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Instant Migraine Headache Relief Pure Binaural Beats | Stress Relief | VASTU Binaural Beats #11

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Instant Migraine Headache Relief Pure Binaural Beats | Stress Relief Binaural Beats by \ »VASTU – Meditation, Brainwaves \u0026 Healing\ ». \n\n✅SUPPORT US : |\n✅PURCHASE AUDIO :\n✅VISIT OUR WEBSITE :\n✅FACEBOOK : \n\nFor effective result use Headphones !!\n\nThis audio session is designed with pure binaural beats to help you let go of migraine, headache and stress.\n\nFrequency Used :\n 0.5 ( helps to relax and relief from headache )\n3.1 ( Migraines and sinus headaches relief )\n\n\nThe audio in this video has been created using following programs:\n1. Gnaural\n2. Cubase 5\n\nFollowing Programs were used for the video:\n1. Photoshop (To Edit Pictures)\n2. Adobe After Effects (For Animation)\n3. Adobe Premiere Pro \n\n© VASTU all rights reserved.

VASTU – Meditation, Brainwaves & Healing écrit: ✅SUPPORT US : |



✅FACEBOOK : écrit: Thank you ❤❤❤Fundaxoxo écrit: Had the worst headache last night and was about to throw up as always. Put this audio on and i fell asleep instantly. True lifesaver ������ABIZEYIMANA Victor écrit: Thank God this exist. At last after 33minChristian White écrit: Skip ahead to the part where it makes it worseD lucky écrit: Please read this comment, I need help .I have been facing headache since 2014 now 2020 still my head has constant pain with increasing and decreasing motion but still I am getting headache .My all reports are normal I consulted 10+ doctors all said that you have no problem in the reports then why I am getting this pain continuously �� sometimes I feel to die but I never give up someone help me what is my problem and how I can ridoff from this pain.make. obvious écrit: Poopoo head go ouchBubbly Me écrit: Just wanted to actually join the comment section right quick. I come to this video and have been for almost a year now and want to say to anyone who's wondering if this might work, it really does. At least for me! I suffer and have suffered with severe migraines and headaches for years and I found this video when I started getting the worst ones I ever have in my life, down for literally days. This video in particular has really made a difference in them, and has truly helped me when I'm down sick, and can't move. I started to get a really really bad one hours ago and started to listen to it again for the Idk how many times since I found it, and it truly helped me. After a while I was able to fall asleep and the main bad migraine left me. The sooner you listen THE BETTER. Right now I feel like I have a "hang over" if you will, but I know that I would be in a much worse place if I didn't start listening to it when I did. Really wish I would have started listening even sooner. If you suffer from headaches/ migraines, give this video a try. Drink as much water as you can stomach without making yourself sick, go into a dark place if you can. Get yourself a nice towel for your head/eyes, wear headphones if possible, and just lay back and listen for as long as you can. And if you start to feel sleepy and relaxed enough to sleep, DO IT! Praying and wishing anyone whom is reading this the best, esp if you too suffer from this terrible things. 🙁 Lots of love and positive vibes being sent your way! HUGS, God bless!!!! <3Bee Norman écrit: When the excedrin ain't doing shitJUSTUS VINCENT écrit: Thx it didn’t work but stuff before made I unbearable thx so mdjdn try and sleep to this tooMarie Engelhorn écrit: OMG I was sent this link to try out one day when I was really suffering and I didn’t at all think it would actually work but I almost died when it worked after like 6 minutes. I don’t mean it relaxed me. I mean that it ERASED my 3-day migraine like it never happened. AMAZING!!!!!Rain L écrit: We really just trusting this man to play a sound that will help instead of make it worse or do nothingRain L écrit: So we just a bunch of losers w headaches laying here w our eyes closed awkwardlyRain L écrit: Apparently people who get headaches are funny as hell, I laughed at all these comments. Laughing didn’t help my headachePallavi Bajpai écrit: This lenskart ad in the beginning was extremely irritating. I hate you lenskart. Won't ever buy your product coz you exacerbated my migraine ��Alberto Martinez écrit: tabsChanel Watson écrit: Headphones ppl headphonesParrallel Mind écrit: I am not listen not complete
Who is listen this sound complete ?
It's really work.
This music save my life.Amazing Tales – Music For Soul écrit: Reading all comments here makes me believe in magic of goodness. You all are such beautiful peopleSatyam Singh écrit: Hangover reliever ♥️♥️Judit écrit: I feel like I have to pee! Horrible!!! :DDCynthia Garcia écrit: Headaches every morning as soon as I open my eyesZoey Parmely écrit: Its kinda weird that there are so many peoplr in the world were like imma listen to song to stop my headacheMIHIR PAGNIS écrit: *******if you are reading this please stop scrolling further as it will only increase your headache ******** close your eyes and relax*** god bless youThomasTheTank ENGIN écrit: The guy in the pictures is smiling.Amelia Hoogenboom écrit: Does anyone else feel this makes there head pain worse ?? I’ve had a chronic headache for 3 years due to bartonella and I could swear this makes it hurt way more.simran preet écrit: Aap log sab ho binodBlack pop Studio écrit: I thought I am the only one who have headache ��bräm bräm écrit: Me: stops this sound with headphones

