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Safer injecting

la description:
A prevention film on the preparation of an injection showing how to reduce the harms related to drug injection as much as possible. The film shows a person using a Steribox (insulin syringes, Stericup, water for injection, alcohol pad, dry post injection swab), as well as a Sterifilt and a tourniquet to prepare his drug. All steps of the preparation and the injection are commented.

oldmangranny5 oldmangranny5 écrit: God being an addict seems like a lot of workMarcus S écrit: What’s that kit called: Especially that click-on filter over the BD-style insulin syringe to filter??? (I know wheel filters can go on luer-lock or slip-luer barrels, but this clicked Right onto a clean BD-brand style insulin-syringe.)valentine OG écrit: morphine injection= 1/100th as bad as methodone oralAllen Lichner écrit: WHO ELSE HAS EJECTED COCAINE INTO THEIR PENIS.c 0 n t r a b Λ n d écrit: hahaha imagine being so addicted to something you need to do this dailyCool Breeze écrit: Crushing the drugs up does NOT "remove the large pieces" as the asshole who narrated states. Why TF do uneducated illiterate millennials have to put shit online when they fucking know absolutely nothing except how to be rude, selfish, and fucked up?Niomie Sunshine écrit: WOW this video is 17 mins long, it takes me 8 mins to crush, water& filter my hydrozJayden Smith écrit: Can u shoot pressed blue 30's? And if so how? Can't find much on how to more safely IV pills, any pointers are much appreciated.Spanish Language Educational Resources écrit: Ay que rico.Nicolas Riou écrit: Whatever powder he’s putting in this spoon, I wouldn’t like to have the same dealer….I mean wtf??? It looks like Coke mixed with more than 90% of Paracetamol! Coke is supposed to leave no résidu in cold water.

And the same for white heroin. It’s water soluble.Garrett Ledwick écrit: WTFKareem Anmar écrit: Why tf I’m i hereanthony écrit: Now I want a speedball!…Bethanie Bilderback écrit: What does a used cotton filter look likefoxtailedcritter écrit: Thank you very much for the harm reduction video… <3333Banjo Danko écrit: Thats got to be the shittiest job of fixin up a shot. Fuck no wonder people get abseses n shitNick Brown écrit: can I mix up sub patchesLaykan Thee Alien écrit: This is all cute or whatever but I wanna know if I can shoot temazepam or NOT.A Chair écrit: Im lost in youtube help.Daniel Rojas écrit: Where was that fancy gadget to draw things up in my day???Манкурт Кобэйн écrit: идиот.к серцу ставить нада.в др. сторонуPentium écrit: EITHER WAY DONT DO DRUGSKroNickallyAbundant Nikolaos écrit: Uh how in the fuck do u know wtf vein flows what way?! Ffs elaborate on the seemingly important shit yet keep redundancy to the max by repeatedly warning about dirty shit n hep c. This high just can't be any better or worth all this risk & trouble as compared to just taking it orally ffs plus the needle thing is fucking cringe n I'm dope sick asf this made me not ever want to try it! IV is wtf they use at the hospital & it fails to work! But the pills work perfectly fine once out of the hospital so wtf shoot it for seems like a massive placebo that it's somehow better effects it's never worked for me except once as a kid before they removed tonsil they gave me morohine or Demerol or both idfk I was so gone but it felt nothing like an opiated pill sensation which is preferable to that other feeling that made u not care if u died but then u come back to shortly after n are afraid once u realize they drugged u and next u wake up in agony that sucked! Glad I didn't have to do that again

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