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Tramadol is a common analgesic that provides its effects by acting as an opioid and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor (SNRI). The opioid portion of its effects mainly comes from a metabolite, O-Desmethlytramadol (O-DSMT), while tramadol itself has a greater impact on monoaminergic systems.\n\nBoth the opioid and SNRI effects yield pain relief and mood changes.\n\nIt does have recreational effects, perhaps more so in those who are efficient at metabolizing tramadol to O-DSMT, but it’s generally viewed as less intense than an opioid like morphine or diamorphine (heroin).\n\nOther names = Ultracet; Ultram\n\nTDC page with more information and references:\n\nReddit discussion:\n————\n\nDonate to The Drug Classroom:\n\n\n\n\n\nBitcoin: 1HsjCYpBHKcVCaW4uKBraCGkc1LK8xoj1B\n\n————\n\nSpecial thanks to BronzeManul for help with the chemistry section. \n\n————\n\nTimestamps:\n\nMedical effects: 00:38\nNonmedical effects: 05:22\nPharmacology and Chemistry: 12:23\nHow It’s Used: 19:51\nHistory: 20:23\nLegality: 26:15\nSafety: 26:25\n\n————\n\nThank you to my Patreon supporters:, Gui Kirsch, michael hoogwater, Alexander Pavlenko, Sam A., Reece hosford, Jarrod o’connell, Daniel X Moore, Christoffer Finstad, Zachary Thomas Binkley, Dane Overman, Dragonhax, Jacob Fournier-Paradis, Ben Shipp, Brian Henry, Adrian Selnes, Victor Stasek, Marty Sederberg, Kate Crilly, Ikaros, and Chandler Ledbetter.\n\n————\n\nFacebook –\nTwitter –\nEmail –\n\n————\n\nThe Drug Classroom (TDC) is dedicated to providing the type of drug education everyone should have. Drugs are never going to leave our society and there has never been a society free from drugs. \n\nTherefore, it only makes sense to provide real education free from propaganda. \n\nTDC doesn’t advocate drug use. Rather, we operate with the intention of reducing the harm some substances can bring.\n\nFeel free to ask questions!

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Thanks .frack hark écrit: We have legit ,real and sealed Products here Text us at (719) 623-5256

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Text – (719)623-5256

Skype: frack007

Email – medicalonlinestore at gmail dot com

Thanks .B G écrit: Is it OK two have a couple of beers 6 hours after a single dose of 100mg of tramodol??MTm official écrit: Weed after tramadol is best tripAdnan Rifai écrit: I experienced nudding on 225mg tramadol and weedmira gaia maia écrit: is anyone here taking tramadol for peripheral neuropathy? has anyone recovered from it? i mean, have you got rid of the burning pain for good? is there hope?…
i'm on pregabalin 2 or 3 x 75mg/day and tramadol + paracetamol 4 or 5 x 37,5mg + 325mg/day… the burning pain never goes away 🙁 and i feel like i'll progress to 5 or 6 just to see if i get more relief.
i started with pregabalin about 1 month before tramadol. i felt a slight high, my anxiety decreased and i felt my train of thought changed a bit due to that. the doctor also gave me something for the dizziness when i started tramadol, but i still felt a bit of it, it's not funny at all at first or when i increase the dose. the high of the first tramadol was more noticeable, i felt lighter, a sence of joy i haven't experienced in a while, almost like freedom of mind joy… it was cool, but what i really wanted was pain to go away!!
well eventually the pills run out and i had to go to the pharmacy without prescription. it's a normal thing here to do, you get the prescription later when you have a doctor apointment and you bring it to the pharm. but i only got conscious of what this pills are about when the pharmacist lady gave me the look, even behind the mask, before knowing i was prescribed before. have you ever saw the film Magnolia? i mean, she tried to be neutral, but i felt the discrimination, even the scare in her body language… i almost laughed, if i wasn't in so much pain…
please tell me this has cure! i'm changing my diet, doing more exercise, acupunctu, tai chi… i need hope…evil dom882 écrit: This guy has single handily saved a handful of life’s people who take drugs and die aren’t stupid there is just a lack of harm reduction out therelove freedom screw the state écrit: When taking opioids make sure to have a wank it helps alot lolGagandeep Sharma écrit: Great drugRaeLynn Yoder écrit: Take tramadol as needed for pelvic pain and it helps so much. Only downside is I can’t take it at work obviously and I get nauseousmepinxotolporro écrit: Good descriptionSimulki écrit: Opiodes are the only thing that helps my feelings of meaninglessness..Sammy écrit: Thought this was cool – Tramadol has an SNRI brother. It's called Effexor, structured very similarly. It can actually help with Tramadol withdrawal.

