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Pain and Parkinson’s

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Read more about how to address pain and other symptoms here:\\nSixty to 83% of people living with Parkinson’s report pain, and chronic pain is twice as common in people living with Parkinson’s than it is in those without Parkinson’s. \n\nIn this webinar, Dr. Janis Miyasaki discusses:\n\n- The prevalence of pain in those living with Parkinson’s\n- The structure of the pain pathway and the different types of pain experienced in Parkinson’s\n- What causes pain in the early stages of Parkinson’s and how it may change as Parkinson’s progresses\n- How pain impacts mental health\n- How to talk to your doctor about pain\n- About the different treatments for different types of pain, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic\n- What you can do every day and throughout your journey with Parkinson’s to manage pain

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