BEEEEEEEEEEEPQuietPacifyASMR écrit: I wasn’t expecting this to actually work ��Yael Goresko écrit: I didn’t think this would actually helpElle écrit: It seems to work for everyone else but I think it’s making it worse for meKayla Mcbride écrit: I still feel like dying ��Dankx écrit: Headache gang lolDrawwithinu écrit: I was skeptical since I've suffered migraines almost my whole life and dang this helped kick the headache I was just dealing with before it became a migraine so I'm impressed.Harmony Art écrit: ransomSky scarlet Kelley écrit: THIS IS THE NOISE CAUSING ME HEADACHES BREATHES ANGRILYAditya Singh écrit: Divided by nations
United by headache.gamingdragon écrit: who else having pain behind eyes and urge to puke
i need to fix my sleep schedule , COD ruined ma lifesolar chuy écrit: Why do I hear a liquidKavya S écrit: we can have our own little headache community tbhcesy Pineda écrit: Everytime i have a headache. I put this on and it helpsmusi-um soul écrit: New friend here! Great video sharing! Love it! Hope we can Join together to be friends! Thank you!������Sharon Sunil écrit: Feels like I'm about to DissolveJam Zelamb écrit: This made me have to pee so bad.Cutegenix écrit: Now what my headache gone but my ears hurting after 50mins.Tehc écrit: lost headache at 20:31Scorpion Gamingyt écrit: 2020?Crescentpaws5000Wolfpaws écrit: Idk if it’s the tyonal I took like 2 minutes ago kicking in or this soBloodi LP écrit: rewindAmya Pitts écrit: Me: almost asleep
Video: changes sound ��������ee ee��ar ar arAstrologer Patricia écrit: This actually works but I have to wear headphones to hear the tones.Soniya Chaudhary écrit: It really worked민재 écrit: I didn't think this would actually work, thankful it does. Was about to leave my class because of this headache.sha gulakam écrit: corona headache ����Julie Ann écrit: Was cool till the water sound. Now I have to get up to pee.Legendary Luke écrit: ARE WE ALL FRIENDS BECAUSE WE HAVE A HEADACHESleep Mares écrit: I didn't have headaches. I had a very drowsy head. Dizzy spell etc. This still helped and awakened meBri M écrit: This might sound weird, but I put my phone speaker in my mouth and cover my ears…don’t know if this would help anyone else.. écrit: reading comments while listening will double the effectChristy Tran écrit: I am SHOCKED. Seven minutes in and my migraine is halved already. ��Just A Random Frog On Your Lawn écrit: I want to play this but my puppy goes "AKBD IANS UDN WKAJ" everytime i hit play ��Silva écrit: pov: you have a headacheokthen123 écrit: This sounds so good I haven't even got a headache I just like the sound ��Sea Siren écrit: I have had migraines since I was 12. I get them so severe that they can last for 2 weeks. And all I can keep down is ice chips. Seriously. I have many medicine allergies. The medicine I need that will help is $834. If Tiger Balm, ice packs, a massager on my head does not help. I turn to this. 90% of the time, it helps. Thank you and God bless you for putting it up.123 45 écrit: I played this on my t.v then my phone and it sounds so different on each device. Anyone else experiencing this?MWGame écrit: at first i thought it wouldn't work since i get sound sensitivity as one of my symptoms, but the headache reduced almost immediatelyJed Angelo écrit: Love this ❤️❤️❤️Emily Allen écrit: This actually helped my migraine a lotdavid yl écrit: Who's here cause he was drunk yesterday?Si Mon écrit: Me: mom i have headache
Mom: it's because of that goddamn phone!
*yep she's right*Kassidy Cayton écrit: Anyone else have weather migraines? (They're triggered by changes in weather/barometric pressure)Ajuebor Joymaria écrit: I can manage headache but my right side migraine is something I can’t explain the pain is unbearable, please I need help ��������.C-Dray Mañebo écrit: Headache gang, where are uInes Martinez écrit: Hey all I feel you we got this together ❤️����Lindsey Farrell écrit: marvel ultimate alliance 3Bruna Dielle écrit: I'm really stressed with this pain right now because I have a million things to do…Adrienne Wilson écrit: Wow!! I cannot believe how effective this was for getting rid of an oncoming migraine & neck pain! I listen to videos like this a lot, mostly for things like clearing bad energy, cellular regeneration, etc. I decided to try out this video when I felt (yet another ��) migraine coming on & this did the trick!