For anyone taking this crap for fun. If you're a poor metabolizer (basically you can get high off it), the withdrawal will be hell on earth. Imagine heroin withdrawal mixed with antidepressant withdrawal but it lasts for weeks, and you don't feel normal for months or years after taking it last. A pit of depression, anger, frustration that doesn't seem to end. The restless body syndrome it gave me made me throw myself into the wall, cut off my limbs, thought about suicide every moment of every day.

Stay far away unless you're in debilitating pain already and don't have any other choices for pain medication.Mumbos écrit: Honestly, this drug has done literally nothing for me, ive taken it for pain, and for recreation after realizing it did nothing for pain, even when taken in 500mg doses, it did absolutely nothing, kind of a stupid drug, id like to try it again, staggering doses, or taking something to help with metabolism, but its pretty shitty, even codeine was more effective for me.Taylor Willis écrit: I came into a supply of 1200 of these pills some time ago. I was really happy when I saw that it was an opioid, but I felt absolutely nothing from doses of 300mg+. It is almost completely inactive to my body. Wound up trading them for oxy, much, much better.GAETANO D écrit: it don't work!!!Epicurus _ écrit: This drug is the king of drugs for productivity for me anyway.Akseli Anteroinen écrit: I had a seizure when I took 800mg one night and then 400mg the next morning. I'm on 750mg right now and don't feel shit so I think I'll eat 1 more, I'm pretty scared of serotonin syndrome tho..MetalicSlayer666 écrit: wish i had some rnMega Hawk écrit: Nobody else has taken tram than me 1500mg a day since am ultrametaolite it gives me so high also it leaves my body quickly still, withdrawal is Hell!! which lasted a month of pure agony which totally multiples the serotonin ephouria by zero!can't even imagine how hellish it would be for the slow and moderate metabolizers !Its just not even worth it, after week of taking tram/ 300mg as the tolerance updating themselves and also dampening serotonin levels you will be left with anxiety,stress no more serotonin highs even if you up the dose!! since you are sacrificing dopamine for serotonin no more excitement about your future. When serotonin goes up dopamine goes down. If you need real ephouria and able to handle and take a risk of the withdrawal go straight with the real opium oxys since it only about 100x the withdrawal of tram. Nothing is worth it at the end!. It has been years I'm now drug free thank God I got my life backMatty Cordz écrit: I was a high user of tramadol and took around 20 50mg pills a day for over 7 years. I can tell you this is not a drug to play with as it almost destroyed my life and the withdrawal lasts longer than 5 days. Because it also increases seratonin it is a double hit of withdrawals. It lasts around a year and that is hell on earth. Cant work, even picking up something off the ground is an effort and painful. Don't try this drug.Angie Rains écrit: I don’t like it I was on it for years It stated making feel badCrunchy Bee écrit: Stimulating mood uplift but not euphoric. Noticable pain relief. But (maybe adding pain in my bladder and urine retention)? Depression withdrawal after only 2 weeks use.Juuk écrit: Ever tryed to pee for 10 minutes?Jayson Clinton écrit: I've been off tramadol for 3months after taking it for 3years now but I still get this annoying internal fever terrorising my life. Please someone help me. What can I take to stop this feverNo Name écrit: Awful drug abused, a lot of people do not get the recreational effects at all, but still put themselves on risk taking more for euphoria.
