Gain

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Review Mirtazapine (Remeron) 7.5 mg, 15 mg and 30 mg side effects, withdrawal, weight gain and use for sleep.

Junior Jetseter écrit: How long does it take for the Mirtazapine to start working ?Jaden Torres écrit: I tried this one from my doctor tonight waiting to see the resultsWarren Roche écrit: Took 7.5 last night, first dosage, maaaaan I was so damn tired throughout the day, and ate a looot more chocolate than usual �� did get in a nearly 2 hour workout in the morning though so that’s good, hopefully offsets the increased appetiteMichael gronnan écrit: I am currently on California rocket fuel..100mg of Zoloft in the morning and 15mg of mirtazipine before great!!zion caliman écrit: I’ got back on my meds around dec maybe Jan . I take two other mood sat ii wonde why I’ve gained 40 lbs thought it was just quarantine but could this really been the reason it’s strange since I started taking these that’s right around the time the weight started coming along ��Hkmia Entertainment écrit: Anyone else getting weird dreams or nightmares literally every night ? Anyone know how to prevent it also struggle to wake up in the morningHaervi u écrit: NEED ADVICE: I’m currently on 2 tablets of 15mg a night, but I’m over sleeping which is effecting my work routine e.g struggling to waking up in the morning. In this case, should I higher or lower the dosage? I can’t find a solid answer anywhere, my doctor is saying one thing and other another:/Gautam Shakya écrit: Does it cause hair loss please answer .Jackalope Productions écrit: Any Rest of death?Minerals Peak écrit: Is this help sleeping ? What is the difference between mirtazalhine and other SSRI,s.Justin Ernsberger écrit: First night taking this got results then the next 4 days it not even working for me i been on this 5 days in no results yet ill wait a little longer if it doesn't work im done with itI Just Wanted To See 1 Video écrit: i have been put on 15mg a day I live in the UK and it is causing really bad headaches for me and vomitingBigPoppaPenguin écrit: I’ve been on this for a week. I decided to try it because ssris, snris and the TCA clomipramine failed me. I’m interested in it because of its supposed effects on the “bad serotonin receptors.” I have SLC6A4 s/s polymorphism but I don’t understand it. I know it means that I’ll most likely not respond to ssris. This week hasn’t been the best or the worst. The side effects of this med definitely hits from the first day! Why can’t the therapeutic effects do the damn same lol! The first night I slept like a champ! The sedative effects wore off my the 4th day but I feel a bit more sluggish and tired overall throughout the day. I hate that! I wake up in the middle of the night again and it sucks. I have gained a pound or two due to poor food choices. Many say this drug increases carb cravings, but for me it makes me crave salty foods like burgers, meat, cheese etc. some of the weight gain can also be blamed on increased water retention. Slightly constipated now. Have some slight increase in brain fog that’s more focused on ability to talk to others. Also, I get these random brain zaps! Very similar to antidepressant withdrawal. I have experienced this before! Idk if it’s a sign that I need a higher dose. I am an ultra rapid metabolizer of cyp1a2, which is responsible for metabolizing mirtazapine. I have the intention of at least trying 30mg of this med before quitting it so maybe I should ask doctor to go higher on dose sooner than later. But damn I hope these side effects ease up and I can be better!Warren Dunn écrit: I had to stop taking it. The muscle pain was making it difficult to walk. It felt that my bones were becoming brittle.jsslandro écrit: I was on this drug for a couple years. Then i stopped taking it because i don't want to be on meds. I went through a very hard time. The best thing i did was to make sure i reminded myself it's the remeron why im feeling this way. At the three year mark i still wasn't right. I started taking it again.Helen Sanchez écrit: Remeron has worked wonders for mewink west écrit: My doctor moved me up on 30mg then my pharmacist put me on 15mg. Im having a hard time sleeping. My body is horribly active all the time and my anxiety has skyrocketed my pharmacist is not aware of my symptoms and thinks im tryna heighten the dosage to get high. I just want my normal life back.Pearl brown312 écrit: Never take this shit. I’d rather be dead than take this medication. I gained so much weight and hated myself so much. I make it loud and clear to doctors that this medication makes me extremely suicidal and we are going to have a real problem if this medication is given to me. This medication is a cruel joke that no doctor should ever even consider prescribing.Gabi Barba écrit: Can cause dry eyes too?Jamie Morgan écrit: When I took mirtazipine I used to "hearlucinate"Good Vibes écrit: Mirtazepine gave me my life back. I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in middle school with no fam history. I ended up having a semi-alive pancreas and was a type 1 pre diabetic. I was 120lbs as a result and was 6 foot 2. This medication allowed me to eat more and gain 30lbs. Also, regulated my depression. Fixed so many ailments. If you are underweight due to a serious underlying disease and are depressed this is the med for you. I’m now a senior at ASU.Mo Mo écrit: hey guys I have a long flight soon and some of my friends offered me this medicine so I could sleep during the flight>>>>> any advice about it ? thanksMaxiMusMurph écrit: Took me 4 weeks to get off this. I was on 15mg When i first started taking it the first night i slept great after that didnt make me sleep, as the days went on i spent most of my days in bed to drowsey to do anything, felt sick. Was also taking 15mg lexapro in the morning which also took me over 2 weeks to get off. I had reached a low point in my life. I needed help, seeked help from the doctors they prescibed me this evil shit. So cut a lonh story short. Dont go on any anti depressents the feeling will pass, ur mind is a very strong tool. Use it.Gaming For The Recently Deceased écrit: Disgusting drug that should never be sold to humans. Gained 100lbs, gave me terrible nightmares, turned me into a Zombie all day long. Even with 12 hours of sleep I felt like a truck parked on my chest. No one ever mentions the neurological issues, this drug fried my nerves and gave me Peripheral neuropathy. Pretty sure this drug is the cause of my digestive issues it probably destroyed the nerves in my gut. I suggest people don't get on this horrible drug the withdrawal has been a nightmare of 5 months and I came off it slowly over a whole year.Scott Kieser écrit: I am on my sixth day of treatment with thia drug for insomnia. Dosage is 7.5 mg. I am drowsy and irritable until it's time to take my next dose. How long for the daytime sedation to abate?

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