So, sooo grateful to have access to these healing resources! Thank u to the OP for this video! ����❤️Zee Queen écrit: This is good for nausea as well I can now function properlyRamesh Tumula écrit: It's working tq so muchstychiijeon x écrit: It really get away my pain tnkyou so much!!Aytac Şükürova écrit: x0.5 my head relaxingRajesh Shukla écrit: Really it works out ��Kristine M. écrit: Amazing! My Headache was gone ☺mo7AMED_mc -محمد أم سي écrit: Fun fact : these sounds are one sound comes in one voice line … but the waves of sound you hear is from your brain not from the videoSauceycombat écrit: The little water drops make it so much betterrahaf alenezi écrit: Anyone feeling weird tingling in your foot and your back because of the water sound in the background? It's weird feeling.amelia hehe écrit: my dogs wont stfu ����Ken W. écrit: I HAD A SEVERE MIGRAINE THAT NOT EVEN MEDICATION WOULD RELIEVE. SOMETIMES DEPENDING ON YOUR STATE AT THE TIME YOU TAKE MEDS THEY TAKE 45 -60 mins to start giving you relief. I PUT HEADPHONES ON LAID DOWN FLAT ON THE FLOOR IN A QUIET DARK ROOM . RAN THIS AUDIO TRACK AND HALF WAY THROUGH IT MY MIGRAINE COMPLETELY WENT AWAY!!!! SO FAR IT HAS BEEN 6 HRS SINCE THE MIGRAINE VANISHED. I DON'T KNOW HOW IT WILL WORK FOR OTHERS BUT DAM DID IT GIVE ME VERY FAST RELIEF! !! THANK YOU!!!Marina écrit: Me: doing things that may trigger ny migraine
Migraine: Nah, not now.
Me: Relaxed at home doing nothing
Migraine: who summoned me?presnall18 écrit: I’ve had a migraine all week and today is the worst it’s been. I felt immediate relief through my shoulders as soon as I started this and it’s only getting better. THANK YOUThe Random Entertain Isi écrit: It worked how ??? What kind of witch craft is this?Chitroda Dipesh écrit: These is really good I get relief and relax mind in few minutes
Thank youDRIVING MASTER GAMING écrit: कौन कौन 2020 मै सुन रहा हैAnanya Suri écrit: It really works ….made my day betterii.dragohns écrit: What witchcraft is this???FarrahsPonyWorld Pie écrit: Wow we have a lot of people that have headaches��, also sink water is poison ������������ I know it's called tap water.Gold&Silver Diamonds. écrit: This Is Excellent Relief For Me!!�� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������Rielle Rocker écrit: I mean you could just turn the ceiling fan on. Same soundJason Seifried écrit: I am not biased so please don’t think it. But most women unfortunately get migraines. But I’m a man and I suffer from them. And I a wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I am going to try this and see how it works

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