Young dumb I took ~1000 mg alongside 400mg Pregabalin, combined with valium and clonazepam (mild dose of these) Yes I was high as fuck, but without the anti-seizure benzos I could have been fucking seizing on friends floor more than likely.Soap écrit: love me some trammys, 400mg IR got me feeling goodMariiPWA écrit: i love you thanks for this video.RealDeal écrit: for my disc i get tramadol and it made me quit alcohol i think tramadol does more than kill pain it makes you positive and happyDixon Yamowthe écrit: Please do a video on tapentadolGarluth écrit: the Molecule looks like a guy Dancing like this :
_ /Randy Cantu écrit: come.out on drug testkk pp écrit: I am missing my mom. Because use tramadol injection.Crazy Chris écrit: 150mg and it feels very very very lightricardo ebbers écrit: me and my friend snorted tramadol a few weeks ago and it was so much funRichard Morales écrit: These pills suck I throw out full bottles of this crap.Thomas Beckham / zeus écrit: tramadol is the bestGykka Sebidca écrit: I had this IV shot on me when I was in hospital when I had severe stomach pain from ulcer.. I definitely felt relieved just few minutes after it was injected to me. I had been on pain for a few days but this is the only drug that relieved my pain. Side effect on me is just dizziness. Unfortunately, couldn't buy this without prescription. ��Nerino Cucel écrit: ….. getting Tramadol prescribed after my accident for over 10yrs, this docu made me decide to quit this shit!No No écrit: I take tramadol as a pain killer for menstrual cramps. I’ve always had severe cramps and Advil never did the job. Finally my doctor prescribed me this and it’s been a saving grace lmao also an upside that after the pain subsides, it keeps working and I’m the most relaxed I’ve ever beenTeddy écrit: In my country it is commercialized in both capsules and drops forms.
My doctor prescribes 10 drops in the morning and 10 drops in the early afternoon. That makes 50mg. I only take every time I have those horrible back aches together with 10 mg Valium (diazepam) in the evening. In about a week I can fully function again. I have about 10 such episodes a year. That combination is a godsend. No negative side effects. It slightly lifts my mood while I am in pain which makes pain more managable. I just try to eat lots of fiber and coffee while I am taking it to counteract constipation.
All in all I would give it a 9 since it is obviously not perfect, but still pretty amazing.Ideoform Sun écrit: It's a shame that it is given to cattle.Ideoform Sun écrit: Please include where it comes from. How it's is made. What are the inactive ingredients. How it was discovered. Is it similar to a plant extract.
Does it remain in the water, or groundwater. Can it be filtered out of water.ewqdsacxz765 écrit: Fun fact: in Mexico you can buy tramadol without a prescription.NumbCorns écrit: I always nod on tramadol, maybe because I don't really abuse it or use opiates, that might be the reason. I only abuse them when doctors prescribe to me. I usually take 350mg + hydroxyzine to potentiate it.asian mipa écrit: Is cyproheptadine feasable with naloxone? Rather than BZDs2,433 Days écrit: 500mg barely does anything to me. Bummer.Skyler Thorvalsson écrit: I just wana say Ive been a pretty responsible drug user. There are drugs I don’t like and drugs I will only try a couple of times. But this channel has helped tremendously on giving me an unbiased list of facts that give me what I need to tell if it’s worth it instead of me just trying it out and seeing what happensToto Mango écrit: I have been on Tramadol for nearly 13 years for pain. Long term Tramadol usage stops working as well and will cause bloating and gut problems, increasing pain and strange sensations in the arms and legs that makes you want to stretch constantly, keeping you awake all night. Tramadol long term is a bad idea. Tramadol withdrawal is awful.Jonathan M. écrit: Also, taking for a while, its difficult to urinate.Jonathan M. écrit: This has been my favorite drug overall any of the drug. Period.John Sutter écrit: The knee jerk idiots switch my meds to tramadol! Getting off of these was the worst thing I've ever experienced!! Degenerative bone disease is a bitch! Thank Jesus for cannabis!!! IJSHeather Robbins écrit: All these people in the comments doing it to get High is the problem… and now the ones that actually have to take it for pain have to take drug tests to keep taking it so thx for that ��. I take it for pain from an accident 6 years ago shattered leg 10 screw and a metal plate and 5 messed up disc’s in my spine. Great video btw I learned a lot I was curious if this pill was harming me or my organs.TheRealKing M écrit: It works well, but has bad side effects. Personally makes me itch a lotprick sw écrit: Tried tramadol on monday and went to class on it, i swear to god that help me a lot with my ADHD, but then i started to fall asleepRona Claus écrit: ..bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Codeine is shitt, tramadol is antidepressantEvoJug écrit: Whas a good dose to get a nice high for someone about 170 pounds?dwight terbek écrit: Wow i just found a fucking 120 50mg bottle in my medicine chest i didnt know i had…
Too bad though cuz it doesn't this s*** for meMadeline écrit: why were they giving tramadol to cows?Raffy Adurian écrit: Hello my brothers I'm in pain nerves silica I'm taking 300mg every day tramal I don't feel pain I'm good but without tramal I will dieGreger Holmes écrit: But my doctor told me it’s safe and not addicting. This is one nasty bitch. Hiding a wolf in sheep’s clothingKevin Brown écrit: I watched a doc yesterday on all the street pharms in Japan selling fake Valium and Xanax along with a wide spectrum of antibiotics to all types that would need a script for sure. Always been confusing what they put on the schedule. THC is right there with say Xanax. Anyone who has used both can explain that these 2 chems are from a different planet. lol Im glad in my lifetime I have go to see THC finally getting a fair place in our society. I honestly know if there is a safer drug/chem in our world! I haven't always felt that way and I can say it was TRULY because I was very misinformed.bibanu28 dumitru écrit: What do I understand after all? Has it helped you or not?David Dawson écrit: It didn't help with pain, but I did have a seizure.LB CA écrit: Tramadol should be considered an antidepressant. Its shit for pain but far superior than any antidepressant. Ive tried them allELBAFFENI écrit: fuck trams, expect seizuresartur wojciechowicz écrit: very often fits causing, anorexia , neuropathic pain= no effect, very noisy.prankmastereight écrit: This some good stuff to study for a PTCB exam. Guess you don't call this the drug classroom for nothing.Jacob Brooks écrit: My

Explain ��Broken Heart 616 écrit: I'm high on tramadol right now, feels so good it's amazing
So fucking relaxing
It's 50mg capsules and I took 6 but I slowly raised my dose. And when I mean slowly it's for around 2 years already. Every 4 months or idk… Omg it's hard to writeCaleb Tolento écrit: Treats my pain but causes very unpleasant, vivid dreams every night.ukkowalski écrit: Everyone's different, but I find this stuff horrible. It gives me an hour or so of moderate pain relief at best, but makes me feel high as a kite and very detached from the world (I don't like that sensation, especially when I have to work) for a few hours, then sick as a dog as it wears off.biggie smallbolo écrit: Strong dose 350mg? Hahaha I once had 600mg trammiez 25mg valiez beautiful time…James Culp écrit: Hey is there any way tht you can make a video on tapentadol very little info online thx ur awesomeDr. B Addiction Recovery écrit: Great video on Tramadol! If anyone would like more info on the history of the drug, I just posted a video about it. Love your channel, drug classroom!bibanu28 dumitru écrit: Which tramadol is stronger, the one with immediate release, or the one with prolonged release?Zing Raccoon écrit: Pretty good, but without benzos or other downers, not sedating enough for me. Mixing with tianeptine seems to increase nodding effects.stnicholas54 écrit: From the far North West of Ireland – I have been taking Tramadol for years now. Maxitram 100mg capsules. Two capsules at night. I fractured my 3rd lumbar vertebra a few years ago. It's not so much painful now as stiff and it affects my mobility severely insomuch as I can only walk about 40 yards before I have to stop and rest a bit before repeating the process endlessly if I have somewhere to go. To be quite frank I am not really sure if these Tramadol pain relief capsules have any analgesic effect at all on me now being as I have been taking them for so long. I only know that about a year ago I stopped taking these capsules for two days and the withdrawal was truly dreadful. I actually felt that my body was trying to escape from my body. I know that sounds absurd and ridiculous but it is the only way I can describe how I felt at that time. I felt as if my body was trying to physically separate itself from my own body. Needless to say I quickly took the capsules again. I would have taken literally anything in front of me to stop the withdrawal pangs. So right now I trundle along with everyday life without ever wishing to experience anything like those withdrawal pangs again.Vanbastelaere JESSE écrit: Is tramadol not legal
in the USA? It is easy prescribed in Belgium and Netherlands, almost too easy..April Sutterfield écrit: I wish I'd had some pharmacologic classes. This is a very interesting video but I feel like a kindergartener taking Oppenheimer's chemistry class!!16 29 écrit: I snorted 1 50mg and took 2 50 mg and im having a weird reaction am i safe please someone fucking answer lolrj adamz écrit: Is tramadol safe to be taken with Methadone that is prescibed for opiate addiction?Floompy Bear écrit: Tramadol has kept my depression and debilitating grief at bay. Love it! Only 1/3 of a 50mg per day. Hits the sweet spot without the withdrawal of a miss a dose. It’s saving my life. ��Nirad Udontneedtoknow écrit: Stay away. Physical withdrawals are horrible. There is no lower risk my ass. I took it for 2 months, and went through 4 days of hell getting of it.CARLOS VASCONCELOS écrit: Tramadol is amazing and always will be. Love it!Ein Auslander écrit: I must be one of the people who metabolizes Tramadol into mainly its Opiate metabolite. At 200-400mg it gives me a stronger, more euphoric, and more drowsy effect than Morphine. I like it more than Oxycodone, Morphine, but slightly less than Vicodin.Oliver Lau écrit: Im on tramadol while wathchingKind Old Raven écrit: I've been on Tramadol for backpain for a short while and for some reason… it felt too good. I was energetic, felt great and any hint of my normally pretty down mood was totally gone.Bruce Farley écrit: Having spoken to many Drs in Buckinghamshire in England about Tramadol affects esp withdrawal affects – I found every single one of them as TOTALLY CLUELESS!Estabanwatersaz écrit: Thank you for that mass of information. Be well!Germaine Rucker écrit: I work with my hands and they really hurt like i cant shuffle a deck of cards and i am really thinking about taking them for the pain, Should IDeborah Dean écrit: Tramadol is the same as ultram and I remember giving it to patients after I graduated from nursing school in the 80's. He says it wasn't in US until 95???Deborah Dean écrit: The biggest side effect is lengthening the QT segment of the heartbeat. THAT MEANS it can give you a HEART ATTACK. Alot of drugs have this effect and when doctors don't pay attention to this side effect and start prescribing more than one medicine , you are at risk for heart attack OR if you have some sort heart condition.bibanu28 dumitru écrit: tramadol should be legally known as an antidepressant without the risks that other Ssri antidepressants give as side effectsBetty Windish écrit: This drug didn't do a thing for my pain. Big koke!IDrinkJuice 420 écrit: Codeine/Promethazine syrup , Tussionex and other syrups to me is the only drug that really hitsChristian Limpert écrit: Description by PunchArrogung: just for fun trama and red bull together, the tripp feels like i am wearing a fighting suit[word for word translation, dont know if there is a better word]. But the end of the was that he got veeerry addicted to tilidin [because his doctors gave him because of extreme pain] and took so much that evry normal human would die[if he isnt so addicted like him and got a huge tolerance]. But know hes back on track and produces great rap again.bibanu28 dumitru écrit: I believe, my personal opinion, that tramadol would easily replace an antidepressant or benzodiazepine, but it depends very much on the dosage

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